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  1. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Do you not have an accountant to do your German taxes and if so, can't you just ask there? My ex emails the accountant that did our taxes all the time with questions. One of them being: if i do extra work how will it affect my tax bracket and, if so, how much can I earn before it changes my tax bracket?  As knowledgeable as people are on here, I'd want to hear this kind of thing straight from a professional.   And if you are earning that kind of money in a side job and you don't have an accountant, I would love to know why. When I first came to Germany I worked as a freelancer. Earned almost nothing and my ex did my taxes. They weren't accepted. We had an accountant ever since then and while it wasn't cheap, it was worth it.  And if you are making that kind of money as side money, you probably can afford one.     just my 2 cents