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  2. Please delete this post

    Hey everyone,   SantaCon will be in Munich. Dress like Santa, meet some people, have some drinks and see some christmas markets!   December 9, 2017. Check out this link for more info:    
  3. Hey all,   I am recently insured, but don't have my Insurance card yet. I do have the "Mitgliedsbescheinigung" though. The one I have to give to my boss. He's seen it and gave it back, now do I have to wait for my insurance card before I go to the doctor? Or can I just show them the Bescheinigung paper that says I'm insured??? Thank you!
  4. Hey guys,   is hiring illegal employees is as popular here as it is back in America?   I'm looking for some work in a restaurant, anything from washing dishes to waiting tables or working the bar. I have an au-pair visa and can not get a working visa on top of that, but would like a second income.   Might any bars or restaurants give me a break and use my help in their kitchen - off the books - or can this never happen in Germany?