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  1. Which past members do you miss the most?

    You can't make me.   Seriously, I'm dreaming about taking the train up to N'burg for one of these meetings and looking forward to meeting you as well. Would you show up if I do?
  2. Which past members do you miss the most?

      Elaborate, please.
  3. Which past members do you miss the most?

    I'm beginning to believe that tor is jaycool's alter ego.  
  4. Ordering from Amazon with Amazon Prime

    One of the perks of Prime is the free shipping. When tacking on the shipping costs from the sellers it almost always costs more.   I guess we haven't experienced the logistics shipping yet. We still get everything quickly. I don't pay much attention to who the shipper was.   Hopefully they'll get the kinks worked out. It is a relatively new venture and I'm sure they're getting a lot of complaints.
  5. Cardio exam

      They may well be but both male and female cardiologists can handle both. They do go to the same schools after all.
  6.   here   Will Gates flip?
  7. Got the Flu/Grippe of 2018?

    Back in the day I also had no sick days and only 5 days of "vacation". I had to go to work with pneumonia one year. My carpenter colleagues knocked together a nice wooden box so I could sleep and hide at work.  My foreman was in on it and turned a blind eye. That was back when people took care of each other. 
  8. So Trump thinks that calling active shooter drills in schools "active shooter drills" will scare the children. He thinks the term should be changed as if the students won't know what they are having the drills for. Because kids know nothing, don't watch tv or go on the internet.   here
  9. Jokes

    Ouch!   The better reply might be, "Yesterday?"
  10. Essential Oils Ultrasonic Diffusers? has a lot.
  11. Cardio exam

      I prefer a female gynecologist as do many women. What is wrong with that? 
  12. Cardio exam

    Go to cardio every year - never have to remove pants.    Some places have treadmills for the stress test instead of bikes. Perhaps you could ask if the clinic has them and if not, try somewhere else.   My physio place has blinds on the window but I usually have to ask them to close them. There is some kind of Rolfing class in the building across from ours and they almost never close their blinds so we can see naked/half naked people doing all kinds of strange things. Especially in the evenings when it's dark and they have their lights on.   Are you telling us they made you sit on the bike with no underpants on? That's just gross.
  13. Yes and none of them are rifle proof and kids don't wear their backpacks all day. They only protect part of the back against handguns.
  14. If there are teachers über willing to pack heat every day, I wouldn't want them teaching my kids.
  15. What made you groan today?

    Shock and horror!