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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Ran by ... ?
  2. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    A new type of emails is in circulation, where it says that you have been hacked and even a password that you use (or have used) is mentioned. They got the password probably from a list of a breach.  Usually the breached site has already contacted you and you have already change the password (f.ex Dropbox in 2012, MyHeritage in 2017 , a.o.) However if you still use the password mentioned it will be good to change it anywhere you use it.   To find if your email was in a breach (and which), you can check here :    
  3. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    A Speedy recovery John. You will be back at the Kafenio drinking raki in no time  
  4. There was a movie on the subject as well : I didn't know it is common in Germany as well.
  6. Vegan coming for dinner

  7. Cool stuff worth sharing

  8. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    If you already have a spare Monitor (or you can find/buy a cheap used one), and like to full around with electronics a bit, then why not try a Raspberry Pi solution, you can even set a schedule on when to Start/Stop.   Implementation example :   You can even use a Vesa standard case to build it in, so it will be completely hidden behind the monitor :ützung-100x100-Black/dp/B07QZZ94N6    
  9. When I was in Greece I was of course supporting a club since a kid, but the corruption and toxic environment of Greek Football was so bad that when I came to Hamburg (~10 years ago), I found it as a very good opportunity to detox from supporting a club here (and eventually didn't give a sh*t about following Greek football   ). A whole new world watching  Champions League and Bundesliga games without caring     Having said that I' ve been with friends and colleagues to both HSV and St.Pauli games. I found the people supporting St.Pauli, their attitude and ambiance at the Stadion much better than from HSV. So while I wouldn't call myself a supporter if I was asked which I prefer, it will be St.Pauli.
  10. Xbox one problem.

      That is a good suggestion. The only issues I ever had with a couple games on xbox One in the beginning  (I recently bought one "for the kids" (*cough.cough*) too ) were because of NAT settings. Especially if you use Fritzbox like the many do, by default is not set to fully allow multiplayer/online connections. On the plus side they describe everything in detail per model, f.ex: (especially Point 3)