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  1. About the employment situation in the city

    I work in öffentlicher Dienst and was required to sign my CV before I signed my contract. Perhaps in the private sector, the rules are more relaxed. 
  2. About the employment situation in the city

      We had an applicant who said he was schwerbehindert and was asked to submit proof by HR but never did. On the day of the interview he said that he checked that box because someone told him to. Needless to say, he didn’t get the job.
  3. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    Just an update regarding the Beschäftigungsverbot. Because the Betriebsarzt took forever to issue the Verbot, my doctor issued it instead. My employer accepted it from my doctor with no questions asked and has already confirmed that I will stop working from 1 October until the Mutterschutz begins. 
  4. Hey @dessa_dangerous Didn’t you close this thread a while back? What made you decide to reopen it?
  5. This might be a good tactic. The last time some random asked to touch my hair, I asked her if I could touch hers and the look on her face. She was sprachlos, and I could see it beginning to dawn on her how ridiculous the situation was. I actually think she might’ve learned something that day.
  6. I had a man who was standing in line in front of me at the store turn around and start speaking to me in Zulu. Because that’s what all black people speak apparently. When I answered in German and told him that I’m from the US and have never been to Africa. His answer: ich hätte nie gedacht! 🙄
  7. Getting to specialist doctor's appointment

    But specialists usually have a form that you fill out that asks for your GP's information.  At least all of the specialists I've been to.  Last week I saw a specialist, and they printed out their findings on a letter addressed to my doctor because I had filled out the form with her information the first time I saw that specialist.  
  8. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    Thanks for that clarification!
  9. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    Yes, both docs told me that if I worked at a Kita, it would be an automatic Arbeitsverbot. However, I teach adults, so that’s why things are not so clear cut and dry. The main thing is that I don’t have a desk job in addition to my medical history, which puts my pregnancy at high risk. Those two factors are what is causing both docs to recommend an Arbeitsverbot.
  10. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    I’ve heard about being transferred to a different department/desk job, but 95% of my job is teaching. Would they really ask me to do the 5%? 
  11. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    There is a reason why, which has to do with my medical history and not that fact that I work in a dangerous environment or with dangerous chemicals. At any rate, both doctors are in agreement that I should be pulled out of work. However, both doctors also said that my employer could disagree with their decision, and I was wondering what would happen at that point.  
  12. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    I am very confused regarding Arbeitsverbot. My gyno wanted me to stop working as soon as she found out I was pregnant. However, she said I would need to see the Betriebsarzt first, which I eventually did. When I saw the Betriebsärztin, she told me that my job could counter her recommendation and force me to still come to work. How would this all be determined if my gyno still wants the Arbeitsverbot. Who has the upper hand here?
  13. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    @engelchen you seem to have a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. What have you specifically been doing with your children here in Germany, or were they born here and just surrounded by the language already?   
  14. Networking Events
  15. Hi, anyone know of any good Hebammen in central Berlin who speak English and are accepting patients for a birth in the middle of March?