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  1. I have noticed the past week that the staff at my local Rewe (Berlin) are no longer wearing masks, including the security guard. But we customers are still required to wear masks. Does anyone have insight if rules are changing?!
  2. I have one hint for those of us who suffer allergies in springtime and wearing masks ... if you have been outside biking for a bit and pollen has been in the wind take the time to wipe your face BEFORE putting on your mask to enter shops. I had the unfortunate experience yesterday of having obviously collected pollen on my face, not thinking of it and popping on my mask to head into OBI for some needed items. About 5 minutes inside I had a massive allergy attack after the breathing in of all the collected pollen that circulated back into my nose!  I managed to find a quite corner, found some tissues in my bag and sneezed and blew and wiped and popped on a fresh mask all the while cringing as people gave me some dirty looks. I will carrying along some wetwipes for future times in my bag!
  3. Coronavirus

        yep, a bit more detail on this for those that want is:   On 11 February the World Health Organization announced that the official name would be covid-19, a shortened version of coronavirus disease 2019. The WHO refers to the specific virus that causes this disease as the covid-19 virus.   This is not the formal name for the virus – the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses calls it the “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”, or SARS-CoV-2, because it is related to the virus that caused the SARS outbreak in 2003. However, to avoid confusion with SARS the WHO calls it the covid-19 virus when communicating with the public.   Early in the outbreak, the virus was called 2019-nCoV by the WHO. The virus is also often referred to as the novel coronavirus, 2019 coronavirus or just the coronavirus.  
  4. Coronavirus

    I am wondering about Boris Johnson's partner ... who apparently had symptoms but was not tested?!  and is pregnant?!  I would have thought it would have been rather prudent for her to be tested and at least had some medical support?    
  5. @RedMidge Thank you for NOT posting conspiracy info here!    Personally I think there is enough misinformation with just normal media without adding in conspiracy theories.  I am well aware there are a lot of people with fragile mental health who are really hitting their edges with what is happening right now and many are finding it hard to discern real information due to anxiety overwhelm. I feel we can all contribute but being responsible for what we post whether here, other threads or in our daily lives.    Humour is welcomed but NOT when it is derogatory to others or spreading misinformation.
  6.   yes for us all to sustain into the future we need to support all of us going forward, specially those of us who do still have work/jobs at present. Who knows who may support us in the future?! Paying it forward makes sense to me
  7. just a thought for us all perhaps?!  ...   I am being mindful of my wonderful cleaning team ( a sweet couple)  who come to my home every fortnight and clean my home. Right now that is not so good for various reason  due to the social distancing and being mindful of vulnerable peoples in my life but I know they will suffer if they dont have work so I just wrote them to say I pay it forward for them for the next month at least and that I take on my cleaning (golly gosh I am able to do that even though my own work load is more rather than less at present!) and they were so grateful that it totally uplifted my afternoon too!   Just thought to share in case you have something similar to activate ...
  8. Coronavirus

    I am noticing there are several different versions of German stats on COVID-19.  I do think it is good if we post to make sure they are authentic and not add to the miasma of fear and anxiety but spreading false or dodgy data    AFAIK the designated authority correlating the accurate stats is the Robert Koch-Instituts which is the main infectious disease center in Germany and they are updating their report every evening this was the latest from 21st March (it is available in both German and English):
  9. thank you for your extra words of advice @engelchen  
  10.   @engelchen  could you please clarify this comment above - as I have in my 10 yrs here I have not needed to deregister as I was regular here in Berlin, I am not up on the entire procedure required so not sure of the BMG you refer to?  And do you mean that the Bürgeramt and Ausländeramt dont agree/give same information? I do know you are not claiming to be an expert but some hints can be of help - even if that it is to find a immigration lawyer to talk with?!        
  11. thanks @El Jeffo thank is all helpful.   Would you (or anyone else) know if there is department in the Ausländeramt that hhelps for special matter such as this?! As the Ausländeramt is quite a beast to navigate   I will talk with my Health Insurance and ask for my options and start looking for a tax person in Australia to chat with so I can figure what to do - slight practical overwhelm with all this but I think it is good to have some ideas before I leave in a few weeks time.
  12. I am hoping someone on this forum may have some insight or experience to help my situation.   I am in Berlin on a freelance visa, I have been for several years and renewed it recently without any problems and have another almost 3 years on it.   As much as I love Berlin and my life here however I have had family matter come in my home country (Australia) that requires me to spend more time there to care for an elderly relative. I dont know if this will end up being a few months or a year as there is uncertainty inherently in the health matter. I do know that I want to return to Berlin after this situation resolves.   My question is a I dont know what I need to do legally - do I dereigister when I leave Germany for Australia? Does that mean my visa then is invalid and when I return that I have to reapply as if for the first time? And health insurance, I currently have a good private health insurance that cover the needs for my freelance visa, do I let that go or keep it going?  And of course taxes ... do I then pay tax for the time I am still here in 2020 and then register in Australia?   As my work is not tied to a place and is possible from anywhere there is internet I will be continuing to do my work, although a reduced amount as my time will be much more occupied with the caring role.   Is there somewhere I can find out this sort of information?   Any constructive tips/information is very welcomed and appreciated.
  13. @fraufruitit was a few years back but I got sample pots from my local OBI paint department as I was wanting to check the colours in the light of my apartment - I cant recall now if I paid something for it or not, probably I did. They did have a huge selection of paint (paper) swatches to look at which I could also take with me for free and the final choices I kept those swatches for future match up. Hope you find what you are looking for
  14. To any mac aficionados here on TT ...   I am seriously considering a new purchase of the most recently available Apple macbook pro 16" laptop. I travel a lot, all my work is online and includes quite a bit of graphics and audio work as well the mundane office work too - I have had a very old mac which is literally dying and use various non apple software like MS office, audacity and a few others that I hear are not as compatible with the latest MacOS but I am guessing I can work that bit out.   Mostly curious if anyone here has bought one as yet and how you think about it after using it for a bit? Anyone get one for Christmas  
  15. I am on the search for good quality mens socks (short ones, just over the ankle length) in a certain shade of blue for a dear friend who cant go out an shop - any tips on places to look? I tried Galeria yesterday without success. Appreciate any additional places to go searching