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  1. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      I know mink oil (for treating leather, in cosmetics, etc) comes from rendered mink fat. I imagine the rest of the remains are probably minced for fertilizer or something. Kind of horrid to think about.
  2. What are you cooking today?

    Don't know about you guys, but around here 'free to take' boxes are very common, and that is how we acquired an apparently unused large non-stick quiche pan still in the box, with a little recipe book included. We use it at least once a month.   Tonight we had a (grated) pumpkin and leek quiche (also a small onion, a garlic clove and a handful of lemonbalm from the garden). Bit of emmentaler on top. Delicious. We used muskat pumpkin, soft, sweet, great colour. (I am not a huge fan of the ubiquitous Hokkaido pumpkins, whose flesh is often too hard, but any will do). Our lemonbalm bought last year ago exploded in size this summer, and the cold has still not harmed it. Gives a nice mellow lemony flavour in the background, without any sour. We also use it a lot in our salads.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      AFAIK, all the various 'national' Amazon websites are just paper cutouts of Amazon Luxembourg. Amazon Luxembourg is Amazon in the EU, period. Low taxes, not too many questions asked, etc. Amazon offices do exist in some various EU countries, but my understanding is that these are more for coordinating and planning logistics, warehouses, perhaps local marketing, copyright (movies, tv), and lots of coding monkeys to urge and sort buyers, etc. Whether the tax bills are sorted in Luxembourg or locally is a good question. I assume Luxembourg.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      So it will look exactly like the card that every non-EU foreigner already has in their wallet.
  5. Mastercard scam

      NO. That is part of the scam. You do not have to receive it. Just ignore it and it will be sent back (you can also tell them you are not going to accept it, but I'd just let it time out naturally and let the scammers themselves wait).   
  6. Brexit: The fallout

        Maybe British youth can be farmed out as butlers and nannies to middle-class Chinese, Emeratis, Indians, etc. Remittances make a huge portion of the economy for many aspiring states, and Britain can finally mine its untapped potential.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      All that non-replenishable Amazon slash and burn and soybean monoculture really tastes better when it's available cheaply. I'm still surprised to see Argentine/Uruguayan beef so common here, considering many of those cows are also grown on Amazonian soybeans. I won't even buy American beef here, too distant. (If I were BBQing on the pampas, that would be different). Now, not that cash-cropping resource intensive cattle is a great idea, but I wonder why Ukraine, Belarus or Romania don't have more of an export market with their vast plains and European market access... Would make more sense than Brazil.  
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      This whole UK-EU fishing debate is like two old bald men fighting over a comb. Fish stocks ain't what they used to be and bonanza years will never return. What used to be only kept as bait or tossed to the gulls is now sold as something fancy for Friday.   Chinese fleets (among others) plunder the oceans where/when no one's looking. Poor countries (coastal Africa) also sell their fishing rights to foreign fleets, again lots of Chinese operators, and no one asks too many questions.
  9. Brexit: The fallout You can have what's on the list there, and not much else. Probably milk, beef, pork and sugar beet production would go down a bit.   Roasts only on Sundays again, like God intended. Snouts, kidney and other vittles for the weekdays. Beef if you can drive your Rover Velar or Jag F-Pace past the gates. Jellied eel for lunches at schools and care homes. At last, taking back control from the Big Pineapple agenda!
  10. How many Israelis travel to Egypt or Jordan now? Or even to the West Bank? Governments opening official channels is good, a thaw in the region couldn't hurt. But I don't know how much will really change for the average person. Lots of prejudices and fear-mongering amongst Israelis, Emeratis and other Arabs all over the place though. I'll take a wait and see approach.   As far as governments are concerned, this seems obviously about military hardware. Israel is the gun cabinet of the Middle East, and with more Western voters being slightly unsettled by their armoured car brands being used to lob grenades at protestors, various Gulf dictators need a reliable source of crowd soothing. Drones are also making war easier, suddenly an air force at a fraction of the cost. They will allow smaller players to do what they couldn't before. Azerbaijan was certainly thankful for Israeli drones (too bad the Armenians don't have oil!), and the UAE has used Chinese-built drones in Libya supporting its warlord faction there. Expect a lot more of that in the future.   But also shopping, quad bikes and good curry. 
  11. What made you laugh today?

    Howdy sir, yessum, I would kindly like to purchase 5 pound of plug tobaccy, 10 pound of salt pork, 5 sacks of corn, and somma those bottles of saspariller you got on the top shelf. Our wagon is sitting out front. Load her up when you're ready.    
  12. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      Again, the only way you will know for sure is by speaking with your case worker at your Ausländerbehörde. If all signs point to a quick turnaround at a new job, that you are actively looking while possibly receiving ALG 1 (which is not Harz IV), have money in the bank, employed wife, etc. etc. then as per what you posted, I would venture a guess that you will be fine.
  13. What made you smile today?

    Though I usually find these a bit cheesy to re-share, this one struck me as some good advice!
  14.   Difference being Switzerland has deals they've made in cooperation with the EU, unlike the UK cutting off its nose to spite its face. Does the UK have banking agreements with the EU? Nope, they ripped those up.
  15.   Switzerland isn't the EU innit.