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  1. Watching RTL news and they did their (probaly) first report about cricket,it was quite good actualy ,what made me laugh though was them turning it into kricket,no need for that surely,It is just not cricket is it ?


  2. 10 minutes ago, john g. said:

    Yes, babe, a lovely song that one!

    PS: forget which wife I was walking with...terrible memory!:P

    And not forgetting she wrote it when she was 14 years old which makes it even more impressive in my opinion.


  3. 13 minutes ago, john g. said:

    My missed tip of the day, hoops! Kate Bush walked past me in Kensington Gardens, London c 1979.. I was a fan but was too shy to ask for her autograph (plus I was with my wife that moment!!). :P


    My favourite song:


    There is no way i would of let Kate Bush walk past me in 79 John! Wife or no wife ;) My favourite is The man with a child in his eyes,a Babooshka,especialy the video :)


  4. Was talking to the missus about the Rolling Stones making 558 million dollar profit on their last word tour,saying making the tickets cheaper and making maybe only making say 100 million profit would be a good idea,so had a look on eventim just out of interest at ticket prices 799€ sold out 180€ tickets availible!obviously people have got too much money so can't blame the Stones,for christs sake some families have to live off 799€ a month and feed the kids,the worlds gone mad!


  5. The trouble here is that if Germany can't win in a sport then it is not a sport worth watching,they only watch if they are any good at it,no one watched tennis before Becker came along,no one watched F 1 before Schumacher etc etc when i spoke to workmates about this they say England is no better,not true,they,ve showed wimbledon for seventy odd years without a Brit ever reaching the finals,but everybody still watched and i won,t even start about football :(


  6. 2 minutes ago, Gwaptiva said:

    The sudden sepulchral mood at the ARD Olympics coverage after they didn't win the luge gold that is their perceived right

    that's the trouble with German coverage,i remember once in the ladies biathlon when realising they were not going to get a medal they switched to the sledges "where we could get a medal" before the biathlon winner had even crossed the line,just so biased coverage and really " medal geil!"


  7. 38 minutes ago, john g. said:

    My old Dad used to sell horse shit in East London in the 1920s as a child to rake in a few pennies for the family! But he wouldn´t have stooped so low as to eat the stuff...;)


    Maybe this is why...not my area of expertise!!:P

    How old was your Dad when he had you John?Thought maybe your Grandad would of fit more in the twenties like mine,or are you such an old bugger?


  8. 19 minutes ago, food mom said:

    If you have to ask, he's made his point.


    ?..You are obviously clevere as me because i haven,t got a clue what you are on about,maybe you don't understand British humour .


  9. 16 minutes ago, food mom said:

    i'm sorry, the joke's on you here. He did the same thing to you that you did to him.


    ??? why?Please explain,i tend to think you do not have much experience with north german building workers!ps it was a serious answer on his part.


  10. A facebook friend in England was asking for help in finding a 4 mtr work top for the kitchen and explaning that the company only sells 3 mtrs,someone replied " buy the three mtr and cut a bit off" nice bit of British humour,i laughed even more when after telling my German workmate he said"but it will be too short after that" they,ll never learn will they?


  11. 55 minutes ago, food mom said:


    I learned to drive a stick when I bought my first car (@23, though I'd been driving since 16). Out of necessity:  only Thing they had that I could afford. Taught my youngest brother how to drive it before I myself mastered it, which was two days later when I drove it from Pennsylvania to Texas, where I was living at the time.

    Taught both my Kids to drive a stick first (and wore out the gear mech). But now my daughter can drive anything. The Sohn sticks with his bike.

    Food mum don't you females fly sticks/brooms? ;) 


  12. RTL TV!I'm English and have a black humour but what you think is black humour is not!Making jokes about somebody who has just passed away is not funny and certainly not humour in any form,you should be ashamed of yourselves for paying this guy to humour such things,phui phui!ps hope you can save the poor dog John.


  13. 4 hours ago, HEM said:

    The important fact (not at all a secret) is not to think you are doing a good deed when you use all milk - should be half-and-half milk & water.


    Quite rightly - or did she have other attributes?

    Well i can think of two straight away!  ;)


  14. Mrs bobbylines is doing roast beef and roast potatoes and i'm attempting my very first yorkshire puddings!Hope they rise as i remember years ago a girlfriend was judged on her yorkshire puddings if she was worth marrying or not :D