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  1. I'm busy this Sunday so can't attend. However, I was one of the 3 who went to Brettspielcafé last time. You pay per hour as I think Jennifer posted. There is a huge choice of games; you tell them how complicated &/or long a gameplay you want & they'll recommend games off their shelves. Or you just help yourself (after checking in of course). They seem to start the timer once you've settled down with a game rather than immediately when you walk through the door. Don't know if you can bring your own games (my guess: yes but you'd still pay per hour). U3 to Oly'zentrum, exit at North end of platform (front of train when outbound), follow the crowd up a slight ramp slightly to your left then turn right at a small plaza with a Chinese restaurant in front of you. If you've gone past an Edeka in the pedestrian precinct then you're almost there. Have fun - or maybe set a different date? D.
  2. So we're meeting at Mils at 2? There is a U2 arrives at 13:57 which I should be on unless I miss a connection. The alternative venue Gen mentioned is at Oly'zentrum so is a feasible Plan B if Mils is closed
  3. Like playing board games? Interested in meeting new people? We are a group of English-speaking people getting together to play board games (and games with specialized card decks). Bring your favorite games to share. The next meetup is Sunday, 25 Nov 2018, at Mil's Sportrestaurant at Hans-Denzinger-Str. 2 near the Milbertshofen U-Bahn station, starting at 14:00. This will be the last meetup of the year. Please sign up by copying the list below over, and adding your name to it. Sign ups are important -- if no one signs up, then we have to cancel. Quasi, would you cross-post this to Facebook and other places? All welcome. Let's have some fun! 1. Jennifer 2. Metall 3. MrD 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.