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  1. Coronavirus

    overall feel so bad for the people of N America. Good people, awful, awful president.     
  2. Coronavirus

    and who would teach them, feed them, clean the school, transport them to and from the school, operate the admin side of the school?
  3. Coronavirus

    that's what I mean. Children/teenagers ARE allowed to go for a bike ride.   There is no need for this outrage/finger pointing culture. Its not helpful at all.
  4. Coronavirus

    I totally agree with this puch back against overzealous policing (mainly in the UK press) w/r this outbreak   Yes there were scenes of crowds on snowden (for EG)   But no one was individually at fault.    They all individually thought ''its a mountain, loads of space''   this, combined with poorly worded/lack of detail in UK government announcements..   the problem is its a small, densely populated island.   I don't like all this point the finger, shame culture. Teenagers are being lambasted by old goats in the streets, they are allowed to go for a bike ride for F's sake   and then police using frigging drones at the lakes. Bastards.  
  5. Coronavirus

    Fair enough people on holiday needing help repatriating but I don’t understand many expats getting government to fly them home?   They chose to live abroad 
  6. Coronavirus

    Face masks are proven not to be a huge help. 
  7. Coronavirus

  8. Bought a cat

      😂 nuff said 
  9. Bought a cat

    so you should be saying you are English then.
  10. Coronavirus

    This is a great article Mike    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-coronavirus-wartime-presidents-pandemic-hoover-fdr-bush-911-a9431191.html
  11. Bought a cat

    Oh yeah sorry, it’s so easy to forget about the Welsh..   poor things have to claim being British when abroad as no one knows what their country/nationality  is 😂
  12. Bought a cat

        😀 can guarantee you that is 100% the opposite.   No Englishman, Welshman, scot ever said “I’m British”   EVER!!!
  13. Bought a cat

    "'OK, I'll correct myself - he's an ENGLISH (mind you, he didn't say British so I don't believe him) troll who enjoys winding us up. Putting him on ignore. Have fun talking to yourself.''   Metall - when you played hide and seek as a child, were you the one who closed their eyes, thinking no one could then see them?! 
  14. Coronavirus

    there was an interesting thread on facebook in the UK the other day, someone saying they cant wait until the tests come out to see if you have already have it, as he had all the symptoms was out for the count early feb  - about 15 people wrote the same thing underneath his post.    Will be an eye opener for sure if it turns out its been going around for ages
  15. Bought a cat