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  1. Climate change

    Cynics might say this is just a token gesture by a major polluter, but it seems an excellent idea to me.   Air New Zealand trials edible coffee cups to combat waste    
  2. Quite. Advocating the death penalty means accepting that innocent people will die. No system is infallible or immune to incompetence or malpractice.   Forensic DNA evidence is not infallible CPS ‘slowed down’ CCTV footage of commuter accused of sexual assault ‘to look like he had more time to commit alleged actions’  
  3. Odd news

    Prehistoric puppy may be world’s oldest dog (click on link to see the 18,000 year-old pup)    
  4. Gary Rhodes: Chef and TV presenter dies aged 59   Sad news. 59 is no age at all these days. No word of a cause of death. He was my favourite TV chef when British TV was full of cookery programmes (what happened to them all?).
  5. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    If the Sun's sources are reliable, that can surely only be a good thing if Ghislaine Maxwell's and Prince Andrew's roles are to be investigated. According to Lady Victoria Hervey, Ghislaine Maxwell is like a "James Bond character" and she thinks she'll never be found. But I doubt that someone could evade the FBI indefinitely - assuming that she's actually doing that and isn't just living quietly somewhere taking legal advice and biding her time.   The picture that haunts Prince Andrew is seen in full for the first time: Uncropped image reveals interior of Ghislaine Maxwell's home   An interesting comment from underneath the article: "in a mews house you have to go upstairs as the living space is above the stables/garage". It seems that Ghislaine Maxwell does or did own a mews house in London.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Did anyone else catch the two-hour Question Time special with the four party leaders last week? If so, what did you think? I thought that Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon performed best and answered their questions most ably, wasn't all that impressed with Jo Swinson unfortunately, had hoped she'd do better, and thought Boris Johnson was as full of flimflam as expected, though noticed that he got a cheer from the audience on arriving and leaving, so wonder if he'll win the election on personality anyway rather than substance.
  7. I suspect that's being a bit optimistic. Take the David Bryant case, or this one or those referred to here. What about police trawling? How many of the accusations landing people in jail are true and how many false? Number of convicted sex offenders in jail reaches record high Is the ageing prison population ("Now you're getting older prisoners starting big sentences") partly due to a surge in historic abuse claims and, if so, what proportion are genuine? Eight prisons have only sex offenders: Historic abuse cases fuel rise in prison population  
  8. On selling Rolfish stories, she's not the first. This was done by one of the four main accusers in the trial, also an Australian. One year before the trial she sold her story to Australian TV and a woman's magazine. It was seeing her TV interview on YouTube in May 2013 (published straight to YouTube) that first gave me pause, as I noticed around 10 points in common between her abuse story and one about Jimmy Savile told to ITV's This Morning seven months earlier in October 2012 by his grand-niece Caroline Robinson that also went straight to YouTube. (Both interviews were on YouTube for a long time but have since disappeared. More about Caroline Robinson here.) On obtaining the transcripts of both interviews some time later, I compared them and found 20 points in common. This phenomenon formed a minor part of Rolf Harris's appeal.   Curiously in view of the above, there were also parallels between the stories of this Australian woman and Rolf Harris's main accuser. Both claimed he groped them on his knee and intimately outside washroom facilities (a shower at the age of 13 in the main accuser's case, pub toilets at the age of 15 in the Australian woman's case) after he had been lying in wait for them outside. How did these parallels come about? Did they reflect a "modus operandi" on the part of Rolf Harris or were one or both of these women helped to synchronise their stories? Between them they accounted for 10 of the 12 charges, 7 in the main accuser's case, 3 in the Australian woman's case, the other two being a woman who claimed he'd squeezed her left buttock at a public event in Cambridge when she was 16/17 (she originally said she was 13/14 and this had happened at a particular event in a particular part of Cambridge but was allowed to change all this during the trial once footage emerged of him at a different event in a different part of Cambridge three years later) and a woman who claimed he'd molested her when she was 7/8 in an autograph queue at her local community centre at an event he'd never attended (subsequently overturned on appeal). My impression was that the Australian woman would have been key to the trial, lending credibility to the main accuser's story of underage abuse at her earliest claimed age and to the other two women, and vice versa. So it was fortuitous that her story fitted so neatly and in such a crucial way.
  9. Sorry to butt in with a post on the topic of this thread, but here's a TV interview with the above woman.   When following the trial in 2014, I recall wondering about her testimony (e.g. (Make-up artist tells court entertainer groped her two dozen times, Claim Rolf Harris groped make-up artist 24 times in a day is ridiculous, says his brother). If someone was groping you would you really keep a tally of the gropes, as in 1: he groped me; 2: he groped me again; 3: another grope; 4: yet another grope, etc., all the way until grope 24? So I wondered if exaggeration played a part in her story then too. If she was exaggerating about the number of supposedly separate gropes, was she exaggerating about being groped at all?   Despite going to court as a victim of crime, she smiles when she recollects seeing Rolf on TV with his wobble board, and songs. There's even a suggestion of a smile when she says she had "an all-day groping experience with a man who couldn't keep his hands off me". She seems pretty feisty today, but says she didn't tell Rolf to lay off because you didn't want to upset "the talent", which doesn't sound inconceivable until she claims that in 1986 women were expected just to put up with this kind of behaviour and not slap a man's hand a way, that it wasn't deemed acceptable for them to stand up for themselves. This does not ring true to me and my memory of the 1980s is not of some kind of antediluvian age. 1986 was well on from the 1960s and 1970s feminist movement, which included pretty radical points of view. So I'm dubious about the reliability of her story (incidentally available as an audio book for $20).
  10. A member of the Greek chorus from Rolf Harris's first trial, i.e. women making allegations in court on the basis of which he could not be convicted or cleared as the alleged offences occurred outside UK jurisdiction, has waived her anonymity and has a book out.   Australian make-up artist who helped put paedophile Rolf Harris behind bars breaks her silence on horrific ordeal with the disgraced entertainer that left her cowering in a cupboard   "Ms Dent has since written a book about her experience, titled Staring Down Rolf Harris, which she hopes will help others."   Apparently she's a "keynote speaker", "life coach", "mentor" and "MC".   www.suzident.com/ www.instagram.com/suzihmua/?hl=en www.facebook.com/suzidenthairandmakeupartist/   On Facebook, she claims to be the "strongest witness for the prosecution" in the Rolf Harris case. As she wasn't one of the four main accusers, I find that claim quite doubtful. It seems that she's given to exaggeration.
  11. It's a horrendous thing to have happened. If any good can come of it, perhaps it will be if the hunting dogs are found to have done it. Then maybe the law will be changed. If it turns out to be her dogs, the hunters could wriggle out of it.   Not blaming this woman at all and her dogs perhaps aren't to blame anyway but I can't understand why people keep these dogs as pets that were bred to savage and/or kill, let alone a whole pack. Yes, other big dogs can do the same, but these bulldog-type breeds seem bad news, though whenever they savage someone there often seems to be a chorus of other owners claiming that their dog wouldn't hurt a fly.   Relatives of mine have one of these broad-jawed squat dogs. Not sure what breed it is. Seems friendly enough but wouldn't put anything past it given the opportunity. It was living with my cousin until she gave it to her parents. She lives on a housing estate in a bad part of town and whenever she walked it she'd have the occasional passer-by showing great interest. The suspicion was that this was because the dog is white and would show the blood well if used for dog fighting. Sick world.
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    I was surprised to hear, when I caught a glimpse of former White House official Fiona Hill on the news last night, that she speaks with a north of England accent. According to Wikipedia, she's originally from Bishop Auckland, County Durham. She speaks in a video clip here: Impeachment inquiry: Trump 'promoted discredited Ukraine theory'   Reminds me of Daphne Moon from Frasier. Though I don't suppose housekeeping and physical therapy for the old man was included!
  13. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Jeffrey Epstein's Prison Guards Are Indicted On Federal Charges    
  14. That's horrible. Poor woman.
  15. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      There's no mention of that kind of process in this interview with Virginia Roberts. Instead, she speaks about receiving (sex) "training", which "started immediately". If it was evident from the start that she was required to prostitute herself, why didn't she leave? Was it because she was being paid or because it didn't happen, or at least not to her? She is accusing Ghislaine Maxwell (and Jeffrey Epstein) of "training" her "basically every day" and has also accused law professor Alan Dershowitz as being one of the men she was "trafficked" to. Both Maxwell and Dershowitz said she was lying. She sued them both for defamation. Maxwell settled, Dershowitz countersued.   Epstein scandal’s pressing issue: the role of Ghislaine Maxwell   "Ms Maxwell has long denied any wrongdoing. ... In a 2016 deposition unsealed this month, she grew emotional and apologised for “banging at the table”. “It’s borne out of years of feeling the pressure of this entire lie that [Ms Giuffre] has perpetrated,” she said. “That terrible story has been told and retold and rehashed when I know it to be 100 per cent false.” " (cf. Carl Beech trial shown video of ex-army chief banging desk in denial)   Alan Dershowitz Says Epstein Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre Has Harmed His Health With ‘False’ Allegations   "Dershowitz denies the claims, and says travel records, credit card statements and phone records prove he was never in the places where Giuffre claims to have had sex with him, according to the lawsuit. “I await the opportunity to cross examine my false accuser and the lawyers who pressured her to falsely accuse me,” Dershowitz said in a statement. “I will prove that before she was pressured by her lawyers to name me, she told the FBI and her friends the names of the men with whom she claimed to have had sex, and she did not include me. To the contrary, she wrote that she had never even met me.”"   Alan Dershowitz slammed by Fox Business host after calling Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts a 'sleazy, sleazy woman'