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  1.   Recent petition addressed to the UK justice minister Review the conviction of Rolf Harris, it is a miscarriage of justice   Facebook page arguing that there was no evidence for the claims Support Rolf Harris
  2. Thanks for the link. I'd heard about that documentary but don't have Netflix.
  3. A book has just come out about the Rolf Harris case: "Rolf Harris: The defence team’s special investigator reveals the truth behind the trials" by William Merritt. The author is the private detective, a former police detective from New Zealand, who worked for the defence in Rolf Harris's second and third trials (acquitted/undecided jury) and appeal (one count overturned). First trial (convicted on all counts) involved a different defence team and William Merritt was not involved.   Amazon UK (includes Look Inside option and one review) Amazon DE (includes Blick ins Buch option)   2017 interview with William Merritt  
  4. Only in America

    Jim Carrey and Jane Seymour talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock: Jim Carrey Was Sickened by Will Smith Oscar Moment
  5. The War in Ukraine

    On the BBC World News channel earlier this afternoon they were showing a pro-Kremlin TV discussion show where one of the poodles was yapping very heatedly about the prospect of Russia nuking targets in Europe and destroying Warsaw. (Doesn't seem to be on the BBC website.) Someone from BBC Monitoring was interviewed for his views and said it was pro-Kremlin people toeing the Kremlin line and trying to ensure that the public were on side for the war.
  6. Mobbing by employers in Germany

    Sorry to hear of your wife's situation, Rushrush. Hope you can find a satisfactory resolution.   Isolation and deprivation of work were identified as aspects of bullying by the late Tim Field, author of Bully In Sight (which I can highly recommend).     Home pages for that site:   https://www.timfieldfoundation.org.uk/old/ https://www.timfieldfoundation.org.uk/index.php
  7. The War in Ukraine

    Putin's court poodles have sentenced Alexey Navalny to another nine years in a maximum security prison for fraud. Going by what seems to be Kremlin's habit of accusing their opponents of things they do themselves, this presumably makes Putin and Co fraudsters. But how else could a former KGB officer amass such wealth?   Jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny found guilty of fraud and sentenced to another nine years in prison   (Jan 2021) Navalny makes allegations of Putin wealth ahead of protests     * Navalny's video in English: Putin's palace. The story of the world's biggest bribe.   Short DW News video about the Navalny video: Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin's Palace’   Vladimir Putin owns £500m superyacht moored in Italy, Alexei Navalny allies claim
  8. The War in Ukraine

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a 10-minute video (embedded in this article) speaking to the Russian people.   ‘To Putin I say you started this war you can stop it’: Arnold Schwarzenegger makes direct plea to Russian President to end his ‘illegal war’ in Ukraine in impassioned video telling the Russian people not to believe the Kremlin’s propaganda: ‘It is a humanitarian catastrophe’
  9. The War in Ukraine

      I see that the article is by John Simpson. He has been on the BBC News channel recently, reporting from the ground right at the start of all this, and fronting a programme called Unspun World. I was wondering how old he is, and Wikipedia says 77! Still going strong as the "BBC's world affairs editor". I have a few of his books about his time as a foreign correspondent and found them a great read.
  10. The War in Ukraine

    Check out this video message from the new mayor of Melitopol speaking about a "new reality" and "living in a new way".   Ukraine war: 'Russia-installed' Melitopol mayor says city must adapt to new reality after predecessor's 'kidnapping'   * Moment mayor of Melitopol kidnapped by Russian forces, Ukraine accuses Russian forces of abducting Melitopol mayor   @yourkeau can you tell from her accent if she's Ukrainian? I suppose if she's a former member of the city council, she's likely to be.
  11. The War in Ukraine

      From "Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China" by Paul Theroux:   "A Hong Kong student at Canton University told me, 'The government has denied that there is any problem.' 'Then there must be a problem,' I said. 'Never believe anything in China until it has been officially denied'.   "... in China, as a general rule, you could regard nothing as true until it had been denied. Anything officially denied was probably a fact."
  12. The War in Ukraine

      "The BBC has spoken to a serving mercenary and a former fighter with close links to one of Russia's leading mercenary organisations, who have shared details of the recruitment campaign."   Interesting that they're speaking to the BBC. Wonder what this says about their loyalty to the Kremlin.
  13. The War in Ukraine

    That would surely depend on Putin having a sense of fair play ("we did it to them in Vietnam, so it's only fair that they be allowed to do it to us now"), which he seems to have amply demonstrated, most recently in Ukraine, that he does not have. Plus he has effectively threatened to nuke any country that interferes.
  14. The War in Ukraine

    I can't believe that the UK authorities are expecting refugees to have internet access. That assumes that they have (1) a smartphone, (2) a smartphone that's charged, (3) a smartphone that works outside their home country that's now a war zone. Who is the "do it online" advice supposed to help? Refugees or the British authorities?   UK visa office in Brussels 'overwhelmed' ("refugees must first apply online before coming to the [visa] center") UK to ease entry requirements for Ukrainian refugees, says Priti Patel ("Change means people with passports can apply for entry online and do not have to give biometric details until they are in UK")
  15. The War in Ukraine

    "Donald Trump would be 57 feet below ground hiding, and Zelensky has been out there fighting for his country." (Stephanie Grisham)   Trump ‘admired’ Putin’s ability to ‘kill whoever’, says Stephanie Grisham   * in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHU5xLdaCTM
  16. The War in Ukraine

    War brought Vladimir Putin to power in 1999. Now, it must bring him down     Browder's "prison yard" reference ties in with something Julia Ioffe (Twitter) said when being interviewed on Outside Source on the BBC last night. She said that Lavrov had recently made a joke about male prison rape at Macron's expense.
  17. The War in Ukraine

    Someone has posted a link to a story from Pravda on English Forum Switzerland. It doesn't exactly make reassuring reading.   "Nato uses Ukraine as Trojan horse to strike nuclear blow on Russia" https://www.englishforum.ch/3395635-post3660.html (I tried to post an embedded link straight to the article here but the reply won't go through.)   Possible translation: "Nobody loves Russia. Everybody hates Russia. Russia is going out into the garden to eat worms (and maybe fire off a nuclear missile)".   This whole thing is so childish, like tots tantrumming in the sandpit but with lethal force, devastating effects on people's lives and terrifying weapons. Putin needs to be put across someone's knee (and maybe given a Novichokolate bedtime drink).  
  18. The Grand ‘ol Dog thread

    Aw, what a cute tiddler Molly is! Great idea for a thread!   I don't have a dog, but sometimes dip into the Hope for Paws YouTube channel to see scared, dirty, lonely dogs (and some cats) being rescued from the streets and turned into happy, clean, waggy-tailed dogs.
  19. The War in Ukraine

    A former Ukrainian finance minister, Natalie Jaresko, who's apparently American-born (she sounds American), was interviewed on CNN or BBC last night (can't remember which), speaking from Puerto Rico, saying that sanctions don't go far enough and that all Russian banks should be sanctioned. She would like to see the energy companies included too.    
  20. The War in Ukraine

      It's good that Lebedev is doing that. Not sure how much effect the reference to the six-year-old (she died according to The Independent ‘Show this to Putin’: Six-year-old Ukrainian girl killed in Russian shelling as doctor make angry plea)) will have, however. When Medvedev was interviewed by Christina Amanpour about the war in Syria, she handed him a photo of an emaciated child and he took the photo, looked at it then handed it back looking as inscrutable as ever.
  21. The War in Ukraine

      There was a documentary about Putin on TV last week (predating the current situation) and it told of how he had an anecdote about cornering a rat in the place he had lived as a child and learning from its behaviour that if there is to be a fight one should always strike first.
  22. The War in Ukraine

      That's interesting. Apparently there were health rumours in 2020, published by The Sun (Putin is battling CANCER as well as Parkinson’s and had emergency surgery in February, source claims). Denied by the Kremlin (UK media report that Putin is ill and poised to quit is nonsense, says Kremlin), so maybe true? But he wouldn't always be behind a desk so would have trouble concealing symptoms otherwise. Maybe the big desk is to help him look bigger and more important.   This is quite amusing. What these three pictures tell us about Putin and power