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  1. Thanks for posting those. I've tried the first one with a scarf and two elastic bands, but it's very loose. Much tighter just tying the scarf behind the head. I suspect that the T-shirt version is better. The scarf tied behind the head is really uncomfortable, and I'm not sure if I'd manage to stop myself adjusting it and touching my face. Unless a makeshift mask was guaranteed to sit properly all the time, I wonder if it might do more harm than good by encouraging the wearer to adjust it/touch their face and/or distracting them from concentrating on maintaining social distancing.
  2. If someone wrote to you just now saying that they hoped you and yours were doing OK and keeping well, would you:   1. acknowledge and reciprocate; 2. ignore and reply about something else or 3. ignore completely?   I've had all three responses: most people doing 1,  one online acquaintance doing 2 and one coworker (who I have little to do with as he works in a different location but have never found particularly friendly) 3.
  3. Coronavirus

    I'm not endorsing this article, but thought it was interesting. Arch contrarian and conservative journalist Peter Hitchens' take on the situation:   There’s powerful evidence this Great Panic is foolish, yet our freedom is still broken and our economy crippled
  4. Coronavirus

      So perhaps breathing through one's nose and not talking around others, especially not loudly, might do no harm.
  5. Coronavirus

    Would everyone wearing face masks help us slow the pandemic?     * cf. How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? (See also text and links under video, example.)
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    The Guardian: The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life    
  7. My local online supermarket is telling prospective customers who are not in a risk group only to shop with them at the moment if they can't shop in any other way so as to free up places for the elderly and others at risk. This seems a very ethical approach to me.
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    Let's just do away with the courts, then, and have trial by media. Remember: all men are rapists and women never lie.  
  9. Weinstein convicted

      The jury couldn't have believed that the women's accounts reflected what actually happened (if anything did in all cases). It's not impossible for multiple people not to be telling the truth*, especially with the prospect of making a bit of cash (tens of thousands of pounds in compensation in cases like these),** and the fact that they're women doesn't mean they're more (or less) likely than men to be telling the truth, in my view.   * cf. Britons’ fake claims of holiday illness fall as hotels fight back   "An epidemic of false food-poisoning claims that has cost hoteliers hundreds of millions of pounds and threatened an end to the all-inclusive package holiday has triggered a ferocious legal fightback from the travel industry. Between 2013 and 2016, a 500% increase in gastric sickness claims by British holidaymakers prompted some hoteliers to warn they would withdraw the holiday deals from the UK market."   ** cf. A woman who wrongly accused Rolf Harris of groping her when she was eight may have to pay back £22,000 she won from him in compensation
  10. Coronavirus

      Wonder how reliable these home tests are. Germany's National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians apparently takes a dim view of them.   Coronavirus-Test selbst machen: Das spricht gegen den Corona-Test für Zuhause   "Die Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) hält nichts von den aktuell angebotenen Schnelltests, die eine Infektion mit dem Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 nachweisen sollen. Ein Grund: Die Tests suchen nach Antikörpern, die sich gegen das Virus gebildet haben. Diese seien bei Virusinfektionen jedoch erst frühestens eine Woche nach Erkrankungsbeginn nachweisbar, meist erst nach 14 Tagen. Außerdem ist offenbar ungeklärt, ob ein positiver Test auf die Antikörper nicht auch durch eine frühere Infektion mit einem anderen Coronavirus verursacht werden könnte."
  11. Weinstein convicted

    Someone may have posted this already in the Coronavirus thread but I've only just seen it.   Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus   "Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus in prison — and most likely contracted the disease at Rikers Island, an official briefed on the matter told The Post on Sunday... The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision wouldn’t confirm or deny Weinstein’s condition, citing federal health-care privacy law, but said that two inmates at Wende had the coronavirus."
  12. Coronavirus

    Italian mayor flies his student daughters out of 'unsafe' England   "Chief of virus-hit Bergamo says slow British response means they will be safer at home"      
  13. Went to my local small supermarket this afternoon, thinking it would be quiet, which it would be under normal circumstances. No chance. At least eight other customers, which is a lot for the size of the place, and not all observing the "keep your distance" signs, including an elderly nun. A bloke with his son (why did he bring his kid?!) huffing, seemingly because I was standing at a 2 m distance from the customer at the till. They stood behind me, keeping a modest distance, then when it was my turn and I went to the end of the chute to fill up my bag they moved forward with the kid right next to the payment machine, so I had to ask them (and the others behind them) to step back. More huffing from the father. Honestly! This "social distancing" is all very well but it's people like him that are going to help spread this thing.   On reflection, yes, maybe he was a single parent and couldn't leave his son at home, rather than treating the trip to the supermarket as an outing, but he should have been taking the social distancing instructions seriously and making sure his son did too.
  14. Coronavirus

    Having heard a description of the virus from a colleague who has had it, I can see why people would panic and consult a doctor even when symptoms are still mild. Her experience was: first two days a blinding headache and sore throat, first week a persistent cough but up and about, second week in bed with a persistent cough and breathlessness and gradually getting so weak that she couldn't stand up for any length of time. NB: No fever at all. (The NHS site says one can have either a persistent cough or a fever, not necessarily both.) When her condition suddenly deteriorated, she had ended up in hospital but only for a few hours to check her lungs, oxygen level, etc. and then she was sent home as she was not found to have pneumonia or abnormal oxygen levels requiring a ventilator. But her ECG had been abnormal and she's now going to have to see a cardiologist. A couple of days after the hospital visit and after 16 days of illness she is only now seeing a diminution of the cough and gradually feeling slightly stronger, i.e. strong enough to get up and sit in a chair.
  15. My local supermarket doesn't have security guards. The assistants might say something but I'm a regular customer and am hoping for some leeway. I am planning to use gloves but want to reduce the risk of transferring contamination from the trolley/basket to the unwrapped fruit, veg and other items that I plan to get.