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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    NOTE: this bus has no roof...
  2. Maybe you should update the location in your profile...
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

      Yup - looking in my logbook over the last 10 years I had no "big" (i.e. >500 kms) flight later than the 16th July in any year.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Although this probably belongs in one of the "jokes" thread it somehow reminded me of Brexit & the referendum:    
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      The Erdogan method?
  6. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

  7. Worst jokes ever

  8. Seems to be coming out of his ears (old magician's trick).
  9. How to date without tinder

      I had several work colleagues who did scuba diving.  One such women in the UK said that with scuba diving you can die very quickly.   During several vacations on Ibiza our son took diving lessons and did his Bronze (?) test.  For many years he had a photo on his bedroom wall of him behind an octopus.  I must say I was more worried when he was out on the diving boat than any time during his flying activities (the diving centre was run by a German couple who had been their many years).
  10. How to date without tinder

    Joining a club (Verein) is the "standard" suggestion which indirectly worked for me...   Having commuted between UK & Hamburg for a number of years (no chance of a relationship when in that mode) I moved here in 1982. I had actually joined a club the previous year - learning to fly sailplanes (I'd been an aeromodeller back in the UK). Through that I learnt some conversational German but my hopes of meeting someone through the club did not materialise.  OK -. girls are rare in flying clubs (actually we currently have 7 girls in our trainee group). Anyhow it was July or August 1984 when I sort of bumped into Heike in the corridor at the lab & things went downhill from there. Her English was pretty good & with my German we somehow managed to communicate.  It still took 4 years to get her to the Standesamt.   ...and I'm still a member of the same club.  
  11. Worst jokes ever

    The local jeweller died this morning.   He left a shop full of clocks, watches, and various chronographs.    They say it'll take a year to wind up the estate.
  12. Climate change discussion

      When my family spent a year in Munich (1966/67) when I was 15 I went to a German school & recall a number of times the Hausmeister coming round saying "Hitzefrie".   Nothing new there (was in the days before the Internet...).