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  1. Herr Hoang Hai Nguyen Staatl. gepr. Übers. Bachstr. 8 10555 Berlin Tel. 1: +49 30 39746825 Tel. 2: +49 179 3948362 Fax: +49 30 39746852 info@nguyen-berlin.de www.nguyen-berlin.de   Herr Truong Son Nguyen Luu Staatl. gepr. Dolm. und Übers. Bornitzstr. 42 10367 Berlin Tel. 1: +49 163 1630469 Tel. 2: +49 30 4426401 Fax: +49 30 44359215 truongson_nguyenluu@yahoo.de
  2. buying a new apartment

    I think at least as far as this thread is concerned you are making that up. Nobody has suggested that prices couldn't possibly continue to rise. You are the the only one who seems to think he has a crystal ball. There are though plenty of facts that should make you at least contemplate the idea that prices could also go the other way. Just a selection, the possibility of higher interest rates, regulatory changes - look at airbnb in the SZ today - and mid-term also the ageing population  
  3. buying a new apartment

    Would you tell us where "here" is? In Munich it's closer to 1% taking interest into account.
  4. buying a new apartment

    Annother point is that you cannot simply continue increasing the rent in Germany and the OP wanted to put 10% down so these numbers are all wrong anyway.
  5. buying a new apartment

      If you simply postulate that your asset is going to increase in value by 5% every year of course you are going to make a profit. That's the problem with any investment - you just don't know.
  6. buying a new apartment

    The way prices have been going up and down like a yoyo in big cities in Germany and the world would make it seem like hubris to try and predict ROI with any degree of accuracy. It's not important whether you are happy with a purchase decision you have just made, you'll need to wait for ten years to find out whether it was the right one. Current prices are mainly a result of low interest rates and they might or might not be the same in five or ten years. Just don't think that buying real estate at current prices and most likely using huge leverage/mortgage is a conservative investment.
  7. Self-employed with a full time job: does the gov check?

    If you register a Gewerbe anybody could look it up in the Gewerberegister. The likelihood of your employer doing this is very small but it would give them grounds to dismiss you if they wanted to. I guess it's just a question of how important this job is to you. Are you sure your employer would object if you just told them about it?
  8. You will complain that the court has issued its verdict in German but the landlord is not entitled to sit on the deposit for so long just in case there might be deductables,  Amtsgericht Hamburg (45 C 74/02,  16.12.2002). He can claim them back later if it really takes him so long to work it out but he must return the money.
  9. No SpiderPig, a Mahnbescheid can also be requested to enforce return of a deposit, or any other debt.
  10. Panda has explained very clearly how to get a payment order/Mahnbescheid You should be able to to this on your own, as a first step.   Depending on how much money he owes you getting a lawyer could quite easily cost you a large share of that amount, particularly if you really suspect the landlord cannot pay you need to keep that in mind.
  11. Landlord made me sign on a two year contract as a student

    Students are normally adults so there are no special laws for them.   A Kündigungsverzicht in a rental contract is perfectly legal, cash payments are also perfectly legal in Germany. However, you can request the landlord allow you to sublet the apartment and unless he has a sound reason he must grant permission.   BGB § 553 (1) If the lessee, after entering into the lease agreement, acquires a justified interest in permitting a third party to use part of the residential space, then he may demand permission to do so from the lessor.  
  12. Airbnb in Munich

    The German tax authorities have requested details of all Airbnb landlords in Germany. The SZ seems to believe that the files must and will be handed over so they can recover unpaid taxes and dish out fines for the last 11 years.
  13. Teacher thinks my child should repeat grade 2.

    I am not an expert in education but surely what you want to do about his weakness in German must depend on whether it is affecting other subjects or not. If he is good at Maths and everything else and was forced to repeat a year because of just one subject he would probably be bored to tears next year. As you have pointed out, he has only been speaking German for two years so he will probably steadily improve over the next two years. If he is not very good in other subjects either then that's a different story. I think you can just relax and take another look in six months time.