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  1. What made you laugh today?

    This couture copy of the Ikea bag.
  2. What made you laugh today?

    I almost put that in the fail thread today.
  3. Dear Cobblestone Streets,

    What are high heels?
  4. Random verbal altercation today

    Our car was broken into twice in our underground garage and we had a bicycle stolen. Our car insurance paid for the break-ins and our Haushaltsversicherung paid for the bike. We reported all to our Hausverwaltung and police and were given a more public and secure parking space.   Be sure to report it to the police and to the Hausverwaltung.    
  5. It is still the renter's responsibility to report any damage that is occurring of which he/she may or may not be responsible. You let this go on since Feb. so it probably got much worse and will cost more to repair. If the Hausmeister doesn't take care, one must inform the owner.
  6. Alimony and child support in Germany

    Oh. OK. Better that he left then. Kids see/feel everything.
  7.   Did you not contact the Hausmeister/owner when you returned to have the work done?
  8. Alimony and child support in Germany

      Does he think his daughter would be better off living with him? Sounds pretty bad at home.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    And he's in Washington...
  10. Without reading your German link, what is the point of taking fingerprints if not to save them or to compare to another data base of other saved fingerprints?
  11. Alimony and child support in Germany

    We don't know the situation or why he is out. He could be paying guilt money and it is by choice. Himself did the same for two years until they went for their divorce and the judge told her to get a full time job because Himself couldn't live off of what was left. I think he was ordered to pay less than half of what he had been paying. As I said, it was his choice.   ETA - Your friend could also just be a generous and kind human being.
  12. German town lists my property for auction

    If I were you, I'd stop worrying about the others and lawyer up.