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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Who would be in her cabinet?   Charles: Minister for the environment Harry: Defense minister / Minister for war Edward: Minister of the Arts Anne: Minister for sports Andrew: First Lord of the Admiralty  (OK - I know its not a ministerial position)  
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    "So, jetzt reicht's!": Queen führt wieder absolute Monarchie ein             Its claimed that the Magna Carta has an additional clause:  "(...) if ye Pryme Ministre fucketh uppe majorly, ye Kynge or Qween shall regaine thereupon His or Her powre and rule as in olde tymes (...)"   Who said the Germans have no sense of humour!  
  3. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      You'd better hurry up - there might not be much EU left soon!
  4. Today I did something stupid

      Its going back 20 years but when I was involved the installation of the Einsatzssystem in Polizeipräsidium München I was told that only 10 people were currently registered (i.e. allowed) to keep pit bulls in Munich. This info came from the then head of the Einsatzzentrale who was one of the 10.   Hes now retired - but every Christmas I get an electronic Christmas card that features said pit bulls.  
  5. I always thought a quant was a sort of pole used to move a engineless boat on the Norfolk Broads (such as a wherry).   Shows how out of touch I am...
  6. Worst jokes ever

  7. Oh man - I was into ferrite core storage & associative stores!
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    True - 3 years older than both of us. I've learnt its not wise to rise too high in any organisation - you never get thanked.
  9. Been pouring with rain over the last 2 days.  Everywhere is sopping wet (was also the case last year around this time).
  10. What is a "Data Scientist"?   Almost 50 years ago I started life as a Computer Scientist...
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      And the mandate will be for Bexit or Brexit.  On the Brexit front it will not change much (except possibly for the worse).   Corbyn only wants to be PM.  He wants Brexit & old-style socialism...
  12. High tax on gardening pay and severance bonus

      Recommend changing your location in your profile (was Berlin) to ease the task of those willing to respond over the next days.
  13. US companies tend to hate having German employees because of the employment laws. But they will still apply to you so you are sitting relatively pretty. They will not be simply able to apply US "Hire & Fire" to you - at least not in the short term.   Does your company have a Betriebsrat?
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I wonder if that article was originally written by someone from the UK...
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    For those that can read German text there is a scathing article in T-Online.de web: https://www.t-online.de/nachrichten/ausland/usa/id_85081284/brexit-ein-wenig-drin-bleiben-oder-ganz-raus-das-ist-die-frage.html   Not that I rate T-Offline highly at all...