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  1. Newbie to Germany - help with tax!

    You do realise you posted on a three thats almost 3 years old? The OP has not logged onto TT since May 2017!
  2. Coronavirus

      Well - the UK has had plenty of practice recently (chaos, leadership races...)
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I used to get regular invitations on LinkedIN to connect with a flying friend & neurologist who passed away some years ago. Finally I lost patience & found how to report someone had passed away & managed to find a newspaper obituary (complete with photo) so I was able to include the link.  They accepted that pretty rapidly (report was in German).
  4.   But thats always been the case - especially on the roads (STOP signs, red traffic lights, speed limits...)
  5. any car mechanic opened now?

      Thats what we did 2 years ago when we bought 2 "Tageszulassung" new cars from our local Toyota dealer. Had to pay to have the (Summer) tires removed (this was January) & all-season tires installed but we saved the hassel of having to buy winter tires (& the rims for them) & also no changing twice a year.  We live in flat Schleswig-Holstein where snow & ice are rare.  The situation is different if one lives in hilly areas where snowfall is common.
  6. Coronavirus

      As I read in our local newspaper this morning:  The timescale is decided by the virus   People just have to understand this (& that you cannot negociate with a virus either)
  7. What made you smile today?

    You cannot make this up:  
  8. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Yesterday we managed to empty, clean & refill the cupboards in the kitchen that are above the waistline. Threw out a small number of "havn't used this for years" items.
  9. Coronavirus

      Think about this - a few more years down the road when we are no longer supposed to have cars & all use public transport.  A playground for infections! There was a small article in our newspaper today about some group saying that the A26 (Hamburg area) should not be built as all effort should go into public transport...
  10. Alternative titles of threads

    Hedge restrictions in Heaven
  11. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

      Our local market claimed to have fresh German (& Greek) Spargel (white) yesterday.
  12. ...and for the last few hours strong sunshine, a few clouds streets to the East (just to annoy us glider pilots) and a bitter NNE wind.
  13. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

      But not to fly  I feel worse because the fitness center has been closed 2 weeks now due to this...
  14. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    De-mossed both (small) lawns - but still impressive how much the bags of moss weigh.   Finally got around to treating (Sikkens Cetol Fliter 7 Plus) the frames (mahogany) of the two large windows to rear garden - thats the West side & gets all the weather & its been too long since the previous treatment & was looking pretty bad.  Much better now. The other windows in the house have to wait until its warm enough to open windows for several hours whilst stuff dries.
  15. Corona