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  1. 2013 (bought new here in Munich in 2015) Trek Mountain Bike - Pic below   26" wheels - 22.5" frame - 21 speed   comes with lock and mud flaps   Asking €165 - Pick up near Theresienstrasse subway (Luisenstrasse 80798)   PM or email    
  2. Hi everyone!    I am moving and would greatly appreciate your help!   The following items are for sale (pic below). I will take the best offer. Please PM or email (   Pick up on Luisenstrasse, in Munich (80798) - Near Theresienstrasse subway stop   1) Storage containers / baskets 2) HP 4500 Printer (works perfectly / no ink) - 3) Extra large yoga mat 4) Clothes drying rack 5) Yoga / massage roller (not foam) 6) Honeywell fan (2 speed)  7) USB Creative Lab speakers 8) Soccer balls (full size and small + air pump) 9) Food containers  10) Weights (Four 2kg weights and four 0.5kg weights)      
  3. I'm slashing prices! Links have been updated
  4. And some weights -    Set of 2 - 4x 2kg pieces and 4x 0.5kg pieces. The handles are about 36cm long: €20    
  5. Hi all,   Moving end of the year and my bike is for sale:   Trek Mountain Bike - 2013 - 26" - 21 gears - front suspension   fenders and 80cm ABUS lock included   Asking €223 - I live near Theresienstrasse ubahn stop.   Check out the pics here:    
  6. Also a bike!   Trek 26" Mountain Bike
  7. Hey everyone, I will be moving just after Christmas and I am slowly selling some things. Take a look at the following links for details and pics:   I leave near Theresienstrasse subway stop. We could meet somewhere central to exchange the goods or of course come by and pick it up.   HP Printer Scanner €23 -    Honeywell Fan / ventilator - about 25cm big €20 -    Massage / yoga roller - it's not foam, but a stiffer more plastic like material €10 -    USB desktop speakers €7 -    Karate outfit - Gi - in black with white belt - €9  
  8. Hi everyone,   I have this for sale. Used only twice:   I leave near Theresienstrasse Ubahn stop. I could meet somewhere central to exchange the goods.   Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone,   I have the two following items up for sale:   I live near Theresienstrasse Ubahn stop. Could meet somewhere central to exchange goods.   Thank you!