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  1. Recommendations for Eye Surgey sought

    If you're prepared to go to Gräfelfing, I can recommend Daniel Kook. He just opened his practce this year, I believe, but before that was working at the university and freelance at various clinics, including CareVision in Nuremberg. I had elective surgery there last year - multifocal lenses inserted. It was expensive (over 5000€, but a large part of that was the multifocal lenses themselves) - you are likely right in your assumption that a Kasse won't pay for it...but you *may* be able to get tax relief for it...(Sonderausgaben->außergewöhnliche Belastungen; mine was rejected, because my earnings put me over the limit for support - but worth a try) - but I was am very happy with the result and a huge increase in quality of life. This summer when I had my first regular check-up since, the Dr. confirmed that Kook had done a very good job and they sit perfectly in place.