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  1. Cheap fabric store for sewing projects

    above information's website,that  the people teach sewing course in munch. Well I am thinking self-learning,     I had little learning experience in London, such as  Saint Martins Pattern cutting  summer school course.    Now I want to lean more and make clothes now , such as children's trousers. Lots of your tube video I watched.    Are anybod have good  idea for self learning?       I practice with sewing machine every day at home. 
  2. Cheap fabric store for sewing projects

    I found below information  from searching internet                                                                         Where to buy fabric in Munich?     When someone crazy about sewing arrives in a city always wants to know where to buy fabrics, buttons, thread, wool … and everything they might need for sewing. It was my case when I moved to Munich, after three years here, I have visited some nice stores and I would like to share with you this info. I suggest you to verify the opening days and hours before visiting any of them. If you know any other that it has not been mentioned here, please share with us. Seasonal – Stoffmarkt Holland Kiosks featuring anything and everything from 2 EUR/m to 50+ EUR/m. Notions, buttons, yarn, zippers, sewing patterns, – women’s and children’s fabrics. Curtains, home textiles, decorative, quilt and patchwork fabrics. It comes twice a year, spring and autumn, look at the web page for the next appointment ORAG  They are specialized in everything related to sewing, here you can find among other things: fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers, ribbons, laces, ton of notions, etc.etc … Oberanger 9, 80331 München Karstadt (Hbf) Some sewing machines, lots of random fabric, patterns, tracing wax paper, notions, scissors, buttons, wool tools and accessories. They also have a small selection of fabrics for Bavarian traditional clothes. Bahnhofplatz 7, 80335 München Telefon: (089) 5 51 20 Oberpollinger Lots of random fabric, high quality fabrics, notions, scissors, buttons, wool tools and accessories. Neuhauser Straße 18, 80331 München Telefon: 089 290230 Ludwig Beck: GEKNÖPFT & ZUGENÄHT Yarn, notions, bag handles, some zippers, buttons, excellent for ribbon & embroidery floss, wool, knitting needles, magazines, etc. Burgstraße 7, 80331 München Trachten-Pöllmann GmbH This is a very nice and traditional store, they make tailored made Dirndls, also have a nice selection of fabrics for traditional Bavarian clothes. Cotton fabrics, silk, lining, half silk, damassé, velvets, wool fabrics Haberdashery (Laces, border, ribbon & sewing accessories, buttons) An der Würm 28, 81247 München Tel: 089-811 53 55 Radspieler Mainly home textiles and decorative fabrics of a very high quality, they also have a small selection of fabrics for Bavarian traditional clothes. Hackenstrasse 7, 80331 München Nähzentrum München Sew machines, Pfaff and Bernina, overlock machine, some fabric (quilting cotton), notions, thread und accessories. Maintenance and repair of sewing machines Färbergraben 4 , 80331 München DoNaCo Stoff-Paradies a fair selection of fabrics some of them at good prices. The store is at the corner of Schwanthalerstr. with Hermann-Lingg-Str. Schwanthalerstr. 93, 80336 München Hermann-Lingg-Straße 16, 80336 München Nähzentrum Rosenberger Used and new sew machines, overlock machine, thread, seam tape, some zippers. Maintenance and repair of sewing machines Theresienstraße 124, 80333 München Nähmaschinenzentrum München Sewing & Embroidery Machines, Overlock, Fabric, sewing cabinet, Yarn / fabric, zippers, notions, Sewing boxes, wool, Accessories / Spare Parts Feldbergstrasse 6, 81825 München – Trudering Telefon: 089/ 63 77 444 oder 089/ 63 79 9808 Coccolino Fabrics, threads, buttons, laces, notions, etc. Schwanthalerstraße 168, 80339 München Telefon: (089) 37 96 25 05 Quilt et Textilkuns  Cotton fabric (quilting-weight), also batting, notions, kits, dye Sebastiansplatz 4, 80331 München Stoff Atelier München Fabrics for curtains and furnishing, they also offer a curtain making services. Tegernseer Landstraße 23, 81541 München Stoffboutique Lots of variety, cottons are really high-quality, somewhat cluttered, lots of notions, batting, interfacing, etc. Tegernseer Landstr. 11, 81541 München Telefon: (089) 6928324 Der Kleine Schneiderladen Fabric store, sewing lessons, some notions. Pariser Straße 1, 81669 München La Maison Francaise Stoffe Home-decor, upholstery fabric Sebastiansplatz 10, 80331 München Tel.: 0049 (0)89 2604242 Les Tissus Colbert a French shop in München Home textiles and decorative fabrics Blumenstraße 21 . 80331 München Stoff & Co Fabric, patterns, ribbon, sewing courses Augustenstrasse 76, 80333 in München Tracht und Heimat Dirndl fabric Oberanger 9, 80331 München Tel +49 89 2604321 Tante Berta Fabrics Lindwurmstraße 195, 80337 München Naehmaschinen Mehringer Sewing machine, repair and maintenance. Yarn, scissors, zippers and fabrics Sudetenlandstr.32, 85221 Dachau Lapika Fabric and sewing courses Edisonstraße 11, 85716 Unterschleißheim (aprox. 20 km from Obermenzing) Stoffe Egert All type of fabrics and a great selection of Dirndl fabrics, notions, garn, etc. Augsburger Straße 1, 82258 Fürstenfeldbruck (25 km from Obermenzing) Uschi Disl Trachtenstoffe Dirndl fabrics Großeglsee 9, 83623 Dietramszell (aprox. 50 km from Obermenzing) Berwin & Wolff Dirndl fabrics Anzinger Str. 8, 85560 Ebersberg (56 km from Obermenzing) Telefon 08092/82430 Hofladl-Öttl Dirndl fabrics Berg 5, 83556 Griesstätt (80 km from Obermenzing) Stoff-Reich Dirndl fabrics Ludwigsplatz 25, 83022 Rosenheim (aprox. 100 km from Obermenzing) Chiemgauer Heimatwerk  Dirndl Fabric, traditional Bavarian clothes sewing course Mitterweg 6, 83233 Bernau am Chiemsee (120 km from Obermenzing) Höfer Dirndl fabrics Goethestr. 15, D – 83209 Prien (125 km from Obermenzing) Segmuller and Ikea  Both have an interesting selection of home textiles and decorative fabrics
  3. As of 2007, Snapfish claimed to have 40 million members and to host 1 billion digital pictures. In August 2013, Snapfish announced on their local websites (and through a mailing to members) that they were shutting down the service in Belgium, India, the Netherlands and Spain.[7] They advised existing users to use Pixum and Photojaanic as a replacement service.
  4. very good thread 
  5. Most of gymnasiums has a project , help kids whose parents are foreigner, Grundschule has too.    Parents  can also pay extra fee for private lessons in order to speed up the children's language skill.  Some erman family also pay fee for children's good notes  
  6. Good Gymnasium schools in Munich

     Feodor-Lynen gymnasium  has 19 boys and 11 girls in the class,  The location is good, most staff of hospital live in this area     
  7. My two children are both in Munich  gymnasium, lots of stress every day  I know one child in the same school, her mother is my friend, they pay online course  to help to get good test notes.  Expect German, English, at the moment my child is learning latin,   next step  is learning  French and Spanish.  We  help latin, German learning  with kids at home too.  Grundschule we had stress, gymnasium's pressure is much bigger and more
  8. Good Gymnasium schools in Munich

        Erasmus-Grasser-Gymnasium's  5 grade  this new school year has. 6 classes , some  classmates of my son choose this school, but my too boys  I chose ludwigsgymnasium for them,  because  it is no.2 oldest school and with good Abitur result. affording to history.    However, living in the uk before, has little experience about German school,   now  I wonder if I choose right school for two boys, they are very good at  maths,  but not good at latin.  the first latin  test result was. 5 terrible..   It seems that It is not possible to change to  Erasmus-Grasser-Gymnasium.   Erasmus-Grasser-Gymnasium  has huge amounts of children and classes.      My  neighbour , also my song's good friend. is in Feodor-Lynen gymnasium,  a better area than Ludwig's location.  but this school is quite new school , found in 1977 and also 6 class they started French already. my son this year start  latin and  next year is French.  different type schools   Das Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasium ist ein naturwissenschaftlich-technologisches und wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Gymnasium Das Ludwigsgymnasium München ist ein humanistisches und neusprachliches Gymnasium   Ludwig's  has  23 girls  and 7 boys in the class and. fedora. liner is completely  opposite, has more boys and little girls.    My boys like to play with boys.      God, it looks like I did make a worse. choose for their future.   btw, my son ' s finger is badly squeezed. between the heavy door. by his closed friend. in the Ludwig's. cause of the schools'.wrong rules.