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  1.   Call HMRC and ask them.  I paid annually by cheque drawn on my UK bank (HMRC told me exactly what to write on the back).
  2. Coronavirus

      If they did they would likely be pilloried by exactly the same people who are complaining now.
  3.   The analogy seems to be good: there is plenty of torgue (blah blah) but once it gets going...
  4. Brexit, New residence permits

      It is within Schleswig-Holstein - at least within our Kreis (they wrote just before Christmas stating this). The rest supposedly takes place automatically.   However, 2 years ago (2019) I had submitted the Application for a Residence Permit...
  5. Old criminal matter

      How & when did you re-enter? If you re-entered via a German airport I would have presumed that the immigration officials scanned your passport?
  6.   Obviously our kids got some exposure in school but they (now young adults) continualy thank us for not registering them as "being in the church" or being put through "Konfirmation".
  7. computer printer - which to buy?

      Thats true.  Remember that if the printer comes with ink included thats only a minimal amount of ink! IIRC with my last printer the included ink tanks were described as "for testing purposes" or similar.   FWIW I have a HP ENVY 5032 printer/scanner since 2 years & its OK. Connected to my desktop PC via USB (cable not supplied but luckily cable from previous printer fitted). It also has WiFi activated for the various laptops around the house. I have not worked out how to print envelopes!
  8. Coronavirus

    Which won't help much if returning tourists have to go into quaranteen in their home country.
  9. I think many of us have experienced that sort  - gets the best-looking birds and...  
  10. Brexit, New residence permits

    In Schleswig-Holstein (at least my area) I got a letter saying I did not need to do anything as My Name vos also on ze Liste & they would contact me to collect card and pay x Euros.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Probably - as they are harvested by a machine called a "Pea Viner".  Not a lot of people know that (I didn't). https://peas.org/the-harvesting-process/   There is even the Great British Pea Week media event held near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.   Going for a Pea...
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      However the BBC has a long history of leaning to the left side of the spectrum.