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  1. Understanding freelance deductions

    Same here. And I also don't know the exact details. I just give the annual letter I receive with the amount I paid for the Insurance to the Steureberater  and i am done.
  2. Understanding freelance deductions

    Ah ok. It is complicated, f.ex if I am not mistaken, if you have a Rürup Renteversicherung in the beginning an amount of around 92% of the total is deductible and it increases yearly until it reaches 100% up to an amount. Again for details i think someone more knowledgeable can answer.   For health insurance i am pretty sure that it is not 100% deductible only a percentage, maybe  this can help:   Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will answer you. 
  3. Understanding freelance deductions

    There are actually a lot of deductibles, depending on the line of freelancing work you do, the insurances you have, if you have a home office, tools/equipment for work, if you take german lessons, if you have a work car, etc etc. My advice is obviously get a tax advisor ( I use Expattax, that I found here, for the past 11 years with only possitive things to say) . To get a rough overview of possible deductibles check here f.ex :   Good luck
  4. Cooking with Philadelphia cream cheese

    Mascarpone has about 40gr of fat, you can use if from a more decadent Cheesecake. It lacks on acidity in comparison to Cream Cheese but it's creamier. You can also mix Mascarpone with a 25-27gr Cream cheese and achieve a similar fat content with the american cream cheese.
  5. We will finally buy a TV

        Haha no worries. The library is here : We usually buy at Erdkorn Bio Market which is close to it and that is why we switched. No, photograpy is just a hobby. I am a Software Engineer/IT Consultant.
  6. We will finally buy a TV

    Thank you Panda, I was about to export the Library list myself   It is good, many times more than one languages available and/or subtitles and lots of quality movies and dokus.   Another useful site (especially if you have many streaming services like I do), is this one: to check who is streaming or where you can buy a title you are looking for.    
  7. We will finally buy a TV

    That is why I mentioned it, we had discussed in the past. when you were searching for house   We also had for Pinnerberg but preffered the one in Halstenbek.
  8. We will finally buy a TV

    Anytime. Also worth mentioning: which has movies and documentaries and is completely free if you (or your children) have a participating library's card. (f.ex the Halstenbek library were my kids have cards is participating)
  9. We will finally buy a TV

    Gambatte you also mentioned Dokus, a less know streaming app is Curiosity. It only has Dokus and if you don't care about 4K they still have an offer for 12 USD for a year until 16.1   The app is also available for Smart TVs, Fire TV etc.
  10. What are you cooking today?

      I bought seeds here, depending on season they also have plants, dried and fresh chillies:
  11.   He is correct:,Wohnraums%20um%20jeweils%20drei%20Monate.
  12. Movie recommendations

    Saw 2 European movies last week. Both excellent. The danish Druk (finally !) and the spanish Contratiempo.   Druk (Another Round) :   Contratiempo (The Invisible Guest) :
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    The original song was released in 1966, this is the version that appeared on the "To the Bone" album in 1996. Gained a lot of popularity when it appeared in a mesmerizing scene on "Sopranos"