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  1. Things to ponder

      Tears of laughter running down my leg.
  2. Complete FAIL

    Took me a minute....
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    Safety last.
  4. ApplePay!

      You meant in Selingenstadt, didn't you?
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      Except for the rising percentage who now say they would have voted remain if they hadn't been misinformed.  '
  6. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Those are questions for the Mietverein. Do join.
  7. Xmas family pictures

    Ugly Xmas sweaters are a thing in the U.S. or at least used to be. There are UCS parties, contests, etc. The tackier the better. My nieces and nephews used to come borrow some of my mom's sweaters for these events. She thought that they just liked them.
  8. What made you smile today?

    I normally upgrade to premium economy where I get either an aisle seat without a neighbor or the whole row. This time I got the same in economy. I should take photos because nobody believes me. Here's my tactic - Book an aisle seat in the middle section of an empty row. Inquire when I check in my baggage if those seats are still empty or if I will have a neighbor sitting next to me. Ask again on the gate. They will show me the seating if I want to choose a new seat. When I have no neighbor, I stick with the seat that I booked. Here's the important part - be the last person to board. Then, when I walk back, I can see if my row is empty or if there are any other empty rows. I take the second seat in an empty row and kind of spread out so nobody will try to sit with me. Other people (especially Germans) won't move into an unassigned seat until the end of boarding is announced and the doors are closed (if then).   I don't always get a whole row but I haven't had a neighbor in years. I avoid flying at peak times - I'm always flexible.
  9. What made you smile today?

    Flew economy on a 10 hr. flight without upgrading to premium. Got a whole row across in the middle with 4 seats. Slept like a baby.
  10. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Did you scratch the floor or was it normal wear and tear (not deep gouges)?   Please go join your local Mietverein where you will get professional advice at a very low cost. Take along the pictures of the damage.
  11. Massive Riots in Paris

    It would be nice if I could drink my coffee in the morning without seeing that term. It isn't funny any more.
  12.   Trump in jail would be a lot less embarrassing that Trump in the Oval Office as he shows us every day.
  13. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he was fired by Donald Trump because he wouldn’t let the president break the law. In an interview with CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on Thursday, Tillerson suggested that his ouster was inevitable because he was constantly telling Trump no ― especially when it came to violating laws. “I’d have to say to him, ‘Mr. President, I understand what you wanna do, but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law, it violates treaty.’ He got really frustrated,” Tillerson said. “I think he grew tired of me being the guy who told him, ‘You can’t do that.’” Tillerson appeared to be speaking broadly, and it’s unclear what treaties the president wanted to violate. But he didn’t pull any punches, and noted that working with Trump was awful because the president didn’t like to read. “What’s challenging for me ... is to go to work for a man who is pretty undisciplined, doesn’t like to read, doesn’t read briefing reports, doesn’t like to get into the details of a lot of things,” he said. “We are starkly different in our styles, we did not have a common value system.”The interview was, as The Washington Post put it, the closest we’ve seen Tillerson get to publicly espousing his real feelings about Trump. Last year, he refused to deny reports that he referred to Trump as a “moron,” but he’s never publicly accused the president of attempting to break the law.In March, Tillerson was canned by Trump in favor of Mike Pompeo. He told Schieffer that he’d never met the president “until the day he asked me to be secretary of state.”“He acts on his instincts; in some respects, that looks like impulsiveness,” Tillerson said. “But it’s not his intent to act on impulse. I think he really is trying to act on his instincts.” Trump tweeted a response to the comments Friday afternoon, praising Pompeo and attacking Tillerson as “lazy.”   Twitter Ads info and privacy “His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed,” the president said of Pompeo. Tillerson “was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!” 
  14. Impeachment would be a good start -     more here