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  • Location Schleswig-Holstein
  • Nationality British
  • Gender Female
  • Year of birth
  • Interests I love to meet new people, am a big foodie and my big passion and hobby is nature and its protection. Understandable then that I like to be outdoors and in my free time I hike and explore new things when I can. I also love the movies, to read, to travel and am fascinated by languages and different cultures.

About Me

I have lived in Germany in various places for over eight years now. I recently moved from Würzburg to Tönning with my family (German husband and two sons (2 and 4 years old). We left a great network of English speakers behind us and so I am looking to fill this hole a little. Iam looking for some English speakers (with or without kids) in the area around Tönning who I (with or without kids) can meet up with for chats and tea and maybe even cake or other food every so often.