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  1. Hello Community, We would be taking our first long road trip from Munich to Rostock in the coming weeks and I`m getting a bit overwhelmed by everything. We are a family of four with 2 kids (6 and 8 years, one has travel sickness which will get medication for travel) and a year old dog. As this is our first ever holiday as a family, the expectations are quite high and I would like to plan it as smooth as possible. I am sure we are not the only ones who has taken this trip and would like to hear suggestions / opinions from anybody who were in the same situation and could share some tips from their experience. Thanks!
  2. Indeed, the maple tree is nice and makes a good shade enhancing moss growth and i really like the huge tree. As you can see from the pic, I don`t intend to cut the ivy but keep it off from clogging the drains. I did tell her that she is free to cut her side but she wants me to come to her garden and cut it which i flatly denied. Just looking for the law which explicitly states this...
  3. The brown wooden fence is actually in neighbours garden to fend off prying eyes.
  4. Resurrecting the thread! We are living in a rented apartment on the ground floor with a garden sharing a fence (ours is wired whereas the neighbour has a wooden fence seen in pic below) with a retired year old neighbour who owns a house beside the garden. The neighbours often complained that the Ivy which is growing on the edge of both our gardens is bothering her. Personally, I like the ivy and would not like to remove it. The ivy is not blocking the water drainage neither on my side nor on my neighbours side. My neighbour also has a huge maple (ahorn) tree in her garden (atleast 3-4 storeys high) which in winter loses 80-90% of the leaves in our garden, blocks sunlight but i never complained about it as I love nature. Is the neighbour in her right to nastily tell me that i have to cut the ivy and threatens that she will inform the landlord? As Germany is a law loving country, can anybody point me out to the laws on this? On our local gemeinde website, I was not able to find anything but I live in München Landkreis. Thanks for your help!
  5. We are a family of 4 living outskirts of Munich in a 70s built building with 3 apartments all of which are inhabitated by families. The property behind the apartment we are living (also a 70s built house, with 3 apartments) will be torn down to build a higher building with 7 apartments, already approved by local gemeinde. We have not complained to our landlord regarding noise, building construction, dirt which gets constantly blown to our garden as we have so far good relations with our landlord. As our landlord is a business man (he owns a business in Munich), I could imagine him too getting on the bandwagon and start doing the same as he had already indicated to other tenants over 10 years ago of this intention to tear the house down & increase the height of the building. In Oct. of this year, we would have stayed here for 5 years but other 2 tenants are living here since more than 15 years. He has recently spent 10,000+ euros on heating renovation as the oil heater was more than 30 years old, but apart from that no major renovations to outside part has been done. He had renovated our unit (painting walls and other cosmetic stuffs) when we moved in but the above units were not renovated. I know, i should be joining a mieterverein (and will be doing it soon) & have already a legal insurance, but if our landlord decides to tear the house down to build more apartments, can he just evict us including the above tenants? I read that after 5 years, we would have 6 months to find a new place but prices in and surrounding areas are still expensive to rent and we really like the place.  
  6. Buying power, inflation and others

    Salaries haven't kept up with the inflation even when it was low. Pandemic made it worse and now the high oil prices is making things worse. The property prices moving further out of Munich too has increased significantly. I've seen significant increase of prices of stuffs i buy from supermarket (e.g. fresh tomatoes were 2,59 - 2,79 which is now priced at 3,79). So yeah things are not rosy here (perhaps in and around Munich is just too expensive as living costs just keep going up).