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  1. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Dr. Schief??! Too funny as an orthopedic surgeon 😂😂
  2. They always ask for a copy of your passport and visa though 🧐
  3. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Got my first Moderna jab yesterday at the Eisstadion in Wedding, and things went pretty smoothly. I’ve got a sore arm this morning and a sore left buttock (that could be from the exercise I did yesterday before I got my jab though 🤣🤣)   The guy who was assisting the doctor mentioned that tons of people aren’t showing up for their appointments, nor are they cancelling them. If you’ve double booked an appt or have just changed your mind, please cancel it for the sake of others! 
  4. They gave me an appointment in July. I emailed     the address that was on the website and actually received answers from two different people 🙄🙄
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    And in typical German fashion, rather than doing something about it, they get pissed but do what the government says anyway 🙄🙄 My husband just went ahead and got it. 
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Strange, school teachers in Berlin were invited back at the end of March to get vaccinated. Has something changed?
  7. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    So did I. Much more availability
  8. Wow, incredible! That’s how long I thought it would take with the US embassy, but we got an appointment to come in within a few weeks and got her passport and certificate of citizenship a few weeks later (this was in January 2021). I would’ve expected Canada to be even faster 🤨
  9. When our daughter was born, I emailed the US embassy, and they were very prompt in replying, despite COVID. Perhaps try sending them an email with your questions. 
  10. You’re right. The only thing missing when I extended my visa was the Rentenversicherungsverlauf. 
  11. Had a funky experience. I emailed my NE application to the ABH Berlin on Friday, and with a appointment date 😳😳 Am I in the Twilight Zone??   Is it because of my nationality or because of the ease of my application? Last time I went to renew my visa in 2018 after they went through my paperwork, THEY told ME that I should apply for the NE 🤨🤨
  12. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    My mother-in-law couldn’t visit after our daughter war born 😈😈
  13. Anmeldebescheinigung before arriving?

    I think it’s pretty important that you meet a potential roommate before agreeing to let them move in. There are so many roommate horror stories out there 😥
  14. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Got my letter two days ago. I'm in my 30s but have asthma.
  15. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    My husband is a teacher and got his invite already (40 years old) and has already scheduled his appointments. Keep checking the website once you have your code. It changed about 4 different times while he was in the middle of booking his appointments 🙄