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  1. Coronavirus

    Agreed. Too easy to point the finger, sitting in a spacious apartment, working from home.   Some people simply cannot do this. 
  2. Coronavirus

  3. Coronavirus

    Daily Fail - this cannot be accurate. 'NINETY PER CENT of Germany's severe Covid-19 patients have migrant background and more than half are Muslim' despite making up 4.8% of the population - with politicians 'afraid to tackle the problem in case they look racist'   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9320323/Coronavirus-Germany-90-severely-ill-patients-migrant-background.html    
  4. Coronavirus

    woo hoo!
  5. Coronavirus

    yes, data from UK is showing AZ is extremely effective. I am glad, as I've had it.
  6. Coronavirus

      Just blast it into them from a distance with a blunderbuss
  7. Coronavirus

      ha ha no, i am a teacher, i didn't get to choose. I was referring to a hasty tippex job and tick pfizer   Something tells me they would have smelled a rat.   Feeling OK today. Like a v light hangover. (Which ive had every day for last 12 months pretty much anyway)
  8. Coronavirus

    AZ jab done. Was reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have had it (am a teacher), was surrounded by over 75s and the infirm.   The form I was given had moderna, AZ or Pfizer. Didn't know they had moderna here.  was half tempted to scribble out AZ and go for Pfizer (joke)   Quite surreal experience. All military and red cross, run in our city exhibition hall. All calm and done properly, no stress.   wouldnt want the job of collating the paperwork and inputting the data at the end of a week in that place     my mum and dad in london, mum had AZ, dad Pfizer, they had an antibody test last week, my mum has antibodies, my dad not yet, so in their case, AZ more effective earlier, it would seem (?)
  9. Coronavirus

    How is the data coming from Germany and uk so different on AZ jab     
  10. Coronavirus

    correct feierabend.   I have to say, I am a germanophile and a huge fan of the way things are done in this country normally. Government, culture, people. Lived here 11 years.   But this has been an utter shit show.   THrowing toys out pram at the delays to german AZ orders, and (IMO) the politically influenced publication of reports discrediting the AZ jab.   Then the slow turn around and now they (german govnmt) are pushing through all media channels for all to get the AZ as it is proven effective. too late, of course, the populace are highly distrustful of the AZ jab regardless of any reports coming through from the UK.   It has basically ruined this summer for germany, or the vast majority anyway. Total textbook example of how to balls something up.
  11. Coronavirus

    I think that’s not far off (general offer)
  12. Coronavirus

    Teacher here, getting AZ jab on Sunday afternoon (not gloating)   anyone on here had AZ? Heard the side effects can be a little rough the next day. 
  13. Coronavirus

    v good news with a bit of a sour taste   My state announce teachers are getting early vaccinations woohoo!     ...but its astra zeneca as the local populace don't want it     Personally I dont care, give me it ASAP please Ive been back in the classroom for a week.
  14. Coronavirus

    this is incorrect Mike    https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/down/conditioninfo/associated
  15. Coronavirus

      I agree, also harder if they are adult / in shared accommodation