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  1. It isn't easy.  My wife (German) who speaks pretty good English, me British who can rattle German but not write it.   Our children refused to speak English at home (its "Muttersprache"). However, due to various visitors, including for many years the weekly DESY bridge group they were used to hearing english.   In the meantine our son (31) works for a software house in Hamburg speaks & writes pretty good english. Our daughter (now 28) who mostly refused to speak english - works in the lab of the forensic medicine group at UKE Hamburg - suddenly found that she was chosen to look after an exchange person from Gambia - using english...  
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Translates as "you will need to pay for it".
  3. What are you cooking today?

    This evening I made Creamy Chicken Pie, served with a few boiled potatoes.   Skeptical wife/daughter took second helpings
  4. Experiences with racism in Germany

      She has a horse - well two if you count the youngster.  Both are taller than she is.
  5. Experiences with racism in Germany

    Our daughter is almost as tall as I am.  But slimmer.
  6. Experiences with racism in Germany

    I'll top that by an inch.
  7.   This is the painful truth & it seems that a vocal group within the population are willing to put others at risk by their behaviour.
  8. Coronavirus

      Or closing down all nuclear power stations in Germany because of a tsunami in Japan...
  9.   My wife & I both use ALDI Talk Paket S for 7,99 Eur each month.  No Lastschrift - we buy 30 Euro coupons at the checkout desk.
  10.  Wow - they are generous in Northen Schleswig-Holstein.  A motor bike eh?
  11. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      Put it next to a lump of Kerrygold "Cheddar" & its like a beacon of taste.
  12. Worst jokes ever

  13. What are you cooking today?

    Yesterday I baked a Christmas cake.  Have not done this since moving from UK in the very early 1980s so searched for a recipe & found this: Make & mature Christmas cake   Rather unusual method - you start by boiling many ingredients in a pan. When it went into the cake tin it looked like some horrible rather fluid mess & I had great misgivings.   After 2 hours it came out of oven looking just like that in the picture!  Now it has to mature (= being fed with whisky).  
  14. What made you laugh today?

    If we have a special thread for Christmas decorations / lights I could not find it, so:  
  15. What made you laugh today?

    So true: