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  1. I'll try to make this post useful for future reference. I moved to Munich in September 2016 and used a Lohnsteuerhilfverein to file my 2016 German tax return. Germany tax years are the calendar year, rather than the April-April UK tax year. So I declared all my UK salary, bank interest and share dividends for the whole of 2016. As I understand it, the UK salary won't be taxed again, it just bumps me up to pay tax at a rate as though I had earned that money in Germany. I also declared my German salary, which had been taxed at source. I filed a UK self assessment because I wanted to use the split year treatment. I now find that I have to fill in SA109 but I haven't yet got back my German tax return, filed in May 2016. So I need to know if 100% of the interest / dividends have relief. HS304 should tell me, but doesn't. Can anyone help interpret the double taxation agreement? It is worded in rather general terms. I am hoping future tax years will be simpler as I will have been through it all, and won't have the split year to worry about. I get the feeling my life would be easier if I move all my money and shares over hear, but that is easier said than done given the poor exchange rather and the fact capital gains will be due. Grateful for any help!
  2. Is there any way to watch live the BBC or ITV coverage in Germany free online? The BBC iplayer is geoblocked, and that seems to be the main platform on which the BBC steams its TV channels. Seems a bit shortsighted not to stream a news channel globally. Is this because the BBC sells access to BBC World News? Considering it has adverts, it should be self-financing. Do ARD / ZDF have good coverage? I guess the results will only start coming in in the early hours of Friday morning, and I'm not planning on staying up all night!  
  3. UK general election - 8th June 2017

    Related to this topic, I have lived in Germany since September 2016. I know I can register to vote postally with my vote counted in the last consituency I lived in. Has something changed in the last few years? I though you could in the past choose any constituency you had a historical link to?   
  4. I know this topic is a perennial, but I have struggled for hours on this. I have living in Munich since September 2016 and want to change my UK licence as with Brexit pending, it will only get harder. A second reason is I hope it will be a more practical ID card to carry than a passport. As a British Citizen I guess I should be carry my passport at all times? As I passed my test in 1996 I have minibus and light lorry categories. I have tried to understand this: It took 2 months to get an appointment and only then did I learn that I would need a medical and eye test. In the office they said verbally that any Hausarzt could do it, and any optician too. However I’m not sure. My Hausarzt quoted me €100 for the health test plus €50 for blood tests. Fielmann will do a seight test for only €6,50 but I fear that isn’t good enough? Also do I need both a medical and eye test for C and D? It is also confusing as in Germany something changes at 50 years but will the affect me if I’m 37 but is valid until 15 years hence? The other alternative is to just let the categoried lapse but it might be useful to drive a transit van in the future. Hoever would I need to repeat these tests every 5 years? If it costs €200 every 5 years that isn't exactly cheap. Or should I just do nothing and wait 2 years to see what happens? I don't own a card yet (yet!)
  5. holiday pay for employee paid hourly

    I am working via an employment agency for client company. The contract was quite confusing as to whether I would be working a 35 hour week or a 38,5 hour week. The contract has monthly hours which is quite complicated to interpret at first glance. The 38,5 hours was something mentioned in an email faily early on in the process of being offered a job, as it is the standard working week in the client company. I initially started working a 35 hour week as I was following what was in the contract. I was then told to work 38,5 hours. I have been told I have 2 days paid holiday per month, but during the first 6 months I can only take 1,5 days per month. My problem is more with the pay I received for holidays.  I am also only paid 7 hours wages per day off, which seems unfair as I am working 38,5 hour weeks, which means an average working day is 7,7 hours. When I challenged this, my employer just said that was the way it was, although he was confused. He now seems to be offering time off in lieu, which makes it even more complicated to keep track of. It this legal or normal practice in Germany?