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  1. What made you laugh today?

    I bet it is on Sunday.
  2. Long term sick, with big bank loan to pay back

  3. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    As opposed to gaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooool.
  4. Problem with Zollamt

      Still a PITA to have to go get one's mail during working hours.
  5. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    To be fair, maybe the No Smoking signs were in Russian.
  6. Problem with Zollamt

    I have nothing but am just as flummoxed as you are.
  7. Simulating Sitzpinkeln

    That sticker doesn't fit with the decor in my WC.
  8. Problem with Zollamt

      Was that Deutsche Post? If so, my guess is that it would still get stopped at customs but I know nothing.   Are you a member of Deep State by any chance?
  9. Returning to Germany

    I feel you, bro.   Damn, I ordered a pair of shorts on Fri. afternoon and they arrived Sat. morning. Those bureaucrats really need to be schooled. 
  10. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    Oh, that's just that silly thing that I get every day now on Yahoo news and most other websites that I visit. Mine is in German, though, based on my location. I have to click OK or whatever on the bottom to get in.  
  11. Never mind the terminology, we've all seen the pictures or children being kept in crowded cages WITHOUT their parents. Why separate them? That is my question. They would surely be more comfortable in the same accommodation if their parents/family were with them so it would be much more humane.
  12. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    Apparently some seem to have missed the bit about Maradona making a racist gesture to an Asian fan and his response/non-denial to those who criticized him.   Nuff said about Maradona. Today is a new day.
  13. Simulating Sitzpinkeln

      Yes, we do but we need our distractions.
  14. Simulating Sitzpinkeln

    I have to ask this question - how do you tell a grown up male guest how to urinate when they come to visit? Does it just come up in conversation or do you lay it on him while he is removing his shoes? While Himself is a Sitzpinkler, I just couldn't instruct someone else on how to do it.   We keep a pack of those moist cleaning wipes in the cabinet above the toilet. Ever so easy to wipe the rim and floor if someone splatters.
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sorry to hear that, Malty. They don't believe you are untrustworthy - they just have guidelines to follow.    Back in the day when I was being investigated for Q clearance to be able to work in certain areas of a nuclear facility, I was amazed at the questions that they asked people who knew me. I got the clearance but was still curious so I got copies of everything through the Freedom of Information Act.   When It comes to being in debt, if that was the reason (even though you aren't), their reason may be that you could be easily bribed by someone to gain classified info. That is how they operate.    Disappointed with you and holding your hand.