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  1. US Election 2020: Here are the recount rules at a glance in the swing-states   Arizona - Mandated - Cannot be requested - 0.1% margin of total votes (or) - Difference of 200 votes or less   Georgia - Not mandated - Can be requested - Margin not exceeding 0.5% of total votes - Request within 2 biz days - No partial recount   Michigan - Mandated - Difference of 2,000 votes or less - Can be requested - Request if evidence of fraud - Request within 48 hrs - Partial recount allowed   Nevada - Not mandated - Can be requested - Request within 3 working days - Partial recount allowed   N Carolina - Not mandated - Can be requested - Margin of 0.5% or 10,000 votes - Request by noon of 2nd biz day - Partial recount not allowed   Pennsylvania - Mandated - Margin of 0.5% or less - Can be requested - Request only if 3 qualified electors in each district allege error - Request within 5 days - Partial recount allowed   Wisconsin - Not mandated - Can be requested - Margin of 1% or less - Request within 3 biz days
  2. In other news : Republican Politician Who Died of Covid-19 Wins Election in North Dakota
  4. Random pointless comments

      Both ears accounted for ?
  5. It is very interesting to see how the odds changed during the course :   If Biden takes : Wisconsin, Nevada and Michigan he gets 270.
  6. This should appear in every place masks are obligatory  
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      This is the period that the crime is still considered In flagrante delicto (blazing offence), so he can be arrested and detained as if he was caught on act. He turned himself in after 48 hrs so that he can be released until the hearing.
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    The only reason this piece of shit turned himself in , is because lots of civilians searched and found who he was and distributed his details on social media. He deserves way worst
  9. Starshollow around?

    Try here :      
  10. What made you laugh today?

    The most useful tool when learning German : 
  11. Who do you think will actually win?

    "Michael Bloomberg to Spend $100 Million in Florida to Aid Biden"   If Biden takes Florida, then is it pretty much a done deal ?     Toss-Up = less than 5% either way, leading means +5% at the last poll Florida was +3% for Biden according to last poll (and before the Bloomberg news)
  12. Who do you think will actually win?

    I follow it here : , while Biden is still leading, he is not as far ahead as he was in July. If it were to stay like this, Biden needs just Michigan (he is +5% according to last poll there) from the toss-up states to win it. As an outsider, I don't know much about Biden, but I think the general consensus most europeans have is that anything is better than Trump