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  1. New apartment renovations, asking the landlord to fix

    We sent an email just saying the hole in the wall should be fixed and asking if the tiles can be replaced. It's only two rows of relatively small tiles on one wall. All they can say is no.  It's not such a big request that they will see us as making trouble.  I decided to not say anything about the floors and will casually ask about the other ad after we get a signed contract in hand.  My wish is really is a matter of taste, not quality, so I'll live with it until we can afford to change it. Maybe by then, I will not even care. The apartment is a major upgrade to what I have now, anyway.    Thanks for being my sounding board. 
  2. New apartment renovations, asking the landlord to fix

      That's what I told my husband when he started to act like the hole in the floor was a big deal. It really is small.  And, if we seem like people who will cost them thousands to get into the apartment, they may just decide not to give it to us.  We really want it for the location, though.   I don't think it was a fake ad. I think it was carelessness on their part, if not a different apartment altogether.  The thing is, we didn't respond directly to an ad. My husband put his name in as interested in finding an apartment through them. He mentioned the exact address because it was one they had listed, but didn't refer to the ad directly.  They called two days later. The woman said she had just given notice and no one else had seen it.  It all is a bit weird, but we want the apartment.  It is 6 minutes from my husband's mother and much closer to his work, in a better area for schools, etc.    I've composed an email nicely asking what happened regarding the ad, but I'm still scared to ask about it, thinking we will lose it if we make waves.  It really is acceptable as is, except the hole in the wall.  I lived in dorms for years. I know how to make anything feel like home.  Even blue tiles, I guess.   Thanks for the feedback.    
  3. I have searched the forums as thoroughly as I can and didn't find this specific topic addressed, so please excuse me if this has been dealt with before. Also, sorry it's so long.   So, we have found a new apartment that meets most of our needs and we should get the contract.  When we went to see the apartment, I was expecting to see one with newly installed flooring because the rental company had posted an ad at that address with an apartment that had been renovated.  It turns out, it must have been a different apartment on the same floor in the same building, but that is a weird coincidence, so it could be they posted the wrong ad? Or, it really was a different apartment and my expectations were wrong.  In any case, the floors we saw were nothing like the ones in the ad. We still like the apartment and will take it as is (with the current tenant leaving the flooring) if necessary. But at the same time, I'd really the better flooring.  What is there is okay, but there are three different kinds of laminate. One bedroom has a small hole in the floor.   There are also changes I'd like in the bathroom.  The tenant before the current tenant installed blue tiles in the bathroom and glued (or whatever) a blue, wave-like motif on the tub.   There is also a big hole in the wall above the sink.     My husband mentioned that we'd like to have some renovations and was told that it's not normally done, but we should send a list of what we are thinking.     I've been in Germany for 13 years, so I know that some things are simply done very differently here.  However, I still have trouble with the idea that apartments are handed over sometimes without flooring. I'm from a part of the USA where you are handed fresh, clean apartments upon move in.  The whole benefit of renting is that you don't have to deal with all of that kind of stuff. You have to leave the apartment in as good a condition as you get it, but it's not a byo flooring kind of thing.   I mean, the current tenant said if we didn't agree to take the flooring she has to take it out.    So, I feel pretty sure that I can ask that the hole be repaired by the company.  But, do I have a right to ask for the flooring to be updated? I'm guessing not. I wouldn't even have considered it as possible, except that ad from the same company bragged about how the apartment was newly updated.  There are some companies and private landlords who are starting to do these things before showing apartments, but it seems pretty hit or miss.  The company that does it owns a lot of buildings on the same street as the one we are getting.    It's pretty much a first world problem, so to speak. I am just one of those people who the different flooring will always stand out to me. Getting it done before we move in sounds more practical, but we can't afford to do it all right away on our own.  I think if we have to cover all costs, I'll just have to live with it.  We are willing to accept, if they offer, that they do it, but with a small rent increase, but I'm still wondering if it's too outrageous to ask for the floors to be changed.    The walls seemed good enough. Painting is something we don't mind doing.    Also, regarding the bathroom tiles and bathtub, does that fall within the landlord's responsibility?  Especially since they were not original to the apartment, but from previous tenants?   I hate feeling like I'm acting entitled. I really am someone who will find a way to make whatever we get work.  It's just I've lived in an apartment with tons of problems for 13 years and have had terrible anxiety about them.  I'm now finally moving and it would be great to move in and not have to think about things I need to change right away.     What are my rights? What can I ask from the landlord without scaring them off from giving us the apartment? Or, should I just mention the bathroom and be grateful there are any floors at all?   TIA