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  1.   What do you expect in Hamburg / Harburg?  Currently Schneeregen...
  2. Driving on Red Number plates

    I presume you have seen this?
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I have experienced it differently in the non-too-distant past.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Well - yesterday. Yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of attending a 5 1/2 hour aeroclub meeting in Kassel. There and back again via train - all on time! First Regionalbahn to Hamburg main station, then ICE to Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (arrived even 2 minutes early). Return ICE departed Kassel on time & was only a minute or so late in Hamburg but no trouble making the Regionalbahn connection for the last segment.   Still exhausting but better than trying to drive.  
  5. "collateral damage".  But its "e" so don't worry be happy.
  6. Pension from Germany and UK

    One of the best things (financially) I ever did & the tip / advice to do so came from our very own @PandaMunich Paid for itself in the first year of retirement (I'm now just about the enter year 3 & am thus winning...).    
  7. Life in Husum

      Husum - graue Stadt am Meer ("the grey town by the sea") - and I can tell you it really is especially on a dismal rainy evening in November! As long as the Sun shines there (which it often does being at the coast) its OK.  I would not want to live there but it depends on your interests & activities. Husum did have a military airfield which is now closed.  Part is used by a flying club; the other part has an air-defence battalion stationed there i.e. there is a German military presence (my son did his military service there but not guarding rockets at night!).   My wife grew up in Husum (her father was the police chief) & her mother still lives in Hattstedt (next village to the North) so we visit the place a few times each year.  Apart from an enormous store (C.J. Schmidt) there isn't much there!  You get a lot of tourists wandering around the town.   As others have written your 14 yr old daughter will find life tough.  I spent a year in Munich with my parents when I was that age & did not enjoy it at all.        
  8. What are you cooking today?

      I cook the evening meal about 50% of the time...  Or maybe even more often.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

      Live version (better): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Wp2ASqyxI    
  10. What are you cooking today?

    I cooked Pork Chops in Cider again.  Served with boiled rice (Uncle Ben's 20 minute) & peas. The wife says its one of her favourite meals.
  11.   One of my flying pals is in the local voluntary fire brigade. He says they do not attempt to put out fires in electric vehicles.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    You're most probably correct - but maybe at least the two in the Tower?
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      Mine also - issued January 2018 so its good for some time to come!   (Maybe by the time 2028 comes along Boris & Fromage will both be in the Tower & GB will be back in the club).
  14. A gift to a doctor

      ...and they need to be brushed regularly (the best bit comes at about 2:35):