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  1. Coronavirus

    anyone got any info on the apps, that are apparently no active, where you can have your impfpass shown on it? They were meant to be active from today.   Thanks in advance
  2. Coronavirus

      I didn't know it was, for travelling?
  3. Coronavirus

      Yes, and yes.   I wouldn't see the sense in allowing kids in shops etcetera without a test - when they could be catching it in school?
  4. Coronavirus

      as far as I know, kids need to also be tested. At least when i took mine to the zoo yday I got mine tested to get entry.  
  5. Coronavirus

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/15162638/france-vaccinated-brits-holiday-june/   France now allowing vaccinated Brits to enter without quarantine. (although in the other direction, arrivals in UK from france, need to quarantine for a week)   Any ideas / predictions on if / when Germany may relax their placing UK on ''variant of concern'' (so mandatory 2 week quarantine for all) list?
  6. Coronavirus

    They are magnetic though. #trufact 
  7. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    Not if people are under quarantine presently and are wondering if they can go to their gardens ?    Or am I wrong- and this was about ausgangsbeschrankungen not quarantine 
  8. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    when the gesundheitsamt come knocking, and they see you are not at home, and you get the fine - how do you convince them that you were at your kleingarten and not (for EG) anywhere else that you should not have gone to?
  9. Coronavirus

    I am a modest man and one who is willing to accept that there are people who are better informed on this forum than I  : )   I want to go to the UK to see family this summer. But have a short window of time, and if this 14 day quarantine could kibosh the whole thing to be honest, if me and family (both adults fully vaccinated) still have to quarantine for a full 2 weeks on return to Germany.   I know no one here has a crystal ball, but does anyone else predict/foresee the 14 day quarantine upon return to DE being lifted, as some stage this month/before mid/end july?
  10. Coronavirus

    freedumbs. lolz
  11. Coronavirus

    so many laughable pieces in the UK press with people moaning about the non luxury state of the quarantine hotels they stay in. Yep, look up the word   DETERRENT  
  12. Coronavirus

    I am not sure if traveling to the UK is really going to be possible for us, this summer.
  13. Coronavirus

      My city too. slight rise taking it above 50 again. Interesting.   I put this down to being a small  city with open restaurants, and the rest of the entire state was above 100, so last weekend the zoo, restaurants etc were flooded with ''out of towners'' (probably all desperate to also exercise their kids etc if the schools were closed)
  14. Coronavirus

    unfortunately, it appears it isn't just the small children who don't understand why lockdown is necessary.   Hence the need for guards.
  15. Coronavirus

      I am laminating mine, triple layer, also a copy to frame and put on my mantelpiece   2 for the car (just in case lose one)   Also one shrunk and implanted under the skin under my watch strap
  16. Coronavirus

    yes, I went to my local doctor, they gave me an impfpass (blank) and said I need to travel to the 2 separate doctors who administered the vaccination and they need to input into my yellow impfpass themselves.   Some of my colleagues travelled 2 hours plus to get their jabs !
  17. Coronavirus

    Has anyone else been as dumb as me and not got a yellow inpfpass ?   I now have an A4 sheet with the doctors stickers on, and they have told me I need to travel to the separate doctors and get them to sign my new impfpass, but they are in two different locations,,, nightmare    
  18. Coronavirus

    Yeah, who’d want to work on the phones at a Hausarzt right now 
  19. Coronavirus

    Got 2nd jab today (biontech)   3 months after first (AZ)   feel fine 👍👊💪
  20. Coronavirus

    Loads of doctors have said get ibuprofen for the shot effects. They wouldn’t be saying that if it impaired the efficacy 
  21. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    What cryptocurrency shall I buy today?
  22. Coronavirus

      ha ha! Yep, this is my people
  23. Coronavirus

    you really think drinking 1, maybe 2 beers affects the efficacy of a virus vaccine?! nah
  24. Coronavirus

          Mental note.                don’t ask 😂
  25. Coronavirus

      Or do what my next door neighbour did, get his dad (or an elderly friend?) write a letter saying you are their primary carer..   Dishonest, I know..