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  1. Vegan coming for dinner

  2. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    If you already have a spare Monitor (or you can find/buy a cheap used one), and like to full around with electronics a bit, then why not try a Raspberry Pi solution, you can even set a schedule on when to Start/Stop.   Implementation example :   You can even use a Vesa standard case to build it in, so it will be completely hidden behind the monitor :ützung-100x100-Black/dp/B07QZZ94N6    
  3. When I was in Greece I was of course supporting a club since a kid, but the corruption and toxic environment of Greek Football was so bad that when I came to Hamburg (~10 years ago), I found it as a very good opportunity to detox from supporting a club here (and eventually didn't give a sh*t about following Greek football   ). A whole new world watching  Champions League and Bundesliga games without caring     Having said that I' ve been with friends and colleagues to both HSV and St.Pauli games. I found the people supporting St.Pauli, their attitude and ambiance at the Stadion much better than from HSV. So while I wouldn't call myself a supporter if I was asked which I prefer, it will be St.Pauli.
  4. Xbox one problem.

      That is a good suggestion. The only issues I ever had with a couple games on xbox One in the beginning  (I recently bought one "for the kids" (*cough.cough*) too ) were because of NAT settings. Especially if you use Fritzbox like the many do, by default is not set to fully allow multiplayer/online connections. On the plus side they describe everything in detail per model, f.ex: (especially Point 3)
  5. What is your hobby?

    Fishing, Photography, Fossil hunting, Movies
  6. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    Since there is already a subject and I am in similar situation (I hope the OP is ok for me posting here). in Schleswig Holstein, 41 years old 9 years in Germany Both me and my wife had good German knowledge ( I got the  C1 about 15 years ago, my wife C2 and Bachelor in German Language and Literature) Both kids are bilingual, very well integrated with great academic performance (if it matters in terms of integration) We both do charity work for more than 3 years now (I think this is only important had we applied at 6 years though) I am Freelancer in IT with very steady and relatively high income for all these 9 years Public insured (BKK) No pension plan yet in Germany, have ~90 months of pension payments in Greece (2002 - 2010) I have an account though with a high amount (which is actually meant for Advance payment as we are looking to buy a house) Will  do the Einbürgerungstest before I apply Based on that is it worth it to even try to apply for citizenship, or the "no current pension plan" is an immediate no-go even for freelancers which is not obligatory, or is it mostly random/luck in similar cases ?   Cheers,   Alex
  7. Tax Prepayments???

      Have you considered them :  . I found them here in toytowngermany. They have been doing my Taxes since I came to Germany (a little over 9 years ago) , I never had the slightest issue , their communication is great and they speak english. Never met them in person, all is done through mail, phone, and exchange of scanned documents. Disclaimer (to be on the safe side  ) : Not paid or told to write something, just a satisfied customer
  8. Homemade Pretzels

    You don't need Lye. You can also dip them in a baking soda Solution, usually 20gr / Ltr for a few seconds . Baking Soda = Natron in Germany
  9. I never pick up the phone when I don't know the number. Then I check in a few sites like :   in most cases it is there and goes to the block list. In case of "private number" I answer if it is marketing/or other bulls*it I shut it immediately.
  10. Cool stuff worth sharing

    I see your Positano and raise you Cinque Terre NW Italy