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  1. Coronavirus

    https://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-great-coronavirus-experiment-are-german-schools-ready-to-reopen-a-ec03d692-478e-4c40-afcc-19c43b614d2a   v good, v detailed, as always with Der Spiegel
  2. Coronavirus

    anyone care to hazard a guess on how opening schools will go here in DE?   Think another lockdown is on the cards / further restrictions in classrooms, or all back to normal?
  3. Coronavirus

    maybe a couple of miniatures of vodka wouldn't go amiss either 
  4. Coronavirus

    I swear when I hit 85 just show me a cliff and a golf buggy ill have a cracking last minute and stop bugging people from there on in 
  5. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hi all   We use an accountants for this. It costs us around 1,500 euros a year! we usually get about 650 euro rebate    Can anyone else recommend cheaper firms/tell me how much it costs them?! 
  6. Coronavirus

    anyone wonder how, after all this, employers may (despite all legislation to mitigate it) be less inclined to employ older/overweight people/people with underlying health issues?   Many at my workplace returning next week. Many not
  7. Coronavirus

    reeto   well, ill be back in a classroom (in some shape or form) of 9 year olds in a week   wish me luck (gulp)
  8. Coronavirus

    thoughout this thing ive thought, ive got a 7 and a 3 year old. Apart from working from home, and wearing a mask in shops..     life isn't that much different : ) 
  9. Coronavirus

    🇷🇺    a certain video. 
  10. Coronavirus

    If true about BCG, UK wouldn’t have third highest number of cases worldwide, surely? 
  11. Coronavirus

    anything actually informative in the last 5 or so pages or just internecine ranting at each other?
  12. Coronavirus

    so, schools opening grade 4 and up from next Wednesday here   Kitas a 4 tier opening process. First tier, kids with needs/single parents/language needs etc   2 week observation   then next group   2 weeks   etc   will differ state to state -also, no start date specified as yet
  13. Coronavirus

    NY numbers truly frightening.   Jeez Trump must be despised there. It just beggars belief.
  14. Coronavirus

  15. Coronavirus

    I just wear a running snood/ tube bandana   as do most people I see out and about