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  1. By the way,  recently  I managed to  watch British tv program.   The service I used is ok, not bad.
  2. Hello, nice to know  new friends ! 10 years ago  relocated to Munch from UK,  our family  has been living füssen for 1 year. Although  hope moving back to uk, but so far the family is still in germany.   Hope to meet english family in Füssen and south bavaria area.   Background: a british-Chinese /German family, two boys in gymnasium grade 8 and 9.    
  3. English speakers around Pfronten/Fussen

    It seems Füssen is a good place to meet people. we  had lived in munich for  10 years,   just 1 year ago, our family moved to Füssen.   Nice to know new people. 
  4. Hello, nice to know you Last year we moved to Füssen from munich.    My husband was born in Kaufbeuren,