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  1.   from what I heard they are especially raised to provide fake eyelashes so although it sad they are being euthanized I consider it better that this type of farming.   And in general  it has been the misuse of animal farming/hunting of wild animals that has co-created many virus's (Zoonoses) harmful to mankind - we are creating our own demise!
  2. @dessa_dangerous there is a study underway (joint effort by Charitie &MaxPlank) in Berlin looking at various aspects of mental health and coping mechanisms used (drinking being one of several) and other questions involved on how people experienced/experiencing during these covid times. Right now they are data collecting and the more people who contribute their data the more comprehensive the study. Their website is in English & German (here is the link:   Down the track there maybe empirical data supporting your observations - my guess there is some effects of coping mechanisms in various ways, personally though in my circle drinking is not one of them that I am noticing.
  3. TP seemed to be well stocked at my local Rewe this afternoon, flour aile looked ok too But fresh produce was almost all out, especially tomatoes ?! I am a typical later afternoon Sat shopper so I know sometimes fresh produce is low down, but not usually this much.   I invested in installing a bidet over the summer - no need to worry about TP this time around   I love baking so always have a good stock of different sorts of flour for options - there is loads of possibilities if you enjoy baking/cooking. I was wondering after the last hamstering if peeps learned more about baking while being home more?!  Personally I ended up more busy with my work and no extra time for baking, just getting into a more relaxed flow again so am hoping peeps can generally stay more balanced as these interesting of times keep unfolding.   I noticed that bakeries stayed open during the lockdown and wonderful German bread was available continuously - I assume that bread is considered a German "essential" item and bakers essential workers !  I dont even try to bake bread while living in Berlin as there is so many awesome bakeries. When I am back in Australia, different story, I bake bread there as there is not good options at all!  I had thought many of those who hamstered flour last time around would still have stocks?!   FWIW - I consider hamstering if you are buying more than twice what you would on a normal shop.   And I have a friend (from UK of course!) who also considers baked beans his essential item - if he has less than 20 odd cans in his cupboard he is feeling twitchy, that is in non-covid times! I tease him regularly
  4. Coronavirus

    ummm seems like this thread is losing its theme from coronvirus to transport ... can I suggest we move it back to the topic that is pertinent at present with rising cases and restrictions etc? 
  5.   @engelchen thanks for that, I will pass that on to my neighbour she was quite upset and confused yesterday
  6. ok I was just chatting with my neighbour - with a healthy distance between us - as she shared a rather flummoxing situation.   Her daughter who is in class 6 shared last night that one of her friends at school was saying his mum is covid +ve. Nothing coming from the school so my neighbour used her daughter's phone to call the boy and ask to speak with his mum. Turns out mum and dad are +ve (with very mild symptoms) and as they are they cant leave the house (as they have been advised they have to quarantine) to take their son for a test. As he is not tested, and has no symptoms, they let him go to school. Turns out the school cant close anything down or inform parents unless there is a +ve test of a participating student or teacher and that according the data protection rules they cant share with other parents when in this case the parents did inform the school of the positive test.   Sounds rather convoluted and not helpful way of dealing with potential +ve cases   My neighbours are a bit worried as their daughter is considered a risk person as she has had major lung issues all her life. They (my neighbours) have all had tests and keeping the children home from school and waiting till Monday to hear their results.   it reminds me that even with good intentions there is so many cracks in the system  
  7. Coronavirus

      actually that Aussie bloke is not correct. Only in one state, Victoria, is that somewhat true.  In most states life is essentially normal and in some states no mask wearing has been introduced at any time
  8. Coronavirus

      I think this comment is rather simplistic. There are multiple reasons for obesity, including chronic depression and mental health challenges as well complex subtle medical issues and medications. Comfort eating may be seen as gorging but often it is not, simply a symptom of underlying issues.   To address obesity, as with many modern day chronic health issues we need a comprehensive whole health approach which indeed could then include a cooperative approach to diseases like COVID-19.   I do not think finger pointing at any one group is helpful but helping to bring forward real options to improve health care and education I would love to see more