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  1. Coronavirus

      no way. it came from a lab in China.
  2. Coronavirus

    no we didn’t, because of the high case rate.   And traveling there without being vaccinated is bordering or lunacy IMO 
  3. Coronavirus

    Mad. Where I live in DE it 7.5/100,000 incidence.    manchester - one hundred times that in places.     750   its the United Pingdom 
  4. Coronavirus

    My anti vax colleague has gone back to Uk and now caught COVID. Will delay return to work.   I 100% understand employers refusing to pay their staff for their totally avoidable absence, in cases such as this.    yes they may catch it with 2 vaccinations, but it would be far milder and far shorter Illness.
  5. Coronavirus

      Yes, but surely as a doctor working with COVID patients, more recovery is seen after introducing medications than “seemingly miraculously”     a DJ i know in Berlin is the first to have posted up on Instagram that he is canceling gigs due to being infected despite double jabbed (and despite gigs in DE still being outside in the main)   I anticipate seeing hundreds more of these posts by DJs, and blubbers, in UK it is going to be carnage. I just hope these young people get over their infections swiftly and don’t see any long lasting Ill effects 
  6. Coronavirus

      is it though? Surely better for hospitality etc than locking down.
  7. Coronavirus

      My friend in London just caught it (maybe Wembley, except his friends who travelled with him didn't catch it..) after being double jabbed (AZ)   He is pretty rough. Vaccinations don't stop you catching something..   I am not being antagonistic or combative, but is my data wrong? I can only find this, and deaths doesn't look crazily alarming  
  8. Coronavirus

    thank you. So this means vaccinated don’t need a negative test on entry. Great.     Pls see below   “Following a stay in a high incidence area in the last 10 days: a negative COVID-19 test result, proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination or proof of recovery from an infection. This proof must be held prior to entering the country, and must be presented to the airline before departure where applicable. Exemptions apply in particular to persons who have passed through a high incidence area without a stopover, or those passing through Germany via the fastest route available.”
  9. Coronavirus

     So vaccinated, travelling to UK to DE, do need a negative test as well, if I am reading this correctly.
  10. Coronavirus

    THanks. From this I can see the UK's new status.. but not the measures that go with it..
  11. Coronavirus

    so, it looks like A - travellers from UK can use the NHS app to show the vaccination status in DE   and   B - double vaccinated travellers from UK to DE don't need  a PCR before flying here?   Can anyone confirm this? lots of conflicting info on the net
  12. Coronavirus

    Crazy now they are saying all restrictions lifted by beginning Sept, as all adults in DE will have been offered a jab by then.   It is going to be hard for people, psychologically, to move on from this. Ive already seen it in school, kids are super reluctant to take off mask for any reason.   I also am not going to be keen to be in any packed room, for a long time still.   Will be interesting to see how COVID affects peoples behaviour and cultural behaviours in the longer term.
  13. Coronavirus

    Any updates on UK to EU travel regs that anyone knows of?   i can see nowt on the news 
  14. Coronavirus

    Merkel meeting BoJo today at chequers.   We are hoping to meet my in laws in greece this summer.   Any predictions on whether merkel will get her way, and ban brits from EU states?   I think greece and the like will say no way, for vaccinated.
  15. Coronavirus

    anyone got any info on the apps, that are apparently no active, where you can have your impfpass shown on it? They were meant to be active from today.   Thanks in advance