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  1.   Unfortunately, people still drive without restraints, some thinking they're safer with out seat belts, thinking the air bags are all the protection they need, thinking they are super safe drivers and nothing will happen to them on the short drive to the store, or those accidents happen to other people.  They might be right, and if their timing had been a little different, or they decided not to drive down a road where we had a sobriety checkpoint set up, they might have not been cited.   One early morning I was on my way home and a car with one headlight passed me in a construction zone.  It was about 0400 and I noticed the car did not have any lights in the rear.  My intention was to stop the driver and ask if the emergency flashers worked so I could follow the car home and issue a warning instead of a citation.  As soon as I walked up to the car, the charming woman, with cigarette dangling from her lips, shouted "Just give me the fucking ticket and leave me alone!"   I hadn't even said a word to her, but I immediately noticed she wasn't wearing her seat belt and neither were any of the six children in the car.  Two were young or small enough to require a car seat, yet they were standing on the rear bench seat jumping up and down and there were two children in the front passenger seat.  Change in plans.  She didn't have her license with her, but I took her information and the car registration back to my cruiser.   Her driving privilege was suspended because of a recent second DUI conviction, the car did not have a valid inspection sticker, the county tax sticker was two years out of date, the license plates were issued to an RV, none of the seven occupants were wearing seat belts, and she had equipment violations because of the lights.  I had the car towed because she didn't have anyone who could come drive the car after I removed the plates.  I called Child Protective Services to take the children to the shelter, and I arrested her for driving while suspended.  I pulled into my driveway at 0730.   At her trial, the Judge was not very pleased with her, but gave her a dressing down for driving with six children bouncing around in the car.  She was sentenced to 12 months in the Adult Detention Center, with all but 30 days suspended pending good behavior.  Her driving privilege was suspended for five years.  I can't remember the amount of the fine; however, all but $300 was suspended.  Because two of the seven seat belt citations I issued were for not having child seats, the State gave her two car seats.  The child car seat program is funded exclusively by fines for seat belt violations, which were about $25 for each offense and no court costs.  The program provides great seats, which in the mid-90's retailed for about $600 each.  This means 48 violations paid for her child car seats.
  2.     Sorry...I'm throwing the bullshit flag on this, as this is the most common excuse I heard when issuing citations for drivers and/or passengers not wearing seatbelts.  My point of reference is from many years working as a Deputy Sheriff in the Patrol Division with hundreds of traffic accident investigations where I was the first responder or conducting the accident reconstruction.  I have NEVER unbuckled a dead person, and I have NEVER taken a statement from a person "flung" from the vehicle.  I have assembled body parts from people ejected from a vehicle and then killed because of the impact with a stationary object, crushed when the vehicle rolls over them, or they are ejected into oncoming traffic and run over.  A couple of 80,000 pound tractor trailers traveling at 65MPH can reduce a human body to small pieces faster than the trucks can come to a stop.  I accept there are likely vehicle accidents from which survival is impossible and wearing a seat belt and air bag would not have mattered, but I have never worked such a case.
  3. Coronavirus

    I received my first Moderna injection through the U.S. military system 24 hours ago and have an appointment for my second injection on 7 June.  I don't have any side effects, and the only slight tenderness in my arm is restricted to a small area at the point of injection, or no different than any flu shot I've received over the decades.    I did have some trouble sleeping last night, but discovered it was the Band-Aid tugging at the hair on my arm.  After I pulled off the Band-Aid, sweet relief and sweet dreams. 
  4.   This might be the problem.  I tried on a much newer thread by Guest.   Perhaps you could copy the contents of the first Guest post into Tor's post and delete the Guest post (or move it to the dead post graveyard).  This would keep the thread alive.  
  5.     I tried, after logging out and logging back in, but it didn't work.  Apparently, the forum software thinks the thread is over 5,000 days old.      
  6. He took a photo of the Lunar Module, Eagle, as it orbited the Moon and the Earth in the background.  As this was before the concept of the selfie, he was the only human in existence not in the photo.   https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/michael-collins-picture-1969/    
  7. Michael Collins, Apollo 11 Command Module pilot, is dead at the age of 90.   https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/statements-on-passing-of-michael-collins
  8. Coronavirus

      The rules appear to vary greatly with the Toom and Bauhaus stores in my driving area.  The garden centers are open to all customers without a Termin or Corona test, but access to the main area of the store varies.  For example, the Bauhaus Fachcentrum in Mallau and Mannheim are now open only to tradesmen or commercial customers without a Termin or Corona test.  The Bauhaus Fachcentrum in Darmstadt is open to all customers with a Termin and Corona test with negative results.  The Bauhaus Fachcentrum in Heppenheim is open to all customers without a Termin or Corona test.   https://www.bauhaus.info/aktuelle-lage/fachcentren   The Toom in Pfungstadt is open to all customers with a Termin and Corona test.   https://toom.de/service/services-im-markt/einkaufstermin/#c43520   The Toom in my city is not listed in the Toom Termin website, but after checking the store's website, I discovered access is restricted to tradesmen and commercial customers without a Termin or Corona test.   I noticed last week that the parking lot of the Pfungstadt Toom had a special area set up with a drive through tent.  It is a free drive-in (walk or bicycle) Corona quick test facility.  Appointments are recommended, but they appear to be accepting anyone.   https://www.pfungstadt.de/buergerservice/neues-aus-dem-rathaus/corona-alle-wichtigen-informationen/schnelltestmobil-com/
  9. Police brutality in the USA

      It has been 25 years since I last pinned on a badge, strapped on a gun, and became a lawman.  At the time, the demographics of my county were about 45 percent Caucasian and the remaining 55 percent was Black, Hispanic, and other.  The Detention Center population was about 75 percent Caucasian, 20 percent Black, and 5 percent other.  I went back a couple of years ago to visit a friend on the Sheriff's Department, and the county demographics have skewed in favor of Caucasians because of population growth, but the Detention Center mix was about the same.  My friend was a new recruit that I had the pleasure of training as his FTO.  Now he is a Captain, with his own mix of recruits, and a few more years to go before mandatory retirement.
  10. Police brutality in the USA

      I suspect every sector using carbon-based life forms as a source of labor will have employees with "issues".  From my experience and observations in my former department, overt and covert screening does exist, and the probationary period never really ends.  Those who exhibit undesirable characteristics and cannot, or will not, change their behavior are removed.  The Sheriff is an elected official and all Deputies serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff.  When the Sheriff is elected, all Deputies must be sworn in again.  Those who do not receive the formal invitation to the swearing in ceremony know their time with the Department has ended.   As a Deputy Sheriff in a rural county, I lived in a virtual fishbowl for all to see and judge.  Those of us assigned to the Patrol Division had take-home cruisers and were encouraged to use the vehicles for personal business within the county, but we were required to respond to any call or observed violation while using the County's resources.  The cost of using the vehicle for personal uses was greatly offset by having an additional marked cruiser on the streets with an equipped and trained Deputy ready for anything that comes over the radio.  Those who did not want to be available left the cruiser and used their own vehicle.  About half of the time I went shopping, I responded to calls, made traffic stops, or assisted others as necessary.  A few times a quick trip to the store turned into a four-hour event by the time the accident scene was cleared or the assailant was booked and reports filed.  Then it was back to the store for an unmelted quart of ice cream.
  11. Police brutality in the USA

      Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to armchair evaluation of another nation's law enforcement policies.  My observation in the UK and Germany is the general population has a higher level of respect for law enforcement than some areas in the U.S., but my opinion is somewhat affected by first hand experience with the tender mercies one person can inflict on another in my presence.
  12. Police brutality in the USA

      I will assume, based on your response, that your entire knowledge of law enforcement tactics and procedures comes from the media and not months of intensive training at a law enforcement academy, followed by another month of being shadowed by a Field Training Officer.  I will assume that you have not been in situations that resulted in you being shot, stabbed, kicked, punched, or spat on while trying to restore order or stop aggression (I have).  If so, you are in good company with most of the population.   The officer did not empty the magazine in his weapon.  From what I remember, he fired four rounds, but it does not matter.  We are trained to shoot center mass in order to protect our lives and the lives of others.  If that can be done with one round, wonderful.  If that requires every round of ammunition available, so be it.  The number of rounds required to accomplish the result is irrelevant.  Had Ms. Bryant been on PCP, or similar substance that suppresses the physiological response, it is unlikely that she would have noticed four rounds.  Had Ms. Bryant complied with the repeated verbal commands from the Officer, it is unlikely that any rounds would have been needed.   I have been in several potentially deadly encounters where the assailants were armed and tempers were raging as I arrived on the scene.  Some encounters ended safely for all, some did not.  In each event, the outcome depended on the level and speed of cooperation of those involved.   Unfortunately, for reasons known only to Ms. Bryant, attacking another woman with a knife was very important to her.  The responding Officer had no way of knowing what had happened prior to the attack, not that it mattered.  What mattered were the events that occurred in his presence.   You are certainly entitled to your opinion.
  13. Police brutality in the USA

      Unfortunately, this is the issue.  The officer has a split-second to make a decision, while the attorneys will have weeks, months, or years to second guess the decision.   Concerning your last sentence, I am also waiting for someone to suggest this.  It plays well on TV and the movies, but in real life it is not practical, and in my former jurisdiction, was expressly forbidden.
  14. Police brutality in the USA

      After watching the bodycam video being dissected in slow motion over and over again last night, a benefit the responding officer did not have, I am confident that as a former LEO I would have made the same decision.  The woman had what appeared to be a knife, clearly visible in the video, was not responding to verbal commands, and was moving towards another person.  It is not reasonable to expect the responding officer to know the woman was a 16-year old girl, with "issues", and living in a foster home, not that any of this would have been relevant at the time.   I'm not picking on you, Anna, but assume you had the proper escalation of force training that the officer likely had.  Aside from your training and experience, the only tools you have available in the moment are what you have on your duty belt.  You have a fraction of a second to recognize the threat and another fraction of a second to react.  What would you do to remove the threat and protect the other person?
  15. abuse of nominative pronouns?

      This is what I said in my post. 
  16. abuse of nominative pronouns?

    If "and Harry's" is removed from the sentence, then the pronoun "she" is incorrect.  Perhaps Molly Blackall should have written "...she is heavily pregnant with her second child." and assume the readers will understand that Harry is likely the father.
  17.   Yourkeau lives in Israel.  There is no option for Israel in the location menu, so Asia is the closest choice.
  18. Only in America...

      Are you describing an incident different than the one in the article you included?  The incident in the article took place in Virginia.
  19.   Apparently, the Zollamt site has a time limit for the form links.  Go to the link you provided and then click on the "Suchen" link at the bottom of the left menu.  In the "Titel" block, enter 0350 and click on "Suchen".  You will see two versions of the Form 0350 that you can fill out online.  I can't see any difference between the two forms, so pick one and start typing.  You only have 45 minutes to complete the form, so make sure you have all of your information available.
  20. Only in America...

        Without exception, none of my acquaintances who are pro-gun knew about the first half of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  They were all familiar with the second half.  For those who don't know, here is the full text of the Second Amendment:   "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."   That's it.  Not too long.  Fairly easy to remember.  Apparently very easy to selectively ignore.   We cannot ask the authors of the Bill of Rights what they were thinking when they agreed on the final version of the Second Amendment because they are too busy being dead.  However, historical documents and transcripts taken during the discussions indicate the founding fathers did not have an appetite to pay for a standing army following the costly war of independence.  It is reasonable to assume they expected the recently liberated colonists would again raise a militia if needed to defend their new republic.   At the time, there was little difference, if any, between the hunting rifle used by any farmer and the weapon of choice for any army.  Barring unknown external advances in weaponry or tactics, any invading force would again be met with a matching force as the colonists readied their trusty hunting rifles.   The need for a "well regulated Milita" no longer exists in the U.S. since there has been an organized standing United States Army since 1796.  While the U.S. Army's roots go back to the Continental Army of 1775, it's current form started in 1796.  Apparently, the attempts of the British army to confiscate weapons at the beginning of the Revolutionary War left a lingering bad taste in everyone's mouth, so the Second Amendment remained as written.  I would never describe the rabble I see in the news, and have seen in person, as a well regulated militia.   As Fraufruit observed, all of my pro-gun acquaintances equate gun control with gun confiscation.  One of the more vocal opponents told me the Government has no right to confiscate his hunting rifles.  I asked him when he last went elk hunting in Michigan with an AR-15 and a dozen 30-round magazines of armor-piercing ammo.  Blank stare and faint sound of crickets while he furtively looked around to find an answer.  I told him no one is suggesting he turn in his prized hunting rifles.  When I told him Germany and the UK have strict gun laws, but do not prohibit gun ownership, hunting, or recreational shooting, he had no defense other than to quote the last half of the Second Amendment.  He later told me all of his hunting rifles were large caliber bolt action models in calibers from .270 to .308, since the .223 (5.56mm) round was rubbish for big game.   I don't have a solution for this, but would not shed a tear if all of the assault-style weapons were permanently banned.  I also don't know what the threshold of innocent people being killed is before the public tide in the U.S. will shift from a blind grip on the Second Amendment to acceptance that change is needed.  Apparently the body counts at schools, shopping centers, night clubs, and other public gatherings in the U.S. are not enough.  Yet.
  21. Images copyright for cultural event poster&merch

    I'm happy you are asking first, as most people assume anything on the Internet is free.  I am not an intellectual property attorney, but I was a photographer who had to pursue a business who "borrowed" one of my images for their website.  I was successful and it cost the business much more than if they had just contacted me first to license my work.   Don't try to fool anyone that you are doing this for charity.  If I read your description correctly, you intend on using an image that belongs to someone, maybe not Der Spiegel, on a product you intend to sell.  Whether you make a profit on the sale or the proceeds go to a recognized charity makes no difference.  This does not fall under the protection of the fair use doctrine.  There could also be issues with a model release if you want to use Merkel's image for your commercial effort without her permission.  She is a public figure, but there is still a line that should be crossed with caution when you move from news reporting to profit making.   I don't think Der Spiegel owns the image, but might have legally used the image under the fair use doctrine.  I recommend making an effort to locate the source of the image, most likely the owner of the video conference from which the image was captured.  I don't think you want to get mired into legal issues with derivative work, as these usually don't end up well for the person who uses the image.   As an alternative, you might consider looking at any of the online sources of free images, such as stocksnap.io and pixabay.
  22. Brexit: The fallout

      Indeed.    (we might be thinking of different versions of motorboating)  
  23. Last year I ordered a dust collection fitting for my shop from Axminster in the UK.  The part was €10.75 and shipping was €9.50.  I wanted to order a duplicate part this month.  The price was the same, but shipping is now €24.95.  I can live without the part.
  24.     Well, it is West Virginia and the intelligence bar is low.  When I worked in northern Virginia, one of my dimwitted coworkers frequently made weekend trips to his home town in West Virginia to visit his parents.  He raised the IQ of both states when he did this.  
  25.     I'm not an admin or moderator here, but I suspect the thread title issue you describe has less to do with any antivax policy and more to do with your choice of title: