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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    ...and the only effective medication WASP-EZE has not been available for some years
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Of course it was cloudy up here
  3. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

    Apart from an ex-colleague living in Norderstedt (both he & his wife are from Wales) I don't know  a single Brit in the area (John G has pushed off to sunnier climes & anyway we only met just once for coffee in Harburg).   Its been really years since we met the above-mentioned two (I suspect 20+ years ago).  Each Winter-half of the year we keep saying we should meet up for dinner etc. but so far have failed.  Maybe this coming Winter.
  4. Currently lashings of rain.  Accompanied by distant rumblings of thunder. Water butt was already 3/4 full before this lot started.
  5. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

    Thats true - and more so for expats (many of whom tend to congregate with other expats).
  6. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

    Worked for me from the beginning of my stay (I got involved with the flying club before I fully moved out).  Also my (German) wife has made friends through riding (whereby she mostly supports our 26-yr daughter who rides each day) and by having a dog. We are still friends with the witnesses for our wedding (the guy was/is in my Verein & his then girl-friend, now wife).  I was witness a year later at theirs. But the number of "friends" is small (like when you start thinking "who could we invite for dinner one evening"?).   What we have lost was the international group of friends & acquaintances we had when we used to host the DESY bridge club each week. Once the HERA accelerator shut down they all went back to their various institutes.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Screenshot of an item seen today on LinkedIn:  
  8. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

    Depending on your definition of "friends" I also did not make many here from work in Germany but I do still have occasional contact to German ex-colleagues from my last place of work (I retired; they put on "Garden Leave" prior to having their jobs relocated to Romania).   "Real" friends (definition?) I made in a Sport-Verein - to join such a club (& be active) is a recommendation that is frequently made. Oh yes - and the girl from the DESY computer center (where I was initially seconded) who became girlfriend & now wife (30th anniversiary in November).
  9. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

      In my case they are mostly dead I've been here a bit longer - since 1982 (& commuted for a few years prior).   Apart from residue family described above I do have one "friend" left - we were aeromodellers together when I lived in the UK and (being at that time freight manager for KLM in Manchester) got me my first cockpit ride with KLM to Amsterdam...  Last time we had a vacation in the UK (2013) we did visit him (long retired) & his wife.   Different situation from yours.
  10. Citizenship && Brexit && Homesick

    I get that impression as well - and Brexit ain't going to make life better in the UK. We'd planned a visit to the UK North-West back last April but had to cancel due to daughter in hospital.  Might be over there in October for a few days.    
  11. Double taxation on share options

    Topic for @PandaMunich   Where are you resident as this is important?  Your profile says "UK".
  12. Why are you happy today?

    Thunderstorms in Frankfurt / Hessen are not at all rare.   Almost 20 years ago i was in Frankfurt for 3 or 4 days working at a customer site & there was a thunderstorm each evening - starting progressivly earlier.   Friday afternoon going to the airport for flight back to Hamburg the sky was heavy & grey.  They took us in a bus out to the Lufthansa 737 - do you think Germans can get into a plane fast when rain is starting?  No way.  Planes taking off dissappeared at the end of the runway into a black wall.   The plane shook & danced around - and we were still in the tarmac.  Luggage trollies rolled around.  The captain came in the intercom saying that he didn't think it wise to fly in these conditions.  About 1 1/2 hours later we flew to Hamburg.
  13. Nightmare Tenants, Insurance, The law

    Don't hold your breath!
  14. Worst jokes ever

    Q) What did the buffalo say to his son when he left the herd? A) Bison