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  1. Uk Passport Validity

    **UPDATE** I eventually got in touch with the German Embassy to ask their advice and got a really quick reply basically saying there are no such passport validity extensions required in Germany. If the passport is valid for the duration of the stay then there isnt any issue:          "für die Einreise und Aufenthalt in Deutschland gibt es keine minimale Gültigkeit des Reisepasses. "   So all good to go. One again goes to show you can't believe everything you find on the net as all the searching I did indicated you needed 3 months past planned stay such as  Do you need a visa and passport for Germany (   S
  2. Uk Passport Validity

    We dont have a residency card but do have the paper document. Many thanks for the advice; I think we will risk it and use that as the "main" travel document.
  3. Uk Passport Validity

    @Dembo Travelling by plane I am afraid.   From what I have managed to "google" the 3 month validity seems to only apply if crossing the Schengen zone. Going to give the airline a call to see what they say. She has residency permit in Spain so we are all OK on that front. Its just that her passport is the only travel document she has. 
  4. Uk Passport Validity

    Hi, Our daughter has just been invited to visit Germany at the end of the month but her UK passport runs out at the end of July. We are based in Spain so she won’t go through any non run border checks. As she is already in Europe can she travel on this passport without the three month validity rule applying? Obv it’s too late to apply for new passport now.   Appreciate any advice.   Steve