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  1. President Donald J. Trump

      Lawyers?! Perhaps that explains what I'd been wondering about. I was amazed when it said on the news that they were standing in front of their home. How could they afford it, I wondered. It's huge!
  2. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    A woman who claims to be a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell has given an interview to Good Morning Britain.     Her Twitter account: https://twitter.com/laurasgoldman   But she's not a great person for Ghislaine Maxwell to have on her side, as she has a criminal record. FBI: Former Fugitive Pleads Guilty to Attempted Extortion How Did This Convicted Stalker From Philly Get White House Press Credentials?
  3. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      Why Alan Dershowitz Is Suing Netflix Over The Jeffrey Epstein Documentary  
  4. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    I've now watched the 40-minute ABC documentary "Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein" on YouTube and find the women in it more believable than Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who I suspect is exaggerating. The abuse they describe is criminal behaviour but not as serious as Roberts Giuffre's claims. They explain what led them to Epstein and it sounds reasonable: the opportunity to earn a couple of hundred dollars just to give a rich old guy a massage, possibly in one's underwear, according to the "popular girl" at school. Probably would ring warning bells in an adult, but in a young teenager, especially one from an impoverished background where money is short, maybe not. Ghislaine Maxwell wasn't really mentioned, other than by one woman, who said she'd refer to the young female visitors as "the nubiles". If true, I think that would make it difficult for her to claim she was unaware that Epstein had an interest in underage girls, even if she might claim she didn't know precisely what went on behind the door of the massage room, though such naivety would be difficult to believe in an adult, especially one closely involved with him. That claim might be more believable in an occasional visitor like Prince Andrew, who might not even have seen any "nubiles" or known they provided massages. Unlike Roberts Giuffre, none of the women claimed they'd given massages to or been abused by other men. So I think the documentary did nothing to make Roberts Giuffre's claims about having sex with Alan Dershowitz (he says he never met her) or being "forced" to do so with Prince Andrew seem more plausible. 
  5. England is lifting quarantine restrictions for people arriving from certain countries, including Germany, but the other parts of the UK haven't. Anyone have any idea where this leaves someone flying from Germany via London to a destination in Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland? Do they have to quarantine? Can't find info anywhere. It seems that you still do have to complete a form and have it ready for border control.  
  6. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    All decent people find child abuse abhorrent. They don't go online making up and spreading conspiracy theories about "VIPs" abusing kids (like the Carl Beech allegations - proved in court to be complete bunkum and spread by someone who was a paedophile himself) and dwelling on that subject under the guise of being concerned.
  7. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Thanks for the tip, @Tap. There seems to be a series of ABC videos on YouTube with that title. Are they the same as the podcast, or is that just audio?
  8. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    You posted a video of Mike Tarraga in the conspiracy theory thread and I replied with my impressions. I'd also say the last part of the comment I quoted ("pack of lying liars and sex fantasists. I'm sure a lot of them get their jollies describing all this sex stuff") would seem to apply to whoever wrote that quote from ggear.us.
  9. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    From that NBC report:     I have the impression that Virginia Roberts Giuffre is prone to exaggerate. So if she was the first person to come forward with allegations, on the basis of which other women are saying "me too", I'd wonder about the reliability of their claims, especially if compensation is being sought. Not that it's impossible that she had heard a genuine story from someone else and had just been the first person to come forward with a story based on that.   Lawyer Alan Derschowitz is accused by her too but denies even meeting her (source). He's interviewed in this recent Newsnight piece, along with Lisa Bloom, a lawyer for several claimants in the civil case against Epstein's estate (and daughter of fellow lawyer Gloria Allred, who's also representing Epstein accusers).     I'm a bit surprised at the FBI saying Ghislaine Maxwell had "slithered away to a gorgeous property to New Hampshire, continuing to life a life of privilege", in particular "slithered away". I'd have thought they'd have stuck to less emotive and more neutral language, given that she hasn't been convicted yet.
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    I knew that British historian David Starkey was politically conservative and a staunch supporter of Brexit, but his reactionary views apparently go even further than that. I suspect this will be the end of his appearances as a presenter of historical documentaries on the BBC and elsewhere.   David Starkey criticised over slavery comments     Tweet from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent:    
  11. A blog post on the firearms aspects of this case by someone who claims to have handled firearms for over 45 years and been in the military (more: This ex-soldier is investigating the Dengie's ‘gunfire graffiti’): The White House farm murders - Bamber or Caffell   The same person has also written about the Jill Dando case:   Who didn't kill Jill Dando
  12. Coronavirus

      I wondered before if singing and mouth breathing might have something to do with it, or talking around others, especially if done loudly.
  13. About Dr Anthony Fauci:     I expect Fauci has to tread a fine line between contradicting Trump, which he has done, e.g. Fauci refutes Trump's testing claim: 'We're going to be doing more testing, not less', Top US health official contradicts Donald Trump's claim coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab, and outright condemning Trump, making Trump his enemy and being completely discredited by him and fired from the White House coronavirus task force and possibly even from his directorship of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, if Trump has the power to do that. Maybe it's a question of whether it's better for the country that Fauci remains in post or is forgotten.
  14. Conspiracy theorists

    It seems that singer Robbie Williams is a conspiracy theorist.   Robbie Williams faces backlash over bizarre Pizzagate conspiracy theory comments   "The singer claimed "the right questions haven't been asked" about the widely discredited theory...   The singer has often spoken of his enthusiasm for conspiracy theories and has previously alluded to Pizzagate in a discussion with podcaster Chris Thrall. ..."
  15. Indeed, Keleth. It would be interesting to know Dr Anthony Fauci's innermost thoughts. It must be soul destroying. He sounds rather hoarse, maybe because he's having to do a lot of talking at the moment. How much of his breath is he wasting? Pity that Trump and so many others don't seem to be listening.