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  1. holiday pay for employee paid hourly

    I am supposed to work 38,5 hours, my contract is 35 hours as it applies to all the clients the agency has. I have sign something else which says I should work 38,5 hours. So far so good. My pay is in two parts, a tariff-agreed amount, plus a top up (Einsatzzulage?) which I (slightly) less that the basic wage. Any hours I work above 35 hours are paid out in the same month, but only at the top up rate. The same hours are also "banked" or summed into the ZA account. I had a meeting with the agency but they weren't able to explain it to me. The half day was not allowed as Urlaub, only as "Zeitausgleichsantrag"  which I booked. However this didn't result in anything being credited to the ZA account, so I seem to have gained nothing, neither wages nor addition to my ZA account. I have no idea what will happen when I actually draw down this ZA, I guess I will be paid for the part I wasn't paid when my excess hours were paid in. The explanation from my employer was I have gained as if I had done that in a month I hadn't worked the 38,5 hours, I wouldn't have been penalised. On the one hand I can't believe the agency is unable to make its own process work, on the other I feel like I'm being exploited as they say "this is how it is in Germany". 
  2. holiday pay for employee paid hourly

      It is very long and written in complex language. I need to try to find a reference to holiday pay or somehow a reference to hours over and above the preset working hours?
  3. holiday pay for employee paid hourly

      I get paid for the exact hours I work, which sometimes is more than 38,5 and sometimes less, but those hours are what I aim at working each week. When I take a day off or for public holidays, I get paid for 7 hours.
  4. holiday pay for employee paid hourly

    I am working via an employment agency for client company. The contract was quite confusing as to whether I would be working a 35 hour week or a 38,5 hour week. The contract has monthly hours which is quite complicated to interpret at first glance. The 38,5 hours was something mentioned in an email faily early on in the process of being offered a job, as it is the standard working week in the client company. I initially started working a 35 hour week as I was following what was in the contract. I was then told to work 38,5 hours. I have been told I have 2 days paid holiday per month, but during the first 6 months I can only take 1,5 days per month. My problem is more with the pay I received for holidays.  I am also only paid 7 hours wages per day off, which seems unfair as I am working 38,5 hour weeks, which means an average working day is 7,7 hours. When I challenged this, my employer just said that was the way it was, although he was confused. He now seems to be offering time off in lieu, which makes it even more complicated to keep track of. It this legal or normal practice in Germany?