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  1. Why are you happy today?

      Its the same on the beaches - usually women only a metre or so apart but simultaneously talking at max power. My wife & I call it "full duplex".
  2. Lufthansa Strike

    20 Euros to Ballermann?  A non-stop flight Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca with Eurowings from 1 adult on the 14th June & back a week later (with 1 piece luggage) currently costs 297,98 Euros which is by no means expensive but certainly not 2 x 20 Euros.
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Do you offer take-aways?
  4. Tax on UK pension

    That sounds like a case for @PandaMunich
  5. Maybe read the article I linked to.
  6. What made you smile today?

    Nestlés "Kitkat Chunky" being awarded the "Mogelpackung des Monats Mai".   Rotten lot quietly reduced the number per pack from 5 to 4 whilst retaining the price.
  7.   Thats what we Brits would call "Coals to Newcastle".
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Above joke as brilliantly told by Ken Dodd back in 1982 (& previously posted on TT).    
  9. Coronavirus

      Thats odd - that is what I had (minus the painful hair) early in February & got sent off to hospital where they subjected me to lots of tests. But I had absolutly nothing else (whether they specifically tested for Corona which was basically unheard of at that stage) I dunno. I had not been skiing nor travelled abroad since several months before.
  10.   The "big" day or rather evening is that of the 24th December here (as opposed to the 25th at least in many English-speaking countries). We live in the heathen North of Germany & Christmas Eve evening meal is close family whereas on the 25th we do UK-style turkey with all trimmings for enlarged family. In most German households up here the 25th is not really very special.
  11. Coronavirus

      Back in 2004 my two aunts (neither of them married) moved into a new retirement home near Liverpool.  Each had their own apartment (adjacent). Initially they could care for themselves; the scheme is that as you need it you can buy additional services. The one surviving aunt (retired mathematics teacher) is now 97, clearly needs support (which she gets) but the whole place must be at very high risk.   EDIT: we did visit her duringa  short visit to the UK in April last year.  She did recognise me but it took some time before she really recognised my wife. 30 minutes was enough (for both sides) - after the same topic came around for the 3rd time we departed for the Lake District.
  12. Tax change applied for wife, not for husband

      Good advice - I went past our local Finanzamt this morning & you can only get as far as through the first door - on the left are shelves with the various forms for the 2019 Steuererklärung.  The inner door is shut with the message to call them by phone (with a number) if necessary.
  13. Coronavirus

    ...and they seem not to care about infecting the whole home.
  14. Recieved Mahnung for bill that was paid

      It might be a bit too late for that & Email can easily be ignored or considered to be not official..   If the OP has a Rechtsschutzversicherung they should set a lawyer on them.  Otherwise try the local Verbraucherzentrale?
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      Theory is good - you don't have to actually do or prove anything 
  16. What made you laugh today?

    With or without the silver paper? (that is neither silver nor paper)
  17.   Given that his family is Bavarian are you going to be staying in / near the city of Munich or in some one-horse village half-burried under snow in the Alps?  Both will have their charms.   You might have to be a little careful about what you are allowed to import.
  18. The OP has not been back on TT since the day he first posted.
  19. The mind Ramschladen

      That is certainly what those who lived through it in GB referred to it as. My mother lived in West Wickham (at that time in Kent, now Greater London) which meant that they got the Luftwaffe planes coming in & out. Subsequently she served in the WRENS as a signaller.
  20. Parking, halting or stopping on zig-zag lines

    This is where it is useful to have a Rechtsschutzversicherung that covers Verkehr...