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  1. You’re right. The only thing missing when I extended my visa was the Rentenversicherungsverlauf. 
  2. Had a funky experience. I emailed my NE application to the ABH Berlin on Friday, and with a appointment date 😳😳 Am I in the Twilight Zone??   Is it because of my nationality or because of the ease of my application? Last time I went to renew my visa in 2018 after they went through my paperwork, THEY told ME that I should apply for the NE 🤨🤨
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    My mother-in-law couldn’t visit after our daughter war born 😈😈
  4. Anmeldebescheinigung before arriving?

    I think it’s pretty important that you meet a potential roommate before agreeing to let them move in. There are so many roommate horror stories out there 😥
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Got my letter two days ago. I'm in my 30s but have asthma.
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    My husband is a teacher and got his invite already (40 years old) and has already scheduled his appointments. Keep checking the website once you have your code. It changed about 4 different times while he was in the middle of booking his appointments 🙄
  7. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    My mom has never met her first and only grandchild 🥺
  8. Bilingual English / German day care in Berlin

    Any recent experiences at Kita Alegria in Mitte, Berlin?
  9. Oooh, I’m jealous! I’ve never seen Rice Crispies at Kaufland in Berlin.
  10. Does anyone know of a BU insurance that will take Americans with a limited visa?  I should’ve applied for my Niederlassungserlaubnis last year, but between having a baby and COVID, I wasn’t able to.   I’ve emailed the Ausländerbehörde for an appointment, but they have yet to answer. So I’m thinking that finding an insurance that takes limited visas might be the faster route. 
  11. Kaufland also has Swiss Miss with marshmallows ;)
  12. Kita advice Karlsruhe

    But Kitas aren’t allowing personal visits now due to COVID 😷
  13. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    Kids are expensive. Take the other position, enjoy your maternity leave and find another job when you return.
  14. You can also help by donating 5€ when you send a SMS to 81190. Just text KALT and you’ll get an automatic response thanking you for your contribution. The charges will show up on your next phone bill. 
  15. RIP Cicely Tyson. What an amazing woman and great actress! 👏🏿👏🏿
  16. Lol, I would’ve have married him if that were the case. 
  17. My husband said ich liebe dich is reserved for partners while ich hab dich lieb is for everyone else 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️   In the 6 years before meeting my husband and dabbing dated a few Germans, I’ve found that when German men are into you, they My husband told his family about me a week after we meet.    We were engaged a year after meeting and married 8 months after getting engaged and had a baby two years later. But we also met in our mid-30s, so there wasn’t much pussyfooting around, no pun intended 😂
  18. Assuming she wants to have children, of course...
  19. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    The website has the ones with 5 inside, but it’s 12.99€ instead of 9.99€ like Rossmann
  20. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    I was at Rossmann this morning and there was only one pack left and there was a sign saying one pack per customer. You can order them online at DM as well
  21. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    We’ve been buying ours from Rossmann and wore them to our embassy appointment last week.
  22. Berlin U.S. consulate entry, security procedures

    Not at the doctors in Berlin 🙄🙄 I’ve sat in the waiting room with other patients at the Kinderarzt, Frauenarzt and Zahnarzt 🤔
  23. Berlin U.S. consulate entry, security procedures

    Was down at the embassy today to declare our daughter’s birth, and they’re very strict in not letting people in more than 5 to 10 minutes before the appointment. We were allowed to take in her diaper bag with no liquids except milk, and they wanted us to drink the milk first, just like at the airport.    They also seem to be scheduling appointments for American services  very far apart as there was no else there while we were waiting, and no one came after us for the hour that we were there. I have no idea what it’s like for the visa services. 
  24. Graduate Certificate in... endorsement in...

    I have a graduate certificate in addition to an MA, but I didn’t translate it on my Lebenslauf. I figured if they aren’t sure what it is, they could simply ask; it’s never come up though 🤷🏿‍♀️
  25. Plattenbau along Karl Marx allee

    An acquaintance of ours lives there and has lived there before the wall came down. The apartments there are HUGE. He raised his four children there. Not sure of the prices though.  Just be aware that in Plattenbau, you can hear EVERYTHING.