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  1. Rental woes in Berlin

    It's a closet. Probably a tiny Kinderzimmer or Abstellraum. Doesn't sound too cheap to me.
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    And more congrats!!!
  3. Signing up for a dentist's billing company shouldn't effect your credit score unless you intend on not paying your bills just like any other bills you might owe.   I don't know how many dentists your insurance will pay for you to go see  in "rapid succession" just to check them out. An appointment is an appointment and someone will get charged.   I do know that my dentist will work on a billing plan if I just tell her and she notifies her billing company. I haven't done it but it is available by asking.   Do you not have any friends or colleagues in Ddorf who can recommend a good dentist?
  4. Why are you happy today?

    I just got back from the Joe Bonamassa concert.   My life is complete.   I can die now.
  5. What are you cooking today?

      My fav peeler is the OXO Good Grip. They even sell them in Germany now. I gift them to people when I stay with them so I can use it. Also good for skinning carrots, asparagus, etc.
  6. I wonder if zerohedge will be copying that Times story.
  7. I have to admit that, as much as I like Aldi, Lidl etc., I never buy meat there. I do, however, buy their Norwegian farmed Lachs.   I have found premium products as well. By premium I mean, tastes better than the typical brands in other stores. Aldi does a quite nice Champagne, for example. The pecans at Lidl are very affordable and not the tiny little dried up ones you get everywhere else.   Never met a rude employee because there aren't any other than the cashiers who are efficient and usually friendly. You know what you are getting when you shop in every store so just avoid the ones that you simply don't like.
  8. Buying a Property

    Welcome to Toytown!   Have you checked out all the other threads about buying property in Berlin with the search function? If not, maybe you start there and then come back with any questions which haven't already been answered. If you have, which questions are remaining?
  9. The only problem that I have with our fairly new, clean and friendly Edeka is that they seldom have what they offer on sale in their weekly newsletters which I get per email. They also did away with their fresh fish department. Hardly ever any new products either. Still nice to shop there, though, for the other reasons I mentioned. I was in there a week or so ago and asked a young man if they had Sangrita Pikante. He looked all around and then pulled out his phone and Googled it. Above and beyond.
  10.   The staff only gets paid to work from their necks down.   Report them to the proper authorities.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Surely ice cream products aren't the only sloppy, wet missiles available. C'mon people! Get creative. You're not trying.
  12.   Surely that has nothing to do with Bayer buying Monsanto. 
  13. rate a tradesman type website? is the most recommended site on TT, I believe. It is in multiple existing threads. I just searched for tradesman website and got a lot of hits.   The search function is your friend.