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  1. Damage claim by Sixt

    Might sound fussy, but I always a point of doing this before I drive off, preferably making an obvious show of it in front of the employees. I am sure they are rolling their eyes, but it's all part of the game isn't it? I also do the same when I return it, I ask them to look it over and tell me if there is any 'new' damage, and will have my previous photos on hand to show them "nope, already there". 
  2.   Can we quote you on that?
  3. On commuting, or the birth of the BCFH

    Maybe you should take a few puffs on a jay before heading in to work and invest in noise-cancelling headphones? You'll still be that old guy on spectrum sitting in the corner muttering to himself in English, but at least you'll be less fuming bitterness.   FWIW, I'm sure your lowly worm customers/clients are also glad when you leave...
  4. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

      Germany is a big place. Generally speaking, there are weekly markets in almost every town, so you might not have been looking hard enough... We buy some of our weekly groceries at one such market or another, depending where we lived. In our previous city, a lot of the Saturday markets folks would also be at a smaller Wednesday market in a different spot. I'm sure they travel around many days of the week. We buy especially our vegetables, local fruit/berries, eggs, and any meat, since they usually are local. As mentioned they tend to be outdoor, in whatever big central square/cathedral place is at hand, but some cities do have covered market halls. Although IME a lot of times they are more than half restaurants, cafes or trendified grocers, bakers, butchers tending to be overpriced. Freiburg and Hannover's are kind of like that, IME. I've only passed through as a visitor in Munich and Stuttgart (which I liked, though it's been 10 years since I was last in Stuttgart!), so can't judge strongly.    That said, having travelled around Spain a few times, I do miss the market halls there! There's a different, older, more "every day" feel. And of course the prices comparing to Germany, well... 
  5. Stufe calculation for TVöD

    The Entgeltgruppe is fairly straightforward -- either you're qualified for a certain level or not. IIRC, E14 is basically E13, except you are 'boss' of at least 3 people.   Although not usually advertised, which Stufe you start at is flexible -- but only to a degree. It depends on how legalistic a given institutions' HR department is, for one. Also, how much they want you. Then your experience also has to be directly comparable with the current job, and has to translate into a German equivalency. This is negotiable, and somewhat fuzzy. Naturally, the HR/Personal types have ideas about your experience which may vary with yours...!    IME, experiences outside of Germany are often sniffed at. Likewise, from my personal experiences, there is also often hesitancy to place anyone above 3 'from the start' **. (Although I know one or two who have...) To start at level 5 may not be unheard of, but I would count it as a rare and exceptionally generous offer.   Also, were any of your colleagues to find out, it would breed jealousy, and naturally others may demand it retroactive (whether they "qualify" or not). Another reason this is a sensitive issue. The difference between levels 1 and 2 isn't a helluva lot, nor is the difference between 2 and 3. A few hundred euros depending on your particulars. It is nice to have, I know, but not the difference between rockin' up to the uni parking lot in an Opel or a Porsche either. If you get Stufe 2-3, consider it a very lucky signing bonus.   As I'm sure you know, academia is not where you come to make the big bux...   ** Just to note, you can start at any higher level, even 5, if you are starting a same or very similar job to your last one and there was no more than a very short break between one ending and the next starting. In other words, you are picking up your level where you left off after switching jobs.
  6. customer service for ice cream lovers

    Work all day evening and weekends!! Make 450€ a month!! But's it really fun guys I promise!! Exclamation marks! ICE CREAM!!
  7. Working fulltime during holiday semester?

    Yea, that does ring a bell. It's been six years since I was last on my student visa, but I do now recall being explicitly told by my case worker that I could work so-and-so many days or half-days. IIRC it was 90 full days or 180 half-days or a combo thereof.
  8. Foraging for wild garlic

    My grandma used to sing me this song for bedtime.   RE: bear's leek. Remember to pluck a leaf from each plant rather than uprooting the whole thing, especially in areas where it's not thick.
  9. Working fulltime during holiday semester?

      Are you talking about a master or a doctoral thesis? Can you not just take the course and write your thesis at the same time? With the limited info given to us, I don't see why it should matter unless you're actually forbidden. If you can take it, having one course while you otherwise write might be a nice 'break' from the monotony, depending how much work it is. A master thesis takes time, but is do-able while doing other things. A doctoral thesis written in one semester?... I can't imagine.   Anyhow, your student visa outlines the number of hours you work (at least it did on mine several years ago). As @generalmartoksaid, it's about the total number of hours. I wouldn't switch visas, regardless. The conditions of a student visa are in some ways more stringent, but the pathway to permanent residence, etc. is safer and more cushy.   Honestly I'd be more worried about the length/extension of your student visa. The Ausländerbehörde are under no obligation to grant you more time than the standard period of study. If you take longer, they will want good reasons why you are not finishing on time. 'Because I'd rather work' (this is what they will hear) is not usually a good reason, and goes against the reason you came to Germany, i.e. to study. Coming in to study, but switching to work, tsk tsk. They can say 'nope' or 'you can have one extra semester, that's it, finish by then or leave'. To be fair, they likely won't do that until you're a couple semesters over, or they think you're malingering. And OK, even most ABH aren't so draconian, but I know first-hand those who've been told exactly that. Luckily, Americans are usually not treated as harshly as Iranians, Cameroonians or Chinese.
  10. The Christchurch mosque massacre

    Some white supremacists may also be nominally Christian, but quite a lot of white supremacists also explicitly reject Christianity (it's a religion with Jewish and non-European roots, after all). I wouldn't really look for a consistent logic in all this though.
  11. Is Justin Trudeau Castro's son?

    Nope, I was already in Germany. I was never a Smitherman fan, but between him and Rob Ford, sure whatever.
  12. Is Justin Trudeau Castro's son?

      I don't like anyone right now. Scheer is a nutjob, Trudeau I've never liked (name rather than competence), and the NDP just nope. I'll probably vote Green just to give my campaign financing donation, although I don't agree with everything they're for either. Growing up my 'home' riding was a pretty safe Liberal seat in Toronto, though it's shifted to a reliably ethnic vote riding now, either Con or Lib (provincially and federally it is one or the other)...   I would've supported the Ontario conservatives last election if they had picked a reasonable moderate like Michael Chong, but instead we've got Dumb Ford of the Dumb and Dumber duo. Wynne was out of touch, at best, and though I wasn't a big fan at least she was intelligent and motivated (more or less) by public service. Ford is a goon and a genuine low IQ idiot, motivated by revenge and delusions.
  13.   His pants anyway. Does anyone still seriously watch Faux News?
  14. Is Justin Trudeau Castro's son?

    An old rumour beloved by Canada's less-educated conservative kool-aid drinkers.   Sniffing around for a new visa-free Ibiza or Canaries, I imagine. And they even speak that S Pan Yole lingo. An old red phone booth advertising streaky bacon, and you'd almost think you're on the Costa del Sol.   
  15. Medical use of Green tea

      Reminds me of the time when I was still pretty new in Germany and barely spoke German, let alone all the various slang. I was at a sausage stand at a Christmas market with a friend and had asked 'so, uh, what do I say again?', and he tells me how to politely ask for a Fleischpeitsche. The stout and dour grey-haired lady behind the stand was not amused, but my friend sure was!   RE: poultices. Old concept, but unless you're roughing it on your off-grid homestead, any modern medicine will work better. Honey, tea bags, urine (boiled cow urine used to be a medieval bathwater of choice), fresh aloe, super glue, etc. etc. are all generally better than nothing, but polysporin and a bandaid should probably be your first choice.