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  1. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    You mean the influx back in the 60s when they invited Turkish people as guest workers? Surely they’ve had enough time to learn since then.
  2. Worst bus route in Berlin

    The M29 is right up there with the M41 up until Checkpoint Charlie (from Hermannplatz) The M48 bus is mostly a decent ride. I like the 'M' buses because they come more frequently. You could also sit upstairs on the double deckers, dessa and avoid the whole awkward 4-seater situation 
  3. Worst bus route in Berlin

    I'd still take the bus any day than the U-Bahn. And yes, I know the U-Bahn is much faster, but there tend to be less homeless people on the bus.
  4. US Student Debt Repayment Assistance by Employer

    There are certain tax breaks in Germany or in the US?
  5. Certified translators for German to English

    This is what I did to find the translator who translated my documents.
  6. Certified translators for German to English

    Yes, that does sound rather expensive.  I had to translate my birth certificate last year with an Apostille, and it was about 80 EUR. I went to an independent certified translator rather than a company.  The Standesamt accepted the translated document with no questions. I'm in Berlin though, so maybe things are just cheaper here? 
  7. Favourite movie lines

    I just want you to know that even though you tried I terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet...but we’re not on my planet, are we?
  8. No, they didn't mention that at all.  I had a Teaching English freelance visa, and once they made the switch, I was able to be employed full-time without any complications. While being employed, I've made significantly more than a freelancer, but it hasn't been an issue.
  9. Zeitbuch, the ABH automatically changed my visa without my asking them to. I went in for a regular visa renewal appointment, expecting another freelance visa and left the same day with a visa permitting me to look for any kind of work.
  10. Vaccination boosters every ten years

    Thank you for this! I thought I was going to have to pay for all these vaccines myself 
  11. Daily drilling, last 4 years

    Oooooh! What kind of vibrator would that be?? Pray tell!
  12. Apartment hunting and the "no couples" rule

    The Genossenschaft where we live won't even consider us for a 90 square meter apartment unless we're at least three, which I can somewhat understand, but the other way around? Weird. Perhaps they're afraid of children entering the equation eventually?
  13. Stufe calculation (TV-L E13)

    Really?? Good to know!
  14. Stufe calculation (TV-L E13)

    How long does it take to get to the next Stufe?
  15. Urlaubsbescheinigung from former employer

    Thanks! That’s good to know