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  1. I've just posted a silly photo

    Yoda after a facelift.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I liked the slogan (as reported in German media)  "Fromage statt Farage".
  3.   Come on - filling out the form one day after receiving it is well within the timespan "Brexit plus 3 months".   I'm beginning to suspect that they might send my permit without even seeing me. I'd been sort of looking forward to visiting the office in Elmshorn (its in the building previously occupied by Talkline - I've been in there many a time installing/maintaining large computer systems in my previous life).   
  4. Schleswig-Holstein has now woken up.  I got a letter yesterday from the local Ausländerbehörde (in Elmshorn) in German and a sheet of general information in English together with an Application form for a Residence Permit.  Just been having fun filling it out.  
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    What they don't do is follow further the route "General Election".  Because IMHO that won't solve a thing.  Corbyn's pie-in-the-sky better deal is not realsitic.
  6. The "North" covers a lot of areas & so does "South".   The "South accent" was certainly more understandable to me (I'd also claim I don't have a strong accent - that statement is backed up by others). My ex-colleague Mike had a much stronger accent than the "North" guy.
  7. What made you laugh today?

      A previously seen translation of "Chicken Rude and Unreasonable" was "Jerk Chicken".
  8. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Generally they accuse you of uploading the movie.  Even if in 22 seconds not much could have happened.  But spy software got you & your provider handed over your data.
  9. Must be from the North side of Manchester (Olham etc.)? I grew up on the South side (just inside Cheshire, went to senior school in Stockport). My father was a member of staff at Manchester University for many years until his retirement.  Actually he came from Oldham but the strong accent had gone.   The global IT manufacturer for whom I last worked had its North-West UK office in Sale (I was often there to help out with training). One guy in that office - Mike - had a very strong Northen Maanchester accent.  I had to concentrate to understand him. Several times Mike (an expert in certain tech matters) was invited to attend a meeting/workshop in our Dusseldorf office - my German colleagues used to ask me to come along as well in order to "translate" Mike into clearer English so that they could understand...
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Because (to mis-quote something similar) No Deal means No Deal!
  11. Please let us know the outcome (if only in general terms) for the benefit of others (I personally don't need to know the results as happily married for 30 years so far...)
  12. Amazon account created using my name/address

      This being the relevant item in the account settings (outlined in RED)?  
  13.   I would second that.   Man: she has swapped horses (or rather stallions).  Try to negociate your exit with as least possible damage to yourself.  I think others have mentioned thare are some faithful ladies out there.  You should not throw away the rest of your life as a martyr.   I presume you are currently in Germany?
  14. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

      There are 2 TTers who have supplied me with valuable personal expert advice via PMs & long may they continue to do so.
  15. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      I also use cruise control just about all the time.  It enables me monitor other things involved with driving (eg good lookout) instead of having to concentrate on keeping to a speed limit. The cruise control that I had on the VW diesels (Passat, Golf Plus, Touran) as company cars was very good.  The one on my Toyota Verso isn't so responsive but it does its job.   But haven't we gone off the subject?