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  1. President-Elect Joe Biden

      Thanks a lot. I've been watching CNN International practically every day for years and wouldn't be doing so if I wasn't interested in the truth but have formed the impression that they're not always neutral, whereas I think the BBC is. That "spawn" comment isn't the kind of thing you'd hear from a BBC journalist. 
  2. President-Elect Joe Biden

    Have been wondering how CNN International, which has made no attempt to conceal its disapproval of Trump and his administration (e.g. noticed Jake Tapper a couple of months ago referring to Trump's children as Trump's "spawn") and seems to have been favouring commentators affiliated with or sympathetic to the Democrats over the last few years (e.g. whenever they interview a Congressman or Congresswoman they usually seem to be Democrats), will report on the Biden administration, whether they'll continue to be sympathetic or become more neutral, or even critical. Yesterday they were asking whether Biden's promise of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days was realistic, which surprised me a little.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    After I posted about John Lewis stopping international deliveries and attributing it to Brexit, it seems they've said that their decision is not related to Brexit.   BBC: John Lewis among UK firms scrapping overseas deliveries     Not sure whether to believe them or not, especially if other firms have done the same because of Brexit.   But perhaps they're drawing in their horns because their business has been suffering like other high street shops. Have since discovered that a longstanding UK brand, apparently established in 1884, I used to buy from John Lewis recently went into administration and has now been bought by Marks & Spencer: Jaeger. Here's hoping Jaeger's quality/design doesn't suffer and come down to M&S's level, as I don't think M&S clothing is comparable quality- or design-wise, seeming to have deteriorated over the years. Holds nose in air...   The Guardian: Marks & Spencer buys Jaeger fashion brand from administrators   "Welcome to the M&S family, Jaeger! We’re pleased to announce that Marks & Spencer has acquired the Jaeger brand and we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all Jaeger customers. The Jaeger you know and love will soon be available to buy at marksandspencer.com." https://www.jaeger.co.uk/
  4. A British-style curry for the homesick

    @jeremytwo Any more tips about curries? Have you perfected a recipe? Do you have any views on whether the sauce should be adapted depending on whether one is currying chicken, lamb, beef, veg, etc.? I clicked on the link to your blog, but it says the authors have deleted it.
  5. What made you smile today?

    Meet 'AnonyMouse': The artists collective installing miniature stores into the streets of Sweden
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    Here's a series of short documentaries with former Trump supporters describing how they became disillusioned. Series is called "The Game is Trump: Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories".   http://americandignitypac.com/documentary/   The first video features Christian evangelicals, the second a Republican candidate, the third a farmer. More videos further down the page. Found via the Twitter account of Steven Hassan, PhD (he appears briefly in the first video and in a later one), who is apparently a former Moonie turned expert on cults. Described in a bio on the website of Cambridge College as "one of the foremost authorities on cults and mind control. He has been involved in educating the public about mind control, brainwashing and destructive cults since 1976." He has apparently written several books, including one called The Cult of Trump, and says on Twitter in a pinned tweet promoting it "Under the right circumstances, even sane, rational, well-adjusted people can be persuaded to believe the most outrageous ideas and leader."   There are several interviews/talks featuring him on YouTube, including an hour-long one called "Steven Hassan: The Cult of Trump - 11/10/19", posted by the New York Society for Ethical Culture, and this short one with Katie Couric posted by her a day ago: "Former Cult Follower Describes How President Trump Has Created a Cult Following".    
  7. US Presidential Election Fallout

    "Vengeance is mine", sayeth the ex wife. Must have been so satisfying.   "The former wife of retired Lt. Col Larry Rendall Brock Jr., 53, called the FBI's National Threat Operations Center on Friday to report that she'd recognized her ex, who was pictured carrying plastic handcuffs and wearing full military gear, from the footage." (Daily Mail)   "Brock Jr., 53, (left, and pictured with his current wife Katya, right) was turned in by his ex-wife who called the FBI" 
  8. US Presidential Election Fallout

      That and other fallout for the Trump Organization will surely hit the Trump offspring too. I've been wondering whether the Trump to beware of in politics in future will be Ivanka, who seems comparatively quiet and therefore possibly a more serious or at least more calculating contender than her brothers. Have found these:   Vanity Fair: Ivanka Trump Apparently Thinks She’s Going to Ride This Insurrection Out and Be President One Day The Cut: Will We Ever Be Rid of Her? Daily Mirror: Ivanka Trump plans to attend Joe Biden's inauguration 'to save political career'  
  9. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Sorry to hear this. I hope you can get a second opinion. Your situation sounds to be a more serious problem but several years ago a relative of mine, who was having trouble seeing because of cataracts, was told by an older consultant at one hospital that he'd leave her cataracts until they got worse and by another younger consultant at another hospital that he'd operate straight away, which he did, with positive results.
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Thanks for those. Very informative. Here's hoping the forces of law and order get their act together by the time of the inauguration and probably before/after.
  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Is there any information from a reliable source out there on how many rioters actually entered the building? Police seem to be being criticised for just letting rioters through, but if the alternative was being seriously injured or killed, it seems understandable that some may have decided to give way if they could see that they'd be overwhelmed.  There seems to be footage available of police officers not wearing riot gear giving way and of a police officer in riot gear being crushed in a doorway. Maybe even those in riot gear weren't expected to push back until they were injured or killed.
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

    This is something else... see the woman rioter interviewed at 7:00:     Related Daily Mail article   I feel kind of sorry for her. Clearly not the sharpest pebble on the beach. But I suppose even the incredibly dim will have contributed to this. Or were they the majority?   YouGov: Most voters say the events at the US Capitol are a threat to democracy   "many Republicans (45%) actively support the actions of those at the Capitol, although as many expressed their opposition (43%)"
  13. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Thanks, Metall. That's what I was wondering too, and it's in fact what the Daily Mail (below) is saying. It seems that Trump's sons and Don Jr's girlfriend were using words like "fight" and "fighting", including when speaking to the crowd. It's sickening. Also the fact that his family should have any input at all in running the country, as if under an old royal system, let alone in inciting violence. I hope they're brought to book and I hope American politics can recover.   Dancing on edge: Don Jr. shares behind-the-scenes look at Trump getting hyped up before his rally speech as his giddy girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle rocks out to Laura Branigan's Gloria - hours before crowd marched on Capitol   Just noticed this about the rioter in combat gear carrying the zip ties. Another former member of the armed forces, like the woman rioter shot dead.   Retired Lieutenant Colonel is identified as the MAGA rioter carrying zip ties who appeared to exit Nancy Pelosi's vandalized office - as his family say he became obsessed with Trump and believes in taking over the country   It seems that he'd been "following 'the alternative-news-source world'". Sounds as if it had driven him crazy as he must surely have had to be pretty stable mentally to reach the ranks of lieutenant colonel. How many more of those rioters had the sense driven out of them by reading/watching online rubbish? No-one rioting and taking selflies then posting them online can be thinking straight for a start.
  14. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Is it certain that this was from just before the riot or before Trump spoke to the rioters? Surely the main news channels would be covering it if so.
  15. Coronavirus

    Worrying news from London.   Covid-19: 'Major incident' declared by London Mayor Sadiq Khan