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  1. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

    Wow, 30%?? Where can one find those statistics?
  2. Could it be allergies? Erle and Hasel are in bloom at the moment and are producing enough pollen to make me sneeze and use my asthma pump.  When I went to the pharmacy yesterday, the pharmacist said that a lot of people have been coming in complaining of allergies due to the warm weather.  Mother Nature is definitely confused at the moment!  
  3. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

    I haven’t been out partying in Kreuzberg in years,so maybe things have changed, but that’s not the part of Kreuzberg where it all goes down. That’s a bit further away.
  4. Lol, that’s true, but I’d take a loud TV over a screaming child at 3am any day 😅
  5. When I was like looking for an apartment, I purposely looked for an area with a lot of old people. So far, so good. The only problem is that now they’re starting to die and younger people are moving in 🥺
  6. Verdi - terrorist union

    Sounds like the good ol’ US of A
  7. Hurghada, Egypt

    I’ve spoken to several people who’ve been there and everyone has confirmed what yesterday said. It‘s basically done everywhere, even at 5-Star hotels.   We were actually in Sahl Hasheesh at the Baron Palace Hotel, and as I mentioned in my earlier post, it was employees from the HOTEL‘S spa that tried to get us to buy something from the spa the most, NOT external people. 
  8. Hurghada, Egypt

    As far as I know, it is exclusive. It’s the employees from the hotel spa who keep harassing us.
  9. Hurghada, Egypt

    We’re in Hurghada at the moment now at an all-inclusive hotel and while it’s been great, there are people walking around the beach/swimming pool areas all day trying to get us to buy everything from tours to massages to photo sessions. And they come back I find it to be a bit exhausting tbh.   I would still recommend the area though. The color of the water looks like what I’ve only seen in the Carribean. We’ll definitely be back!
  10. Certificate of good conduct for civil service

    I was not able to claim that money back from my employer (also öffentliche Dienst)
  11. Santorini

    Nah I was there in 2017 and still hadn’t to throw toilet paper in the bin. Which worked out really well when my friend ended up with diarrhea 🤢
  12. Flat rental possible scam?

    That's a lot of work for what's 100% a scam 
  13.   That sounds like a good idea.  Does he have to mention that he's been here for 4 years or can he simply register as if he's just arrived?
  14. "Untranslatable" German words

  15. "Untranslatable" German words

    Waschbeckenunterschrank   i was trying to tell my mom that we bought a new one and couldn’t think of a translation