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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Nobody ever needed "speed" to keep them going. I also experimented with it when I was young. Luckily never needed or got addicted to it. They probably didn't pick you up because you looked like a speed freak. 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Yes, many are able to travel on cheap package holidays and some even annually. Driving to France or Spain, however, is the equivalent of me driving from South Carolina to Florida or Louisiana.    But you're right, they left the island.
  3.   the rest   What a difference a few days make.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      I agree as many have never left the island in the same way that many Americans have never traveled outside of their own state.
  5. Go home and do it on your computer.   That is what I would do. I think you and I are one and the same when it comes to technology.  
  6. Rental contract cancellation fees and consequences for not payint

    Probably.   What you can do right now, tomorrow, is join the Mietverein and ask them.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    As I said.
  8. Rental contract cancellation fees and consequences for not payint

    Thanks. Can you find someone else for your room perhaps?   I really don't see why it would be a problem for them, though. It is Munich.   Or you could cancel, pay the month and a half so that they can't rent it to someone else. You would be a half month out of pocket.   The All Powerful and Increasingly Evil, fraufruit
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Isn't that what happened when they chose to join the EU?
  10. You just don't get it.   There are leaders and there are followers. Always have been, always will be.   Simple as that.
  11.   In a perfect world.   How many followed Hitler?
  12. Cancellation of an apartment rental contract

    Please don't cross post. I replied to your other exact same post.
  13. Rental contract cancellation fees and consequences for not payint

    Ask them. Or have you already? If so, what did they say?