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  1. Price dropped to 100€! 
  2. Date has changed, the media unit is still free for anyone who can pick it up by 27.12.2018!
  3. Hi Toytowners,    I'm selling these 3 items. Send me a DM if you're interested!   LED light (10€) Toaster (5€) Microwave (10€) Air filter + replacement filter (20€) Heater (10€) Hot plate (10€)   Pictures can be found in this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uiixatk3c9me447cstwG0F1TJ9OtiLTB   Cheers Tem
  4. Bicycle + helmet for sale

    Hi Toytowners,    I'm selling my bike and helmet. The bike comes with a basket and lock and I'm selling it for 90€. It would suit anyone between 168-175 cm   The helmet is brand new as I've never used it. The size is 54-58 cm and I'm selling it for 25€   Please send me a DM if you're interested   Cheers Tem
  5. The free media unit:   
  6. Hi Toytowners,    I'm moving and selling and giving a bunch of stuff away! I'm selling these 4 items for 150€:   Bed + Mattress (160 x 200) Desk Couch table Bean bag   My media unit is free if you can pick it up by 26.12.2018   Cheers Tem
  7. Moving Sale (Bed, wardrobes, sofa, etc)

    Most things are now gone! I'm offering the last few things for 150€   1 Bed (160x200) + Mattress 1 Coffee Table 1 Desk w/ storage shelf
  8. Moving sale (TV, speakers, fans, etc)

    Added to this list is an electric heater for 15€
  9. Hi Toytowners,    I'm moving and selling most of my stuff. Have a look and I see if you're interested in anything. I'll be constantly adding more stuff to the list as I pack. PM me for more pictures and offers!    Currently on the list: LED desk light Twig decorations Bean bag Laundry hampers Small bins Bike helmet (never used) Camping pillows Camping mattress Tent Mountain bike Picnic mat Drying racks Wine glasses Glasses Bowls + Plates Microwave Wash hampers   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uiixatk3c9me447cstwG0F1TJ9OtiLTB   Cheers Tem
  10. 2 bikes for sale

    Mountain bike still available!
  11. Moving sale (TV, speakers, fans, etc)

    Currently have these left to sell. Make me an offer   2.1 Logitech Speakers 2.1 Speakers LED Desk light Medisana air filter + replacement filters 40" TV Boiler Toaster Hot plate Microwave Electric blanket Vacuum cleaner (only available after 29.12.) Mixer
  12. Moving Sale (Bed, wardrobes, sofa, etc)

    Since a bunch of stuff is gone I'm now offering these for 450€ alltogether!   1 Bed (160 x 200) + Mattress 1 Glass Wardrobe 1 Mirrored Wardrobe 1 Desk w/ storage shelf 1 Media Unit 1 Coffee Table
  13. Thanks a lot!! I'll defo use them then
  14. Hi Toytown,    I'm looking for movers to move my stuff from Munich to London. No packing services needed, just around 20-25 boxes and a few random items like skis. Does anyone know any companies offering this service and that does not charge an arm and a leg? Thanks! Cheers Tem
  15. 2 bikes for sale

    Road bike is gone!