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  1. When to sell a Toyota diesel?

    Of course you are - but you are also taking a risk when you replace it!   100km per day says diesel is for you.  If your 2.0 l diesel has similar power to the VW Touran 2.0 l diesel I drive (140 PS, similar economy) you appreciate having that power available when the car is driven a lot even if you rarely floor the throttle.  In your shoes my tendency would be to hang on but its like tossing a coin - it could break down tomorrow!
  2. Tips for visiting Iceland

    Reminds me of the Vera Lynn song well-loved by the eskimos:  Whale meat again....
  3. Even if you are working voluntarily (& not getting paid) I believe I had read somewhere on TT that a Work Permit (for non-EU) folks) is still required in Germany. Does that not also tangle with health insurance requirements?
  4. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    Brilliant article - managed to get Hitler involved right from the beginning!
  5. Hostel Nightshift and Bar work

    Also posting a telephone number is not necessarily a wise move...
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Because today is my wife's & my brother's 59th birthdays...   (Its also PC's birthday but hes 10 years older...)
  7. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    @SaarFrau We cannot be left like this - the uncertainty is killing us!   Besides, we are waiting for this to be made into a blockbuster film - or at least on RTL II.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Reminds me of the line in the Tom Lehrer song: 'cos only a Mexican would stoop so low...
  9. Air Berlin insolvency

    Somewhat bitter humour from the magazine within today's edition of our local newspaper:     Who says the Germans have no sense of humour?
  10. Why are you happy today?

    Some years ago at a company conference in the US I met up with a female colleague with whom I'd often worked remotely.   I sez "Congratulations on the name change" (thinking she had just got married).  "Yeah - divorced at last!" was the laughing response.  
  11. Actually for several years (20?) we had a very good German dentist in our local town (he was recommended to us). His eyes did not light up with $$$ when he saw my amalgam & solved some areas that were cold-sensitive by applying a plastic covering. It was a strange feeling to be sad when a dentist retires...
  12. Tips for visiting Iceland

    Some years ago friends of ours took their VW Bulli to Iceland via ferry (having crossed the Sahara the year before). They had been told that only one spare wheel was suicidal & two rather minimal.  They took two. After exiting the ferry they crossed the first bridge & PHUT!  First tire gone.   They then travelled around all Iceland (4 weeks) without trouble until on the way to the ferry home they crossed that bridge again & PHUT!
  13. bAV - Have I got the right end of the stick?

    You should talk to @Starshollow
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I guess they all have to be pro-Brexit now otherwise its a case of "going against the vote of the people". Anyone who does that is bound to lose the vote.
  15. Tips for visiting Iceland

    Is that the shark that tastes like whale blubber soaked in ammonia?