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  1. Coutts, one of the three banks named so far as cutting off their EU-resident British customers, is apparently part of the NatWest Group, along with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, Adam & Company, Child & Co., Drummonds, Holt’s Military Banking, Isle of Man Bank, Lombard, RBS International and NatWest Markets.   https://www.natwestgroup.com/our-brands.html   Two different interpretations of the situation with NatWest from the Guardian and Independent:   "Other banks have yet to decide on future arrangements. Santander and NatWest said they were keeping the situation under review and currently had no plans to withdraw retail or corporate accounts." https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/sep/21/britons-eu-uk-bank-accounts-closed-lloyds-barclays-brexit   "Other UK-based banks, including Santander and NatWest, have yet to decide on whether they will continue offering their services to British EU residents." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/brexit-banks-expats-lloyds-barclays-coutts-britain-eu-b529833.html
  2.   Those results look uncomfortably close, especially if some of the "not sures" are people who intend to vote for Trump but are too shy to say and if any of those telling pollsters they'll vote for Biden will do something else when they actually vote.   I have a bad feeling that Trump is going to win. He gives the impression of having more energy than Biden, who seems feeble from what I've seen of him speaking so far. Even when he feels passionate about something, it doesn't come across as strongly as I suspect it would have when he was younger. It will be interesting to see the debate. Here's hoping Biden can outdo Trump in that and I hope I'm wrong about the election result.
  3. Conspiracy theorists

    QAnon is now infiltrating German democracy according to this:   Germany Is Losing the Fight Against QAnon "The German government beat back the coronavirus pandemic—but has largely given up against conspiracy theories"   QAnon follower asserts Trump is 'an angel' "Thousands of people protested against Germany's coronavirus lockdown measures in Berlin and, among them, were QAnon supporters with outspoken praise for President Trump."   I'd have thought the German authorities would have been tougher, as they appear to have been on Scientology (Wikipedia: Scientology in Germany).
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      I agree with you on the first point but the second left me open mouthed. Are you seriously suggesting that people go into teaching because they're paedophiles?! Both my parents were teachers, including when corporal punishment was in force, and two good friends from university are teachers. Should I now be questioning their motives?!     
  5. Jimmy Savile has died

      I agree that it's dreadful. A false accuser effectively hiding behind genuine victims and holding them hostage: "believe me, or they get it". But I don't think it's unbelievable or that he's necessarily unusual. I believe it happened in the Rolf Harris case, for example, and that the much publicised Savile allegations/compensation claims launched in 2012 served as a blueprint for chancers and frauds: in exchange for a plausible story that one can draw from one's imagination and/or inspiration online (which I'm positive at least one of Rolf Harris's accusers did, the signs of which, i.e. copycatting of numerous points of another person's well-publicised story available on YouTube of alleged abuse by Jimmy Savile, first made me suspicious about the case) one can gain a sympathetic ear, anonymity for life and possibly tens of thousands of pounds in compensation. Indeed even the Harris accuser (a different one from the aforementioned one) whose claims of molestation in an autograph queue when she was 7 or 8 were proved on appeal to be a pack of lies - she hadn't even met him - backed up by a male fantasist, Rolf Harris's conviction in relation to which was overturned, was reported to have bagged 22,000 pounds.   Ordinary people have also been falsely accused and jailed or had their lives cut short, e.g.: We are surviving victims of a false accuser and wrongful conviction. Our family is in trauma. Wrongly jailed ex-fire chief slams ‘diabolical’ compensation delay* + ‘Stress of my wrongful conviction killed my wife’ Simon Warr: BBC broadcaster and former teacher dies aged 65  (blog, Twitter, book, last interview)   [* Article says David Bryant received a note from his false accuser Danny Day warning him he'd go to police/newspapers and that Bryant would "pay" on 20 October 2012. The ITV programme "The other side of Jimmy Savile" that aired the first allegations about Jimmy Savile was broadcast on 3 October 2012. So I think it's highly likely Day was inspired by the Savile allegations and associated media furore.]  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    I wonder if some sneaky Remainers at the Home Office had a hand in that video, knowing what it would remind people of.
  7. Jimmy Savile has died

    Further to the preceding post, the BBC recently broadcast a documentary on Carl Beech:   The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech review – the paedophile ring that wasn't BBC Broadcasts Carl Beech Documentary   A couple of comments that I think are worth a read:     * Anna Raccoon and the dawn of Savilisation
  8. What made you smile today?

    Anyone else do this too?    
  9. How annoying and worrying too for your peace of mind. If someone's prepared to do that it might not be the first time they've targeted a neighbour's property. It could just be a new thing to vandalise and not directed at you in particular. Coca cola might be something a child or teenager would drink, though clearly wouldn't rule out an adult. It might well be worth reporting it to the Hausmeister and/or the police even if just for form's sake. Then see what happens, whether they have any advice or can take any steps.
  10. Is Putin behind these attacks?

    Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader 'poisoned'     Poisoning of this kind (if that's what it is) must surely have a purpose other than to disable or kill. Otherwise surely accidents could be arranged. But with Litvinenko and Salisbury and perhaps this too it looks as if there must be an intention to send a message, and not just to the person targeted.  
  11.   That's a good point, but I'd be surprised if the same expectation would be there for Scottish, Swedish, Jewish, German, etc. Americans to identify themselves in that way that I presume exists with people who look as if they might have African ancestry to be labelled by others or call themselves African American. I doubt that most people would be able to identify a Scottish, Swedish, Jewish, German, etc. American just by the way they look and therefore expect them to identify in that way.    If someone has four grandparents, three of whom can trace their ancestry as being solely of European origin right back to the first European settlers in the USA and one grandparent who can trace their ancestry as being solely of African origin right back to the first slaves transported from Africa, and that person looks as if they have African blood, how would they be labelled or expected to identify as? Would they get away with saying they didn't consider themselves African American? If they have a sibling who looks European, would that sibling get away with saying they considered themselves African American or would they be laughed at and criticised?   It seems to me that "African American" is not just a name that someone can apply to themselves as freely as Scottish, etc. American because they take pride in their heritage but also a label applied to them by others in order to pigeon-hole them racially on account of their appearance.
  12. Ouch! That hurt!

    Ouch, that sounds nasty. I'd see a doctor to be on the safe side. That's what they're there for.   Some NHS info: Nail bed injuries Nail bed injuries leaflet Subungual haematoma ("If the haematoma involves more than 50% of the area of the nail or the pain is severe, then medical attention is needed.")
  13.   I have often wondered to what extent someone calling themselves "African American", "Asian American", "Hispanic/Latino American", etc. (all of which appear to be labels applied to anyone perceived to be "non-standard", i.e. non-white -- whites seeming to enjoy the freedom to simply identify as "American") is a free personal choice. Surely society's perceptions/expectations would play a role and how other people labelled that person and expected them to label themselves. Would someone with African blood that showed in their face (which seems to be the criterion for the labelling), even if their heritage was equally or largely European/Asian/Latino, etc. and they had as little cultural connection with Africa as most Americans of whatever hue, ever get away with not identifying as African American?  
  14. I'm puzzled as to why Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate. I thought she accused him of racism. But apparently she didn't. Just said she didn't think he was a racist, before criticising his stance on civil rights issues. Which seems to me to be an underhand way of accusing him of racism. From what I've seen of her, she often seems rather aggressive and it's not clear why she'd be considered a better choice than one of the other candidates.   Kamala Harris did not call Joe Biden a racist on the debate stage   Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden’s record on busing and working with segregationists in vicious exchange at Democratic debate     Trump is making hay:   Trump is 'surprised' that Biden chose 'nasty' Kamala Harris because she called him 'essentially racist' during 2019 primary fight - then claims first black female VP candidate is his 'number one pick' to face off against