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  1. What made you laugh today?

    The most useful tool when learning German : 
  2. Who do you think will actually win?

    "Michael Bloomberg to Spend $100 Million in Florida to Aid Biden"   If Biden takes Florida, then is it pretty much a done deal ?     Toss-Up = less than 5% either way, leading means +5% at the last poll Florida was +3% for Biden according to last poll (and before the Bloomberg news)
  3. Who do you think will actually win?

    I follow it here : , while Biden is still leading, he is not as far ahead as he was in July. If it were to stay like this, Biden needs just Michigan (he is +5% according to last poll there) from the toss-up states to win it. As an outsider, I don't know much about Biden, but I think the general consensus most europeans have is that anything is better than Trump  
  4. A basic photo editor

    Another vote for Irfanview. One of the essential freeware tools by any new installation. I end up using it for many simpler procedures instead of Photoshop. If you want something more complex but still free, then Gimp :   Cheers
  5. I found this article :  maybe it will shed some light. It seems that as long as you can prove it (and you have the email) then it is to an extend  binding.   But I think the biggest issue is what's stated in the last paragraph. Even though you have proof, and somehow you force them either be discussing or through lawyer to give you the job, then they can fire you during the Probezeit.
  6. Hamburg Stopover

    As Tor said if you really need to find something open then probably Reeperbahn is your best bet. At least this should be open: For supplies in the Station: Some Bakeries open at 05:00, some at 06:00, from Super markets: Spar, ReWe open at 06:00 (Edeka at 07:00), Dunkin Donuts at 06:00.
  7. Felony question

    It seems that it could also depend on the felony. Read here :    
  8. A few years ago (with Vodafone Kabel) I had a 100Mbit connection. At one point, on peak hours, I was getting 10 - 20 Mbit, which is sufficient for most things but significant less that the max.  i wrote to the customer service to ask why, they told me that it will be like that for 4-5 months until they finish with some upgrades in the area.   I still had 1,5 year on my contract and they said as it falls under the "significant less than expected" I could terminate it if I wanted, and the also offered me the alternative for 8 months  (or more in case the works took longer) of 70% discount as long as I stayed on my contract. As 10-20 Mbit were fine (especially a few years ago) I opted for the second option. The upgrade was done after 2-3 months and could average between 90-100 after that and they kept the discount for the 8 months.   Conclusions: 1. First time I had something good to say about Vodafone Support 2. Speak with the Customer Support, if they have a forum, complain there, they most probably will contact you    Most of the companies might require you to make various Speedtests (on their own if they have one on their site) , with a wired connection, so make screenshots on different days and hours with bad results to make your case.   Good luck !
  9. I don't know if it is obligatory or not , but as an IT freelancer I was also told that despite high income I should ask after I had completed 3 years. After 3 years with good income and if possible steady and increasing , things are quite easier.   I would recommend that you go to an independent Broker not tied to a bank to explain it correctly . I went to Interhyp and Dr.Klein, both were very good, explained everything and gave 3-4 very good offers. If only it was easier to find the right house...   Good luck
  10. Food Truck - Hamburg

      Until you make a name of your own maybe you can sign up with something like this : One of my clients uses them. They basically send you on a different spot with guaranteed clients every day. I have no idea what fees they ask but for the beginning it would probably help getting the people to know you.   They only send Foodtrucks to places where  a company (or sometimes together with other companies in the neighborhood that are interested) must guarantee that the area will make X Servings per day. At least in the Grosse Elbstrasse post that I know of, all trucks start selling around 11:00-12:00 by 14:00 they are sold out.   Good luck!    
  11. What are you cooking today?

    I grilled for lunch, and since the charcoals  were still burning when I was done, I grilled some eggplants and zucchinnis that we had  and made a huge Moussaka with grilled (instead of pan fried) vegetables. (Somewhat) healthier and also tastier. Wife and both kids loved it:        
  12. What made you laugh today?

    And the award for the most german picture of the day goes to...