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  1. Germany: Conformism and its consequences

    Resurrecting the thread since I'm facing similar situation.   We are currently renting a groundfloor apartment and have a garden with a pond. Since the last few days a toad / frog started croaking loudly ultimately disturbing our neighbours' sleep upstairs who too are renting the apartment from the same landlord. The pond is a biotope with fishes, greenery all around, tall grass on an island in the pond. The pond is decently sized (approx 4-5 m long x 3 m wide x 2 m deepest) and I haven't been able to track the frog so far but I'm fairly certain it's coming from the pond. The neighbour lives here longer than us (we moved couple of years but in the previous years the frog(s) weren't so loud) and decided to complain. I tried explaining that I can't help but the neighbour insisted on his complain that the frog has to go and I've got no clue how to capture let alone seeing it.  We would like to live harmoniously with our neighbours and we had the husband complaining in the past (banging door with fists) about our little ones when we moved in, my kids were 2 and 4 at that time. The landlord is somebody who owns a business and acts as our hausmeister if things get broken down since it's a house owned by him with 3 apartments all being rented. As per Bipa, she quotes a judgement but i was not able to find it. Does anybody had a similar issue in the past and would be happy to hear how they were able to resolve it. We are not members of mieterverein but now seems good time to join but have legal insurance. The apartment is in a wonderful location for our kids with walking distance to school and moving is something we are not considering, living in Munich landkreis apartments renting apartment is tale of legends. We waited 3 years before we landed this one.