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  1. I’m stuck at work  and won’t make it afterall. Have fun everyone!
  2. Please count me in as well :)
  3. Hi Mickeyd, sounds great, pls count me in.
  4. Hi everyone, I am sorry but I got a cold and will not be able to join you tomorrow  but hopefully next time! Have fun!
  5. Sounds great! Count me in :)
  6. Hi, I‘m new to this group and would like to join you next Wednesday ☺️ See you there!
  7. Hi Vanvan, thank you for your warm welcome! I will keep an eye out for future meetups in the group and will reach out to the host for joining ☺️ CaBe
  8. Hi everyone and Happy New Year. Is this a closed group? If not, then I would like to join one of your next meet-ups as most of my girlfriends have moved abroad and I would like to make new friends.