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  1. I have had Techniker Krankenkasse now for 7 years.  Their website has almost no English information, as far as I have found , except for a short introduction.  When I call them at HQ in Hamburg, after awhile on hold I will get someone that can speak some English but the information is not always accurate or consistant (I know-same problem with most insurance companies).   When I can, I go to their local office in Dresden where, after a moderate wait, they will usually get someone who speaks "some" English.  I found this best since I'm not hanging on the phone trying to understand them.   But overall, TK is very good.  My wife had a stroke last August and was in the Rehab hospital for 8 months.  Not too many problems with TK covering most of the expense and therapy.  Now we are into therapists  at home so we'll see how that goes.
  2. Returning to Germany

  3. Have German businesses become lazy?

    Typisch Deutsch.  I hate doing business here.
  4. Am I obligated to do my Federal taxes?

    Here is some general information.  I am also American and send my tax return to the IRS weather I owe taxes or not just so they have something on file.   "when I don't do any work in the United States and maded way less than 10,000 Dollars. "  So you have no income from the US (  includes working, investments, interest, etc) and the 10,000 is from Germany?   If you make less than $10,350.00 from all income in the US, you normally don't have to file.  If you want to file, you just use the 1040 form same as you would in the US and mail it to the address for foreign filers.  You can choose to file as "married filing separately"   Also if you have more than $10,000 total in a foreign (inc. German) bank accounts you have to file a FBAR report every year   You can message  me if you have more questions.  I'm currently working on my IRS forms!!  (I am not a tax accountant and don't take what I advise as absolute facts - just my advice)
  5. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Any idea what something like SteuerGo charges?  Their website is vague.  It says try it free and then it says you are charged when you finish.  For my Social Security retirement income from the US and my wife's 15,000€ job here, with no house, no investment income, etc, my wife's Steuerberater charges about 550€ for the Steuererklarung.
  6. Here is one recomendation:   Dr. Lutz Reimann, Tögelstrasse 4, 01257 Dresden, Tel. 2816588
  7. Hi Ronald,   I'm checking with a nurse and a doctor that I know in Dresden to see if they have information.  If I hear from them, I will let you know.   Gary Hohenstein aus Meißen
  8. Taxation Question, US Federal Retirement & TSP

    Is it regular Social Security that you are talking about that you qualify for at a minimum 62 years old?  That is fully taxable in Germany as is all of your income from the US.  I have a private pension from a hospital that I am taxed on here.  I've been here for 7 years and have to pay German income tax since I have residency here.  And I also file a US income tax return.