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    The Curious Case of Sunday I got Friday on My Mind  
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    "Fox News backs Covid vaccination – a pity no one told Tucker Carlson"     https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/jul/23/fox-news-covid-vaccination-tucker-carlson
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    "How Much Revenue Will Tesla Make From Sharing Superchargers?"   https://insideevs.com/news/522126/tesla-open-superchargers-estimated-revenue/
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      Sympathies @AlexTr and a great song.
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    "Should vaccinated people mask up with COVID-19 cases rising?"   https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-health-coronavirus-pandemic-55535fe86fe5fe525761ac831f97a9f5
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  8. What made you smile today?

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    "UK fisheries sold out in Brexit deal, industry body says"    
  10. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Putting words in others' mouths...   I certainly don't want Tesla to be the only EV (which it isn't) and I'm pretty sure "The Tesla Cohorts" also welcome market diversity.    The whole EV adoption thing is to get as many manufacturers on board as possible. Tesla can't go it alone (yet  ) 
  11. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Only player?   Current in-production cars[edit] See also: List of electric cars currently available Full-sized cars[edit] Cars and utility trucks of normal size and capable of 100 km/h (62 mph) highway speed that are currently available. Aion LX, from 2019. Aion S, from 2019. Aion V, from 2020. Aiways U5, from 2019. Audi e-tron - Mass production began September 2018.[1] Audi e-Tron Sportback, from 2020. Audi e-tron GT, from 2021. Audi Q2 L e-Tron, from 2019. BJEV EC3, from 2016. BJEV EC5, from 2019. BJEV EU5, from 2018. BJEV EU7, from 2019. Bolloré Bluecar operates as part of the Autolib' carsharing in Paris that began service to the general public in December 2011.[2] The Bluecar was the top selling highway-capable electric car in France in 2012.[3] BMW i3 – Retail sales began in Europe in November 2013.[4] The electric car is available with an optional gasoline-powered range extender that increases the range from 130 to 160 km (80 to 100 mi) to 240 to 300 km (150 to 190 mi).[5] The U.S. release took place in May 2014.[6] Global sales totaled about 65,500 units through December 2016.[7][needs update] BMW iX3, from 2020. Buick Velite 6, from 2019. Buick Velite 7, from 2020. BYD e1, from 2019. BYD e2, from 2019. BYD e3, from 2019. BYD e5, from 2016. BYD e6 – Sales to the general public began in October, 2011, in Shenzhen, China.[8] BYD Han, from 2020. BYD Qin, from 2012. BYD S2, also called BYD Yuan EV, from 2019. BYD Song, from 2015. BYD Song Max, from 2017. BYD Tang, from 2015. Byton K-Byte, from 2021. Byton M-Byte, from 2021. Chery eQ, from 2014. Chery eQ1, from 2016. Chery eQ2, from 2018. Chery eQ5, from 2020. Chevrolet Bolt – The Bolt EV is a 238-mile (383 km) (2017-2019 MY) / 259-mile (417 km) (2020 MY) electric vehicle that became available across North America in mid-2017. First deliveries were made in San Francisco in December 2016.[9] Chevrolet Menlo, from 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E, from 2020 Ciimo M-NV, from 2021 Ciimo X-NV, from 2020 DS 3 Crossback, from 2019. Everus VE-1, from 2019. Geely Emgrand EV, from 2018. Geely Emgrand GSe, from 2018. Geometry A, from 2019. Geometry C, from 2019. HiPhi X, from 2020. Honda e, from 2020. Hyundai Ioniq introduced in January 2016, nearly 25,000 sold by January 2018. EPA range of 124 miles, 25 kW·h/100 mile. Hyundai Kona, from 2019. Jaguar I-Pace, from 2018. JAC J3 EV – Available in China with 2020 plans for production in Mexico. Kandi – Models K12, K17A, EX3, K22, were pure EVs available in 2012,[10] in production and sales in China. Kandi K23, available in China and the US. Kandi K27, available in China and the US. Kia Soul EV introduced in the United States in 2014. Kia Niro Lada Ellada EV launched in Russia in 2012, with a Lithium iron phosphate battery. Lotus Evija, from 2020. Maple 30X, from 2020. Maple 80V, from 2020. Mazda MX-30, from 2020. Mazibuko M1B, prototype MG ZS EV, from 2018. Mercedes-Benz EQA Mercedes-Benz EQB Mercedes-Benz EQC, from 2019. Mercedes-Benz EQS Mercedes-Benz EQV Mini Cooper SE, from 2020. Mitsubishi i-MiEV, re-badged to Peugeot iOn, Citroën C-ZERO, from 2010. [11] Neta N01, from 2018. Neta U, from 2020. Neta V, from 2020. NIO EC6, from 2020. NIO EP9, from 2016. NIO ES6, from 2019. NIO ES8, from 2018. NIO ET7, from 2021. Nissan Leaf introduced in the United States and Japan in December 2010,[12][13] followed by several European countries throughout 2011 and 2012.[14] The Venucia e30, based on the Nissan Leaf, was released in the Chinese market on September 10, 2014.[15] Nissan Sylphy Z.E., from 2018. Opel Corsa-e F, from 2019.[16] Opel Ampera-e is a front-engine, five-door all-electric subcompact hatchback; developed and manufactured by Chevrolet in partnership with LG Corporation and has a certified range of 320 mi (510 km) under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) and 240 mi (390 km) under the more strict Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures (WLTP).[17]-e ORA iQ, from 2018. ORA R1, from 2019. ORA R2, from 2020. ORA Haomao, from 2020. Peugeot 208 II, from 2019. Peugeot 2008 II, from 2020. Pininfarina Battista, from 2020. Polestar 2, from 2020. Porsche Taycan, from 2019. Qiantu K50, from 2017. Renault Fluence Z.E. / Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E., introduced in Israel in 2011. Discontinued under the Renault brand in 2014. Renault City K-ZE, launched in 2019 Renault Zoe, from December 2012. Total production reached 200,000 in November 2019.[18] Second generation launched in 2019. Roewe Ei5 Roewe ER6 Roewe ERX5 Roewe Marvel R Roewe Marvel X SEAT e-Mii, from 2019[citation needed] Škoda Citigo, from 2019[citation needed] Smart electric drive ForTwo since 2006 (ED1), for sale since 2012 (ED3), 4th electric generation also available as ForFour, since 2018 rebranded as EQ, owned and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz Sol E10X Sol E20X Sol E40X Sol E50A Tesla Roadster Tesla Model S – deliveries in the U.S. began in June 2012.[19] Cumulative sales of Tesla Model S and Model X combined were 442,600 through December 2019.[20] Tesla Model X – deliveries in the U.S. began in September 2015.[21][22] Cumulative sales of Tesla Model S and Model X combined were 442,600 through December 2019.[20] Tesla Model 3 – deliveries in the U.S. began in July 2017.[23] Cumulative sales totaled 448,634 through December 2019.[24] Tesla Model Y – deliveries in the U.S. began March 13, 2020.[25] Trumpchi GE3, from 2017. Venturi Fétish marketed as the world's first electric sports two-seater. Volkswagen e-Up! – Retail sales began in Europe in October 2013.[26] Volkswagen e-Golf – Sold in Europe and North America, cumulative sales reached 100,000 in November 2019[27] Volkswagen ID.3 from 2020. Volkswagen ID.4 from 2020. Volkswagen e-Lavida, from 2019. Volvo XC40 Recharge, from 2020. Weltmeister EX5, from 2018. Weltmeister EX6, from 2020. Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, from 2020. Xpeng G3, from 2018. Xpeng P7, from 2020. Zhidou D2, Zotye E20, from 2014. Zotye E30, Dorcen E20 (revised version), from 2016. Zotye E200, from 2016. Microcars[edit] Aixam e City & e Coupé,[28] a European quadricycle. Arcimoto FUV Buddy, successor to the Kewet Citroën Ami, from 2020 Electra Meccanica SOLO – Three-wheel, single-seat, lithium-ion battery electric commuter car marketed to the U.S. and Canada. Renault Twizy Z.E.; a two-seat electric quadricycle with a 4 or 13 kilowatts (5.4 or 17.4 hp) electric motor. Top speed is 80 km/h (50 mph) and range is up to 100 km (62 mi). Launched in Europe in March 2012, became the top selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe during the first half of 2012 with over 6,000 units sold in three months.[29] Tango, 150 mph (240 km/h) ultra-narrow electric sports cars by Commuter Cars[30] Tazzari Zero, a European quadricycle. Low-speed vehicles[edit] These vehicles have a top speed less than many highway maximum speed limits, and some may not be street-legal without restrictions. They are known as quadricycles in Europe and as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) in the US. Club Car Villager, a NEV based on a golf car design. The name may be a reference to The Villages, Florida, a retirement community planned to facilitate golf cart usage. CityEl three-wheeled EV, produced in Germany.[citation needed] citEcar, produced by Road Rat Motors in Gainesville, Florida[31] and marketed at Bintelli Electric Vehicles.[32] These Golf Cart-based NEVs carry between 2 and 28 passengers.[33] Dynasty IT, a NEV produced in Canada from 2001 to 2007 and later sold to Karakoram Motors in Pakistan. EuAuto Mycar manufactured in Southern China, sold in Hong Kong, limited to roads with speed limit at or below 50 km/h (31 mph) E-Z-Go 2Five, a NEV based on a golf car design. Garia Monaco, a golf car based luxury NEV made in Denmark and sold in the US.[34] Kyburz DXP – produced in Switzerland and sold to postal fleets and private customers. The Swiss Post's entire light delivery fleet consists of DXP vehicles.[35] Mahindra e2o, also known as the REVA NXR and based on the REVAi, launched in the Indian market in March 2013.[36] Range of 80 to 120 km (50 to 75 mi) and a top speed of 82 km/h (51 mph). Melex Low Speed Electric Vehicle made in Poland, in production since 1971. Open Since the beginning of this[when?] year also sold in Japan as Girasole, with higher speed and wider range as the Open.[citation needed] Organic Transit ELF, a hybrid velomobile designed primarily for solar and pedal powered, but an external charger is optional. Electric only range of 45 mi (72 km). A "tadpole" trike with two tires in the front. Built in Durham, North Carolina.[37] As of April, 2020, the company is bankrupt and is selling off its assets.[38] Paxster, Paxster Produced by Paxster A/S A purpose build electric vehicle for delivery and last mile post distribution. Largest fleets used by the postal service in Norway and New Zealand but sold worldwide. In production since 2013.[39] Polaris GEM, popular NEV sold since the 1990s. Manufactured in Anaheim, California. Star EV, a series of NEVs based on golf carts that carry 2 to 14 passengers. Made by Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in China (www.eagleelectricvehicle.com) Tomberlin E-Merge, (formerly ParCar), a golf car based NEV built in Leesburg, Florida.[40] Twike, an electric velomobile produced in Germany. Zbee Cleanmotion   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_production_battery_electric_vehicles
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

    "Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in White House"   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/15/kremlin-papers-appear-to-show-putins-plot-to-put-trump-in-white-house  
  13. Euro 2020 and 2021

  14. Euro 2020 and 2021

      What utter scum. Fingers crossed they manage to identify them.