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  1. On 27.11.2019, 14:44:44, BradinBayern said:
    On 27.11.2019, 16:48:09, Cunha said:

    Thank you very much for your replay and help! It was really good! Yes I will do that, talk with university legal advice and see if they can help me , Thank you!

    One more thing! Sorry sorry :(

    Do you know how much time do I have to pay the fine, after received the letter from the court? (More or less) 

    Thank you in advance!

    Hello from someone who used to live in Freiburg until recently.  Freiburg is full of really nice people and if you are in a desperate situation, you just need to ask. Also, it is to find a Student Job or Part time job in Freiburg and surroundings 

    Checkout Freiburg English club, and good luck


  2. 1 hour ago, Reexvan said:

     Well since i am a foreigner and living in saxony i expected this overreaction and the fact that she wont talk in english. Since i talk very little german i am alomst handicapped in a situation like this.   


    She came out quite fast which is wrong. She should get out of the parking lane slowely. It almost appeard to me that this was done on purpose from her .



    It is not her fault that you cannot speak German. Maybe she called the police because you cannot speak German and cannot have a proper conversation with her? 

    Even if she did it on purpose, there is no way you can prove it. And it has already been established you were riding your bicycle in the wrong direction.

    Anyways good luck



  3. A trick i learnt with Vodafone...


    - send the Kundigung form for the contract as soon as you get it or atleast after 1 year

    - Around the 16th month period, their customer representatives will call you and ask for feedback blah blah. Tell them you will continue with Vodafone only if you are offered the same price and conditions you currently have.


    Works like a charm everytime. 


  4. 3 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    I'm not overly familiar with the exact procedure, but clearly you should have received something. 

    The whole thing can't possibly be legally decided without you receiving some kind of official notice. You have to have a chance to react to the thing. 

    Did you move and maybe mail went astray / wasn't redirected for a long enough period of time / wasn't redirected at all / your name remained on a letterbox at an old address?

    I was in the same address from March 2014 to March 2014. I had my name on the address box. September 2014, i changed my bank from Sparkasse Schwarzwald to Sparkasse offenburg. and received my card/PIN etc. Just that i never received anything from the Inkasso or the  Vollstreckungsbecheid


  5. 16 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    As for bank accounts - they're available even if you're not a legal resident here. ;)


    I had to produce my Aufenthaltstitel and the address bestatigung to open a bank account at both Sparkasse (Offenburg/Ortenau) and Commerzbank. The idiots at Sparkasse Rhö-Rhensteig (Meiningen) would not let me open an account or transfer my account from Offenburg to here but i guess i cannot expect something better from the ignorant people here 

    But that is a story for another day :) 


  6. 9 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    These two things wouldn't be affected in any case.

    9 minutes ago, lunaCH said:



    But i also did not have an issue with credit card, contracts etc... 

    And with a  Vollstreckungsbecheid , I should have received a summon to the court isn't it? 


    I have been trying to get in touch since 2019 for payment details (this includes a letter with einschreiben) and they have not bothered to reply 





  7. 2 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    How did it get to the Vollstreckungsbescheid? Did you not receive a Mahnbescheid first? :huh:


    Nope, i did not receive any letters from them (or from the Dentist) else i would have paid them already. 

    And this is only on my infoscore data, my SCHUFA seems to be clean though with 97 score


    And since 2014 I have changed my Bank, got a credit card, got a mobile phone and internet contract , was a witness to the police for 3 cases, got a  Niederlassungserlaubnis and been in/out of the country multiple times. Never had an issue



  8. Way back in 2014 i had forgotten to pay my dentist for a filling. While going through some old papers in 2019, i realised i had not paid the Dentist yet and dropped an email to them apologising and offering to pay. The Dentist replied that their lawyers at "Medavo GmbH" have been taking care of the case and if i agree she would forward my email and address to them, and they would get in touch with me. I agreed to it.

    It has been more than a year and Medavo GmbH never got in touch with me, i wrote them a letter as well to which they never replied. 


    A few weeks back i applied for my Schufa score and infoscore, i see that Medavo GmbH is there on my file as "Vollstreckungsbecheid bzw. Vollstreckungsbescheids-Antrag vom 27.09.2014". 


    How do i get them to send me the payment details, so i can pay what i owe them? Or should i leave as it is? In my defence i did try to get in touch with them to which they never replied.


    The funny part is despite the unresolved issue, i never had a bank account/credit card/ Vodafone vertrag/ WG declined


    Thanks in advance and stay safe



    On 5/29/2020, 4:02:27, engelchen said:

    Can your girlfriend still fly? 

    What about her flying to Portugal and you meeting her there to get married?


    The baby is due in 2 months. And she does not want to fly anyways now

    For now, we are looking to fly her and the baby to Portugal after the baby is born, and from there to Germany. The lady at the ABH says there will be a lot of paperwork once they are here and i will have to pay for their insurance from my pocket until everything is sorted out


    22 hours ago, engelchen said:

    Sorry, but your officials are idiots. India doesn't allow dual citizenship, but your Embassy is willing to issue a passport for a child who has two other citizenships!!?!?!?!?:blink:

     I believe he was hinting that getting an Indian citizenship would not be a problem

    22 hours ago, engelchen said:

    Sorry, but your officials are idiots.

    Unfortunately most of them are :( but they seem to be much better than Brazilian officials :D


    22 hours ago, engelchen said:

    When is the baby due?



    20 hours ago, snowingagain said:

    What OP needs to find out is how he gets his name as father on the Brazilian birth certificate.  

    That is what we are trying to do and at least at the moment flying to Brazil does not seem to be a possibility :( 


    Just now, engelchen said:

    If you have pubic health insurance, your wife and her child (even if it is not "officially" your child) can be covered under your public health insurance at no extra cost.  Furthermore, you would be able to change your tax class once you get married.

    Forget Denmark. Bringing yet another country's law into your situation could complicate the situation even more.

    The problem with getting married in Germany is that German officials do not have accept Indian documents. Did you ever have to have your docs verified by a Vertrauensanwalt?

    Does India allow minors to hold dual citizenship?

    That is nice and I guess I could save money as well then :)
    My friends got married in Denmark and it was much easier for them with the paperwork there and the marriages are recognised in Germany (bypassing the Amt, it sounded like it was super complicated with Indian documents)
    No. not yet. Never had the need so far
    No India does not allow Dual Citizenship for anyone.



    4 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    Once your GF and baby are here, the baby is allowed to stay as the dependent child of your EU citizen GF, however, they are both going to need health insurance and sufficient funds (I'm just assuming that you are willing to support them). Once in Europe, you and your GF can organise a Portugese passport for the child.


    Of course, my child and my gf. My resources are limited (less than € 2000 netto) but I do not have a choice, I cannot abandon them. Perhaps the baby can be covered by my insurance but again not sure how to prove that I am the father


    8 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    Are you still planning on getting married? If yes, where?


    The original plan was to get married in April in Copenhagen. Probably here in Germany once both the mother and child are here, getting married in Brasil or India is also an option but the whole situation has been complicated by COVID-19 and this is our first pregnancy :(


    The funny part is, the Indian embassy in Brasilia is ready to issue a Passport for the baby but cannot issue an affidavit confirming i am the father



  13. The Portugese embassy says check with Brazilian officials, Brazilian officials are like we need an declaration. The Amt here in Meiningen says that they cannot do it and the Indian embassy also says that they cannot do it :(

    We are a bit stressed that it might be difficult for my GF and the baby to move to Germany because of the current situation and that the baby will be with a Brazilian Citizenship/Passport


    Should I contact an Immigration lawayer? 


    34 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    The only thing you need to clarify is what paperwork the authorities want to see in order for them to put your name on the birth certificate. 


    This is what we are trying to do at the moment


    35 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    Maybe you can try the Brazilian Embassy in Germany as well? 


    They haven't replied to our email or answered our calls. The one time they answered our call, she was rude (her tone changed completely as soon as my GF told her she was Portuguese) and asked us to contact the concerned amt where I live and hung up the call

    38 minutes ago, engelchen said:

    The baby just needs a birth certificate to get a passport and a passport to come to Germany. As an EU citizen the child doesn't need a visa. 


    The Portuguese embassy in Brazil has not yet replied to our calls or emails. In the likely event, the baby ends up with a Brazilian passport initially we are assuming the Baby would need a Visa to come here initially? 


  15. 12 minutes ago, john_b said:

    Sorry, but you didn't mention that she had already contacted the PT Consulate in Rio and were still waiting.


    Anyway, best of luck, hope you can sort this out.

    Yes but it never occurred to contact the one in Germany until today morning 

    Thanks, we are hoping to sort it out quickly...  I guess it would make the Baby's entry to Germany and India a bit easier


  16. 2 hours ago, john_b said:

    As a Portuguese citizen, surely your girlfriend should contact the consulate in Rio de Janeiro. 


    1 hour ago, engelchen said:



    She needs to contact the local authorities in Brazil as well as the Portuguese Consulate (whenever they reopen). Alternatively she can try to contact the Portugese authorities, however, unless you can speak Portuguese you can't help her with that either. 



    Portugese embassy in Germany was quick to reply. They want us to contact the Indian embassy in Germany and Brasil 


  17. 5 minutes ago, john_b said:

    As a Portuguese citizen, surely your girlfriend should contact the consulate in Rio de Janeiro. 

    We tried, they have not responded in 3 months 


  18. Hello Everyone,

    I am stuck in a situation complicated by the COVID-19. My gf is pregnant and stuck in Rio de Janeiro. She is a Portugese citizen and am an Indian citizen. Our initial plan was that we get married in April, which went up in smoke because of the flights being cancelled. Now it is pretty much confirmed that the baby would be born in Brasil without me nearby.

    Any idea how do we declare me as the father of the baby on the birth certificate of the child and in the passport? We are a bit lost as to how to proceed further


    Thanks in advance




  19. On 6.2.2020, 16:03:45, RedMidge said:

    Wouldn't she need a visa first?

    She is Portugese but had been living/Working in Brasil the last 10 years. 


    On 6.2.2020, 17:18:09, john g. said:

    It is possible to get her into private German insurance ( and even include pre-natal care/ pregnancy ) if-

    she comes to Germany and is self- employed and can pass a simple medical test and gets a tax number - all based upon having Portuguese citizenship



    she comes to Germany and gets an employee job ( but not a MiniJob)- then public insurance is fine. Otherwise, no chance of public health insurance.

     Disclaimer- I am an independent insurance broker and authorised advertiser on TT


    I am a professional independent insurance broker and authorised advertiser. Contact me.

    Would it be alright if i send you a private message.



    We definitely want to get married at some point but as an Indian citizen, it appears that it is a long process. We did think about getting married in Denmark but i do not have a birth certificate yet and never needed one so far. I have applied for one in January and am not sure when i am going to get it 


  20. I am in a bit of soup here. My Gf is Portuguese who has been living in Brasil for the last 10 years. Now that she is pregnant we are contemplating if she should move to Germany already in May (we had planned that she moves herein September) and she would be around 5 months pregnant. 

    Is there any possibility that we can take insurance for her without getting married?


  21. My company has a 3 month notice period and you can put up notice only during a certain time period every quarter which makes it effectively 4 to 5 months. In the company's defence, we use machines which are notoriously complicated and you need time to get trained. 
    But then, i have seen colleagues cut short the Notice period by talking to the Boss and reach a mutual agreement (which is training the replacement and/or finishing the current project)