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  1.   He is correct:,Wohnraums%20um%20jeweils%20drei%20Monate.
  2. Movie recommendations

    Saw 2 European movies last week. Both excellent. The danish Druk (finally !) and the spanish Contratiempo.   Druk (Another Round) :   Contratiempo (The Invisible Guest) :
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    The original song was released in 1966, this is the version that appeared on the "To the Bone" album in 1996. Gained a lot of popularity when it appeared in a mesmerizing scene on "Sopranos"      
  4. RIP Michael Constantine (94) aka Gus Portokalos ... fervent believer in the restorative power of Windex
  5.   Thanks for the mentioning him. I was about to post it myself. This one hits close to home. I've known him all my life personally, as he was a close friend with my father for the past ~40 years. A great composer, and an even better human being.  
  6. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    In case someone has not discovered this yet:   endless hours of fun. Search all categories, software ,old games, books...
  7. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    Last time I worked with Cobol was in 2003   However from my links under the category "Cool Stuff you can do with Rasp. but I will probably never find the time" : Elastic Cobol :   but unfortunetely  it seems they stopped supporting it.   GnuCobol : should also work with Rasp Pi :    
  8. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

      I might be younger (44) but started programming quite early. I remember finishing the University and thinking I had enough of "the ancient" stuff we've been taught, time to find a job doing something in a modern language. First job I had was in Cobol (in banking) ...    I still get 1-2 headhunter messages per month through LinkedIn/Xing about potential Cobol jobs...
  9. How to value a house for purchase?

    Judging from experience, currently at least around Hamburg, everyone selling is asking as much as they want and if the house is half decent they usually get it