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  1.   I think this should be in the Top 10 : (it must be someones birthday today !!)      
  2.   I don't care how many there are, don't even know who he or she is!  But it would be nice if they are going to make changes to let the members of the community know.  Is that too much to expect?
  3. You're not referring to the Mods by any chance ? 
  4. I had been wondering about this too.
  5. I get packages of food and clothing from my daughter in  the US all the time.  First, the value has to be less than something like 35€ or they may access tax.  I don't think this includes the shipping cost.  Also, NO medications or vitamins.  And anything from Ebay or China will be checked out. My daughter lists the shipment as presents.  If she sends clothes, it is washed first and sent as used clothing.  Cookies, candy, chocolates, even pork cracklings have been no problem.   I have lived here for almost 8 years and learned this from experience and several trips, years ago only, to the Zollamt 30 km away.
  6. I have had Techniker Krankenkasse now for 7 years.  Their website has almost no English information, as far as I have found , except for a short introduction.  When I call them at HQ in Hamburg, after awhile on hold I will get someone that can speak some English but the information is not always accurate or consistant (I know-same problem with most insurance companies).   When I can, I go to their local office in Dresden where, after a moderate wait, they will usually get someone who speaks "some" English.  I found this best since I'm not hanging on the phone trying to understand them.   But overall, TK is very good.  My wife had a stroke last August and was in the Rehab hospital for 8 months.  Not too many problems with TK covering most of the expense and therapy.  Now we are into therapists  at home so we'll see how that goes.
  7. Returning to Germany