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  1. Stop the spread of Moronavirus on Toytown

    In contrary to Coronavirus, there is a well documented Cure for this  :      
  2. Coronavirus

    For those who want to check data per Bundesland, this is the best link I found :    
  3. Coronavirus

      More than that, there has been a report from Hong Kong, that a dog found with traces of coronavirus :
  4. Coronavirus

      I made myself the same questions. I even added another option, that the virus mutated somehow in Italy. So far the answer seems to be : it affected towns with a high percentage of old people   This sheds some light :   so far ALL cases are above 60  
  5. Freelancer Registration and Tax

    Hi,   i am not an expert to answer this, but as a Freelancer in IT for 10 years in Germany:   That : 2. As i only have one client which is from UK can i hire my wife as employee?   would be an issue. If you have only one client for a longer period you are risking Scheinselbständigkeit. which will have consequences for you and your client. They will tolerate in the beginning but you must find at least a second one as soon as possible   I have Computer Science Degree and Software engineer as background, but registered as IT consultant. As long as you don't create and sell software as a package it is better to registered as IT Consultant, otherwise the Finanzamt can make you register a GmbH.   This is as far as I can help, finding a good Taxadvisor is your best bet. I think you can change anytime. I've been using Expattax which I found through this forum for 10 years now, remotely and they have been great, PandaMunich if I am not mistaken does it professionally now and she has been a major asset for this forum so you can't go wrong either.   Cheers,   Alex
  6. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected    
  7.   Read here :     For academics with recognized degree it is 48.800 per year. I don't know the criteria for other jobs.  A lot depends on the recognition of your degree I think :    
  8. Thx Lisa, i didn't know that about the Makler, I remember paying a lot but that is almost 10 years ago. You are also correct about 3 months Kaution is the maximum and probably what they will ask for, but in some cases they can ask for less, for some reason  I remembered it was less in Berlin but I checked and I was wrong.
  9.   Hi Mirush,   you can use an online calculator like this one :  to calculate approx how much netto you will get, based on what you said and assuming Class 3 in Tax, no church tax, no kid, age approx 26 you will be left with around 2188 per month netto.   You should look for a rent around 30% like Lisa said or less. Be careful of the following: - The price usually mentioned is the cold rent (kaltmiete), you should calculate the extra costs (heating, gas, water etc) called Nebenkosten. They can vary a lot between apartments (type of heating, energy efficiency of the building etc etc) - It is tough to get an apartment when you are new in Germany - Prepare to give 1-2 rents deposit in advance, and more than 1 to the Makler (real estate agent) costs   The following link will display current listings of appartments above 30 sqm, up to 650 euro cold rent within 5KM of Kreuzberg center:;;;1276003001034;;Kreuzberg%20(Kreuzberg)&price=-650.0&livingspace=30.0-&geocoordinates=52.49837;13.39598;5.0&enteredFrom=one_step_search you can play around with the filters for more exact results   If you want to live in a WG (shared apartment) you can also check here :   - Transportation. If you don't have a car, depending on where your work will be located, maybe the best option is a monthly ticket payable per month, check f.ex here : . Check with your company if they offer them or you can get it discounted  from them (some companies do)   - You should do a haftpflichtversicherung (Liability insurance) when you settle, it's a minor amount per year, but will help you a lot. There are people here in the Forum who can help you with that (John G, Starshollow, f.ex)   How much you can save depends on the rest expenses: TV,Internet, Phone, Mobile, Entertainment and your Grocery expenses.   Good luck !  
  10. What are you cooking today?

      I had polyp surgery 2 years ago and can sympathize. I don't know if you have allergies, but if you do, this will be the best allergy season you had in a long time. I didn't have any problem with the wounds after I left the hospital, but in your case I guess it is more  complicated (I went just for the polyp removal), but to fully regain my sense of smell it took some months (started improving after a month and was getting better by the week). Gute Besserung !   To stay on topic : I am cooking nothing today, just learned through a common friend, than an old classmate of mine from Greece is in Hamburg for some years now and we are meeting for dinner !
  11. Coronavirus

    Interactive Map with the confirmed Cases/Deaths/Recoveries :    
  12. Given the fact that the post from 2008 is and the user has not logged in since 2012. I strongly believe that :   1) You will get no answer 2) The spices have expired