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  1. Climate change

      They still have to import refined/enriched uranium. And nuclear waste is still no small problem. 
  2. Climate change

      The article says nothing about any effects on Earth's climate.  
  3. Climate change

      The human impact is still there. 
  4. Climate change

      But one of hundreds of emissions/carbon tax policies around the world. It's not even close to implementation, if ever.
  5. Climate change

      Well, that's for sure. 
  6. Climate change

      I'm sure there were French fops sitting around salons in powdered wigs saying the same thing in the 1780s. Or plenty of Irish in the 1910s, bemoaning the uppity rebels who were going to ruin everything and they didn't even have a solution to X, Y or Z!
  7. Climate change

      You show a remarkable ability to not understand the "other side". You claim yourself to be above simplistic labels although you 'lean conservative' (gee, really? we hadn't noticed!), yet throw strongly caricatured labels left and right (well, just to the left). Do you expect to be taken seriously when you cannot yourself produce what you also want? (Compassion and understanding for the "other side"?)   Once again, conserving the environment is hardly a new "moral". That environmental skepticism has been pushed by conservative governments is, I think, a pretty cynical example of pandering for votes. It's a position based less on objective logic and more on identity ("I'm CONSERVATIVE, and I don't like anything those lefty communists do! If they like cheese sandwiches, I now hate cheese!"). And yes, sure, "the Left" does this too on different issues. Two wrongs don't make a right.   Casting shade on environmentally focussed policy (and crystal clear science) seems a pretty obvious ploy by industries that will loose money/influence if the environment is put above profits. Petroleum, mining, industrial-scale fishing or agriculture, forestry, energy production, manufacturing, etc. These have obviously helped human progress immensely in various ways, but... In the past, human consequence on the environment on the large scale itself seemed fairly abstract, how could a spit in the ocean have any great impact? Now we know better, and we have better ways to disseminate the knowledge. But the idea itself is not new -- plenty of written examples from past centuries of people understanding that, say, species extinctions or local environmental collapses, were human caused. Compare discussions on the dodo in the 16th-19th centuries, or the discovery of Easter Island   Also, there is not wide consensus that "mass abortion" is a serious problem for humanity.   
  8. Climate change

      The Greens are not all leftists. Not being mashed into the Red/Blue Binary is an age-old Green plank. Some are lefty, some aren't.   But what's true is that they have attracted more left-leaners over the years due to 1) switched-on hippie types being quite concerned about mother earth (if you ever do psilocybin, you will probably understand), and 2) conservatives head-in-the-sand contrarian approach to the big issues of our era. If you're a greenish conservative, you have nowhere to go. Which is weird, because it's literally in the name CONSERVative. There has been plenty of lip-service by the SDP and CDU, and lots of windfarms of course, but overall it's not a primary concern, not for the environment's own sake (until maybe now -- we'll see how much Green policy they co-opt in the next election to win votes back). The environmental planks for Die Linke and FDP (where they exist) are thickly wrapped in party ideology, so respectively anti-capitalist radical fairness or whatnot, and freemarket magic.    You can see a clearer distinction in Switzerland, which has a Green party rather like Germany's, but also a totally separate "Green Liberal" party, who are centrist and also successful in their own right.   The Green party of Canada has a lot of hippies, but I know there has been occasional infighting due to more conservative wings in the party as well. 
  9. Today I did something stupid

      I remember the first time I saw the phrase "Black Music" on a poster for a club's Friday night theme or whatever. I asked a German friend what is "black music", like goth metal or something? He looked at me weird and said you know, by black people, rap, hip-hop, soul, etc.    Today, on the street, my infant son kicked a booty off his feet (his specialty), and a nice stranger passing in the other direction picked it up and tapped me on the shoulder to return it. First words out of my mouth were "Oh 'tschuldigung!  Das tut mir leid...". (Force of Canadian habit) 
  10. Car rental in Germany

      Right, for pretty obvious reasons it is illegal for German residents using a Polish-registered car in Germany to go about their daily lives. I cannot find anything to suggest there is a de facto blanket 'ban' on tourists doing touristy things on both side of a border in a rental car in 2019. In the past, there were probably enough rules and headaches for tourists that they didn't bother. I can not find anything recent that explicitly states rental cars from Switzerland are forbidden in the EU (Italy).    Either way, we did it and didn't have problems (apart from the total bullshit charge for "streaks").
  11. Car rental in Germany

      Next time, we'll be a little more paranoid. Anyway, the main reasons for doing was that we planned only to be in the Swiss/Italian border areas (Lago Maggiore). Had we driven deeper into Italy, we'd have just rented there. Still, I find this somewhat perplexing, because locals criss-cross the border all the time, and they surely don't all stop at customs. We saw tonnes of Swiss plates in the larger shopping centres, parked at weekly markets, etc.   My only worry at the time was if our insurance would be valid outside Switzerland.
  12. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Come on, seriously? Musk will launch himself into the sun before selling his company to among the most conservative industrialists there are.
  13. Car rental in Germany

      Register a rental car? It was an Opel, fwiw. Anyway. I read the fine print and it said nothing about cross-border travel, just that we should tell the reception when receiving the car. I was going to ask, but as I said, we didn't have a common language. He was an older guy and spoke no English or German (just a few common phrases), and we spoke no Italian.    We didn't rent a GPS, because 1) Maybe I'm a hardcore luddite (...male, ahem), but I learned to drive without one and simply don't feel the need for one, even today; and 2) Since it's a daily charge, the price was completely absurd and exorbitant. I could buy a GPS for half the same price. We had a fairly easy route and had no plans to drive far off the beaten path. Google maps + ca. 8€ in roaming charges, done.    Also, I am also not an EU citizen. Whatever this mysterious rule was, from what I have just read it seems to no longer be in effect as of 2018, if not earlier. You sign a waiver or something, and that's it. For high-end cars, obviously they may put more restrictions on where you can drive it.
  14.   I think it all happened too quickly...  
  15. buying agricultural land for organic farming

    Open your favourite search engine: Ackerland/Agrarland kaufen   The land itself shouldn't be a problem if you have €100k, although finding such a small piece might be problematic. If you're in Saarland, your little hobby farm will also probably be in another Bundesland.   I wouldn't expect to make any money. Even covering your costs could be a stretch. Who's going to pay the vet bills? Who's going to muck out the barn? You going to milk the cows? Legal and tax expenses? Storage and transportation?    It would be easier to find a local farmer and pay for a couple cows and the farmer looking after them "for" you, you getting the milk, etc.