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  1. I think the advantage of making students use fountain pens isn't that it teaches them to write with a fountain pen, but that it teaches them not to be careless - you can ruin your bag, clothes, notes, assignments, etc if you don't take proper care of your pen.


    I know in Japan they make the students clean their classrooms at the end of every school day, not because they want to save on custodial services but because it gets them used to cleaning up their surroundings regularly.


  2. Ah, perfect! It's probably cliché to state at this point, but you are an angel! Figures I'd put all my prodigious internet-searching skills to work when all I really needed to do was scroll down. :/


    Given the closeness of what I understood and what the actual rules are, it's possible that she did explain this correctly and I simply misinterpreted – it's a fine line between "Sie brauchen eine neue Erlaubnis für Selbständige, Sie müssen..." and "Brauchen Sie eine neue Erlaubnis für Selbständige, müssen Sie...", and one I may have missed. However, if we assume that is the case, then she devoted absolutely zero words to what the current Aufenthaltserlaubnis entitles me to do. I didn't catch her name but I can send you other details if that would be useful for you.


    Thanks again!


  3. I just finished a Master's degree in Germany and decided to take advantage of the newer, tricked out residence permit for graduates, but I've seen a lot of somewhat contradictory information about what precisely it allows - particularly regarding freelancing. Then today at the Berlin Ausländeramt the woman who gave me my new permit told me a number of things that I've never heard before (and that almost beggar belief):

    A. I can only do work that's directly related to the subject matter of my degree.

    B. If I start a job I will need a new residence permit (which seems to partly contradict A).

    C. If I want to work freelance I not only need new residence permit but must sit down with some official at the LABO to discuss it beforehand.


    None of these conditions are actually printed on the Aufenthaltstitel in my passport, however -it just says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet" and that it's revoked if I go on public assistance or claim asylum. This TT wiki article says I can do basically anything. Is there any more official source I can check this with? I'm not sure I trust the Ausländerbehörde people to give me accurate info at this point.


  4. According to Germans I know the Agentur für Arbeit has improved significantly in recent years over its reputation, but even if that's overly optimistic, if you aren't finding lots of other opportunities it won't hurt to pay them a visit.


  5. I was recently in a position similar to Joey. It's job interview season for me soon, so I had to nice up my footwear a bit. So I went to the Drogerie, asked for "Schuhpflege" and bought two cans - one brown, one black - of the stuff that looked like normal shoe polish. I took it home, cut a t-shirt to rags and polished them. I'd never done it before, and I left too much polish on one pair the first time, but it took all of about 5 seconds to figure out how it was supposed to work. Total elapsed time for all of this was probably 1/10 of what Joey spent trying to find someone to polish his shoes for him. This stuff is not rocket science.


    While they don't look good as new (and given how well broken in they are, they probably never will) they look loads better and I'm quite satisfied. Having someone shine your shoes for you makes sense if you're away from home or in a rush, but apart from that it seems like a pretty basic domestic chore.


  6. Wouldn't doing this rather strengthen the connection between black people and illegality? If we insist on taking 'schwarz' out of every German word, then it becomes a bad word only associated with bad things. And then it's a profanity just as bad as 'Neger', meaning that 1) Duden will have to come up with a new word 2) racists will attempt to use this word with racist connotations 3) all the old literature will have to be changed or censored and 4) because of 1-3, no one will actually be happy.


    The bit about niggardly has actually happened often enough in the U.S. that there's a wikipedia page about it.



    Where has this fucking irritating "Save The Date" suddenly come from?! Is it from our colonial cousins?! Bah...


    Yes, it's probably our fault. For important things like weddings, retirement celebrations, etc, that you want your friends & family to be able to come to, you want them to know when it is as far in advance as possible so they don't schedule anything else. So if you've chosen a date but haven't made all the final arrangements yet (venue, time, etc) you send your guests a note asking them to simply "save the date" for your event. Then you send the actual invitation with all of the information a little bit later on.


  8. In my experiences with Japanese and Koreans and gift-giving, the things to focus on are quality and distinctiveness. Touristy little things sometimes go over really well, but mostly in the case of personal contacts--giving a large number of people dumb kitsch can affect your reputation negatively. Spirits are an excellent choice, also high-quality writing implements, but whatever it is should be readily identifiable as being from Germany (where doesn't matter so much), either by unmistakable style (Bavarian beer mugs) or else by having text or symbols of its native culture. If you're giving a set something, such as glassware (logo-bearing Kölsch glasses would be acceptable, for instance), avoid doing so in even numbers or quantities of seven (there are superstitions in several Asian countries about these things).



    if it is not jarad, then i am truly sorry for the uncanny coincidences... i will owe you a beer or two (3?!) for the embarassment. augustiner am platzl and a few maß of edelstoff should be ok?

    Does anyone find it unsurprising that a company with an (alleged) history of exploiting its works offers a beer or two as a settlement against possible libel accusations?


  10. And also


    d) that he got caught. I don't know that much about German politicians, but if they're anything like their counterparts everywhere else in the world this shit is going on all the time.


    Actually, I take that back. The problem appears to have been


    e) rather than exploit her just for sex like most politicians in the world do with their much-younger consorts, he appears to actually have liked her and wanted some kind of mutual relationship.


  11. I think it's mostly just a long complaint about how it's harder to impress girls by saying you have a computer science degree in the US as opposed to India. He also shows a complete ignorance of economic concepts, by failing to control for lurking variables or understand what unemployment figures actually measure.


    Also, nerd note of the day:



    The Venusian Arts

    The correct term is "Venereal Arts."



    I'd actually laugh if they made jokes about me being English and about the Empire,bad teeth,etc etc.


    Sure, but that's because none of your family members were shot, deported, or sent to concentration camps for opposing colonialism or brushing their teeth. The implication that all Germans were Nazis isn't offensive because they were, but because many weren't; a large number were imprisoned or killed and the rest lived in a state of paranoia.


    The closest analogue within my living memory would be making jokes about the bombing campaigns carried out by the various IRA splinter groups in London, although that's now more than a decade from being current (in the past I've seen barfights over someone ordering an irish carbomb).


  13. I got Biophar Linden honey for about 4€/500g at Kaufhof, and they had a number of other varietal types of honey available at the same price. You could also try visiting an Imkerei in your area and buying in bulk.