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  1. English radio in germany for traffic news, ice etc

    When I have to drive around here, I go to  on my smart phone, zoom in on where I am, and click on Traffic or Verkehr  and you will see all the traffic, accidents, construction, etc.  You can also use it as a GPS (Navi) and it will steer you around traffic jams.
  2. Do you like living in Germany?

    Like CynthiaM, I also don't really like it here.  I'm from New York, married to a German woman and I'm German-American (my father was born in Bremen in 1921) !  Even though I've lived here since 2010, I still fell like a foreigner.  OK, my German is only Between B1 and B2 but at my age learning a language is difficult.  As soon as I start to say something in German, the question is "do you come from Britian or the US?"  My wife used to handle all the German stuff but she had a stroke 2 years ago and she can't manage the Amts and Krankenversicherung any more  so I go it alone.  People overall are not too friendly but I do find that Germans here in the east are more friendly than up north.  There is only one guy that I could slightly call  a friend, and certainly none of my neighbors.  Because of my wife's medical problem, I am basically stuck here although I try to visit my children and grandchildren in NY a couple times a year.  I really can't see why younger people would come here at all !!
  3. Ticket kontrolle rules

    While it would by interesting to know why he asked the question, I would really like to know the answer to his question.  Especially since there are people posing as inspectors to get money from you.