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  1.   If there are so many trees, you could put up a hammock and a few bird feeders. If it really does get little foot traffic and is barely maintained, sounds like a good spot for a "wild" oasis.   After they next (if ever) mow the lawn (is it just grass, or anything special?), you could cut out a few plugs of sod yourself and replace them with fresh soil and seed bombs or non-invasive wildflowers of your choice. This is just fantasy advice not meant to be taken seriously, cough cough. Not that I've ever done such things, cough cough.    On a slightly related note, almost a decade ago my parents ripped out the grass/lawn of their property back home, and then replaced it entirely with a garden, mounds of flowers, a boulder with gouges for little creeper plants, a bird-feeder, etc. So many old folks and dog walkers would stop to watch the birds and butterflies that they added a small bench on the thin area between sidewalk and the road. It also attracted so many birds that a hawk would prowl the spot for sparrows and such. 
  2. Don't teenagers have a curfew here in Germany anyway? I always wonder where old grumps congregated when they were teenagers... Were they always at home, studiously organizing their stamp collections, or working on their chapter-by-chapter needle-work of the Old Testament?
  3. Justin Trudeau is not Castro's son

    That's entirely the problem. The Ford's should have stayed as wannabe-Dons of Rexdale. They were and are unfit for anything requiring more responsibility or intelligence. Douggie's numbers are swirling in the toilet now, he's been openly booed and had to backtrack on policy. 
  4. Justin Trudeau is not Castro's son

      Meh, Doug is just clearly a fool, a no-class petty goon. I don't see any vision or strategy for ONTARIO's good, nor really any intelligence. He's whacking at whatever moles pop up   Rob Ford an excellent councillor?? Surely this is bait. You don't have to be a "Toronto snob" to dislike him. I don't even think he (or his brother) have much conservative cred. It's more cheap demagoguery. RoFo was a train wreck smacked into a dumpster fire stuffed into a literal crack pipe. (BTW, I know the reporter who broke that crack smoking story, we went to school together though she was in younger year than me). He was openly racist. I won't gloat over someone's death, but I'm almost glad RoFo died simply to spare his family even more prolonged embarrassment. How can even a conservative idolize such a shamefully selfish bitter man, a horrible husband and father. Srsly. "Wasn't the most sophisticated" is an understatement if I've ever heard one. Well, he did have emotion, I'll grant him that. Unfortunately, it was often misdirected and unfocussed. He was OK as a small-scale community "fixer", but as a mayor a failure. On his political "deliverance" merits, there isn't much to say, especially a few years after his time in office. He has no great policy legacy.   It does go to show (in case there were any doubts) that being born into money and privilege like the Ford's were is no special recipe for enlightenment and intelligence.   You can hitch your wagons to better horses dude.
  5. On commuting, or the birth of the BCFH

      Me too. Oh how I purposely love choosing these seats. So many Germans seem to love sitting in the aisle seat, backpack on the window seat. As if that will stop me! What I cherish most is that expression they give of pure astonishment that someone else might want to sit on public transit. Yes, in that very seat you are blocking on this crowded train. And I love the little glance they give to their backpack, disappointed and unsure what to do. B-b-but, where EVER will I put this piece of luggage? It sits on the ground in every other environment, but when on a train, tram or bus, suddenly the idea is as alien as dishwash liquid on toast. Doesn't matter how busy the train is, you can have 40 people jammed in the entry/doorway platform, and at least a dozen aisle seats are occupied by non-chalant, totally unperturbed passengers with their bloody packback in the window seat!   What really gets me though is why more locals aren't taking those seats. Where I come from, if you pulled that kind of crap, you would definitely be yelled at from the other side of the train/tram/bus.    
  6. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    The Chinese school system is really nothing to put on a pedestal, at all.
  7. As @dj_jay_smith says, this would go against the intention of the requirements.    If they found out you had given notice while waiting to receive your NE, they could rescind it. Certainly they would not be thrilled, although it doesn't mean you must have a job per se. I would wait till you have the NE in your hands. Better to look for a new job first, so the transition is as seamless as possible.
  8. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    That'll be yet another sprout of the classic German One-Right-Wayism rhizome.
  9. Will be thrown out, but not before the kid's ambulance chaser takes several grand off this trust fund puppy. He will have to prove that CNN definitively knew he wasn't actually "the face of unruly hate mob" (whatever that is), but reported as such anyway. I guarantee CNN has better lawyers. But lemme guess, there's a Gofundme hat being passed around?   The whole thing exploded too quickly, and in my estimation is a good cautionary tale about the junk quality of social media twattle masquerading as journalism, and cable media ("both" sides) looking to hawk a narrative regardless of facts. A plague on both their houses.
  10. In Seperation Mood, Visa status ? Help!

    OP is Brazilian and will be treated as such. I don't see how asylum laws would apply, as OP is not being persecuted nor is his life endangered as an unemployed student in a broken marriage living in Germany.   Maybe if he claims anti-homosexual violence, political beliefs, etc. I'm not sure what the success rate for Brazilian asylum-seekers is, but probably not very high... The fact OP has already been here for 5 years in Germany, and had a student visa, will surely null any chance of the asylum route.   OP, I presume you will go back to being on a student visa. That requires proof of funds and all the rest of it. The ABH do not renew student visas forever, so the sooner you can graduate and find some secure footing/employment the better. When did you start studying and when will you finish? 
  11. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    What if you (NON-EU people) got German citizenship, went through the whole rigamarole, tests, city hall ceremony, etc. and -- assuming no exceptions were yet made -- you just refused to formally give up your original citizenship? Germany can't take your birth/prior citizenship away, after all. Or is receiving the German contingent on first showing proof you've given-up the original? (The Beibehaltungs permit?)   And yes, this seems like an expensive and time-consuming game of bureaucratic chicken. I imagine they would revoke their new German citizenship and send you the bill, all before the new passport ink were dry, but still I'm curious.   (I've now reached the conditions where I could get German citizenship, but I will never give up my birth citizenship in order to do so.)  
  12. Living on canned food long-term

      Yes.   Honestly I'd be more worried about heavy metals, plastic and other environmental pollutants. I guess herring, sardines and other small ocean fish are not too concentrated. You should limit the amount of tuna you eat. I'm not a fan of 'farmed' fish/seafood, and would prefer frozen wild.   If you're low on iron, drink iron-fortified juice. If you're low on protein+associated vitamins, eat more nuts or occasional tofu/tempeh/etc. If you need B12, try marmite! Certain breakfast cereals (check the labels) are also often fortified with B12. 
  13. Prince William's Affair Rumor

    In other words, more men are ’sharing' the fewer but more promiscuous women, or the men are sleeping with women who are themselves not being unfaithful because they are single, prostitutes, or divorced, etc.    The classic argument is that, historically, it was not in women's interests to sire children with un-resourceful and/or non-committed men. Child-birth could and often did lead to death, either of the woman or the child. If the year were 1719, many us here would've been dead before the age of 6. There's also quite a lot of bad nicknames for men who raise other men's children. So, women in early settled societies were probably pickier as a result. If we were anything like chimps or other higher primates, we probably lived in small groups led (by hook or by crook) by some type of Big Kahuna who got his pick of the cave ladies, and vice versa, was probably the cave-lady's pick of the suitors as well.   From a purely gene-spreading theory, men are more likely to spread their genes by adopting a non-monogamous strategy, as they can do so at much lower risk, whereas women don't/won't enjoy the same advantages if they do adopt such a strategy. At least, not not as much advantage.   YMMV, mind the patriarchy, I'm sure their are nuances, etc. etc. but the explanation is probably in there somewhere. Maybe men are just more selfish jerks in general?
  14. Prince William's Affair Rumor

    In some way or another, most of the aristocratic families are related to each other in a non-'national' way. Royalty were explicitly ANTI-national until their end stages (when to save themselves, they jockeyed to become convenient figureheads and symbols).   Since the families are so in-bred amongst themselves, and have been trading each other's studs and fillies at all points between Portugal and Russia over the last few centuries, can we even really call it 'German', British, Dutch, Swedish, etc...? 
  15. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    Better than sending a What'sApp!