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  1. Random lines of poetry

    Are there any lines of poetry (Or lyrics) that stuck with you for a reason or no reason at all?   Or a piece of poetry that impressed you for some reason although you can't remember the exact words?   There is only one piece of German poetry I remember in full length (Septembermorgen by Mörike), and it always comes to my mind if I am scuffing my way through autumn leaves.   Another one that impressed me is "Die Füsse im Feuer" (CF Meyer) and Kleine Aster (Benn). I had to read them at school.   And one line from the Crimson Petal "Now lies the earth all danae to the stars". Total abandon to a warm summer nights joy.   I am really ashamed to admit that I can't remember any other pieces of poetry. I think I had to learn at least 50 by heart.