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  1. I have a great aunt who lives rather far away, so I've only met her in person 3 times. Once, in my early 20s, my sisters and I went to visit and stay overnight. She's nice, intelligent, well-read, well-travelled, but never married, no partner, no children, and has a lonely slightly reclusive aura to her. Her house is full of trinkets and ornaments on little shelves, ceramic figurines and teacups and saucers, collectable spoons, small wood carvings of trolls and animals, novelty clocks, etc. All obviously intricately placed and ordered. Actually worth a good few hours to browse.   Anyhow, in the bedroom I stayed in, being the nosey parker I am, I opened a dresser drawer and found two rolled up fur pelts. I pulled them out to get a better feel/look, and suddenly realized just what the fur pattern was... house cats! And obviously the pelts were professionally done, too. The 'leather' was soft, flexible and presumably bleached. No heads or paws on the pelts, thankfully just neck to tail. You could almost pretend it was rabbit, if not for the telltale white+tabby and orange striped patterns... :S 
  2. Are you entombing the cat in concrete or what? What is this 500 year material?
  3.   If there are rules about this in Canada, I doubt anyone knows!   IME, our vet always presumed the remains would be taken for backyard burials. Otherwise they'll cremate for anyone who doesn't have a backyard. My parents' backyard has 5 cat skeletons eternally sleeping under one back corner.
  4. Ah, the universal trump card. One day you will be much older and around longer than someone else, and will hopefully remember this time.
  5. Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Perhaps they will not miss the sapling, but once you invite their opinion, they will surely have one. Ignoring your legalese defensiveness, if you're really against the idea of a tree there, I'd just yank it and feign ignorance. Saplings die all the time. Perhaps a hedgehog nibbled at it and the rest blew away. Who knows.   I have noticed in one spot in our backyard, where some paving stones lining the ground of the walls round a corner, there is a smallish triangle of dirt. In that spot, inconceivably, an acorn must have found its way... there is an unmistakeable oak sprout, a few inches tall with a few small oak leaves. It is not a good spot for a tree, certainly too dry and no space for roots, and it will eventually die. I have left it as a kind of experiment, but this reminds me, maybe I'll try to rescue it. 
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    More myth than reality. Aren't British workers good enough to compete?...
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Yes, of course. This is political campaigning 101. 
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Yes, and Leave certainly tried harder to get the spook out. It's always somewhat harder to defend the status quo while Leave could promise the moon. (Although personally, I think most people are fairly skeptical of political campaign promises these days -- or is that just me?)   Of course, Brexit was then and still is a farce. Britain will be a laughing stock for a generation, and deep fissures have been created in society. It will take more than the next election to heal. For me, the biggest blow was always that the EU loses its British counterbalance.
  9. Plastic packaging at Grocery stores

      Probably due to having hard water, which yea, you can't do much about. 
  10. Plastic packaging at Grocery stores

      Like others, I'd recommend bars of hair soap, which is just soap with a bit more bubbly-making stuff in it so it lathers slightly more than normal bar soap. Most people don't want to believe that shampoo or conditioner aren't that necessary, but if you can get over that or any brand loyalties, you're in. I've been using hair soap bars for over a year now and haven't noticed any negatives. Your local Bioladen will have a selection to choose from, or of course the chain Lush if you can stand the strong smells.  
  11. buying buffalo milk in saarland

    You can't.   Try Amazon, etc. You mean of course water buffalo, which are more common in southern Europe (since Roman times, e.g. mozzarella). I've seen/tried a water buffalo feta-type cheese (Bulgarian, I believe) in Turkish shops before. Actual milk, especially fresh/pastuerized is all but impossible. If you were to find the rare farmer who has a few water buffalo, you might convince him/her to give you some milk, but EU regulations frown on this sort of thing.
  12. Climate change discussion

      You've read wrong, very wrong. It's the opposite.   Certain species or populations of a species may benefit from climate change. As the arctic warms, it will certainly be colonized by some trees and lichens, etc. Mosquitoes and certain insects will spread their ranges. But on the whole, many many many many more species will not be able to adapt to such rapid changes, and they will die out.      
  13. I would just cut contact, ignore, and to the best of your ability move on. You can leave the proverbial door open a crack, but don't engage, don't retaliate, don't escalate. Let the MiL know your position, that you don't want to be dragged in, etc. and that she will have to have to keep you two separate. Holidays will be difficult, but one day here and one day there, perhaps. Too bad, but that's how it is. I wouldn't force her to choose. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!   Like many others, I'd just keep the money. Maybe it will be used as a pawn later, but to reject and return it would obviously be taken poorly. If you really can't find a use for it or your daughter, put it towards a large Sunday dinner for your fam + MIL at the best restaurant in your area where the staff speak accented awkward German, or even better none at all. Seems only fitting (but I do tend to think with my stomach). 
  14. Climate change discussion
  15.   I take it you're non-white? To be fair, when I say Canada, it is almost always just accepted. I have been doubted on this a few times, but more like they thought I was making it up, I was actually an embarrassed American. One German guy overheard an English friend and I talking, and intruded with very heavy German accent. Asked where we from, but said that I don't sound Canadian and refused to believe I was, no matter what I explained or demonstrated. I lol'd and asked him how Canadians should sound, which clearly stumped him. He was convinced I was Irish.    One of my best friends back home is of Indian background, and in our younger years we travelled together several times. It always confused people where we were from, especially since we made them guess. A white guy and a brown guy together? In some cases, they thought he was my local guide, but otherwise we got Brazil a lot...