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  1. Coronavirus

    potentially no, as no court could prove beyond reasonable doubt where the unlucky individual caught it
  2. Coronavirus

    am not quite sure that the ministers suggestion of using cinemas as potential classroom spaces was particularly carefully thought through though, logistics-wise #facepalm
  3. Coronavirus

    Less potential mixing. Can split classes and have more space 
  4. Coronavirus

    looking like secondary schools in DE going to go half days / homeschooling
  5. Coronavirus

    that's correct actually. Merkel wants stricter, the states looser
  6. Coronavirus

    news today   Coronavirus: SOS at German intensive care units https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-sos-at-german-intensive-care-units/a-55567776   Coronavirus: Germany urges reduction in social contacts https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-germany-urges-reduction-in-social-contacts/a-55611908
  7. Coronavirus

    yes, but 190 kids and 80 staff took tests (also the blood test for antibodies) on Monday in the gym and all negative which is a good sign 
  8. Coronavirus

    Not at our school.. only one class off as a pupil caught it from his dad, a surgeon at local hospital        
  9. Coronavirus

    Isn’t it because the studies are showing kids arent spreading it? 
  10. Coronavirus

    Which country?
  11. Coronavirus

    I can now say that many in the UK I know personally (London) have caught the virus.    not in first wave.     think we are heading for schools locking down again here in DE?   they are floating the idea in Austria 
  12. Coronavirus

      good point.
  13. Coronavirus

    A densely packed nation of fat people who don’t like being told what to do, hardly surprising 
  14. Coronavirus

    Remarkable story about the BionTEch turkish descent German couple who are currently on course to save the world with their vaccine..   Warms the cockles.
  15. Coronavirus

    Worst chat up line i've ever heard