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  1. Mobile roaming charges on the Channel ferry

    Does one really have to be "online" every minute of the day & night?
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Our local newspaper ran this cartoon yesterday - but in colour...    
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      It must be the American in him - when we used to run the DESY bridge group at least one of the US students used to put his stocking feet on our table. I think we have a photo to prove it.
  4. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    Since the OP gives her citizenship as American the law in the UK is likely to be somewhat irrelevant...   As I wrote 3 hours ago the missing information about the country / countries involved is rather critical.
  5. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    Which country is involved?  Germany?  USA?  Both? German bank?  US bank?
  6. Which is why you need to find a circle of friends who don't speak English - easier said than done but you have a dog...   When I first came to DE the working language at the lab was English.  It was only when I got involved with the sport (learning to fly gliders) where people either did not speak English or at least did not let on that the did, that I started to learn the language.  Learning to fly was easier...
  7.   Ignore that grammar stuff - just get vocabulary & start talking - prefferably to people with similar interests (dog?).  Just slur your words a bit, add the Martian accent (as per your profile) & you will get better all the time.   I can't remember any of the der-die-das thing (randomly have a 33% chance of being correct) but can hold a lecture involving my sport or just talk to people & they appear to understand me.  Sometimes they even applaud after the lecture (they did last time I spoke in Boberg/Hamburg)!
  8. Worst jokes ever

  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Its said some see the above as "a small price to pay" for being rid of the EU tyrrany... 
  10. Not that I know of...   However if you go to Youtube & search for "Gene Kranz failure" ye shall find...
  11.   Around 15 years ago whilst I was working for Sun Microsystems I attended a number of what was called "STS" (Services Technical Symposium) in the USA where a large portion of the entire services folks within the company came together for networking, talks by senior management & break-out sessions (I lectured at a number of them).  Usually there was a guest speaker of some description (the first one I attended in Denver in 2001 had Douglas Adams - a few weeks before he died).   Anyhow one year (I think it was held in San Francisco) the guest speaker was Gene Kranz.  I think we only knew a very short time in advance that he would be speaking.  OK - he gives his speech professionally but he had the entire audience (4000+ from around the world) rivited.  That was an experience of a lifetime.
  12.   Sort of "Wir schaffen das"? 
  13. Vindolanda Video (Roman fort just South of Hadrian's Wall) still to come.
  14.   For Lake District:     For Peak District:  
  15. Farmhouse renovations..

      Whats a "Threadless Screw"?  Sounds like a contradiction in terms. (Sez he, who gained "O" level woodwork back in 1968)