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  1.   You are most welcome to organize a bring your own food Biergarten event.   For people like me who have only been in Germany for 30+ years, any outside eating is called a Biergarten.
  2. What does your lawyer say?
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

      Because Trump and his followers and Qanon didn't start it. 
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      Wait. What? You watch his vids?
  5. Of course except I need to hang onto my cash instead. I'm not a long term investor any more - living from my investments.   The dividends do keep rolling in.
  6. I believe it. It has been quite a ride.    Don't sell, don't lose. It will get back up.
  7. Only in America

  8. Only in America

    Why did it take so long is the question.
  9. Why are you happy today?

    I did the same when I recently traveled. It was at someone's suggestion, probably you. Then, when they lost my luggage, as they do, I had a photo for them. 
  10. Why are you happy today?

    I was going to ask if it was the yellow one. Mine is neon green.
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Charged how much?
  12. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Speaking of batteries-     here
  13. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      I was wondering that myself.
  14. Cannabis legalisation in Germany 2022

      Ron DeSantis is trying to ban tobacco in Florida at the mo.   People will just buy it in other states and Florida will lose all the tobacco tax money.