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    Dear All


    For those who have prams or wheelchairs or who need to, for whatever reason, use lifts and escalators, here is a GREAT website that i have found and used. If you haven't seen it, I hope that it is of help.


    It shows the Munich ubahn map and one can click on each station to see what infrastructure is there. Super handy when planning trips on the train etc, especially in my instance when I have 2 kids, a pram and lord knows what 'kinderzeug' with me!





  2. Hi there,


    I would also suggest Dr Miltenberger. You wont regret it. She has been my doc for the last 5 years. During this time i have had two beautiful children and she has been the most wonderful and caring doctor imaginable. Her English is super, so no probs if you dont yet speak German. She will always be there for you and will always make time for you. Have recommended many people to who already, and all of them rave about her.






  3. Hi Nina


    There is a midwife who was recommended to me by my doctor whom I will be using. Her name is Antje Moog. Here is her website -


    I dont know where she works/doesnt work re suburbs, however I live in Schwabing and she has absolutely no problem coming to see me (we will be meeting next week bf the birth of my buba, and then after the birth). Bogenhausen is not so far away so maybe she would be also more than happy with this too. If you ring her and have a chat, she'll be able to inform you pretty quickly in any case.


    Her number is 0177 472 6068. Hope that helps.


    Regards and good luck!




  4. I had to have a C-section due to my baby lying traverse. Tried everything possible to move her into the right position however to no avail. So, c-section it was. In the end it was no drama. I can highly highly highly highly recommend the Geisenhofer Klinik in Schwabing and specifically Dr Repschlaeger. He is the Chef Artz there and is fantastic. Super experienced, great level of care etc. Dritter Orden and Maisstr are also meant to be good. One thing to note is that you need to make an appt (where ever you go) well in advance so that you can have a prep conversation with the doctor).


    regards and good luck! :-)


  5. WHAT: Cocktails

    WHERE: The Potting Shed!!

    Occamstraße 11

    80802 Munich, Germany

    089 34077284

    U3, U6 - Münchner Freiheit Station

    WHEN: April 7, 2011 - 6pm



    (please copy and paste the whole message when you sign up!)


    1. tazzmeyer

    2. rachelm (aka Rachel )

    3. DandL

    4. Rhettdog

    5. Schwabingirl

    6. suntrooper

    7. JenH

    8. Madgibson (did someone say cocktails?)

    9. JanaImmo

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    12. gator

    13. Melly-Mel (Mellington)

    14. reinos

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    16. kew100






  6. hi there


    congrats on your pregnancy. wonderful stuff. my experience living here in munich was - book stuff up as soon as possible!! dont leave it until later.


    re hospitals, there are lots of evening information sessions that you can go to provided by the main hospitals. most of these are in german. ask if they have english speaking sessions if you dont feel comfortable sitting though a whole presentation in german. having said that, it's not too bad.


    i decided on the Geisenhofer clinic next to the Englischer Garten and loved it there. Great doctors, staff, accommodation, and care for my new buba. Also, the place is smaller and more personal than the other big hospitals - all of which i went to and didnt love so much. this clearly is just a personal thing though. would recommend it to anyone interested.


    also, the great thing is that after my daughter's birth, the doctor who did her very first examination has gone on to be her Ped doctor. this doctor works both at the G. clinic but also at her own practice, a very good children's clinic, which is actually next door to the Geisenhofer clinic. very handy and lovely to have the same doc go on to watch my buba's development.


    here is the website.



    re a Hebamme, i was interested in finding an English speaking person with a lot of experience. I found Esther and she was great. She is a trained nurse, has worked in the UK, works in different centers here and does a lot of Hebamme work with individual patients. Her details if you are interested are as below.


    Esther Hölzemann –

    08662-66 76 60



    alternatively, you can look at which is a list for Muenchen.


    the other thing to start thinking about now, if you are interested is a creche/krippe. you will need to put your unborn child's name down (!) for place now in order to even be in the running. it might be that you dont want your child to go to a krippe, in which case, no probs. dont bother going through the madness. if however you are not sure, or if you work and know that you have to go back to work after 6 months, or one year etc, then definitely start researching your most preferred locations, go to info sessions, and put your name down. munich is ridiculous for child care. too much demand and not enough places.


    anyway, hope that helps just a little


    good luck with everything!




  7. i live in schwabing and can only say that i love it. sendling could also be lovely however i dont know it so cant really comment. re schwabing, it is great if you want to live centrally. we are a one car family and frankly even with a child i dont need it. my husband uses it for work. i walk everywhere or catch the train/bus - both are right on your doorstep. the centre of town is a 15 min walk, or a 4 minute train ride. as a suburb there is a great infrastructure - lots of shops, cafes, restaurants, smaller parks (including playgrounds for kids), the beautiful and vast Englischer Garten right by you, creches/kindergartens/eltern initiative orgs/playgroups, libraries, swimming pools etc etc. personally, i think it's pretty hard to beat. hope that one sided view helps! :-)


  8. JUNE 17, Coffee Klatch


    Anyone up for a quick coffee this Thursday? I, as usual, have class at 12 so I'll be stopping somewhere for a coffee beforehand anyway.


    In an effort to keep these get-togethers manageable, I am suggesting the limit is 10.

    With that said, however, if the group is at 10 and you decide to show up anyway, we are certainly not going to ban you to a table by your lonesome ;-) But we might make you sing a song...


    Where: I'm going to suggest Cafe an der Uni, Ludwigstraße 24.

    When: 10:00am


    Cafe an der Uni

    Ludwigstraße 24

    80539 München, Deutschland

    089 28986600


    Please copy and paste this entire message when you add your name to the list - thanks!


    1. modernclio

    2.tazzmeyer - thanks for organizing this!!!

    3. Jenabee

    4. kew100 - (do you think the rain will stop!?)







    Singing spots:




  9. hi there


    great advice from everyone.


    just to say, i have a 10 mth old buba and have often flown with her in europe as well as on long haul flights to australia and back, and also to australia to singapore and back. as Imosdal said above, definitely ask for a baby bassinet for your little one. you must book this in advance as the chances of getting bulkhead seats when you turn up to the airport are very slim. the bulkhead seats are also great for your toddler - more room. the bassinet will be set up once the plane hits cruising altitude. also, take a shawl so that you can drape this over the bassinet to block out the light if the cabin has not yet been dimmed.


    re the pram, you do need to check this in, when you check in your luggage, HOWEVER you KEEP the pram in the airport and wheel it right up to the plane. to explain, the check in bit is only so that you get the flight tags attached to the frame of the pram - the airline needs to know that it is yours. you then give the pram to the handlers at the door of the plane.


    critically, when you are going through the initial luggage check in process, tell the staff that you want to use the pram at the mid stop over point and that you want this brought to the door of the plane ready for when you get off. i have always done this, and i tell you, you'll be happy to have the prams when you are wandering around some transit airport for a couple of hours!


    personally i would not take car seats. these can be easily hired all throughout europe. i have never had a bad one, and i have hired many. you need to ask for this when you make your initial booking with the car company. i find car seats very bulky and heavy to schlep and frankly you'll probably have enough luggage anyway. also, i have never seen a car seat taken onto a plane. your toddler will probably have to have his/her own seat and will wear the safety belt accordingly. you baby will have to sit on your lap for take off and landing and you will be given a special baby belt. very easy to use.


    regards from Muenchen!


  10. hi sparky


    well done trying to get this up and running. it's a lovely idea. i think the public hols and weather might have been a hampering point. what is it with the rain! like you i also have a little bub (10mths) and live in schwabing. would be happy to meet up next time or feel free to PM me and we can maybe meet up for a coffee around M'Freiheit.






  11. hi there. an aussie catch up sounds great - count me in! :D


    left Aust 12 years ago, 2 years of which have been spent here trying to figure out the logic of the German language (mistake one, never look for logic), and every now and again i think it would be nice to lapse back into the ol' mother sprache!


    look forward to a catch up.


  12. Hi there!


    Just getting back to confirm some details for this Wednesday, 30 Jan, 10.00am - breakfast/brunch/lots of coffee meet up.


    Those who are keen to attend are -

    - Gen

    - Jozi

    - Zurika

    - Dandl

    - Gator

    - Me


    There is a great place called Vorstadt Cafe that does good breakfasts etc. It's in the Uni quarter, on Türkenstrasse. I'm not sure where everyone is coming from, however it seems that some of you live relatively close by. Details below.


    For those coming by U-bahn, the closest stop is Univeristaet. When you surface, you'll find yourself on the corner of Ludwigstr and Adalbertstr. Wander down Adalbertstr. 2 blocks until you hit Türkenstr. And there you are! 5 mins max.


    Vorstadt Cafe is painted dark red on the outside, so it's pretty easy to set apart.


    Details -



    Türkenstr. 83

    80799 München, Germany

    +49 89 2720699


    Map - (cut and paste this full url)



    I'll make a reservation under Kate (my real name, not my Toytown name!) just in case and keep checking back here to see if others wish to join.


    Cheers for now


  13. Good, good!


    So, next Wed 30th Jan is sounding pretty good. Let's aim for that.


    10.00am seems also to have general consensus. There are plenty of good places down Turkenstr. way if that suits.


    Starters to date;

    - Gen

    - Jozi

    - Zurika

    - Me


    Will keep checking in to see if anyone else is free.