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    Once opened, "real" fresh-squeezed orange juice has a shelf (= fridge) life of three to four days. If Tropicana lasts longer than that it's because they're putting a bunch of other crap in it.


    Actually they use flash pasteurization, which essentially works by exposing it to a "flash" of very high temperature then immediately chilling it. By minimizing the amount of time the juice is heated for it stops the loss of flavour and nutrition associated with other heat pasteurization methods. It's pretty close to fresh orange juice in taste, etc. and also significantly cheaper (in the UK you can get two 1 litre boxes of Tropicana for about 3.50 EUR).


  2. Tropicana is 100% pure juice, I think maybe you're confusing it with "Sunny D" or something.


    Basically by decent orange juice, I mean 100% pure oranges juice which comes from in season oranges that hasn't been concentrated and then reconstituted and doesn't have preservatives (i.e. it needs refrigeration) or sugar added.


    I'll check out some of the suggestion above :-)


  3. Does anyone know where to get decent OJ in Berlin, something like Tropicana.


    Most of the juices in the supermarkets seem to be from concentrates and often pumped with preservatives. Are there any "real" juices widely available ?


  4. My new favourite in P-berg: The Goa II on Gleimstrasse


    Had the Chicken Okra and a Mango Lassi. The Lassi was decent but nothing special, the Chicken Okra however was the most authentic dish I've had in Berlin so far. Well flavoured, spicy, and no trace of milk/cream.


    Only real downside was the the amount of chicken in the dish was a little on the small side, although the prices are fairly cheap (total bill was 10 euros including a 25% tip) so it wasn't unreasonable. I'd rather they just charged me a higher price and put more chicken in though.


  5. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that:


    1) You pay a premium for properties advertise in English, same for getting contracts in English, etc.


    2) Internationals are a much higher risk group of people to rent to, so you pay a premium for that too.


    I'm sure you've seen on Toytown many people complain that when they apply for a flat they often don't get picked when they're competing against a german, etc.


    Many people are happy to pay a premium to avoid the extra hassle of going through german websites, dealing with german contracts, dealing with repeated rejections, etc.


  6. I checked out Zaika.


    Good points:


    * Friendly staff & nice atmosphere

    * Mango lassi was very good

    * Curry was flavoursome


    Bad points:


    * Curry was too milky/creamy by british standards.

    * Salad was really awful. Worst I've had in berlin even compared to the salad at random falafel imbiss places.


    I think the bad salad put me off the place, but if you're in the area and you like your curries creamy then it's probably worth going to. It's slightly more expensive than average but reasonably priced for the quality of the food and atmosphere.


  7. Just tried Maharadscha on Schonhauser Allee in Prenzlauerberg near Eberswalder.


    They have a reasonably varied menu, decent range of chicken (tandori chicken is halal)/meat/veg/fish.


    I had the Fish Jalfrezi, which while it wasn't quite what you'd classify as a jalfrezi it was reasonably flavoured (i.e. not watered down) and hot (although not very hot as the menu stated). While this place is pretty average by UK standards, it's also the first curry house I've been to in Berlin that I'd be willing to go to again.


    The mango lassi was also decent and the owner speaks english. He actually had a slight British accent so it wouldn't surprise me if he'd actually lived in the UK at some point which could explain the reasonable curry...


    Price is about average and they also do a 2-for-1 deal on mains on sundays.


    Overall it's worth giving it a shot, especially given the apparent lack of decent alternatives in the P-Berg area.


  8. Assuming the OP's something like a senior software engineer 100k wouldn't out-of-line for a major tech city working for someone like Google, Microsoft, etc. I'm surprised he can earn that much in Berlin though unless he's here working for an international company which hired him specifically to move to Berlin (in which case companies will normally match the salaries from your home city + expat bonus).


    How far 100k goes certainly varies a lot from city-to-city. For example in Berlin you could live in a large house in a high-end area comfortably but in London you couldn't (an average, that is to say small, two bed flat in Paddington is around 35,000/year). If the OP had no idea about cost-of-living in Berlin then it's certainly a fair question, although perhaps he should have done more research before hand.


    To the OP: Yes 100k/year will give you a comfortable lifestyle in Berlin.


  9. Hi!


    Reading through the threads the general feeling I get is that the kiez is more important than the borough.


    That being the case could people point out where the nice/not-so-nice areas of Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg and Tiergarten are (also is there a map which shows the different kiez) ?


    I'm mainly just looking for somewhere that's safe and well-connected.