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  1. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

    I also did this a few years ago, and they definitely want a breakdown of your monthly costs.  Also, they can reject your proposed payment plan and force you to pay more if they think you can afford it.  
  2. It seems it is possible to get a job within three months based on your own experience 
  3. In the job I started last year, I get Weihnachtsgeld, but I’m in Öffentlicher Dienst.
  4. Prince William's Affair Rumor

    Well, they accepted Theresa May
  5. Buying first car up to 7000€

      I grew up in the northeast of the US, so I’ve got a bit of an idea of just how cold/snowy things can get. Still wasn’t complaining about my heating seats at 6 am on the way to work in December/January 😁😉
  6. Buying first car up to 7000€

    Haha, we actually didn’t look for cars with heated seats, but this one happened to come with it, and I'm not complaining!  I think cruise control is one of those things that once you’ve had it, it’s hard to go back.
  7. Arbeitsbescheinigung from previous employer

    I believe you are legally entitled to an Arbeitsbescheinigung which states how long you worked there and what your duties were. Your former employer would know this. 
  8. Buying first car up to 7000€

    I would also recommend heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Made a huge difference on those winter mornings!  The only thing missing on our car that I would’ve liked is cruise control for those longer drives.  The other thing great about the Hyundai i10 is the space. Both my husband and I are tall and wanted to be able to seat four adults comfortably (for visiting family and whatnot), and it’s great for that. 
  9. Buying first car up to 7000€

    We bought a Hyundai i10 last September and have been very happy with it. It was a little more than you want to pay, but the car is from 2016 and had only 9,000 km on it. We got it for just under 10,000€. You could probably find an older model at a lower price. 
  10. Bad Upper Respiratory Illness

    Perhaps now it’s just at a point where they should go to the emergency room? The only time I’ve had an ear infection was after having moved to Germany as an adult. I was at work and went straight to the ER afterwards, and they gave me antibiotics right away and it cleared up. I don’t think I had what your daughter has, and I don’t think it was nearly as serious, but they didn’t turn me away at the ER either. So maybe that’s an option?
  11. Apparently it’s some loophole in the law. Because as long as I didn’t go home to learn to drive and get a license while living in Germany, it’s actually legal, according to the lady I dealt with. The people at the Bürgeramt said I couldn’t do it, but then called some other office and they said it was okay.    $100 is still a lot cheaper than getting a license from scratch in Germany 
  12. I gave them my CA license for the MA license, but I still had my NY license which was the first state to issue my license. Apparently CA didn’t ask for the NY license in exchange for the CA one, which is why I still had it (i.e.-the NY license)
  13. That’s how I got my German license. I exchanged my CA license for a MA license while there on vacation. Came back to Germany and showed them both licenses, proving that I could drive BEFORE I moved to Germany. Paid 30€ and that was it. 
  14. Drugs and remedies for allergy sufferers

    Will definitely check it out! Thanks! Does he suffer from severe allergies? My allergies start in March and end in September. This year they started in February, and I had to take a week off from work because it was so bad. That’s what made my friend recommend the spray; her allergies are just as severe and started to affect her life