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  1. I believe everyone was in shock. Especially the people walking across the bridge just after probably thinking, "Oh my god! What if I had come through here 10 minutes earlier!?"   Not everyone is a rubbernecker. I would have looked away. There were already people there tending to the victims. When we crawl by bad accidents on the Autobahn, I always turn my head away.
  2. Oh, I see. This is when Dubai isn't your final destination. I guess they figure that all the other people in the area before security could give you something to take on the plane.
  3. Meters on German radiators - central heating

    Our landlord installed a new radiator in or bathroom. Himself kept calling and reminding them to come install the meter. 6 months later, they did. I reckon we got some free heating but it probably won't show up on the bill.
  4.   I have to do that at point of entry airports when I fly to the US. Go through immigration , collect my baggage, recheck it, go through customs and then through security twice before going to my next gate.
  5. Thanks for that insight, MAM.   That doesn't answer arunadasi's question about travelers who are originating from the Middle Easter hubs, though, with final destinations in the UK or US.   Also curious as to how one could route one's trip and avoid using those hubs. Wouldn't it take much longer? Which hubs would they use then?
  6. Yes, and most US airports are dominated by one airline or another. That is normal everywhere.   How does the ban give US airlines an advantage? That was my question. Type slowly, please.
  7.   I don't understand your reasoning here when the US airlines would have to follow the same guidelines of banning large electronics from those same countries. What advantage would they have?
  8. Suffrage for children

    My kids were more prone to trying to still little metal things into sockets, not their fingers.
  9. Meds, pajamas and laptop always in my hand luggage. Do read and watch movies on the plane. I need my laptop when I arrive. Fortunately, I won't be traveling to/from the designated countries with the laptop ban.   Many business people need their laptops on the plane for work. Himself used to do his travel expense report on the way home from his business travels among other things so that he could sleep in the next day with his jet lag. 
  10.   Or very small altitude detonators. That's what a commercial pilot told me years ago.
  11. Only certain countries in the Middle East and Africa have this ban. According to everything else I read on TT, terrorists are rampant in every country. Ergo, the ban is useless.
  12. I've had my laptop swiped for chemicals several times at security. It's always in my carry-on.   This is the part that isn't true. There is no security at the final gate or planeside.
  13. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2016

    It's a start      
  14. I've traveled with spare batteries in checked luggage as well as in carry on luggage that was taken away at the gate and put in the plane's luggage compartment for me to collect when I landed. I've never seen carry on luggage inspected at the gate after which one has already passed through security.
  15. OK. Reservation for 7 confirmed.    See you there!