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  1. A letter telling me to pay a fine again?

      I have no idea if something like this is admissible or has any legal standing, but if your mobile was on you (and was an android, I can't say for iPhones if there is something similar)  you could go here (from your local PC connected to your google account) :  , find the timeline on the night of the accident cross check it with your call history and duration and prove it. 
  2.   That was always my biggest issue in Greece. Nobody eats spicy. Even spicy dishes are usually not spicy, or what they consider as spicy is even below what germans consider "pikant". I had a whole collection  of spicy sauces ,chilies, chily flakes etc when in Greece to cook at home. When you mention curry dish in greece most people thing of chicken with very mild yellow curry and bananas inside.   But if you go to the areas in Athens where Indians and Pakistanis live, there are little restaurants where they have traditional dishes with good spice. And I was told that in recent years some good indian restaurants have opened up that are much better in more "posh" areas.   And I tried a funny Indian/greek fusion  during my last visit in Athens, that apart from a few typical indian dishes it offers indian souvlaki  . It is like your typical Souvlaki take away but they serve it in naan pitta, you choose toppings and choice of tandoori meat :  (in case someone is interested)      
  3. I don't know in other parts of Germany, but in Hamburg most of the good Curry restaurants write something like :   "Unsere Küche würzt alle Speisen für den europäischen Geschmack. Sie können Ihr Gericht mild, normal (mit einem Hauch von Schärfe), mittelscharf (pikant), scharf oder indisch scharf (superscharf) bestellen." (actual example from one)   When I ordered the superhot one, I could barely finish it despite having a way above average tolerance to spicy food.. Despite that it was extremely delicious and not just a typical curry where the added some extract drops.   The thing that I find not spicy enough in Germany (apart from rare exceptions) is Thai.   Also regarding Currywurst , there are places (I remember one in Dortmund) where they pimp it with sauces/extract up to 15M Scoviilles (which I didn't try, but a tried a few grades lower and found it unpleasantly spicy without any good taste)
  4.   Dear Cels,   I plan to stay late tonight (like most NBA gamenights) and watch the Bucks play, which are also from Wisconsin. Would that be ok with you ?  
  5. Home security measures

    I have tried this one and it has a great value for money factor :   - 6000mAh Battery so you can use it in places without power supply up to 6 months , if you set it to activate by movement (and it will send a picture to your mobile automatically if it was activated - Very decent picture and video with audio (two way actually),works well under low light even night - You can connect through Wifi of course, but it also works standalone with micro SD
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Floor Jansen is probably my favorite female singer. While quite well known for her amazing voice in the metal circles (she has been active for the past 20 years, most notable the last 6 as lead singer of Nightwish), she was quite unknown outside the metal community even in her country (Netherlands).   Until this show (Beste Zangers) aired recently. A group of dutch musicians from different genre gather for a few weeks and each week they all sing songs of one of the singers. Nobody knew Floor and they were caught my surprise. Pretty much every song she sung was Nr.1 downloaded song for days in NL, she announce a NL Tour which was sold out in 24 hours.   You can search for : Floor Beste zangers in Youtube, for all performances, but this rendition of Phantom of the Opera is really something. The man singing is Henk Poort dutch opera singer who has played the phantom part before:      
  7. Parking slightly on sidewalk

      Imagine living there and driving for 15 years (following all rules and not having a single ticket in those 15 years)...   In Athens the lights mean: Green: Go ahead Yellow: Go faster Red: First seconds = Go ahead, after that if no one is watching or coming still go      The only good thing about learning to drive in Athens you are forced to be able to park a truck on a space for a Smart   
  8. Parking slightly on sidewalk

      I see your Kiev and raise you Athens. Blocking pavement, bench, and parked 20m away from the entrance of the Central Police Station   :     Edit: Things are so bad, that caused this to start  : When I was still in Athens I had bought a block of 100 stickers (they say : "I am a donkey (= also dork in greek) and I park where I want ), and came really handy. The will even pay your fine If the car owner call the police for putting their sticker on (no driver has ever dared though  )
  9. Punography - Favourite Puns

    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and you will receive eternal life." But John came fifth, and won a toaster.   Puns make me feel numb but math puns make me feel number   How do you find a blind man on a nude beach?. ...It's not hard.   I tried to sue the airline for losing my luggage.. ...I lost my case.
  10. What made you laugh today?

    That would be an excellent use of the word John !
  11. What made you laugh today?

      Pusti means gay or homosexual, but it is actually quite vulgar and unpolite. I wouldn't use it as terms of affinity with a greek friend  
  12. What made you laugh today?

    As native Greek speaker I am often asked about the use of the word "malakas". Literally translated it means "wanker", often it is used like "a**hole", among friends it is usually used like the german "alter" , and there are many other uses as well. Nothing (NOTHING) though describes better the most common use than this picture  :      
  13. What are you cooking today?

      For parties check this as well :      (his channel is highly recommended if you like (chinese mostly) food)