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  1. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Any idea what something like SteuerGo charges?  Their website is vague.  It says try it free and then it says you are charged when you finish.  For my Social Security retirement income from the US and my wife's 15,000€ job here, with no house, no investment income, etc, my wife's Steuerberater charges about 550€ for the Steuererklarung.
  2. Here is one recomendation:   Dr. Lutz Reimann, Tögelstrasse 4, 01257 Dresden, Tel. 2816588
  3. Hi Ronald,   I'm checking with a nurse and a doctor that I know in Dresden to see if they have information.  If I hear from them, I will let you know.   Gary Hohenstein aus Meißen
  4. Taxation Question, US Federal Retirement & TSP

    Is it regular Social Security that you are talking about that you qualify for at a minimum 62 years old?  That is fully taxable in Germany as is all of your income from the US.  I have a private pension from a hospital that I am taxed on here.  I've been here for 7 years and have to pay German income tax since I have residency here.  And I also file a US income tax return.
  5. Do Not Resuscitate - DNR in Germany

      I can tell you as an EMT in New York State for a number of years, when we had a call that required CPR, if we were presented immediately with what appeared  to be a proper and legal DNR, we did not do CPR.  This happened a couple of times on my calls.  However, if the DNR was at all questionable, or if CPR was already started before the DNR was presented to us, then we had to continue until we got to the hospital.  Have no idea how this works in Germany, though.    I do know that in Germany, the Patientenverfügung must be very accurately filled out because, as I found out with my wife recently, if you write "no extraordinary efforts"  the doctors will say that almost everything, including CPR, is an ordinary procedure today and will do what they want.