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  1. The legacy of Merkel.

    The ones before weren't fleeing from war, they were fleeing from having to work and coming here to have that id##t Merkel pay them to sit around here and rob and rape people !
  2. Zero Covid

    Other vaccines don't work either.  I know more people who are vaccinated and got 1 or 2 boosters and wore those stupid masks all the time and still got Corona.  Just a money making gimmick
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    Good, it is about time.  Now Lufthansa cabin crew will have to find something else to harass their passengers about !!
  4. My wife and I have lived in Germany for almost 3 years. She is a German national who had lived in the US for 17 years and then wanted to come home to go to a Berufsschule for retraining as a Arzt Assistenin. She will be finished this year but for this type of job the yearly pay is only about 12K €. I will be 62 this year and can start collecting Social Security - about US$20K if I take it now.   The question is - if I get US Social Security do I have to pay German or US income tax on it? In the US, the $20K or so that I would get per year would not be taxed because of the small amount. Since this money was neither accumulated during a life of working in Germany or paid to me by the German government I don't see why it should be taxed here. And I'm sure I'll get soaked for taxes here! I know I will have to claim the income to TK for my medical insurance so there is no point in trying to hide it - they know that by 65 or 66 I will certainly be taking it.