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  1. Thanks everyone for your time and feedback. You have shown me various ways to look towards resolving my situation. Greatly appreciated :). 
  2.   Agreed, At the age of 2, his doctor advised us not to speak German language with him for the same reason "not to pick up incorrect German grammar from parents". We continued our mother tongue at home. somehow he learnt german language through his friends, Kita and school. Our contribution is 0 towards improving his language.
  3.   I had this in my mind..but somehow this corona situation shook me a bit when they blocked the borders. I am afraid this may happen in the next months. This situation added more fuel to my plan. 
  4. I believe Childrens at younger age are more flexible and pick up languages quite faster. Now in 3rd class, English is another one. Zurich schools claims the studies are in Hochdeutsch at school but yes they & kids speak Schwitzer Dütsch. So i see the same situation as you explained between Aachen and Niederbayern. 
  5. Hi - Need some guidance on my situation. My son is a bilingual kid (mother tongue is not german), did his Kita and doing good in Grundschule  (1/maths, 1.5/deutsch from Baden-Würt state). I am planning to take my family to Zurich for 2 years (work related move) and then move back to any city near CH-DE border area in 2022. He would study in a public school in zurich. I am not sure how good his chances could be to join in Gymnasium in 2022. Is it a good idea to disturb his education with this plan. My wife thinks its not good for our child to introduce him to Zurich german language as he is still learning german language in his grundschule. any thoughts, advises and recommendations on my plan?