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  1. Many Brits denied entry at Innsbruck airport

    I guess that would work if your family were all in Germany and not spread around the globe. For many of us, that’s unfortunately not the case. Believe me, I’d LOVE to skip the 14-hour flight to see my family. 
  2. Not in private (i.e.-homes) and not with vaccinated and recovered persons. That’s new.
  3. Perhaps you can order some groceries. You can set up an appointment for a delivery on the day you return or the next day.
  4. That vaccinated and recovered people can only meet in groups of up to 10 people after Xmas. 
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Not sure about Alexa, but you can get booster shots at different doctors, not just your Hausarzt. That includes Frauenarzt and Kinderarzt.    The Kinderarzt near where we live is offering them to whoever wants them with the next available appointments on Sunday, 26 December at 7:45 am (yup, you read that correctly; it’s not a typo). They asked me to spread the word when I called yesterday. The doctor’s name is Dr. Burkhard Raupach and is at Heinrich Heine Str 22, 10179.
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Thanks. That’s super helpful. I was hoping my getting my booster so close to Xmas would reduce the amount of people since no one wants to be sick during the vacation.
  7. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Has anyone been to an Impfzentrum in Berlin lately? Are the lines crazy? I have an appointment to get my booster shot next Thursday and was wondering what to expect.
  8. The fact that you thought you’d get support on this forum….🙄🙄

    I found Butterfinger candy bars on sale for .50€ 😂😂
  10. Epidural

    All that paperwork should be filled out prior to the day of birth, and that’s when you can let them know you want an epidural.
  11. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

    The sheer number of tourists would keep me out of that area; it’s really a nightmare walking around.    I second Nordbahnhof area
  12. Now that our daughter is at Kita, and I’m seeing things firsthand, I have so much respect for people who actually want to do this for a living.  Thank you! 
  13. Recognition of divorce

    Why get married then? Just move in together? especially since it’s so complicated 
  14. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

    I’m not sure if that’s still possible today. There’s such a problem in finding a spot at Kita, it’s insane. And if you’re in a city like Berlin where it’s now free, you need a spot before you get pregnant.
  15. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

    How long ago was this?