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  1. Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)

    Hi everyone,   Hope someone knows the ins and outs of ALG 1 better than myself (and the person for who I'm asking).   So, this person claimed the full year of ALG 1, and found a job immediately after it ran out. During the year of ALG 1, it was broken up by a five month position where they got paid normally, which was not enough to start the 12 months again.   In other words:   6 months ALG 1 5 months work 6 months ALG 1 (= 12 months, ALG 1 then finished) Then work again   The question is, how long does this person have to work in the current job to be able to claim ALG 1 again. Is this 7 months (to make up the 1 year of working rule) or does the year start from scratch at the new job due to them having claimed the full ALG 1 before?   Many thanks in advance RN