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  1. Only in America...

    and this   The Supreme Court on Tuesday will examine whether workplace discrimination protections extend to LGBTQ people — a ruling that will have widespread implications in more than 25 states without such safeguards.   from NPR
  2. Only in America...

    this makes me sick   ' A witness who delivered key testimony in the trial of Amber Guyger — the white former Dallas police officer convicted this past week in the murder of an unarmed black man, Botham Jean — was fatally shot on Friday night, a lawyer for Mr. Jean’s family said. '
  3. it has been ordered by a Federal Judge to hand over 8 years of tax returns. of course, it won't.
  4. What made you laugh today?

    nice bike though...haha
  5. and then there were 2....
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Name this band...     The Folsom 4
  7. If you are into young Danish girls...  
  8. My thread title is not updating on the home page, only in the Hamburg forum... anyone else having that problem?