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  1. @PandaMunich Thanks for that - a very interesting thread touching on several other areas that will impact me. So for the pension fund question, if I understand correctly, I need to check the contributions amount and tax relief status, then determine the growth. If it is taxed in Germany I can get any tax deducted in the UK returned (eventually...). If not taxable in Germany then the growth amount needs to go towards progression. BTW I am over 60 and have not made any payments into the fund for about 20 years.
  2. Coming back to this one. I'm in a similar situation to the OP and have a pension pot sitting in the UK which can now only be paid out in its entirety . After various discussions (including some of the usual suspects here :-) ) I've decided that the QROPS and SIPP routes are not viable for me. Hence I want to understand the tax situation both here and in the UK. I've been told by the fund holder that the first 25% is tax free in the UK and the rest taxable as income. How would the lump sum be taxed in Germany? Is it possible to extract the fund free of UK tax and have it taxed in Germany?