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  1. Do you like living in Germany?

      You'll probably enjoy these:  
  2. What is money?

      That must have been a real proper bong hit!!    Money is the promise that a set of 1 and 0s on a server somewhere will have value when it's hypothetical time to collect. Actually, it's even more imaginary than that, since more 'value' exists in bank accounts, both private or corporate, or stock indexes, insurance claims, collector's items, etc. etc. than does the paper, or even all the precious metals on Earth, to print its 'worth' on. Let's not even talk about the fantasy of national debt. But all that's not the point. Like many other figments of the human mind, it nonetheless has a real effect because we all tacitly agree that it does. 
  3. Coronavirus

      Well, that's just the 'art' of it all, isn't it. What do you count as an official corona-death? Different places record it in different ways. if anything, deaths are probably under-reported. So are cases.   I know of two people here (young, healthy, etc) who probably had it, or so they claim. But in both cases their doctors said 'nah' and refused to test them. Extreme coughing fits, fever between 40-41, feeling weak and tired. Actually one case was an old friend and her whole family, including 2 young children, where everyone had the same thing, so make that 5 people that I know.
  4. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Aye, when the TP panic buying was first here, I went to an organic store for a couple items we try to buy organic (milk, eggs, tofu, etc.) and I noticed for the first time they had TP. And it wasn't really that much more expensive. Bought a pack, too. Now they have jacked up the price a couple euro, I notice.
  5. Coronavirus

      Would be like:   That little virus jumping from host to host, all the way from a Chinese jungle.
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Not leaving your flat at all for any reason other than to put food in your mouth or wipe away the remnants is not the idea and is over the top. Avoid other people, and avoid where other people congregate. That's it.
  7. Coronavirus

  8. Coronavirus

      Deflect deflect deflect! The Chinese state’s utter inability to admit its own failures is what caused this whole pandemic in the first place. They are simply continuing the charade. 
  9. Bought a cat

      You probably do though. I get the differences with the home countries, and certainly there are slight cultural differences. But, it’s always amusing to me when Brits pretend they haven’t all been living on the same small island sharing the same gene pool for 1000 years and more. Celts were mainland invaders who mostly replaced the older previous inhabitants (who had themselves replaced the Stonehengers IIRC), and they were in turn mostly intermarried with Anglo-Saxons. IIRC, there is no real ‘pure Celtic’ population anywhere. If I remember correctly further still, from a DNA sample perspective there is no way to clearly discern Scot/Welsh/English genepools (Those distant from Anglo-Saxons got invaded by the Norse). I think Irish are more distinct, and Orkney and Shetlanders are basically Norse/Celt genetically. Then you had French/Norman ruling class and nobility stomping around taking their pick of the native damsels for several centuries. Not to mention post-war migration.   No offense, but the UK is probably among the most mongrel nations there are! (And that’s not a bad thing)   I’m just Canadian, but by blood, 3/4 of me is British (trifecta). English great grandmother, lived to 99 years, died when I was about 12. Came to Canada in her late teens, kept her accent her whole life, loved watching British TV. She married a norn Irish man. Neither were particularly religious or nationalist, though the kids were raised Catholic. My dad’s mom was of Scottish stock, though watered down with some French-Canadian.
  10. Often those kinds of roofs (funny way of saying "sort of terrace") aren't really meant for extra weight on them, but it depends what it's all made from. What's under the gravel? I would definitely ask the person living underneath, as I doubt they are going to want hear the thudding and crunch-crunch-crunch of you walking on their ceiling (and yea, it's different inside a flat). And the landlord, of course. This being Germany, insurance factors in somewhere.   A few discrete flower pots or planters close to the window is probably no big deal, but an entire patio set is probably pushing it.   I wouldn't offer to pay extra money, just keep mum on that. If the landlord raises it, fine you're willing, but why offer? It's certainly not part of the measured usable space of the apartment, which your rent is based on.
  11. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

      Which really sucks if you have a temporary unemployment, or are "between jobs". My wife had a 5 year contract run out, and was unemployed* for 7ish months. We moved in the meantime so I could take a better job, and she had to find work in new place, while we also planned to make our Jr. which eventually happened. Her pay before and eventually after unemployment period were both nice, but because of the averaged income rule -- and naturally unemployment payments don't count -- her Elterngeld works out to be nearly the base minimum. Doing the math, it works out to a difference of several hundred euros. Oh well. At least her new employer was pretty cool with her when she told them during her second week that she was already a few months pregnant, lol.   * She also did a couple once-off freelance gigs while unemployed, but since "too much" income is clawed back if you're officially unemployed, she ended up keeping almost none of it, and none of that counted towards Elterngeld either. She could have just as well not done them, from a financial POV.
  12. Urban Gardening: Where to find scrap wood and soil

    As mentioned, you want soil not just pure compost. We have our own composter, but I had to buy garden soil. It wasn't enough, and it's expensive as mentioned... so what do. The property we live on (rented) has a gardener for the front area. We've spoken a bunch, so I asked him if he had ideas, and he said yea no worries, he'll bring some. Next weekend he brought a trailer overflowing with soil. So, do you know any professional gardeners?   Be very careful with scrap wood. I know it's often touted as cheap and green, upcycling, etc. but it's not always a good idea. Pallets are often treated with all kinds of pesticides if not wood impregnation. That wood will decompose pretty quick, too... Other stuff like old fences or whatever or often also impregnated, and God knows what other sealant/pain/varnishes/anti-pest shit has been soaked into the wood over the years. You REALLY do not you want that crap leaching into your vegetables.   When I built my raised beds (two large ones), I went to a lumber specialist and ordered completely untreated doug fir, with delivery. Can't recall the costs, because it was surprisingly affordable. Maybe around 100€ for four 3m long boards. I built it without any power tools (OK, just a cheap electric screwdriver that I already had). If doug fir is too dear for you, you can certainly use spruce, pine, alder or whatever the mill/Baumarkt has on hand, but note that some woods will rot much faster in the wet soil they'll be sitting in. Even untreated doug fir will last for a decade or more. I personally would only buy untreated wood. You can coat it yourself with stuff intended for use on beds (or kids play areas) so it's only on one side and much less toxic. Pine tar or tung oil are safe, though you'd need to read up on the application methods.   Maybe you can visit a mill and ask about their already-milled end pieces or scraps. They may let you take it away free, or for a 10er or a coffee or something.    The dirt is way more expensive, funny enough. 
  13. Deutsche Bank Developments

      The whole planet will be in a pickle at that point.  
  14. If you have nothing better to do, I would go before the judge as well. Probably be more waiting to be called than sitting in the chambers itself.   I am not sure "who was really driving" matters that much. If the car is registered in your name, you're responsible. Was the ticket issued by a camera or a human being? The issuing cop should be able to say if it was a man or a woman driving. If it was a camera, there's no way they can prove it now one way or another, so it's kinda moot. The issue is the delivery to the wrong address so that you never got a chance to pay it (be sure to tell the judge you would have). The fact that you have never had any points ever before might also fly well. Do you have proof of that? Can you order a record from the authorities in Flensburg or any other countries you've lived in?   I am not a lawyer, much less an Irish one.   Good luck!
  15.   I lived in BS for 5+ years, and though not all Salzgitter is bad/ugly or etc. from what I saw, it doesn't really have a good reputation does it? It still has some strong industry going, though I doubt much useful for a single mother with babies.