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  1. I have some money essentially earning no interest in the UK, and want to move it to Germany where I'm living, and will probably buy a stock market tracker with it. Although the GBP/EUR is not great at the moment, it could get even worse in 2018, so it is a kind of hedge for me. So I've read a few old threads, and wondered what the best money transfer providers are in 2017? I will try to write up a table comparing all the providers to help other people. I think posing the question"how many euros will I have in my German bank account for 10k pounds" is the best way to phrase the question, as there is no consistency with commision charges and rates. It also give you an idea of how much money is really at stake, compared to a percentage. I've used transferwise in the past, but perhaps they are better for small sums? I guess there is always the risk if the provider goes bankcrupt before the transfer completes, you lose the money. I bank with Nationwide and Santander in the UK, and Sparda in Germany. Santander has branches here, but I don't think there are any deals. Maybe I would be willing to move my German bank account to one who offered a good deal, as I could well be doing this again in the future if I stay here log term.
  2. For the UK, HMRC has a form called HS304 which talks about relief. Perhaps for the Canadian tax system it has another name. I understand and am happy with the idea of declaring all income, worldwide in all places I've been resident in the year. So I have declared my bank interest and share dividends to the German Tax office. They are still processing it, but in the meantime I can do my UK take return. So I've read bank interest has 100% relief, so I tell the UK tax office 100% of the bank interest that I have paid tax on in Germany, and then they will effectively ignore this income in the UK so that I don't pay tax twice. So far, so good and how one would imagine a double taxation agreement would work. For share dividends, I have read the relief is 15% on dividends. So I have to pay 15% tax in the country in which the shares are held / company is resident. And then if I am am paying say 27% tax in Germany I would then only pay a further 12% tax. So to achieve this, I calculate / declare on form HS304 any tax already paid in the UK? Quite complicated when doing it for the first time! So perhaps I have made a mistake when filling out the German tax form, as I should have said the dividends would be taxed at 15% (like a withholding tax) in the UK. Then I would only pay the 12%? Very grateful for any help, this must be an issue for anyone living in Germany with shares / interest coming from the UK?
  3. I'll try to make this post useful for future reference. I moved to Munich in September 2016 and used a Lohnsteuerhilfverein to file my 2016 German tax return. Germany tax years are the calendar year, rather than the April-April UK tax year. So I declared all my UK salary, bank interest and share dividends for the whole of 2016. As I understand it, the UK salary won't be taxed again, it just bumps me up to pay tax at a rate as though I had earned that money in Germany. I also declared my German salary, which had been taxed at source. I filed a UK self assessment because I wanted to use the split year treatment. I now find that I have to fill in SA109 but I haven't yet got back my German tax return, filed in May 2016. So I need to know if 100% of the interest / dividends have relief. HS304 should tell me, but doesn't. Can anyone help interpret the double taxation agreement? It is worded in rather general terms. I am hoping future tax years will be simpler as I will have been through it all, and won't have the split year to worry about. I get the feeling my life would be easier if I move all my money and shares over hear, but that is easier said than done given the poor exchange rather and the fact capital gains will be due. Grateful for any help!
  4. Is there any way to watch live the BBC or ITV coverage in Germany free online? The BBC iplayer is geoblocked, and that seems to be the main platform on which the BBC steams its TV channels. Seems a bit shortsighted not to stream a news channel globally. Is this because the BBC sells access to BBC World News? Considering it has adverts, it should be self-financing. Do ARD / ZDF have good coverage? I guess the results will only start coming in in the early hours of Friday morning, and I'm not planning on staying up all night!