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  1. IT career "golden cage"

    For me it's actually a strong motivator to leave Berlin in the very near future. It makes no point earning a lot but still not being able to choose a good kindergarten or a a good paediatrician for a child. I am sick and tired of all the waiting lists and 2 minute long doctor appointments where everyone is treated equally (as shit). Berlin might be a good place for singles, but decent family life easier to arrange somewhere else. 
  2. IT career "golden cage"

    Thanks lisa13!   Being sort of workaholic myself it is not that easy to develop sustainable sense of satisfaction outside work. But I do get your message about shifting priorities in life and in fact it resonates well with words I often hear from more experienced professionals. 
  3. IT career "golden cage"

    Thanks a lot, swimmer!   Yes, actually education is one of ways out I am seriously considering. As a "quereinsteiger" after a PhD in natural sciences I don't really have formal qualifications for my current job or for the jobs I am applying for, and getting a couple of formal certifications (PMP or other project management + domain certifications) seem to be a realistic way out indeed.
  4. IT career "golden cage"

    I saw a good discussion about IT contractor jobs a few threads ago and would like to seek forum’s advice on my situation too. I work as IT manager with some specialised domain knowledge for a relatively small non-IT company in Berlin and somehow found myself in a golden cage that is difficult to leave. I don’t enjoy projects I work on any more, and see no further professional growth or career development opportunities at this company. Having said that, the conditions I managed to achieve are quite generous (€ >100k+ salary, flexible working hours, unlimited home office), the contract is permanent and somehow in the last 12 months I was not able to get any offers from other companies even nearly matching that. What would you do in such situation? Keep on jobhunting? Or just stay put and perhaps try starting a small but interesting & challenging business as a side gig? Any advice is much appreciated!