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  1. Bike locked up

    Take your keys and photos to the police and ask them. Surely the actual to-be-bike-thief wouldn't do that if Spidey's speculation is correct.  
  2. Bike locked up

      Somehow, I just can't picture this scenario. How would it pan out?    I still say go to the police first and ask them.
  3. Bike locked up

      Erm...a receipt for purchase perhaps?
  4. Bike locked up

    I'd go to the police and ask them what to do. If it's a scam, they will know about it.
  5. There was a new law passed the other day that said e scooters are now allowed on bike paths and the road. I don't know any more details but I think it was just for Munich. 
  6. Trump proposes new green card requirements

    Trump has set the bar so high for new immigrants that most Americans would have to leave if held to the same standards.
  7. What made you laugh today?

      Even funnier - do a search of Hunter Biden crack pipe and check out the websites that are carrying the story. Hilarious! Fox News won't even touch it.
  8. Rental woes in Berlin

      Again, something to ask them or look for it in the rental contract. We just don't know.
  9. Rental woes in Berlin

    Do they have a key for you? Most flats don't come with 4 keys.   Ask them about anmeldung. Actually, ask them everything that you are asking us.   Come back if you think that something in the contract sounds dodgy. .    
  10. I've just posted a silly photo

    Copulating with the Stars.
  11. What made you laugh today?

    Yes, many people like it. When it first came to the U.S. it was used as garnish all around salad bars and considered inedible but it stayed green for a long time.    We did learn in a cooking course in Tuscany that is was and is used in a lot of "poor man" soups and stews which are still very popular today.
  12. E-car tips

    We had to wait 4 months to get our Skoda after ordering.   Just saying.
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

    Samantha Bee recommends sex education for the senators who are currently voting for the most archaic abortion laws in the U.S.
  14.   It's called the Electoral College where one can win without getting the most votes.
  15.   Why bother what? Are you saying that we shouldn't vote or what?
  16. What are you cooking today?

    Someone put up a great sounding meat marinade the other day and then another person put up a different version of it. Could someone please direct me to which thread they were in? I have 2 beef filets thawing out now.   Thanks!!
  17. I've just posted a silly photo

    Forgetful Freddie's car. or Early sign of Alzheimer's.
  18. Why are you unhappy today?

      I'm sorry but everyone who appeared on the show were ignorant. Just like Jerry Springer.
  19. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'm so terribly sorry, Luke. I hope that you, your dad and all who loved her can find some peace.   Big virtual hugs to you.
  20. Why are you unhappy today?

      And for very good reason.   What rubbish TV. Just like Jerry Springer.   Pure sensationalism at any cost.
  21. Wonderful Chicken Pox!

    Thanks and no worries.