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  1. The place of registration

    You need to register where you live (home address), not where you work
  2. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    Germans love to point out when others are wrong, but can hardly admit their wrong themselves, never mind an apology! 😱
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Yessssss. She’s dying to see her new granddaughter, and she will, but I just needed a minute to recover from the birth. Thank goodness my SIL gave birth two weeks after I did, and they all live in the same city, so she got to spend time with the other new granddaughter before they said no groups of more than two.  At this rate, she may not see our daughter in person until she’s six months or older (she’s already seen her on video calls).
  4. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

    Right and the insurance would probably cover all that, but it would be difficult to argue that I live in Tahiti and commute to Berlin for work 😂
  5. Thankfully, that’s illegal due to Datenschutz 
  6. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

    At my last job, they told me that even if I’m working from home, I need to be in Berlin because of insurance purposes. It seems as though if something were to happen to you outside of Berlin, the insurance wouldn’t cover it and things could get expensive.  However, I have no proof of that. That’s simply what I was told. 
  7. I am indeed a very new mom The staff at Saint Joseph’s speak English. There were several women there who couldn’t speak German and could only communicate in English.
  8. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

    I’m planning on doing something similar and my job said there would be something like Zusatz contract until I’m back full-time, but that my contract would not go from permanent to limited. I don’t quite understand it myself, but that’s what they said when I asked if I could come back part-time.
  9. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

    I fully agree with you, but sometimes circumstances may not allow for a waiting period (e.g.-age, health)
  10. I’m not sure if she speaks English, but my Hebamme has her practice in Kreuzkölln (Paul-Linke-Ufer 7d). Her name is Petra Sason, and her number is 030/69566802.   i gave birth at Saint Joseph’s and was not impressed. Delivery room experience was great, but maternity ward staff were overworked and often unfriendly. However, I’ve heard this is the case everywhere in Berlin 🤷🏿‍♀️
  11. Coronavirus

    We went to Kaufland last night, and they have plenty of canned goods and stocked shelves.    My sister and her husband left for Australia from the States yesterday, and the airlines/airports are asking people repeatedly if they’ve been to China within the last 14 days. Although that seems to be a moot point at this point.
  12. speed camera app

    Why is it legal for them to announce it on the radio?
  13. Package etiquette with neighbors

    My husband just told me that he told him last weekend that the won’t be in Berlin next weekend (this weekend). That means we have this package until Sunday. I find that ridiculous.
  14. Package etiquette with neighbors

    Yeah, I wanted to yesterday but was smack in the middle of something and then forgot about it 🙄
  15. Package etiquette with neighbors

    How long is too long to not pick up a package. We took a package for our next door neighbor on Wednesday during the day, and he still hasn’t stopped by to pick it up.   My husband made sure to ask the DHL delivery guy if he left a note in the mailbox, and he said he did. I’m inclined to believe him because this particular delivery does every thing by the book, and we’ve never had a problem.    Anyway, we are literally next door to each other, and we hear him coming home from work. Why not come and pick it up? My husband doesn’t find it to be a long time at all. is there a length of time that’s considered too long?