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  1. I have some money essentially earning no interest in the UK, and want to move it to Germany where I'm living, and will probably buy a stock market tracker with it. Although the GBP/EUR is not great at the moment, it could get even worse in 2018, so it is a kind of hedge for me. So I've read a few old threads, and wondered what the best money transfer providers are in 2017? I will try to write up a table comparing all the providers to help other people. I think posing the question"how many euros will I have in my German bank account for 10k pounds" is the best way to phrase the question, as there is no consistency with commision charges and rates. It also give you an idea of how much money is really at stake, compared to a percentage. I've used transferwise in the past, but perhaps they are better for small sums? I guess there is always the risk if the provider goes bankcrupt before the transfer completes, you lose the money. I bank with Nationwide and Santander in the UK, and Sparda in Germany. Santander has branches here, but I don't think there are any deals. Maybe I would be willing to move my German bank account to one who offered a good deal, as I could well be doing this again in the future if I stay here log term.