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  1.   It's when ordering online. I just titled the link "ASDA terms and conditions", but the page actually says "Terms and conditions of use and sale for the ASDA Groceries Site".   Not sure about the stores, as I have in the past always used my UK card when shopping there.  
  2.   The problem is when you need to pay for something and the retailer will only accept cards from a UK bank. ASDA is one example. "You must pay for your order using a UK based credit or debit card" (ASDA terms and conditions*) I was placing ASDA orders for my parents last year when they had to self-isolate, needed groceries delivered and didn't have a working computer. I'm quite worried about this, and so disappointed that the UK seems to be increasingly hiving itself off, and punishing UK nationals no longer resident in the UK but still with ties there.   * Edit: above link should read "Terms and conditions of use and sale for the ASDA Groceries Site".  
  3. Looks as if RBS will be closing the accounts of non-UK residents too thanks to Brexit. RBS: "Our current accounts are designed to be used in the UK, so we’re changing our terms to reflect the effect of the UK leaving the EU."   Royal Bank of Scotland current account terms December 2021 onwards:     So much for Brexit Britain being "more open to the world", "Global Britain", etc.  
  4. German women and femininity

    That's terrible. Surely grounds for unfair dismissal. Do you think she felt under pressure at work to cover the grey?