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  1. Favourite picture of yourself?

    @crossman   woof :)
  2. Favourite picture of yourself?

        I use the snipping tool or screen shot to Paint.  Don't know about Mac tools.
  3. Pointless plastics..

    It would be so easy to put shampoo and dish soap in bags.   I've posted this before, but you can extend the life of your razor by well over six months by sharpening it...    
  4. I loved everything he did, but if I had to pick a favorite, t would probably be Boston Legal. The show was great and he was great.  
  5. Favourite picture of yourself?

    it was a little windy on Sunday...  
  6. Uninsured Au Pair getting married!

    From what I was told they can and do, of course, ask, but you don't have to provide the information about previous coverage.   All i can say is it worked for me.
  7. Uninsured Au Pair getting married!

    @john g.   I can only tell you my experience. I was told by a public health ins agent that they cannot legally require you to provide your previous information. They of course ask, and If you provide them with the info, they can use it.   I switched from private to public and was afraid of this. Every time they asked for the info,  I simply did not provide it.  I did not pay back fees.   I do not know about getting on to your husband's plan. I would try to get into the system and play the waiting game...
  8. thanks.   He pays for everything, she does not work. She is German.   the eigenbedarf would be for the year long separation before the divorce.
  9. So...She wants a divorce and wants to move out with their child. He pays for everything.   She cannot afford a suitable flat on her own.   Can he provide a percentage of the rent and have that still be considered living separately? How much?   He owns a flat. Can he claim eigenbedarf and move her in there ?   living separately together is not really an option.    
  10. I am nothing if not consistent. Still using the star made by Scary Smart nieces a long time ago...        
  11. German labor laws for sick days

      challenge accepted...
  12. Only in America...

    I wish them well...600 pounds...i can't even...  
  13. type your password in Word to see if it is correct. perhaps a key is sticking or not working.
  14. Harry Shulz, restaurant tester, passed away suddenly at the age of 59. He was a member of our Labskaus group and was always a delight to talk to,