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  1. For simple Photoviewing, corrections etc even in batch, nothing beats IrfanView : which is free
  2. What are you cooking today?

        Ask for graviera (γραβιέρα), it is very similar !  
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Best place to get decent Feta * around Hamburg:   Bio Vasilitsa in Salzlake is the top option.   *Their Wine selection is also great as is the Olive oil one
  4. What made you laugh today?

      I haven't seen the movie (Miss Congeniality) in a long long time, every time someone mentions "perfect date" I think of that scene  
  5. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

      Exactly what @LeonG said. It is milder than complete anesthesia. It is called Dämmerschlaf (sometimes also Beruhigungsspritze, Kurznarkose). I did one last year for a tough dental procedure and highly recommend it. You don't feel anything you wake up shortly after the procedure and you go home (you must be accompanied by someone who wil ltake you home). I am surprised that he says it will cost him. Either the Insurance pays for it or worst case scenario you can pay it yourself. Most Gastro Praxis offer it if you do quick google search (f.ex: )
  6. Understanding freelance deductions

     @seanmonkey Listen to @john g., he knows his stuff I also highly recommend him if you  need any insurance ( I have done them all through him : Health, Rürup, Rechtspflicht, Legal) Plus he is the nicest guy you can find !
  7. Understanding freelance deductions

    Same here. And I also don't know the exact details. I just give the annual letter I receive with the amount I paid for the Insurance to the Steureberater  and i am done.
  8. Understanding freelance deductions

    Ah ok. It is complicated, f.ex if I am not mistaken, if you have a Rürup Renteversicherung in the beginning an amount of around 92% of the total is deductible and it increases yearly until it reaches 100% up to an amount. Again for details i think someone more knowledgeable can answer.   For health insurance i am pretty sure that it is not 100% deductible only a percentage, maybe  this can help:   Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will answer you. 
  9. Understanding freelance deductions

    There are actually a lot of deductibles, depending on the line of freelancing work you do, the insurances you have, if you have a home office, tools/equipment for work, if you take german lessons, if you have a work car, etc etc. My advice is obviously get a tax advisor ( I use Expattax, that I found here, for the past 11 years with only possitive things to say) . To get a rough overview of possible deductibles check here f.ex :   Good luck
  10. Cooking with Philadelphia cream cheese

    Mascarpone has about 40gr of fat, you can use if from a more decadent Cheesecake. It lacks on acidity in comparison to Cream Cheese but it's creamier. You can also mix Mascarpone with a 25-27gr Cream cheese and achieve a similar fat content with the american cream cheese.
  11. We will finally buy a TV

        Haha no worries. The library is here : We usually buy at Erdkorn Bio Market which is close to it and that is why we switched. No, photograpy is just a hobby. I am a Software Engineer/IT Consultant.
  12. We will finally buy a TV

    Thank you Panda, I was about to export the Library list myself   It is good, many times more than one languages available and/or subtitles and lots of quality movies and dokus.   Another useful site (especially if you have many streaming services like I do), is this one: to check who is streaming or where you can buy a title you are looking for.    
  13. We will finally buy a TV

    That is why I mentioned it, we had discussed in the past. when you were searching for house   We also had for Pinnerberg but preffered the one in Halstenbek.