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  1. the Olympic Games in Japan

        Let me put it this way. The UK Basketball team ranks higher than the Dutch in Fiba Rankings ( 41 and 44th)  . Apart from Rik Smits who played in the NBA and had a decent career (late 80s and 90s) I don't recall another good dutch player.   And my friend John, being in Greece for so long you must learn Gianni's story. Born in Greece from Nigerian immigrants, had to sell CDs on the streets with his brothers. Ended up in NBA. Champion and Finals MVP this year, and highest contract in NBA now (extra fun fact the whole family is freakish tall, 2 more brothers play/played on NBA and the youngest in Spain).   A great book is coming out next month  : and a Disney movie about his life is on the way.   This is a good start :
  2.   I know, 20' after the vaccine, I got a message that my microhip is succesfully installed and is Win 11 combatible. Please come back on 11.08 to update to Firmware 2.0   PS: So far so good. I had to wait 15-20' after the vaccine and then I was cleared to leave. My mobile has 1 extra bar when I am close to it now  
  3. Finally I am off for the first dosis of BionTech/Pfizer in 45'. I will report on where they planted the microchip, if I turn green or if the 5G reception is better when I am close to the phone.
  4. Medicine which causes memory loss

    Jeba is right. I had to remove a broken wisdom tooth a couple months ago in Hamburg, which was a difficult operation,  and they suggested I use Dämmerschlaf, a mild sedation. I did (best decision ever). It looks like the most common substance used is Midazolam.
  5. Medicine which causes memory loss

    Rohypnol a date-rape drug can cause it :   Disclaimer: Not a doctor nor a  date-rapist,, it is however mentioned a gazillion times in crime/CSI/etc series. 
  6. Conspiracy theorists

  7. Interesting spam e-mails received

    You should watch scammer videos from:   tons of fun    
  8. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    Hi,    I usually order online : (I think they are based in Aachen).   Regarding Hamburg: I have also seen it (unfortunately not always) in big REWEs (f.ex the one in Altona near the Train Station) in the international aisle, but they have it on their delivery/online store as well : , so maybe it is worth checking at your biggest REWE and ask them if they have it in stock (or if they  can bring it).   Even though you can find a gazillion Spanish Supermarkets and importers in Hamburg, the one with a really good S.American section are way less, your best bet is: Surimex , if you goto their website : MaSeCa appears there so they must have it.   Cheers
  9.   Mostly true, but Romania has lowest crime rate than Germany, and probably the fastest Internet average speeds in Europe, and some pretty nice locations. Can't argue about corruption and the rest of the infrastructures :D
  10. Conspiracy theorists

    A beautiful lunar eclipse:  
  11. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    There is a diagram that explains if you are repeated offender:   1 Year   = 12 months from last time, not Calendar Year   Flensburg points (since 2014) If you had 1 point it is cleared after 2,5 years 2 after 5 years 3 after 10   As for you previous offense , could it be that you were within city limits (innerorts), then it is higher.
  12. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?