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  1.   Mostly true, but Romania has lowest crime rate than Germany, and probably the fastest Internet average speeds in Europe, and some pretty nice locations. Can't argue about corruption and the rest of the infrastructures :D
  2. Conspiracy theorists

    A beautiful lunar eclipse:  
  3. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    There is a diagram that explains if you are repeated offender:   1 Year   = 12 months from last time, not Calendar Year   Flensburg points (since 2014) If you had 1 point it is cleared after 2,5 years 2 after 5 years 3 after 10   As for you previous offense , could it be that you were within city limits (innerorts), then it is higher.
  4. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?    
  5. Well I've been using Thomas's Office for the past 10 years and I can highly recommend him. I never had an issue with communication, they answer everything very fast. Did you try directly from his site :
  6. How long can I stay in Germany?
  7. Interesting spam e-mails received

        It is also very interesting that Mr. Martin Kofi Adu's (Manager, Engineering and Head of Project and Planning of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation) Email was from Australia   i hope he can trust me as much as I trust him...  
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    On this day, 5 years ago, Lemmy died 4 days after his 70th Birthday.       
  9. The great director Kim Ki-Duk (59) passed away due to Covid 19 related complications    
  10. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I want the rights for the movie...    
  11. Some good points.   However regarding this