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  1. It's probably a business model, buy branded items from Germany for cheap and sell it at market prices. Not sure whether there's anything about this mentioned in their T&Cs.
  2. Why is it so hard to buy a flat in Munich?

    Honestly paying 1500 in Trudering in a good location is better than forking that out in an old building posisbly needing repairs in Aschheim
  3. Why is it so hard to buy a flat in Munich?

    Do check the neighbours in the building you are planning to buy. There are not many buildings built in that year in Aschheim. They are quite old and are in need of renovations. A lot of owners have rented them or have sold it in anticipation of huge repairs.
  4. Living in Aschheim

    I'd rather choose Riem simply on account of international exposure rather than sleepy & dull Aschheim besides being in a very old-school mentality teaching idealogy. I've heard first-hand horror stories due to change in the school administration giving nightmares. The Grundschule is extremely strict in a way that I have not heard from Munich Grundschule counterparts of colleagues who kids are attending. Even neighboring Kirchheim/Feldkirchen got good reviews, Kirchheim has a Gymnasium which was voted as best in Germany in 2017 (Link)