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  1. The War in Ukraine

    Great business model isn't it?
  2. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      Or that they don't go to where you want to go...
  3. A birthday party fit for a Queen yet again

      He was the only one I recognised!
  4. Beware (which might not be the correct term) - there are two different types of census going the rounds.   We also got the "Gebäude- und Wohnungszählung" which we easily did online.  MIL seems to have got the same.  
  5. What made you laugh today?

    The last sketch by the late great Dave Allen that I saw whilst in the UK (I believe it was the final sketch of a series)...          
  6. The legacy of Merkel.

      That only works if they are in gainful employment.
  7. Why are you happy today?

      Agreed.  Some years ago whilst waiting at a red light (which one tends to do) my wife was hit by another car.  Svere damage to hatchback. The culprite's insurance (even though the admitted 100% blame) made life very difficult for us & it took the efforts of an Anwalt to sort them - which they had to pay also.   This was no cheap fly-by-night insurance company but a frequently-used one.  The worrying thing is - its also our insurance company.
  8. accident in car wash

    The vollkasko will likely reject the claim on the grounds that the car wash is responsible & so your Vollkasko does not cover it.
  9. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    10 week wait for a paassport?  Thats nothing - my wife has to wait 8 weeks to be able to visit our local so-called Bürgerburo in order to APPLY for a passport!   Whilst everything else has opened up the Rathaus folks have a great instrument to keep the plebs at bay (& the plebs accept this!).
  10.   Its "horrible" when driving in a Baustelle with an 60 or 80 kph limit & you have a truck trying to climb inside your Kofferaum / boot / <whatever the US call it>.
  11. Back on topic please.  Take yer fußball elsewhere...
  12. Decent gliding weather yesterday for the first day of our "Frühjahrsfliegen". Light Westerly winds, dry & cumulus clouds.  A few of us went on short cross-country flights (I did a 153 km triangluar task within Schleswig-Holstein) whilst the trainees made progress under the eyes of two instructors.   Freezing level was about 1000m.