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  1. Funny observations from daily life situations

    They probably had washing machines.   I cannot imagine being so observant about what other people wear.
  2. Post inaguration fall-out

        I don't know. I would think that the people with that much access inside the WH would have to sign some kind of non-disclosure agreement in order to work there.   We know there are leaks coming out as with every admin and they are trying to find the culprits. The other leaks aren't so specific, though.   I'm in a quagmire of "I believe nothing" or "I believe everything" with this White House.          
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    Good thing the second drone got the shot.
  4. Post inaguration fall-out

      I don't believe that is real. Too much detail that would give away the identity.            
  5. Only in America...

    Death row inmates in Arizona should bring their own lethal injection drugs.      
  6. Post inaguration fall-out

    Another one bites the dust.   Senior Trump appointee fired after critical comments              
  7. Funny observations from daily life situations

    Doesn't part of the cost of a company car have to be declared as income for the employee who drives it?   That's why Himself never accepted one but that has been some years ago.   
  8. Option list on new laptop driving me crazy!

    Get rid of it and use what you know. It's just another Microsoft product.   I use FF and Chrome with my W 10.
  9. Option list on new laptop driving me crazy!

    I made the mistake of buying the pretty pink Asus Zenbook a few years ago. The keys are black with pretty pink letters. Can't see them even when a little bit dark. Tried the USB thing but it didn't help - only drained the battery. Luckily, I can type fairly well without looking at the keyboard but sometimes it's a pain.
  10. Post inaguration fall-out

    Fraufruit read the article twice and listened to the rally speech twice before putting it up.   As for the Munich Security conference, John McCain took the piss out of Trump.
  11. Methinks Metall has more than 6 knives.   I keep all of mine on a magnet strip on the wall --- out of the way and takes no precious counter space.   Tip - does not work for ceramic knives. 
  12. Eating Beaver, Would you?

    @Metall  I think Janx is just yanking your chain.   There are, however, loads of beaver recipes on the internet for crockpot, roasting, grilling, etc.   If you kill one and cook it, I want a taste.
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    I did some reading and it seems cats don't like the texture of aluminum foil and they hate to step on double sided tape. These are remedies people used to keep their cats off of the counter top. Maybe you can incorporate it with your stove knobs/switches somehow.