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  1. To any mac aficionados here on TT ...   I am seriously considering a new purchase of the most recently available Apple macbook pro 16" laptop. I travel a lot, all my work is online and includes quite a bit of graphics and audio work as well the mundane office work too - I have had a very old mac which is literally dying and use various non apple software like MS office, audacity and a few others that I hear are not as compatible with the latest MacOS but I am guessing I can work that bit out.   Mostly curious if anyone here has bought one as yet and how you think about it after using it for a bit? Anyone get one for Christmas  
  2. I am on the search for good quality mens socks (short ones, just over the ankle length) in a certain shade of blue for a dear friend who cant go out an shop - any tips on places to look? I tried Galeria yesterday without success. Appreciate any additional places to go searching
  3. @El Jeffo  okidoke and thank you!
  4. @El Jeffo  I am looking again at the form - sorry but I am still confused as I am not a business but private person registered, so dont I have to somehow fill out the bit about Privatewohnung?    To clarify the flat is my private residence and I am registered there, the registered charity (e.V.) is registered at my home address but does not have any employees or physical presence, just the bookkeeping files. (I mean that it is registered with the charities authority and financeamt but not with the ARD)   thanks again for clarifying!
  5. thank you @El Jeffo - it really is that simple?! whew!!    and thank you to other contributors  @LeonG that link you posted was the one I was referring to -    and I only became more overwhelmed and worried reading it through after having the forms, it may make more sense as you rightly stated but my "trying to do it right" mind was challenged. And @Smaug awesome scan help! you all three have relieved my afternoon tremendously thank you
  6. thank you @Smaug for getting those scans sorted for me so others may give input on what action is best for me to take - you are an angel and hoping that god things come your way in return!   (oops that was spell mistake and was meant to be "good" but on the otherhand why limit what may come!)
  7. @Smaug that would be great! Yes pm an email to send  - you are an angel!   @LeonG I did find this link but it did not really help except to highlight I do need to register even if I may be exempt?!  https://www.rundfunkbeitrag/  I can’t seem to get a real link but at the bottom under “other languages “ I found a PDF document in English describing for institutions - maybe you make sense of it?
  8. I have question someone on here maybe able to help with re charities (verein) and the ARD registration.  I received in the post this week the attached form that I find difficult to work out what I really need to fill out? I find forms overwhelming in English and German bureaucracy tend to overload my brain cells further!  I was not previously aware I needed to fill out a formula for this charity. (It is a charity/verein supporting women and children in Nepal, registered here in Germany with no employees only myself and some others doing all that is needed voluntary.) The charity is registered with the finance amt and charities register as being located at my home address. My home address is registered as my personal ARD Privatewohnung and I have a Beitragsnummer for that.  If anyone can give me a guidance on how to fill in this form that would be awesome and very much appreciated.   only thing is I cannot seem to attach the document/form?! I scanned and made a jpg and also tried PDF but both version although only 107 KB will not let me upload here - so tips welcomed!  I am feeling rather tech confounded in this moment!    
  9. hi @willowhands not sure if you got your problem sorted but I ended up with a really helpful handyman, he is not an electrician but when he looked at what I needed done it was a basic outlet plug replacement for my oven that was a job doable by a handy handyman fiddly and needed some cupboard cutting out due to the location and I was worried if a classic electrician came he may not want to do that fiddly cutting so the fellow I had come was the perfect match for what I needed, and friendly, kind and english speaking (Australian fella) and I can recommend him. Plus he came before I started work (8am) which was so helpful as I often work long hours and not easy to get someone. I just had the oven installers come back and finish the installation and they were happy with the job and so am I ! @belinhandyman - Colin - Telephone or WhatsApp (0049) 0178 5316895
  10. Hi All, I am am in need of an electrician to replace to power outlet for a stove/oven. I just found out as I had my new stove/oven delivered this morning that the old outlet is kaput and the fellows could not install the new one. They were really friendly but not wanting to touch the old outlet which I could understand as someone had done a botch job and it was all covered up. I am the owner so I am up for the replacement/repair. The only thing is I am working a lot (weekdays 9-6/7pm) and would need an electrician who can work out of hours, eg after 6pm or a Saturday/Sunday. Some English would be great but not 100% required as the job is quite straight forward and I can muddle along in Denglish I did look through old threads but did not find anything current so any recommendations welcomed!
  11. is a secondary income double taxed?

    there are more specific threads about financial matter/tax etc in this TT forum that would give you much more information about this but I concur with the comments already - yes you do need to pay tax on your worldwide income, meaning any income outside of Germany. If within the EU and depending on your tax bracket MwSt tax would apply as well. International tax responsibilities/reporting vary from country to country in respect of their individual law and joint tax inter country tax agreements. These days so much is transparent so not advisable to set up in another country to avoid taxes!
  12. @LukeSkywalker yeah I know it is Sunday! I tried calling to sort this all out on Friday morning but gave up after the long wait and turned to this forum which with @LeonG tip I have now printed out the right form and signed and ready to post. I find admin stuff not so easy to navigate so appreciate those of you who post here helpfully!
  13. @LeonG thank you - I love the step by step guide super helpful, will go and download that form now
  14.   Given that I have a Beitragsnummer I assume in some way I am registered (as a private person, in a private flat?) so I am not registering business or a new place or changing one, nor changing a bank account, simply adding one - but I assume I input my address there somewheres and my name but not sure in which part now or should I simply just fill in part 6 & 7?  Do you think if I attache the paper letter I get quarterly with this form they may figure it out? I tried calling but after waiting over an hour I gave up!  Any further tips welcomed
  15. @fraufruit  I have actually been paying if you read my post correctly, just manual payments not direct debit. The step now I am doing is to set  up the automatic payments.