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  1. Do you know your colleagues complete medical history?   I'm sure there is no foreigner conspiracy.   I have a PSA in case anyone else experiences this. Today, my injection site became itchy so I thought OK it's healing. Upon further inspection I noticed it was red all around it, swollen, hard and hot. No other symptoms. (Himself wanted to call a doc to come to the house) I put an ice pack on it and called a paramedic friend of mine. She told me to draw a circle around the red area, take some Ibu or Paracetamol and keep an eye on it. Later she sent me this article which is exactly what I have.   No worries.   I am not a doctor so feel free to seek real medical advice if you have the same symptoms.  
  2. Coronavirus

      Don't you mean outside the pubs or are they now allowed inside? The vast majority of pubs in London don't have outdoor seating capacity. I saw that yesterday but then things change swiftly.   I saw a report on CNN about Brazil a while ago. They said that 50% of people on ventilators are in their 40's. Lovely variants they are producing there.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    So here we are, talking about corona again. 
  4. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Anyone else getting a whiff of co-dependency in here?
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I'm flummoxed as to what we all talked about pre-corona? It is now the beginning, middle and end of all conversations with everyone.   Does anyone remember?
  6. I will go ahead and put this whole thing right here if you don't mind -        
  7. Where to hide comfortably

    Is the number 1.2 million coincidental or not?     rest here
  8. Coronavirus

    As for the mental health part, covid long haulers are committing suicide because they are so sick and lose hope of ever getting better - NOT because of lockdown and isolation.   here
  9. Roommate eviction: Drug use

  10. Roommate eviction: Drug use

      It's not up to him. Your landlord will let you move if you give a 3 month notice and she offered you another flat.  You said so.   Put in your notice and GTFOT.   He is not the boss of you.
  11. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Is the "free" flat in the same building? Does your roommate know where it is? 
  12. Coronavirus

    I took the first one offered. Himself has a whole one day wait to get his preference.   We really don't know how fortunate we are. This is beyond awful -    
  13. Coronavirus

    Things get more confusing by the day. As I mentioned, Himself got an appointment for Biontech at the Impfzentrum and canceled his appointment for AZ at his Hausarzt. His Hausarzt just rang him and said the AZ is much better than Biontech and that all the Biontech people will probably need a 3rd jab.   WTF? How is anybody supposed to know what to do?
  14. Only in America...

    The defense closed yesterday in the Chauvin trial. There was some drama over the prosecution calling up a rebuttal witness. If the questioning went the wrong way, the judge said he would declare a mistrial. Goes to the jury on Monday.   As I thought, it was a Gaslight Defense - you didn't see what you saw with an interesting turn from a witness suggesting that the carbon monoxide coming out of the cop car's tailpipe could have contributed to Floyd's death. I kid you not. I think that no one knew if the car was on or off.   Meanwhile -   Guns don't kill people.