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  1. Open University German Language Certificate = B1 ?

    This.   Have you actually spoken with your local Ausländerbehörde yet? The only way to know for sure is to ask.
  2. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    The plot thickens...    
  3. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      What other secrets do you keep from your wife?... 
  4. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      Don't want to be mean here, but how did you ever get an American driver's license with such bad English? How long did you actually live there? This story is just layer after layer of thick oniony WTFness.   It is illegal to reverse or make U-turns or otherwise turn around so that you're facing the opposite direction of driving on Autobahns, even to charge batteries or whatever. Generally the side of the Autobahn is not the place to do repair work, unless it's a no-other-choice emergency like a flat tire or you've been involved in a collision. Should've just called the ADAC, that's why they exist. Did you have your road triangle out and emergency blinkers on? I bet you wish you actually knew anything about German traffic law? This is definitely learning the hard way! I am skeptical that the police just randomly chose you to pull over, either. You probably drove in a way that flagged yourself, as generally they need a reason to stop someone.    Sorry, but you broke the law. Twice. You'll probably have a longer driving ban, and as mentioned, may have to go for an MPU and perhaps repeat a few lessons at a driving school.
  5. Registration & healthcare HELP!

    No, you have to find health insurance yourself. You can research and compare for yourself the major public companies, but there isn't a huge difference. AOK, TK, Barmer, DAK and a bunch more. Some offer this minor perk, while another offers that minor perk. Some cover flu shots, some don't. Some cover slightly more dental, some less. Check for what might be important to you.   If only there were someone on this board specialized and experienced in giving advice about insurance!
  6. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    Don't you think that's the LAST thing you should be worrying about right now? You surely aren't planning to drive again?? Your license was already suspended (which is bad enough!) and you were caught driving again. Don't plan on seeing your license again for a loooong time. In case you're not sure, that means you should not drive.
  7. Permanent residence application in risk due to BVG fines

      I wouldn't worry about that too much. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, etc. etc., so make sure you have the right fare! Lesson learned, right?   As long as you aren't a serial problem Schwarzfahrer (3rd time a charm?), the Ausländerbehörde are not going to know about your fare-dodging fines (and the BVG doesn't care about your excuses/reasons, people lie to them all the time). 
  8. Are cafeterias obliged to follow their menu plans?

      I like Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus, but to be fair most canteens do a pretty shite version. My workplace has a really syrupy sweet apple pieces thing with very oily thin patties, it's awful.
  9. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

      Outstanding line of reasoning. You were top of your class, weren't you? You sure all those words didn't give you a headache?
  10. Verdi - terrorist union

    I kind of like the idea of executive maximum salaries being fixed at a ratio of average worker's salary. So say not more than 10-20 (whatever is agreed upon) max. Or subject to employee approval somehow. Because let's be honest, aggressive workaholic Type As kinda need that carrot on a stick and competition (amongst themselves) to keep themselves going. Of course this needs to be widespread practice or those workaholics will just jump ship to less restrictive free-for-alls. 
  11. What can I do if my flatmate is mental ?

      Some people are just jerks. Just move out and chalk it up to one of those insane flatmate experiences. Minimize your exposure and stand firm, but try not to escalate, until you're safely out of there.  I've had worse, methinks. No one as aggressive or openly rude like that, but worse in other ways.    - The Freikirche Bible-thumping, religious, closeted lesbian, a constant food thief, self-righteous hypocrite, with no friends, who hated her family, and also stole money from me. Check. - Literally dirty and smelly, mid-20s 420 blaze it smoke weed everyday pothead living off Bafög and his parents money, never ever going to uni, playing video games literally all day and night, blasting ganja-themed reggae (and ONLY ganja-themed) at literally all hours. Check.  - Hauptschule dropout with an allergy to work because everyone thinks they're smarter/better than him, but his mediocre pop-punk band with songs revolving around toilet humour will make it some day. Check. (He was actually a nice person, apart from his inferiority complex, just very hard to live with) - Above's total hippie girlfriend who lived in a trailer down by the river, who would randomly show up to use our kitchen, make a huge mess, use every single utensil and dish, listening to Hare Krishna  chants on top volume all the while, then she'd leave without ever cleaning up after herself, dirty dishes, dough and food splatters on every surface, floor and table. Do you think her pothead boyfriend ever cleaned up? Hah. Check. - Dudebro who had a porn-star wannabe psycho girlfriend, who would shift one day from arguing at the top of her lungs for the entire building to hear and throwing things, to the next days' super-loud, laughably over-the-top fakin' it screaming sex noises. Check.   
  12. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    From what I've read and experiment on myself, I wouldn't do keto 'permanently', but for a period of some months on a rotating basis, sure. Fasting is also quite normal throughout human history, either through adverse conditions or for religious reasons. My parents are Catholic enough that we fasted during Lent growing up, as well as on certain feast days and leading up to religious holidays like Christmas day.    I've done keto diets for a period of a couple months on a few occasions. Not for weight loss or anything, but I do a lot of cycling, weight-lifting and then rowing-canoeing-kayaking in warmer months, and was curious what effects it would have. Well, it does keep hunger pangs away.   The main issue for me doing it long-term is that my wife is vegetarian (for over 25 years). She almost can't live without bread (the dark dense stuff Germans love), potatoes or breakfast müsli, and admittedly I've got used to those too. We make almost all meals from scratch as much as possible, minimal refined foods. Regular diet includes pulses, veggies, salad, eggs, seeds and nuts, fancy omega oils, some cheeses, and yes, carbs in the form of potatoes, rice or sometimes pasta. If I want to cook meat or fish I can, but I'm on my own there as my wife won't touch any. It's just a hassle most evenings cooking animal protein separately, so I only really do that on weekends. Our weight is stable and our doctor check-ups come back looking good, so I'm not too worried.   But that said, I've done keto vegetarian meals, so it's definitely possible. Use halloumi (we wash out the brine as much as possible, as I also try to stay low-salt), tempeh, seitan, tofu (I think the paranoia over tofu is exaggerated, but to each his/her own). It's just rather pricey doing that, and IMO can get a little monotonous (keto fanatics may say 'so what?').
  13. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    You really are thick. Read back to when I first said that you defend the KKK. You've only dug yourself deeper since then.    You had the benefit of my doubt early on, but you've only proven yourself paranoid, still peddling conspiracy theories (receiving cheers from the other conspiracy theorists ITT says it all), still firmly ideological, still suffering from confirmation bias, still a hypocrite. What should I expect after all, conversing with someone who considers herself a witch?   So really, what's to gain here? You have nothing intelligent or original to say. You can't prove your points without parroting tired partisan buzzpoints, conspiracy theory, hocus pocus, fake news or simply dodging away from what you can't answer (quite a lot now). As I've already said, there's only so much time in life to spend arguing with dogmatic internet crackpots.   The last word is yours, so make it count!  
  14. The Auslänerbehörde wants to see the paperwork to ensure you are not working illegally. Your tax burden doesn't begin with them the moment they lay eyes on that paperwork, as that is not their purview. They want to see what sort of job it is. If in the end you don't actually work at this second gig, the Ausländerbehörde will not care.   Is your current employer aware that this other job will take-up (the other) half of your week? Have you filled out the paperwork necessary for a secondary job and got it signed off?   You do not necessarily need to change your visa (and they can say no), but your visa needs to allow freelance work. Any documentation you got with your visa should say if this is allowed or not. Back in the day, I had an extra piece of paper that outlined my conditions. For example, I was on a student visa for a few years, and it said I could work an additional limited number of hours per year.   Taxes depends on you and the alchemy of your particulars. You will have to declare (100% a must) this second job's income when filing your taxes, and your local friendly neighbourhood Finanzamt will take off a share for the usual slew of taxes AND pension. As mentioned, if you make more from this job than the uni job, you will also be taking over other contributions, like health, yourself. If you want a number to make you feel better, let's say 30-50%.   Something you need to be aware of, and if you are truly freelancing or self-employed, is Scheinselbständigkeit.
  15. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    Incorrectly editing the transcript, obviously. HELLO, it's the drum you keep beating. This is what I mean, you make claims and then by the next post, you don't even seem to know what the heck you said before, and you shift anyway. You have the memory of a goldfish and the slipperiness of an eel.