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  1. Food Truck - Hamburg

      Until you make a name of your own maybe you can sign up with something like this : One of my clients uses them. They basically send you on a different spot with guaranteed clients every day. I have no idea what fees they ask but for the beginning it would probably help getting the people to know you.   They only send Foodtrucks to places where  a company (or sometimes together with other companies in the neighborhood that are interested) must guarantee that the area will make X Servings per day. At least in the Grosse Elbstrasse post that I know of, all trucks start selling around 11:00-12:00 by 14:00 they are sold out.   Good luck!    
  2. What are you cooking today?

    I grilled for lunch, and since the charcoals  were still burning when I was done, I grilled some eggplants and zucchinnis that we had  and made a huge Moussaka with grilled (instead of pan fried) vegetables. (Somewhat) healthier and also tastier. Wife and both kids loved it:        
  3. What made you laugh today?

    And the award for the most german picture of the day goes to...          
  4. Coronavirus

      Yep.  Corona Virus Disease 2019
  5.   From IT perspective Zoom has more security holes than Swiss cheese. Many organizations forbid its use. There are tons of stuff to read about it, even in Germany :   2 good alternatives :    1. Jitsi. (There is a server in Hamburg ) 2. Cisco Webex   Cheers,   Alex
  6. Stop the spread of Moronavirus on Toytown

    In contrary to Coronavirus, there is a well documented Cure for this  :      
  7. Coronavirus

    For those who want to check data per Bundesland, this is the best link I found :    
  8. Coronavirus

      More than that, there has been a report from Hong Kong, that a dog found with traces of coronavirus :
  9. Coronavirus

      I made myself the same questions. I even added another option, that the virus mutated somehow in Italy. So far the answer seems to be : it affected towns with a high percentage of old people   This sheds some light :   so far ALL cases are above 60  
  10. Freelancer Registration and Tax

    Hi,   i am not an expert to answer this, but as a Freelancer in IT for 10 years in Germany:   That : 2. As i only have one client which is from UK can i hire my wife as employee?   would be an issue. If you have only one client for a longer period you are risking Scheinselbständigkeit. which will have consequences for you and your client. They will tolerate in the beginning but you must find at least a second one as soon as possible   I have Computer Science Degree and Software engineer as background, but registered as IT consultant. As long as you don't create and sell software as a package it is better to registered as IT Consultant, otherwise the Finanzamt can make you register a GmbH.   This is as far as I can help, finding a good Taxadvisor is your best bet. I think you can change anytime. I've been using Expattax which I found through this forum for 10 years now, remotely and they have been great, PandaMunich if I am not mistaken does it professionally now and she has been a major asset for this forum so you can't go wrong either.   Cheers,   Alex
  11. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected    
  12.   Read here :     For academics with recognized degree it is 48.800 per year. I don't know the criteria for other jobs.  A lot depends on the recognition of your degree I think :