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  1. 18 Euros a month will be levied on every household whether they have a TV or radio or if they sit shivering in the cold because they can't afford to heat their apartment let alone enjoy the wonders that only ZDF can offer.   What the hell is going on with this country? I feel like a tax-sheep getting sheered of just a little extra cash every few months. This is almost as much as my internet connection costs every month, and since I bought a TV the other day and plugged the antenna cable in I can't even find any channels to watch in any case. What a great deal! After I've paid my various tithes to the government for their 'services' (most of which I've never used or even heard of) I'm left with less and less.   Vattenfall are even chasing me for more than 200 euros electricity which is outright impossible - I lived in a 27qm2 box with only 1 lightbulb and my computer. On the documents themselves they say this is the average amount of electricity used for six family-sized households. What the hell is going on with this country?   Related topic: Refusing to pay the German TV license fee