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  1. They keep bringing this up for years - don't bet on anything happening in this department.
  2. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    They've all been eaten...
  3. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    A couple of years ago during the dinner following the AGM of a national sports association which I'm involved with the one vegan came & sat at our table. A not unattractive youngish woman but her presence spoilt the meal for all at the table.   The meal had been selected for each attendee previously via some web page.  Started off with a nice salad.  This had thin slices parmesan cheese on top.  Lecker. Our vegan lady was immediatly offended - she had ordered vegan meal.  Restaurent had no trace of such an order. Then it turned out that she had asked someone else to do her order - if its so important I'd have thought she should have taken care herself.   Of course the main meal wasn't at all vegan either - all restaurent could reasonably do was offer a plate of vegetables. The evening improved after she left.
  4. Boss fired me and now wants me back

    Would you really want to work for a company that fires you & then claims to want you back?
  5. Spouse Visa Renewal Process Following Separation

    Your best advisor is probably @Engelchen
  6. Its currently flat calm here & the only sound is water dripping from the melting snow on the trees - plus departing aircraft from Hamburg airport. Still some snow on the sideroads.
  7. @Gwaptiva: here the wind (such as it is) is from the North-West veering West.  Being a glider pilot I know this is due to the low pressure region passing overhead in your direction!
  8. More coming your way Its all white here.
  9. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Our daughter had a vegetarian phase whilst at school although she broke the rule if there was Filetsteak or Lammlachse for dinner at home.   This all changed when she started working "Ich will Fleisch"!  
  10. 9am this morning in Kreis Pinneberg - wet snow in the air, roads clear. 9:30am - a couple of inches of wet snow on the roads, nice & slippery.  Difficult to stay on feet in supermarket car park. 10:30am - velux windows have layer wet snow.  Glad I work from home office. Ho ho ho...
  11. I need to prove I am alive

    At least they spelt "life" correctly - so many people here mix up "life" and "live".
  12. German Driving School. How can I relax??

    There is usually a premium for drivers under 25.  We breathed a (financial) sigh of relief when our daughter turned 25 last year. Thankfully company car rules allowed 18 yr-old family members (living in the household) who had just passed their test drive "my" company car (both were 18 before they learnt 2 drive).
  13. I need to prove I am alive

      As you say - impressive (like the use of Denglish).  But what is an "Alternative Life"?  Do I have one?