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  1. Others parking in my paid slot

    When considering getting a sign made, how about Parking here costs € 25 per day payable to ....?
  2. Letter of Attorney for an apartment handover??

    The handover isn't just about giving the keys back. That is when the landlord or whoever represents him/her does a complete inspection. You will then be charged for any damages (sometimes whether you did it or not), etc. I think you really should be there if at all possible.   It does sound like the Hausverwaltung are being reasonable if they are accepting the new tenant and letting you leave without a 3 month notice which is standard in most rental contracts. Hopefully, it will be an easy transition.
  3. Complete FAIL

    We can now call them They All Look Alike News.
  4.   So why didn't Charles Harder mention this if it was the case for not publishing?
  5.   Time to change the water in your bong, Mate.
  6. As a landlord, I would want to be notified of any such infestation and have it taken care of properly at my own cost. I would also want to know if the infestation was in other units so that I could notify other landlords via the Hausverwaltung and maybe come up with a joint solution.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      Sorry, the storm raged all night and I didn't sleep. Mixed up my days a bit.
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    The news about a horrible bridge collapse in Genoa yesterday is all over the radio news in Slovenia today. We experienced the same storm tucked away in our marina. So awful and sad.   here
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    Why did the chicken cross the ocean?
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      TBH, I'm surprised that such a property in that location doesn't cost much, much more.   I have perhaps a silly question but am curious. What would be the top 5 "freedoms" that the Brexiteers think they will be getting back that the EU took away from them?
  11. new pedal scooter for sale

    I guess the burning question is why do you regret it?
  12. Don't buy a house in Germany

      How would such a policy in Germany be meant to provide global benefit? 
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

  14. Politics Gen XYZ

  15. Jury awards terminally ill man $289 million in lawsuit against Monsanto.   Finally, the truth is out about glyphosate.        They are facing 100's more lawsuits.