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  1. This is what I'm worried about...operationally speaking since we are a cost-center, there are certain costs involved, however my job has evolved since the time i joined. I manage clients which are globally spread so it requires quite lot of communication within different entities in our organization. It combines project manager roles as well as account manager roles. But yeah other departments have a different set-up although there is overlapping of some functions but not all..
  2. I don't know how to infer the current situation in my company.   It's a well known mid sized company (matrix organization) with HQ being in Germany. I work at the HQ location, however our department is very small (3 to be precise). The thing is, one of them is retiring this year and the boss will be retiring in the next 2 years. The work which we are currently doing is being distributed to other departments within the company.   The company is in a very good position and there is no lack in business or revenue. We do have a workers council but at this stage nothing is officially being communicated to us by the top management. Considering the scenario of retirement of my team, member and boss, I'm worried about my job within the company since the boss also does not know. But considering that the boss is going to retire in the next 2 years, the work which we are currently doing being given to other departments within the same company and potential closure of deparment (cost center), I'm getting worried. I've been with them for the past 10 years (have a tarifvertrag) and till date has been no complaints but rather year on year increased revenues and consistently exceeded expectations. Does the company have a legal ground to make me redundant based upon department closure as my whimsical mind thinks? My responsiblities have not changed in the past years and I like the work I'm doing since it involves close contact with overseas clients as well as contacts within the company in Germany as well as overseas.    My boss' boss is currently overseas as part of intercompany transfer and is expected to return just when my boss will retire in the next 2 years. At the moment there is a divisional head to whom my boss is functionally (fachlich) reporting but boss' boss has disciplinary responsiblities (I never understood this being fachlich responsible and disciplinarisch responsibilities).   Should i be worried about my job? I know it's easy to say look for a different job but with family and kids in tow in a place like Munich it's going to be a task. Also there are not many companies in my area of expertise in Munich which i can look into. Any ideas on how to approch this? Should i contact Betriebsrat and let htem know about my worries? HR is pretty useless in our company as it has been restructured many times and currently we have a generic e-mail id to contact for different purposes none of which fit to what i have in my mind. Any ideas or comments? Thanks!