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  1. Do Not Resuscitate - DNR in Germany

      I can tell you as an EMT in New York State for a number of years, when we had a call that required CPR, if we were presented immediately with what appeared  to be a proper and legal DNR, we did not do CPR.  This happened a couple of times on my calls.  However, if the DNR was at all questionable, or if CPR was already started before the DNR was presented to us, then we had to continue until we got to the hospital.  Have no idea how this works in Germany, though.    I do know that in Germany, the Patientenverfügung must be very accurately filled out because, as I found out with my wife recently, if you write "no extraordinary efforts"  the doctors will say that almost everything, including CPR, is an ordinary procedure today and will do what they want.
  2.     I bring melatonin back with me from the US every time I travel - never had a problem with 3-4 containers.  It's ridiculous what you can't get in Germany or have to buy it at an Apotheke at 5 times the price.
  3. Regrets on making a permanent move to Germany

      I was sort of in a similar situation.  I grew up in a German-American family in New York; my father and grandparents and their friends spoke a lot of German.  My sister and I were told " You are Americans, Speak English.  You don't have to learn German"  Well now, I'm 66 and I have lived in Germany for 7 years with my German wife.  Even with my background, I find it difficult here with the culture and learning the language.  I always wondered why Germans in the US seemed a bit strange and rude - well they are the same here so it's hard for a New Yorker to get used to.  If I had it to do again, I wouldn't come here.  I can speak passable German (maybe B1 level) and my most interesting experience here was taking all my German classes with all the various foreigners that I met and still correspond with.  Try to learn at least advanced intermediate German (B2) before you come here.   So some other advice for you.  Unless you have a burning desire to come here and are prepared for a stressful experiece and looking forward to that kind of thing, I would stay in the US.  You might do better in a small city, a better climate and mostly English speaking people than where you are now.  The Southwest is the last place I would have gone to in the US.  But there are just as many problems here with illegal immigrants who just don't want to learn German, or integrate, and want to keep speaking their own languages.  I visited Germany back in the 80's with my father and it was a much better country then, even with the wall !  My wife is an East German so I hope she doesn't see this !  Ha !
  4. New York apparently doesn't require the license to be sent back.  Six years ago when I got my German license and they took my NY one, I just emailed NY DMV that I had lost it and needed a replacement.  Was in the mail a couple weeks later.  Of course, I still maintain a US address so they weren't sending it to Germany.  I have renewed the NY license once since then with no prolem either.
  5. As mentioned, talk to the owner and follow up with a letter to him in case any damage should happen and see if you can get the police to stop by and talk to her.  Keep in mind that some people just don't like foreign looking people but there are Sri Lankans, Turks, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. that also like to hassle people here that aren't the same color or religion as they so it works both ways.  You can't get upset every time someone  doesn't like you. And by the way, one of the nicest people I had in all the German classes I took was a woman from Sri Lanka - married to a Scot and still living here in Germany.
  6. Unique Blue Card Situation -- Need Help

      I guess your reason was just stupidity, huh?  That's no reason to complain to engelchen who always gives good advice here.  Damn Amurikans !!
  7. German Post from America

        I agree.  We already paid for shipping and that means to my house, not to the Zoll some 25 km from my house.  Those Beamters can do some work for a change.   
  8. Only in America...

    As Lisa says, Pigs in a Blanket have been around for a long time.  And by the way, Trader Joes is owned by Aldi, the German company.