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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Prince Harry exclusive interview: ‘This is not about trying to collapse the monarchy, this is about trying to save them from themselves’
  2. Today's book

    I've found my tastes changing too, now preferring non-fiction to fiction, for some reason. I did re-read Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" last year and liked it as much as I had the first time I read it, then read the sequel, "The Testaments", which was OK. Am currently re-reading the BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson's "News from No-Man's Land". Have most of his books and really like them.
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    I don't think that someone who's prepared to make up such serious claims about one person is credible about anyone else. A photo of two people together doesn't prove that they had sex. 
  4. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    You've piqued my curiosity! What kind of interaction have they had?
  5. BREXIT positives and negatives

    On the most recent episode of Question Time, Jacob Rees-Mogg was doing exactly that, as well as dismissing the concerns of a wine importer, who said that his business had been turned upside down by all the new red tape and paperwork. Both from around 39 mins onwards, when someone asks a question about the benefits of Brexit.   Why the Question Time wine merchant who shocked Rees-Mogg was right about the Brexit damage to his industry      
  6. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    It sounds from the fifth paragraph of the palace statement as if Sistah Space may be employed by the palace for diversity training or receive donations from it.   Ngozi Fulani receives personal apology at Palace (includes a photo of Lady Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani together, both smiling)    
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    You're right, I don't have Netflix, or would have watched it. But the BBC is a usually impartial source, so the reporter's reaction surprised me.   People post on TT all the time about things they've read in the media, including from sources they consider reasonably neutral. If that stopped, the International section would grind to a halt. Netflix is also a media service.      
  8. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    From the BBC's rolling coverage of the last three episodes of the Netflix series. Wonder if there will be complaints at the reporter not remaining neutral.      
  9. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    This is an interesting article, I think, and comments under it too.   King Charles should not meet Ngozi Fulani    
  10. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    It seems that Sistah Space has ceased many of its operations, it says because of safety concerns, and is being investigated by the Charity Commission (the Telegraph article referring to the Charity Commission's involvement is behind a paywall but the subheading under the article's title on Facebook says "The Charity Commission is examining a series of allegations over the running of Sistah Space, the organisation whose founder was at the centre of the Buckingham Palace race row").   Ngozi Fulani's charity Sistah Space stops work over safety    
  11. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    What puzzles me is not so much the need for support specifically for black women (Ngozi Fulani gives reasons for this in the video below) but the fact that Ngozi Fulani doesn't have a problem narrowing her clientele down to their ethnic origin, but does have a problem when this is done to her. Perhaps it was because a white woman, and a posh one, was doing it.   The video was posted on 28 October 2022, as part of Black History Month, which was apparently in October. The encounter with Lady Susan Hussey was, according to her Wikipedia page, 29 November 2022.    
  12. The " where are you really from " thread!!

      Seems an odd choice of church for a racist, when there must be plenty of predominately white churches to choose from.    
  13. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    It's been a few days since I watched them, but from what I remember the British woman makes quite a number of points, including about how she thinks the palace should have reacted, people of colour in the US versus the UK, people of Caribbean/US versus African origin, race relations in the UK. I think the American woman said that she thought that Ngozi Fulani was being deliberately attention-seeking and her reaction wasn't conducive to happy race relations. Both women are women of colour and I think they're worth listening to.
  14. The " where are you really from " thread!!

    It doesn't seem surprising to me that a woman wearing her adopted African-sounding name on a name badge and what looked to be an Africa-themed outfit was asked which part of Africa she was from and I find it very hard to believe her name/style of dress wouldn't have aroused similar curiosity before and that she didn't know what was being asked quicker than the "transcript" would suggest. I suspect that she was being a tad obtuse, e.g. in her answer "they didn't keep records". But pressing her on her family origins was nosy. Does it mean the person asking the questions was a racist? I'm not sure, or whether it means that whites should never ask non-whites about their ancestry. In the USA it would presumably be a complete no-no given the history of enslavement, but black British people could be of recent African origin and have no enslaved ancestors.   I think these women, the first British, the second American, make interesting points: