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  1. Come and join us for a beer. The discussion tonight will be about boosters. 
  2. Hi Frankfurters,   I will be working  there in April and am looking for a place for the following dates:   31.3 - 9.4., 15.-18. 4., 24.4, 29..4.   Can anyone help?
  3. Both my boosters were Moderna. I had the second one after only 30 days. 
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    just wait until she tries to get internet service and they say, 'sure, we'll be there in 3 weeks, between 8 and 5.' 
  5. get a test and drink a beer?
  6. If you got J&J, now you need a 3rd booster ...  
  7. Learning third language from German

    I can recommend Norwegian as an easy language to learn. It is like German light, and sentence structure is similar to English.   Spanish or Italian would also be useful.