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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

    FFS, one person used the word hassle. That same person has given good advice. Get over it.
  2. Non payment from house sale

    In order to pay a deposit to secure the property until one can sort out a loan, a hefty deposit might help.   Although I do see where I might be mixing the two up.   Better chance of getting a loan with a good down payment as well. Not so much risk for the bank and a better mortgage rate perhaps.   Thanks, lisa13 and jeba.
  3. Non payment from house sale

    Every home owner that I know in Germany saved up a hefty down payment before buying except for the ones who inherited homes.        
  4. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Beautiful, DD!!
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    Step # 1 in How to Not Get Votes -    
  6. German labor laws for sick days

      So there are more like neurologists, etc.   Thanks for confirming that I was right and you were wrong.   It's good to be right.
  7. German labor laws for sick days

      So this was just part of your Disinformation Campaign then?
  8. Apartment contract cancelled

    Please go to the Mietverein. They can answer all of your questions.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    Remember that scans are also used to rule out certain things.   Hugs, Spidey.
  10.   If there is no mortgage left on the rental.
  11. How to stay friends with a friend

  12. Only in America...

    KFC scented fire logs
  13. Apartment contract cancelled

    Sounds like a plan. Head on over to the Mietverien after.   Good luck!
  14. Apartment contract cancelled