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  1. I think getting into night clubs in a pandemic is going to be hard with social distancing.   Were you trying to get into Club Kit-Kat... ?    Hard to get in there...    Sex club...   I've turned up at clubs on my own in Berlin and the doorman have asked me "why are you here".   I just said a friend recommended this club and I wanted to see it - they let me in.   Try bigger clubs in the Warschauer Straße area...   they normally need people to fill them...    
  2. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Being too large means having more blood and your heart has to deal with that.     I think I may have accidentally started what is in the this documentary "Fat and back", start the fat part, just need to get onto the back bit...
  3. Police fine, but evidence is missing (Bußgeld)

    Usually when you're fighting something, you are trying to get money back that you've already paid or are owed...   If you haven't paid any money out, isn't it up to the third party to take you to court to get the money out of you?   Its important to dispute a wrongful accusation within 30 days in writing with proof of delivery, no reply after 30 days is acceptance of what was sent I think.   An example would be a parking ticket machine that is out of order in a train station car park.    No parking ticket could be purchased and people had to get the train to work so left their cars there without a parking ticket.    Upon return, they all had parking fines.   Most paid, but one didn't.   The ticket fine escalated and escalated until it was about £1000+.    The parking ticket company took the person to court and lost.    In this period the accused didn't have to hire expensive lawyers, they just kept disputing the case until they were taken to court and the parking ticket company lost.            
  4. Relocating to Munich from UK during COVID-19

    I think the safest way to do this would be to employ you on a temporary contract through an international payroll company until you've moved to Germany.   Otherwise, you may have problems with your health insurance in both countries.     To be insured for health in Germany, you need to have submitted a P85 form to HMRC stating what day you left the UK so you're no longer insured by the NHS.    Then your employer needs to register you with a state or private insurance company of your choice ( state insurance is recommended).          
  5. Tax handling of relocation expenses

    I've wound a considerable bill in relocation costs moving from Belgium to work in Germany and have now found that the costs are not tax deductible.   Has anyone reading this had a similar experience? Or is my accountant just wrong?