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  1. Felony question

      A felony conviction in the U.S. is for life unless the felon is successful in having it expunged.  The process to expunge a felony conviction varies by state, is a difficult and lengthy process, and is usually very expensive.  Time and money will be spent, with no guarantee of success.  Some states will not consider this except for extreme situations, and certainly not for violent crimes.
  2. House Buying Tax

    Since the OP hasn't been back since posting the question in 2018, he's probably not interested in any answers.
  3. When I moved to the other side of the town where I live, I moved my Telekom service with me.  I went from just under 16Mbps, which is what I was paying for at the old address, to less than 2Mbps at the new address with the same contract.  When I complained to Telekom that I was not receiving my full 16Mbps, the helpful customer service agent politely told me that my contract clearly stated "up to 16Mbps".  She added that "less than 2Mbps" was within the definition of "up to 16Mbps", so there was nothing Telekom would do.  It took a few years for Telekom to upgrade the service in my current location.
  4. What made you laugh today?

    The decal on the rear window is supposed to read "VICIOUS INC. EST 2015".  The unfortunate spacing has an alternate reading of "VICIOUS INCEST 2015" if you overlook the punctuation.   ETA: I don't type as fast as RedMidge.  
  5. It's always the red shirts!
  6. I never had any success with the FBU returning calls or emails before the current situation.  If the FBU is still accepting appointments, then this is your best option.  I had three appointments with the FBU last year when I retired.  The first was an information gathering visit, the second was to apply for my social security benefits, and the third was to create the online SSA account.    Each visit took less than 10 minutes and the longest I had to wait was about ten minutes for the second visit.  There was no waiting to enter the Consulate since I had my appoinment confirmation email. 
  7. Travel to the US and back.

      I never take my phone with me when I'm out in the local area and only take it out when I'm traveling on overnight trips.  For a while, I was receiving annoying messages from Telekom informing me of special offers, so I was putting it in Airplane Mode and forgetting about it for weeks at a time.   The need for the phone as an essential 24/7 communications option ended when I retired last year.  I don't tweet, FB, or instagram.  I do WhatsApp with a friend in the States, but only from home when connected to my WiFi.  I never understood the need to be connected all of the time, but to each their own.
  8.   When someone tosses a grenade into a room, it is not common practice for the occupants of the room to engage in a debate over who pulled the pin, which is what you seem intent on doing.  Andrew Brewer is that grenade and someone other than the Colorado Springs Anti-Facists (CSAF) organization pulled his pin years ago.  All the CSFA did was yell "Grenade!".  Perhaps, as Alex suggested, it will be better if you start another thread dedicated to the finer points of pin pulling and legal issues of undercover operations designed to expose antisocial behavior rather than continue to derail the original topic.   I read the everything the CSFA made public about Mr. Brewer, and I think the release of the information was at the end of a lengthy process of interviews and data gathering.  I also think Mr. Brewer is not the only fish in the CSFA net, but his association with the U.S. Forces and potential to be an officer in the U.S. military makes him a valid target.  The archived links to his now inactive Facebook page still have active links within them; however, a member of the privileged class might never realize this because the information was not spoon-fed.   In one of the interviews, Mr. Brewer stated he had been in Germany for eight years.  It's possible he is a dependent of a DoD civilian or contractor.  Initially, one of my concerns was the impact this would have on his parents and their future in Germany.  However, since it appears he has been involved in these special activities for several years, I am curious about how far from the tree that apple has rolled.   One last comment about the spoon-fed privileged class.  Decades ago, when I was seven or eight, I asked my Dad why the sky was blue, as well as a lot of other questions important to me at the time.  I later learned that my Dad didn't know, but he did something besides say "Because", or as my cousin's Dad told her "Because God made it blue."  Instead, my Dad stopped what he was doing, which I'm sure was important to him, and asked me to bring the "A" and "L" volumes of the mostly unused encyclopedia at the dusty bottom of the book shelf.  I had no idea why he asked for that instead of answering my question.  We spent the next two hours reading through material that I didn't understand at the time, but it started with "light spectrum", then went to "atmosphere", and then off on several tangents on more topics that made my brain explode.  Although I don't remember if my question was answered at the time, what my Dad gave me, and the rest of my siblings, was the gift of being able to search for myself and not rely solely on others for the truth.  For future questions, when I was stumped on where to begin, he would give me a clue about where to start, and then left the rest to me.  Eventually, I didn't need the clue, but we did need an new encyclopedia set.  Apparently, we had different Dads.
  9. Congratulations!  If you haven't done so already, update your eBay profile to remove old information.
  10. President Donald J. Trump

      Unfortunately, she might be correct and he is the most informed person on the planet when it comes to threats; however, this doesn't mean he comprehends what he is told or reads.  Informing a brick wall might have the same effect, but there is no expectation of action with a wall.   During one of my last meetings with senior leaders, I briefed a complex technical threat and mitigation plan required for a construction project.  After over two hours of going over the same material several times and answering dozens of unrelated questions, I had to finally admit that I could explain it to them, but I couldn't understand it for them.  I suspect the Cheerleader in Chief has a limited desire or capability to comprehend complex issues.
  11. President Donald J. Trump

    Keleth and jeba,   Would you two please take your juvenile bitch slapping contest to private messaging and stop clogging up this otherwise interesting thread?  If both of you didn't make interesting posts when you weren't taking jabs at each other, I would plunked both of you to my Ignore User list and moved on.
  12. Returning and renewing Aufenthaltstitel

      I don't recall ever asking for assistance, but thank you for pointing out the existence of a search function.  It might come in handy some day if I need or want it.   Of course I realize the difference in fruit.  I used these recent examples only to demonstrate how the same BAMF rules are interpreted differently in at least four areas.  My interview in Gross-Gerau and my friend's interview in Grafenwöhr happened the same week.  While these were in different states with different agents, the same hammer was applied to these very different nails.    By contrast, the agent in the Stuttgart office was satisfied that the applicant had a decent enough grasp of the German language and recommended the permanent permit, which he received four weeks later.  I doubt the differences are due to evolution of the process, given that these three interviews occurred within a four month window.  The differences might be due to local culture.  I am familiar with the law and have no problems with how my servicing ABH interprets it.
  13. Returning and renewing Aufenthaltstitel

      It appears, based on my conversations with recently retired friends, that there is one BAMF standard, but it can be interpreted differently at each Ausländerbehörde.  When I presented my application and supporting documents at the Ausländerbehörde, the agent verified the retirement income, assets, health insurance, and then removed the certified college transcripts and copy of the diploma, as these weren't needed.   I have a retired friend in Wiesbaden who can barely comprehend "Wo ist der Bahnhof?" and is married to a U.S. citizen working in Germany.  She had no problems receiving her three-year Aufenthaltstitel and has no intention of learning German beyond what she needs now.  She will reapply for the permit when the time comes if they are still living in Germany.   I have another retired friend near Grafenwöhr, who is married to a German wife, has two Master's Degrees from U.S. Universities, and has lived in Germany continuously for over 30 years.  He retired from the U.S. military as an officer and recently retired as a DoD civilian.  He conducted his Ausländerbehörde interview only in German, but still had to produce the A1 certificate for the initial permit and the B1/Integration Course certificates for the permanent permit.  Since he was an adjunct professor for three years at a German military school, he had no problem producing a C2 certificate, just to rub it in.    I have another retired friend in Stuttgart who speaks German as well (or not as well) as I do and has a BS degree from a U.S. University.  He received his permanent permit with his initial application and was not required to provide a language proficiency certificate.   I suppose it's the luck of the draw based on where one lives and the mood of the interviewer.
  14. Returning and renewing Aufenthaltstitel

    I received my Aufenthaltstitel last year.  Even though I have a BS degree from a U.S. university and my wife is German, I still had to provide an A1 language proficiency certificate in order to receive my three-year Aufenthaltstitel.  If I want to make it permanent at the end of three years, I have to provide a B1 language proficiency certificate and complete the integration course; otherwise, I start the process again for a three-year permit.  Apparently, there is no limit to the number of times I can apply for a three-year permit, but I think it will be less pain for everyone if I take the courses and provide the B1 certificate.
  15. Update:  I'm now including the Triton TRA001 router with this package, but the overall price remains the same.  I decided to use another router in my other table.  I can't edit the original post, so disregard the comment about me keeping the router.   http://www.tritontools.com/en-GB/Product/Power%20Tools/Routers/TRA001