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  1. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    I was charged a 30 or 35€ processing/administrative fee from a car rental company for a speeding ticket once. So it seems as though it’s normal. 
  2. Perhaps in the private sector but not in Öffentlicher Dienst. Whatever was posted in the job ad, which includes duties and remuneration, is what they are legally bound to when offering you the job. No changes can be made. 
  3. In Öffentlicher Dienst, they won’t let you even see the contract to sign until they have proof that you’ve quit your current job (they need a letter from the current job stating that you’ve quit and don’t owe them anything). I thought that was insane as well, but I had no choice. Worked out in the end though.
  4. permission to skip school at airport

  5. Smoking Cigarrettes in Berlin

    I’ve seen designated smoking areas on the tracks while taking the Regionalbahn and other long distance trains, but many people simply ignore them and smoke where they want.   There are also still some restaurants that have smoking rooms in the back of the restaurant, so that one doesn’t have to go outside.
  6. Loitering in Germany

    Yes, the police said to call the Ordnungsamt, and they came by today. They would also be the ones to point him in the right direction had he needed further help.   @engelchen I thought it was private property since he was right next to the front door and under the glass awning of the building, but apparently that’s considered public property.   Back to my original question though: are there loitering laws in Germany? 
  7. Loitering in Germany

    Yesterday a homeless guy set up camp right next to the door/entrance of our apartment building. He had all of belongings spread out, which were even blocking the main entrance to the door of the building at one point. Several neighbors called the police, and they were told  there was nothing the police could do as long as he wasn’t making noise or harassing anyone.  Are there any laws regarding loitering in Germany? 
  8. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I was actually excited about the prospect about electric cars until my students squashed it. Actually by the time the semester was over, I was somewhat depressed as they made it seems as though there’s no solution 😭
  9. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I’m not an expert, but according to my environmental engineering students, electric cars aren’t environmentally friendly at all, due to the lithium batteries required to run them. 
  10. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

    I’m trying the plastic turkey bags this year, but I’ve heard about the brown paper bag method and would like to try that out next year. 
  11. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

    Haven’t been able to make it to Metro yet because of having to wait on a friend, but Kaufland has got a fairly large Bräter on sale that would fit a 7lb turkey at the moment for 16,99€
  12. Reference from current employer?

    I needed a Zwischenzeugnis to get my current job, and as soon as I asked for one, they knew what was going on. However, I didn’t really have a boss, so the person I asked to write it couldn’t have cared less that I was looking for a new job. In fact, he knew that my position was befristet and that naturally, I’d be looking for a new job.
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

    Related to that, I still can’t get used to the person in front of me at the grocery store turning around to inspect the things I’ve just placed on the belt. Then turning further around to inspect me ?
  14. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

    Thanks Metall. No idea what a dissonance foil pan is lol. That should’ve been disposable ?
  15. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

    Where I get one of those dissonance foil pans to cook a 6-7lb turkey in? Still available at Metro?