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  1. Though it would have been good to have had a vote in the EU referendum, I don't think people who have been living outside the UK for a long time and no longer pay UK taxes should be able to influence a general election.
  2. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Hopefully the only "gong" Farage gets is the OBN. I've been wishing I still subscribed to Private Eye, as I'd have liked to see how they covered this, the person they call Piers "Morgan" Moron, etc.   Craig Brown, who writes the spoof diary in Private Eye (Amazon profile/Guardian interview), has spoofed the Oprah interview.   CRAIG BROWN: 'Wh-what!? He cut off your mom's head?' Great Oprah Interviews From History - Queen Elizabeth I
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Harry has red hair like Diana's sister and other relatives, close-set eyes like Charles, sticking out ears like Charles, eyebrows lighter than hair like Charles (when younger), hair thinning over the top like Charles and no freckly face or receding hairline with hair apparently still intact on top like James Hewitt. I actually think he looks more like Charles than William does (not that I'm questioning William's parentage).
  4. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      There is an actress in the royal family who seems to have continued acting alongside her royal duties: Sophie Winkleman, married to Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. The name would suggest that she has some Jewish ancestry.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_Winkleman https://www.hellomagazine.com/tags/sophie-winkleman/   Princess Michael of Kent, whose father was in the SS, was in the news for wearing an inappropriate piece of jewellery in Meghan's presence.   Princess Michael of Kent sorry for wearing 'racist' brooch
  5. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    He may not have named names on camera but she says he told her that it wasn't the Queen or Prince Philip.
  6. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Indeed, and I think it was crass. But was the person who said it motivated by racism? And because they said it should the royal family as a whole be considered racist? (According to Oprah (Oprah Winfrey on her bombshell Harry and Meghan interview), though Harry wouldn't tell her who said it, he said it wasn't the Queen or Prince Philip.)
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Harry and Meghan seem to have accused the royal family, who seemingly did not stand in Meghan's way but took her into the family and walked her down the aisle in a lavish wedding, of racism because someone they refuse to name had wondered aloud what shade Archie would turn out. Very crass of that person to voice that speculation, but I wonder how many couples in the same situation have wondered the same when expecting a baby, more out of curiosity than racism.   Saw BBC Panorama yesterday about Dubai's Princess Latifa, fearful in a video secretly filmed from the bathroom and white-faced from being held prisoner indoors, apparently still in the clothes she was wearing when she fled the UAE and denied even basic things like a toothbrush. Now apparently incommunicado, presumably not by choice. Then the news this morning of this self-obsessed pair.
  8. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Although Harry has apparently said that the UK press were destroying his mental health, I keep wondering how his sense of self worth and consequently mental health is going to hold up following this move. He seems to be the one doing the sacrificing (country, family, royal duties, military patronages, etc.) and, rather than being in a country where the Queen is head of state, like Canada, they're now in Meghan's home country, Meghan's home state, the state where Meghan's mum apparently lives, and presumably near Meghan's friends and ex coworkers and near Hollywood job opportunities in line with Meghan's career as an actress. In the bus-top interview with James Corden, Harry seems to come across as a nice enough chap but does he have what it takes to be successful in California?
  9. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Here's an interview, from February 2018, with Harry, Meghan, Kate and William discussing the Royal Foundation, that William, Kate and Harry were patrons of and that Meghan was due to become the fourth patron of after her marriage in May 2018. Meghan speaks very confidently and articulately about her experience with small and large organisations, like the UN, and the need for women to speak out. Nothing wrong with being confident and endorsing female empowerment, but I can't help but wonder, from the way she spoke, if she felt that the Royal Foundation was a step down, by comparison with her past experience, and if she had found it difficult to fit in. Towards the end of the video, they're asked if they ever disagree, and William says "Oh, yes", humorously, and they all laugh.     Long version Royal Foundation ("the primary philanthropic and charitable vehicle for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge") Archewell ("Archewell is the organization founded by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex that currently includes: Archewell Foundation, Archewell Audio, Archewell Productions At Archewell, we unleash the power of compassion to drive systemic cultural change.")
  10. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    In the run-up to Harry and Meghan's two-hour interview with Oprah next week, the Times has published an exclusive on alleged bullying of royal aides, mainly by Meghan but also by Harry: Royal aides reveal bullying claim before Meghan’s Oprah interview The article is behind a paywall but ITV has done a short interview with the journalist: Times journalist on why he believes Meghan 'bullying' allegations were brought to him   Story as covered by the Daily Mail:   Buckingham Palace launches probe into allegations Meghan Markle bullied royal staff: Palace says it is 'very concerned' by claims made by aides and 'will not tolerate workplace bullying'   Royals' Meghan 'bully' crisis: As Buckingham Palace launches an unprecedented investigation into sensational bullying claims against Meghan, make no mistake this is a crisis that echoes the Abdication, writes RICHARD KAY   News.com.au:   Palace investigating bullying claims against Meghan Markle, Sussexes accuse it of orchestrating ‘smear campaign’   The fact that aides resigned and someone made a complaint in writing at the time suggest to me that there is likely some truth to this story.
  11. Coronavirus

    Another miserable symptom for Covid survivors: hair loss.   ‘After catching Covid I lost all of my hair – now I don’t recognise myself’ ("Like Pam Goodrum, a growing number of people are experiencing alopecia symptoms in the months after being infected with coronavirus") After Covid-19, some survivors experience 'heart-wrenching' hair loss Hair Loss an Unexpected COVID Misery for Many   I'd noticed that Boris Johnson seems to be losing his hair and I've been wondering if it's less due to age or a stressful job and more to do with his bout with covid. 
  12. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    Christian B's lawyer is now claiming his client is unlikely to be charged as there's no concrete evidence. The prosecutor was saying in December that if the public knew the evidence they had on Christian B they too would think he was the culprit, said they couldn't give details as they didn't want Christian B knowing what they had on him, said they couldn't guarantee they had enough to bring a charge but were very confident because what they had so far didn't allow any other conclusion at all.   February 2021: Madeleine McCann prime suspect 'unlikely to be charged' as no 'concrete evidence' December 2020: Madeleine McCann: German prosecutor ‘very confident’ Christian B is culprit    
  13. Here's a recent episode (YouTube link and BBC link below) of BBC Panorama about vaccine deniers. "With millions now vaccinated, Panorama investigates the scare tactics of anti-vaxxers – who are they, and what are their motives for trying to deter people from getting the jab? Reporter Marianna Spring reveals the scale of a social media blitz that has targeted vulnerable people and is now reaching young generations yet to be called for their vaccination. We witness the reaction of a test group exposed to one anti-vax video, all under the watchful eye of one of the UK’s most respected doctors. Will they be influenced by disinformation, or will their plans to be vaccinated remain unchanged?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiGt_e58RIU https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000scy8 BBC defends Panorama episode debunking anti-vax theories about coronavirus vaccination
  14. I think a lot of other families would avoid getting into a spat with a nonagenarian relative, especially if they hadn't said anything much that would warrant a retort, rather than taking the high road and letting it go. This nonagenarian also happens to be the CEO of the "firm". Since employees are usually not expected to answer back to their CEO, it's not surprising this is the case in the royal family too. Not something many people could stand, having an in-law call the shots over their life, but Meghan did choose to marry in.   Buckingham Palace statement on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Push Back on Queen's Statement: 'Service Is Universal'