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  1. niederlassungserlaubnis criminal record

    Hello from someone who used to live in Freiburg until recently.  Freiburg is full of really nice people and if you are in a desperate situation, you just need to ask. Also, it is to find a Student Job or Part time job in Freiburg and surroundings  Checkout Freiburg English club, and good luck
  2. If you know a bit of electronics and optics check out aifotec ag, they might have some openings at the moment. 
  3. bike and car accident

    It is not her fault that you cannot speak German. Maybe she called the police because you cannot speak German and cannot have a proper conversation with her?  Even if she did it on purpose, there is no way you can prove it. And it has already been established you were riding your bicycle in the wrong direction. Anyways good luck  
  4. Photography law while not photographing

    I have a feeling that the landlord wants you out of the apartment and is looking for ways to make you feel uncomfortable.    In any case then using a smart phone should also be a crime. People could be taking pictures with the camera on the phone
  5. Vodafone exasperation, getting out of a contract

    A trick i learnt with Vodafone...   - send the Kundigung form for the contract as soon as you get it or atleast after 1 year - Around the 16th month period, their customer representatives will call you and ask for feedback blah blah. Tell them you will continue with Vodafone only if you are offered the same price and conditions you currently have.   Works like a charm everytime. 
  6. Inkasso data on infoscore

    I was in the same address from March 2014 to March 2014. I had my name on the address box. September 2014, i changed my bank from Sparkasse Schwarzwald to Sparkasse offenburg. and received my card/PIN etc. Just that i never received anything from the Inkasso or the  Vollstreckungsbecheid
  7. Inkasso data on infoscore

      I had to produce my Aufenthaltstitel and the address bestatigung to open a bank account at both Sparkasse (Offenburg/Ortenau) and Commerzbank. The idiots at Sparkasse Rhö-Rhensteig (Meiningen) would not let me open an account or transfer my account from Offenburg to here but i guess i cannot expect something better from the ignorant people here  But that is a story for another day  
  8. Inkasso data on infoscore

      But i also did not have an issue with credit card, contracts etc...  And with a  Vollstreckungsbecheid , I should have received a summon to the court isn't it?    I have been trying to get in touch since 2019 for payment details (this includes a letter with einschreiben) and they have not bothered to reply       
  9. Inkasso data on infoscore

      Nope, i did not receive any letters from them (or from the Dentist) else i would have paid them already.  And this is only on my infoscore data, my SCHUFA seems to be clean though with 97 score   And since 2014 I have changed my Bank, got a credit card, got a mobile phone and internet contract , was a witness to the police for 3 cases, got a  Niederlassungserlaubnis and been in/out of the country multiple times. Never had an issue  
  10. Inkasso data on infoscore

    Way back in 2014 i had forgotten to pay my dentist for a filling. While going through some old papers in 2019, i realised i had not paid the Dentist yet and dropped an email to them apologising and offering to pay. The Dentist replied that their lawyers at "Medavo GmbH" have been taking care of the case and if i agree she would forward my email and address to them, and they would get in touch with me. I agreed to it. It has been more than a year and Medavo GmbH never got in touch with me, i wrote them a letter as well to which they never replied.    A few weeks back i applied for my Schufa score and infoscore, i see that Medavo GmbH is there on my file as "Vollstreckungsbecheid bzw. Vollstreckungsbescheids-Antrag vom 27.09.2014".    How do i get them to send me the payment details, so i can pay what i owe them? Or should i leave as it is? In my defence i did try to get in touch with them to which they never replied.   The funny part is despite the unresolved issue, i never had a bank account/credit card/ Vodafone vertrag/ WG declined   Thanks in advance and stay safe  
  11. Declaring fatherhood

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck in a situation complicated by the COVID-19. My gf is pregnant and stuck in Rio de Janeiro. She is a Portugese citizen and am an Indian citizen. Our initial plan was that we get married in April, which went up in smoke because of the flights being cancelled. Now it is pretty much confirmed that the baby would be born in Brasil without me nearby. Any idea how do we declare me as the father of the baby on the birth certificate of the child and in the passport? We are a bit lost as to how to proceed further   Thanks in advance    
  12. Missing DHL Paket

    Hello Everyone, On the 23rd of July i sent a Packet to Frankfurt from Freiburg via DHL at the Deutsche Postoffice near the Hbf. My friend did not receive the packet and the online tracking system has only one entry dated 23rd July DHL Track and Trace I tried to call the DHL people on the number given on their website (and the call never got through) and i finally managed to send them an Nachforschungsauftrag on the 29th of July. On the 7th of August i received a letter from DHL mentioning that they are sorry that i think that the packet is missing (or something like that) asking me to send the proof for the contents in the Paket and it's value which i duly sent them back the very next day. And that's about it, i did not hear from DHL again except for two emails one stating that they have transferred my inquiry to the respective department and the other "Case is not finished yet, we inform you as soon possible" DHL has not responded to any of my emails and their phone service is a Joke. The people at the Deutsche post claim that they have nothing to do with it as they are only a collecting agency(?)   Can someone tell me if there is anything that i could do about it or i wait an eternity for the DHL bastards to do something about it (I read in some of the online forums that people have received their packet or have been reimbursed in 2~3 weeks)   Regards Sanjay