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  1. Hi, anyone know of any good Hebammen in central Berlin who speak English and are accepting patients for a birth in the middle of March?
  2. I got married a year ago, and people have been asking non-stop if I’m pregnant. Two weeks ago someone took it to another level by asking, na, fleißig dabei?    I didn’t even know how to answer. I was left with my mouth hanging open as she hopped on her bike and rode away.
  3. You can skip the Makler and try going directly through the Hausverwaltung (either by visiting their office or applying on their website). That’s what I did when I was looking for an appointment and got offered two different apartments in Mitte at the same time. This was back in 2015, but the market was just as ridiculous back then. Interestingly enough, I never experienced any discrimination (I’m black) and didn’t even have a permanent job contract at the time or permanent residency.    I showed up to every Besichtigungstermin with every document I needed neatly organized in a folder and speak German at a C1 level. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  4. robot vacuum cleaner

    Our “Mac” just arrived today, and we’re obssessed. We just went for something not too expensive but had great ratings on Amazon (Robovac 115 from eufy). 
  5. landlord stole my stuff

    Plot twist: he’s telling the truth
  6. probezeit

      I think some things just seem harsher in writing without voice intonation, body language and eye contact. You’ll still find a lot of helpful information and helpful people here though.
  7. Is the Elterngeld on top of the lowered salary or is that factored in?
  8. Good car sharing websites for Germany?
  9. How to calculate postdoc salary properly?

    Yeah, that seems to be the case. Both universities where I received contracts did not count it towards my experience. A colleague of mine who works at the HU also didn’t have his 20+ years of freelance teaching counted and had to start at Stufe 1, poor thing.
  10. How to calculate postdoc salary properly?

    Put down ALL work experience and they will determine what counts and what doesn’t count. That’s what I did, and the university decided that all my freelance experience did not count. I knew they probably wouldn’t accept it, but I listed it anyway.
  11. How to calculate postdoc salary properly?

    The Uni should have already had you fill out a form with all your work experience and that will determine which Stufe you’re at. They should have also let you know before signing your contract in case you want to dispute it.
  12. Including waiting time, it took about an hour and was about 100€ (?)
  13. We also know nothing about cars, so when we took our car out for the Probefahrt, we drove straight to Dekra and had them inspect it. Even though it was a Saturday, they were able to do it without an appointment. That gave us peace of mind. They weren’t able to tell us if the car had been in an accident though. It was just a standard check.
  14. Can you pay your tax bill in instalments?

    Talk to the Finanzamt ASAP. If you wait too long, they’ll freeze your bank accounts until you pay up. I found it best to go talk to them in person during their Sprechstunde. 
  15. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    Hmm maybe it depends on the building. I’ve lived in two different Plattenbau and two Neubau since I’ve been here and they’ve all been fairly orderly, but now that I think about it, they’re all in the former eastern part of Berlin. Maybe that’s got something to do with it?
  16. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    Yeah, I think in Berlin it’s different. My bell has always been situated in relation to the other doorbells according to floor regardless of where I’ve lived in Berlin.
  17. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    In our building, the doorbells are in the order of which floor you’re on, so it’s easy to see who lives on EG.
  18. Job ending and looking for advice

    One is teaching Spanish and History and the other Spanish and something else. This is at a regular ISS in Berlin.
  19. Job ending and looking for advice

    My husband is a teacher in Berlin, and at least two of his colleagues from Spain do NOT speak German at a C2 level. They’re a C1 at best. So perhaps the school was just so desperate, they turned a blind eye?
  20. Homemade Pretzels

    Hey! Don’t insult my NYC pretzel 😜
  21. Nope, they’re not private. There have been some sitting outside of my front door along with some bike sharing for the last week or two. I think there may be more than one company though. One is green, which I’m assuming is Lime, but the other has a different color. 
  22. They’re here already. Very popular with teenagers in Berlin. I’m starting to see them everywhere where we live in Mitte with two people on them no less 🙄
  23. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

    I also did this a few years ago, and they definitely want a breakdown of your monthly costs.  Also, they can reject your proposed payment plan and force you to pay more if they think you can afford it.  
  24. It seems it is possible to get a job within three months based on your own experience 
  25. In the job I started last year, I get Weihnachtsgeld, but I’m in Öffentlicher Dienst.