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  1.   Read here :     For academics with recognized degree it is 48.800 per year. I don't know the criteria for other jobs.  A lot depends on the recognition of your degree I think :    
  2. Thx Lisa, i didn't know that about the Makler, I remember paying a lot but that is almost 10 years ago. You are also correct about 3 months Kaution is the maximum and probably what they will ask for, but in some cases they can ask for less, for some reason  I remembered it was less in Berlin but I checked and I was wrong.
  3.   Hi Mirush,   you can use an online calculator like this one :  to calculate approx how much netto you will get, based on what you said and assuming Class 3 in Tax, no church tax, no kid, age approx 26 you will be left with around 2188 per month netto.   You should look for a rent around 30% like Lisa said or less. Be careful of the following: - The price usually mentioned is the cold rent (kaltmiete), you should calculate the extra costs (heating, gas, water etc) called Nebenkosten. They can vary a lot between apartments (type of heating, energy efficiency of the building etc etc) - It is tough to get an apartment when you are new in Germany - Prepare to give 1-2 rents deposit in advance, and more than 1 to the Makler (real estate agent) costs   The following link will display current listings of appartments above 30 sqm, up to 650 euro cold rent within 5KM of Kreuzberg center:;;;1276003001034;;Kreuzberg%20(Kreuzberg)&price=-650.0&livingspace=30.0-&geocoordinates=52.49837;13.39598;5.0&enteredFrom=one_step_search you can play around with the filters for more exact results   If you want to live in a WG (shared apartment) you can also check here :   - Transportation. If you don't have a car, depending on where your work will be located, maybe the best option is a monthly ticket payable per month, check f.ex here : . Check with your company if they offer them or you can get it discounted  from them (some companies do)   - You should do a haftpflichtversicherung (Liability insurance) when you settle, it's a minor amount per year, but will help you a lot. There are people here in the Forum who can help you with that (John G, Starshollow, f.ex)   How much you can save depends on the rest expenses: TV,Internet, Phone, Mobile, Entertainment and your Grocery expenses.   Good luck !  
  4. What are you cooking today?

      I had polyp surgery 2 years ago and can sympathize. I don't know if you have allergies, but if you do, this will be the best allergy season you had in a long time. I didn't have any problem with the wounds after I left the hospital, but in your case I guess it is more  complicated (I went just for the polyp removal), but to fully regain my sense of smell it took some months (started improving after a month and was getting better by the week). Gute Besserung !   To stay on topic : I am cooking nothing today, just learned through a common friend, than an old classmate of mine from Greece is in Hamburg for some years now and we are meeting for dinner !
  5. Coronavirus

    Interactive Map with the confirmed Cases/Deaths/Recoveries :    
  6. Given the fact that the post from 2008 is and the user has not logged in since 2012. I strongly believe that :   1) You will get no answer 2) The spices have expired    
  7. Wisdom from pop music

  8. A letter telling me to pay a fine again?

      I have no idea if something like this is admissible or has any legal standing, but if your mobile was on you (and was an android, I can't say for iPhones if there is something similar)  you could go here (from your local PC connected to your google account) :  , find the timeline on the night of the accident cross check it with your call history and duration and prove it. 
  9.   That was always my biggest issue in Greece. Nobody eats spicy. Even spicy dishes are usually not spicy, or what they consider as spicy is even below what germans consider "pikant". I had a whole collection  of spicy sauces ,chilies, chily flakes etc when in Greece to cook at home. When you mention curry dish in greece most people thing of chicken with very mild yellow curry and bananas inside.   But if you go to the areas in Athens where Indians and Pakistanis live, there are little restaurants where they have traditional dishes with good spice. And I was told that in recent years some good indian restaurants have opened up that are much better in more "posh" areas.   And I tried a funny Indian/greek fusion  during my last visit in Athens, that apart from a few typical indian dishes it offers indian souvlaki  . It is like your typical Souvlaki take away but they serve it in naan pitta, you choose toppings and choice of tandoori meat :  (in case someone is interested)      
  10. I don't know in other parts of Germany, but in Hamburg most of the good Curry restaurants write something like :   "Unsere Küche würzt alle Speisen für den europäischen Geschmack. Sie können Ihr Gericht mild, normal (mit einem Hauch von Schärfe), mittelscharf (pikant), scharf oder indisch scharf (superscharf) bestellen." (actual example from one)   When I ordered the superhot one, I could barely finish it despite having a way above average tolerance to spicy food.. Despite that it was extremely delicious and not just a typical curry where the added some extract drops.   The thing that I find not spicy enough in Germany (apart from rare exceptions) is Thai.   Also regarding Currywurst , there are places (I remember one in Dortmund) where they pimp it with sauces/extract up to 15M Scoviilles (which I didn't try, but a tried a few grades lower and found it unpleasantly spicy without any good taste)