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  1. Cancelling the rental agreement needs to be in writing and delivered with proof of delivery.    And any other contracts must be cancelled in writing the way the contract says with a delivered receipt.   Not cancelling contracts and leaving the country means you could be in for a big bill if you return.
  2. Usually unfurnished rentals are on a 3 month notice period which can be given at anytime.   It sounds like you're renting some kind of furnished apartment with a minimum tenancy period ?   I think if you de-register (abmelden) and leave the country, any Germany contracts are cancelled if you provide proof of de-registration.     You would literally need to move out, de-register and give it to the landlord.    Another option is to find a tenant to take over the rental agreement after agreeing with the landlord.   He maybe within his rights to keep your deposit though.    This should have been paid into a deposit account where your signature and the landlords signature are required to get it paid out.   Good luck.