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  1. Unpaid student loan

    Good Morning, a long, long time ago (early '90ies) I went to school in TX and received student aid. I had repaid most of it but then moved away/Europe. Since the "internets" then weren’t as efficient as they are today I was not able to repay the remaining difference since my Deutsche Bank charged me more than the actual payment due. So - I forgot about it ... and thought It'll go away by itself.   m - hmmmm. It didn't.   A bad-ass-collection-company bought the remainder of the loan and once in a while grabs the money from my income tax returns at a incredible disgusting higher than high interest rate. Which equals to paying for a lifetime. How do I stop this? Who can I contact to repay the original debt? (it's something around $10 Th.) Any helpful discussion, links etc. is greatly appreciated.