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  1.     And this is what he really believes.    
  2. Heart attack at the age of 41

      What on Earth is that grey stuff?    I confess to an enjoyment of jellied meats. Headcheese or Sülze/Presskopf? Love it! As long as it's not overly sour or fatty. The lean varieties are among the highest protein/lowest fat combos you can get for a processed meat.  I don't buy processed meats like that too often though, and I always feel slightly awkward buying it, like I must be the only one under 70 the cashiers ever see buying the stuff. That said, mixed with other whole food bits like carrots or eggs is not for me. Russisch Ei in Aspik, ick.
  3. Heart attack at the age of 41

      In Canada (Ontario at least), the evening meal was always called supper. My parents and family still call it that, and I still do when I go home, and I think the word is widely used. But here in Germany even among other English-speakers it was clearly a quaint exotic word so I got used to saying "dinner" instead. Wasn't a conscious thing, just something I realized the first time I went home after a few years.   That said, "dinner" is also used in Canada, I guess from American (media) influence. But then it only refers to the evening meal, as lunch is the mid-day meal.
  4. Meanwhile on another forum on another corner of the internet:   [translated from German to English with]   Hello everyone I am new to the forum. I need advice on what to do with a neighbour from hell.   I've lived in my apartment for several years and everything was nice and fine, until a new tenant moved below me. Long story short, he spent months intentionally harassing me through the walls, and I wonder if/how I should make a police complaint. He seems to be angry because I have a young child (almost 2 years old now) in the flat. We try to be mindful of the neighbours, but as ANY parent knows, or even just a half compassionate person who isn't an a-hole, often you can really only do so much.   My partner does not live with us, due to to work reasons, but we see each other when we can. I mention this because...    A while back, this neighbour sent us a letter. It was "polite" but extremely passive-aggressive and full of back-handed little comments. It's really none of his business, but he seems to assume I am a single lesbian and made some rather rude off-the-mark comments about not finding a man, test-tubes, single parents, etc.    I replied that he should just come talk to me, even though his letter was pretty damn rude and condescending. He never replied. After that I noticed that he would often view screaming rapey porn with volume all he way up, which I thought was both very creepy and inconsiderate. He knows there are children in the building, and even if that weird stuff IS what he polishes his pencil with, why not wear headphones? He seems to have gone out of his way to make sure everyone could hear it. All of the women and a few other families in the building have been warned about our psycho pervert neighbour, and we all try to avoid him. He was never that friendly to begin with, and I barely saw him before his vendetta started. When I talked to his next door neighbours, they also said they avoided him because they figured he was somehow unstable. He seemed to be pleasuring himself to this horrible screaming porn at all hours, even during the day, multiple times a day. Eventually I realized it was probably actually the same video or clip, which just made things weirder. Then later I realized what was really going on... Recently a male neighbour chatted with him at the mailboxes, and knowing about his (as we now know)campaign of harassment, tried to gently broach the topic. This guy was obviously proud of himself, gloating about having "won the war" against me, explaining how he set porn and horror screaming on timed loops to play even when he wasn't there. And I mean, really, a war?? That was actually the term he used. My daughter has simply grown up a bit and doesn't make quite as much noise as before, what does he think he won? This creepy neighbour also made some comments about society having to pay me for spreading my legs, among other misogynistic and slyly gay-bashing bullshit. Then he started to lecture at my neighbour how parents need to have responsibility and not annoy other people or else! It may shock you to discover that he does not have any kids himself. Didn't see that coming huh? I think it is telling that I have also never seen a woman enter his flat, nor another person at all for that matter.   Now I understand noises are annoying in a shared space, but it is pretty clear that in all of this, he views it very selfishly and entirely as an affront against him. We have now several pieces of indirect evidence and witnesses that confirm a campaign of criminal harassment, but no direct proof beyond his letter. If we want to go to the police, how should we proceed? Can we make a complaint to the landlord or building management?    Before you mention it, we are already part of the local Mieterverein, though I doubt they can help here. For any advice on dealing with mean and spiteful neighbours, I would be happy. 
  5. Police brutality in the USA

      Bail is usually determined (roughly?) based on your assets, and you usually only have to pony up 10%, the rest being seizable.    I know in the US it varies a lot, but some Forces average income is over 100k after only a few years (e.g. often the case in Canada -- an old highschool classmate is making 150k a year. As public employees, their salaries are all posted in an online directory. He's ex-mil, and was promoted quickly). I definitely agree that police (at least 'back home', can't speak for all places) are paid too much.    I know in some places, cops are not paid well, which is why speed traps and fines for all kinds of small potatoes bullshit are the bread and butter of many forces...    Long read, but does not paint a flattering picture:
  6. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Ah, do Israeli leftists look to Russia as a positive force? Always curious to hear about the situation without the media/blogopshere/social media vitriol.    There's a nice project (I think) on youtube, He simply asks Israelis and Palestinians any questions he gets from viewers, with only a bit of occasional snark and sarcasm. I've probably learned a lot more there than from years of various media.
  7. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      How do those Israelis feel about "Israeli Apartheid"? Are they predominately Leftists?
  8. Work culture clashes

      Yes. Like others, I would suggest you find a new job. Cut your losses and move on, it's not worth the agro. It's the people and the office culture that is toxic, not German work culture per se (though I do think the way things are opens itself to certain major flaws popping up again and again).   I had one especially crap boss here in Germany. Mostly toothless against me personally, but incompetent in what mattered, slick but two-faced, narcissistic, often AWOL from his office, delegated/dumped everything. We'd all literally wonder and try to imagine what he did do. Every day there was something, and my wife and friends got to the point where they'd groan if I complained, because it did get to be the same old stories. But really, it was every day. More like a comedy of errors and facepalming incompetence than evil and bullying (though he was meaner to a few other employees) but it still sucked big time. Eventually I left that job (2+ years in), and a couple months later I realized what an enormous relief it was to just not have to think about all that crap. Just poof gone. 
  9. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

    Just pay for a VPN, it's not super expensive and well worth it. 
  10.   Really, are passive-aggressive letters dropped in a mail box the "normal way"? OP seems to view himself, quite laughably, as the 'reasonable' affronted one when it's clear he's a spiteful little asshole. It's not hard to imagine the tone he took with his neighbour. Of course he got nowhere, that would take actual social skills.
  11. Dog on the leash or not?

      Animal-repellent pepper spray (Tierabwehrspray) is legal. If I were afraid of dogs (personally I am not), I wouldn't hesitate to carry and use it against overly curious or aggressive dogs. Dog owners won't be pleased, but they are not the sole arbiters of 'my dog is harmless'. Obviously if it's an off-leash park, that's different.
  12. Riots in Stuttgart

      I wrote that, and yes I did.     If your studies are based largely on numbers, it may matter less, since rote learning with math still works. Most of the international engineering students I know here all seem to be watching supplemental youtube lectures/how to videos (mostly from Indians, it seems) anyway.     You can certainly have highly intelligent motivated individuals, and I have known them too. Very bright, quick learners, hard-working, yup. I encouraged some to try to get to the US, Canada, Australia, or UK, as they were too good to be stuck in Germany. But a prior degree itself is no guarantee of anything when it's from a corrupt country, which was my point. (Nor an Ivey League/Golden Triangle degree for that matter). I didn't say the graduates/individuals were garbage, I said the education system was. It's unfortunately not trustworthy.   (I have a couple other personal experiences, but that typing will have to wait for a less busy day.)
  13. Riots in Stuttgart

      Sure sounds like confirmation bias.   Socio-economic and ethnic data should be collected, but it's all about how you do it (not stopping random brown people on the street and giving them the third degree) and what you do with the data. This requires a society that is genuinely interested in solving its issues, not simply playing the blame game or feeding tribalism. 
  14. Riots in Stuttgart

      It's not as if Germany invited anyone. But they saw an opportunity, and could gain a little street cred in the bargain. Even back home, the average person's idea of Germany is quite different from reality. This is true almost everywhere, including here, among Germans about other places. 
  15. Riots in Stuttgart

      Now there's a false dichotomy for the textbooks.