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  1. I didn’t submit one when I applied for my current job; however, I did have to provide one when the new job offered me the position in order to sign my contract. Basically on the day that I quit my old job, I also had to ask for a recommendation letter in order to be able to sign the contract for the new job 😅🫣🫣   öffentliche Dienst 🤭🤭
  2. We’re on the border to Brandenburg in Mariendorf, and it wasn’t the easiest to get an apartment here. Seems like more and more people want to get out of the center and live the suburb life 😅
  3. Yup, our key opens up the apartment door, building door, mailbox and the trash 🫢
  4. When I was working full-time and did some freelance work at the same time, I ended up paying so much tax it wasn’t even worth it.
  5. Life in the Moabit area of Berlin

    If you’re thinking of buying a place, go back a d spend a significant amount of time there. You don’t want to regret such a big purchase. Go there in the day and at night and see how comfy you feel.    While we haven’t bought anything, we recently moved into a new apartment, where we plan to stay until our daughter is older (not in Moabit), and we made sure to come back a few times to scope out the area. I also made sure to ask a friend who grew up in the neighborhood where it would be okay for us as brown people to move in, but nothing beats personal feeling/instinct!   congrats on the pregnancy! 
  6. Death in neighbour's family

    It’s also really not about the other people, is it? It’s good to hear from people who have gone through it and what actually helped them in their grief. Couldn’t care less about the other people in this case, tbh. 
  7. I believe they can kick you out because you violated the law in not letting them know you were subletting your apartment. That automatically terminates your contract as far as I’ve heard.   The Bürgeramt will also not let you register without that document. Your landlord could really make your life hell. You could try calling them and pointing out that they’ve always got their rent on time and maybe they’ll be okay with it 
  8. Do landlords accept the free Schufa version?

    Not every rental contract requires it, which I find odd. If I owned a place and were renting it out, I’d require it.
  9. Do landlords accept the free Schufa version?

    Unfortunately, it can take a while. The last time we ordered one, we were offered the apartment before it even came 🧐 We submitted one that was from last year (i.e.-older than six months), and they just took us at our word that we hadn’t wrecked our credit since then 🤷🏿‍♀️
  10. I literally just learned about the Hamburger Sie yesterday 😱😱
  11. Do landlords accept the free Schufa version?

    They do accept it. In fact, my current landlord rejected the paid for version
  12. Epidural

    You most certainly can plan a C-section. Are you not aware of this???
  13. Developed feelings for a friend, should I tell her?

    I agree. is it possible that she knows already? Women are super intuitive. I’ve never been surprised to find out that someone was interested. And if you’re moving to another city, then I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if the friendship wasn’t the same, right?    I wish you all the best!! Please let us know how things develop. We‘ll be here for you if things don’t work out and super happy for you if they do 😊🤗
  14. I think I remember reading that newborn babies should ideally be laid flat and that babies shouldn’t be carted around in car seats for too long and they should sleep unsupervised for long periods of time in them. 
  15. They have them in Berlin too, but that’s not relevant for OP for a good number of years, so I didn’t mention it.