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  1. On the sick with no money from anywhere!

    If your medication isn't helping with the panic attacks, perhaps you should try a different one. I've been on Insidon for years and it helps with depression and anxiety.   Not a doc. Just saying.
  2. This pretty much explains the whole thing.
  3. Damaged hardwood floor in rented apartment

    Only if it is damaged - re deep scratches and gouges.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Always makes me happy to see Malty happy and having a good day.
  5. Tell them that you might be interested after the Makler contract runs out if they reduce the price by the 20% that you mentioned. Don't sign anything.    My reasoning is, if they haven't sold it by then, they will be desperate and it is meant to be your house.
  6.   Everyone who is different from them basically.   Personally, I believe they probably hate themselves but are unaware and unenlightened.   The common denominator is fear.    
  7.   Nope. They did it because they are white supremacist neo-nazis and full of hatred. 
  8. Hundreds of white supremacists did the exact same thing in Charlottesville, Virginia and none of them got beaten up.
  9. Have you offered to pay a "pet deposit" like it's done in the U.S.?
  10. Join the Mietverein, make an appointment and take all documents with you. Take your German speaking boyfriend as well. They can advise you on your rights.   Seems to me that, if the landlord signed off you your leaving and told you it was no problem then it shouldn't be a problem. The others will have to share the rent or get another tenant to take your place.     Curious as to how she "forced" you. I hope you can stand up to the bullying next time.
  11. When my friend's bathroom was unusable, his landlord had to put him up in a hotel until the repairs were completed. Didn't take long then.
  12. The Amazon Echo Dot and Privacy, a review

    Later responding because I am traveling.   I have no problems with people knowing that I exist because, well...I do.   TT is a public forum so of course there is no privacy here.   I not only hate targeted ads - I hate all ads and avoid them as much as possible. I use AdBlock and I don't watch TV ads. If I want or need something, I am perfectly capable of informing myself about what is available.   I still have my old Hotmail email account although it is now Outlook. I get almost zero spam ads and not too many phishing scams which I report.   I know that nothing on the internet is private. I just avoid putting myself out there as much as possible including no data or GPS on my mobile which I keep turned off most of the time.  
  13. The Amazon Echo Dot and Privacy, a review

    It isn't the government that I'm "paranoid" about, it's all the marketing profiling that's being done. Yes, we have VOIP phones but that doesn't bother me. Anyone listening would just be bored to death.
  14. I'm so sorry that you have 2 children who are autistic. Can't imagine how difficult that is. So the 3rd one lives with you?   We should all count our blessings.   Still don't understand why you don't get maintenance for all of your children. It takes 2 to make them.
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    Yes, Nick, but that is par for the course for Trump. (pun intended) We've heard it all before. He still can't stop talking about how he won the election.