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  1. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Have you been in a German course and/or learning from your husband?   Sorry you are getting so much conflicting information. I know how frustrating that can be.   There are many free A1 German tests online that you can try if that is the level required.
  2. Here's a good laugh-      
  3. Perhaps this thread needs updating.
  4. I don't think she can change the locks when her husband is renting the flat and on the rental contract. I assume he is also paying for it since she is out of a job. As long as he is earning and paying and she doesn't want to report him for abuse, she probably won't qualify for ALG II either. I assume he is also paying for food, etc. for her and the kids.   A controller's paradise.    
  5. Still plenty of empty hotel rooms. That has never happened before.
  6. Do you like living in Germany?

      You will probably not be alone. Better book early.   I feel a bit out of place when I go visit in the U.S. When I meet new people there, they will inevitably ask me which church I attend and ask me if I'm Clemson or Carolina - the 2  college sport rivals. They literally say, "Are you Clemson or Carolina?"   I do love eating prime rib, King crab legs, good nachos, etc. when there but have no problem with all of the good food I get here in Germany and I eat much healthier here.   My favorite thing about living here is the feeling of security which includes many things - no guns, affordable good health insurance and feeling secure in retirement. I also appreciate all of the different international cultures here compared to my redneck state of South Carolina. Oh, and I don't need to drive anywhere unless I choose to do so - 3 cheers for public transportation, bike paths and sidewalks everywhere!   And last but not least, we don't have President Trump!
  7. Email addresses leaked

    Just sticking this here for those who may be interested -   New gmail phishing attack    
  8.   Not to many of us.    
  9. @jeremy   It stands to reason that if you believe what is written by yournewswire, you would also cling to the millenniumreport's every word.   How long have those two even pretended to be reputable news sources? They are both Snoped out.
  10. jeremy. Oh, jeremy. Please tell me you don't believe this.
  11. She earned too much to get social help. Hopefully, things will change now.    
  12.   This is the part that I don't understand. Was he reported to the police for his abuse? I'm talking about emotional abuse for you and the kids and possible physical?   Normally, he would have to contribute financially but not have a key.
  13. Decree absolute not enough

    I have never heart of them contacting an ex.   Many moons ago, I had to provide an official German copy of my divorce in the U.S. On some form, I mentioned that this would be my 3rd marriage. They then asked for a translated copy of my first marriage when I was 18. Luckily, it was still on file somewhere and I managed to get a copy.   I've know loads of people getting married over here but never heard about an ex being contacted. Is this new? I can't figure out why unless they want to make sure no alimony or child support is owed.
  14. Buying a used car

    I've known a few to sell their cars because they knew that the next TÜV would probably call for expensive repairs even though the cars were currently in good condition.
  15. The main thing that I don't get is why Trump thinks he can put massive tariffs on imports but he doesn't think that other countries can do the same with U.S. products.   There, I said it.