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  1. abuse of nominative pronouns?

      This is what I said in my post. 
  2. abuse of nominative pronouns?

    If "and Harry's" is removed from the sentence, then the pronoun "she" is incorrect.  Perhaps Molly Blackall should have written "...she is heavily pregnant with her second child." and assume the readers will understand that Harry is likely the father.
  3.   Yourkeau lives in Israel.  There is no option for Israel in the location menu, so Asia is the closest choice.
  4. Only in America...

      Are you describing an incident different than the one in the article you included?  The incident in the article took place in Virginia.
  5.   Apparently, the Zollamt site has a time limit for the form links.  Go to the link you provided and then click on the "Suchen" link at the bottom of the left menu.  In the "Titel" block, enter 0350 and click on "Suchen".  You will see two versions of the Form 0350 that you can fill out online.  I can't see any difference between the two forms, so pick one and start typing.  You only have 45 minutes to complete the form, so make sure you have all of your information available.
  6. Only in America...

        Without exception, none of my acquaintances who are pro-gun knew about the first half of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  They were all familiar with the second half.  For those who don't know, here is the full text of the Second Amendment:   "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."   That's it.  Not too long.  Fairly easy to remember.  Apparently very easy to selectively ignore.   We cannot ask the authors of the Bill of Rights what they were thinking when they agreed on the final version of the Second Amendment because they are too busy being dead.  However, historical documents and transcripts taken during the discussions indicate the founding fathers did not have an appetite to pay for a standing army following the costly war of independence.  It is reasonable to assume they expected the recently liberated colonists would again raise a militia if needed to defend their new republic.   At the time, there was little difference, if any, between the hunting rifle used by any farmer and the weapon of choice for any army.  Barring unknown external advances in weaponry or tactics, any invading force would again be met with a matching force as the colonists readied their trusty hunting rifles.   The need for a "well regulated Milita" no longer exists in the U.S. since there has been an organized standing United States Army since 1796.  While the U.S. Army's roots go back to the Continental Army of 1775, it's current form started in 1796.  Apparently, the attempts of the British army to confiscate weapons at the beginning of the Revolutionary War left a lingering bad taste in everyone's mouth, so the Second Amendment remained as written.  I would never describe the rabble I see in the news, and have seen in person, as a well regulated militia.   As Fraufruit observed, all of my pro-gun acquaintances equate gun control with gun confiscation.  One of the more vocal opponents told me the Government has no right to confiscate his hunting rifles.  I asked him when he last went elk hunting in Michigan with an AR-15 and a dozen 30-round magazines of armor-piercing ammo.  Blank stare and faint sound of crickets while he furtively looked around to find an answer.  I told him no one is suggesting he turn in his prized hunting rifles.  When I told him Germany and the UK have strict gun laws, but do not prohibit gun ownership, hunting, or recreational shooting, he had no defense other than to quote the last half of the Second Amendment.  He later told me all of his hunting rifles were large caliber bolt action models in calibers from .270 to .308, since the .223 (5.56mm) round was rubbish for big game.   I don't have a solution for this, but would not shed a tear if all of the assault-style weapons were permanently banned.  I also don't know what the threshold of innocent people being killed is before the public tide in the U.S. will shift from a blind grip on the Second Amendment to acceptance that change is needed.  Apparently the body counts at schools, shopping centers, night clubs, and other public gatherings in the U.S. are not enough.  Yet.
  7. Images copyright for cultural event poster&merch

    I'm happy you are asking first, as most people assume anything on the Internet is free.  I am not an intellectual property attorney, but I was a photographer who had to pursue a business who "borrowed" one of my images for their website.  I was successful and it cost the business much more than if they had just contacted me first to license my work.   Don't try to fool anyone that you are doing this for charity.  If I read your description correctly, you intend on using an image that belongs to someone, maybe not Der Spiegel, on a product you intend to sell.  Whether you make a profit on the sale or the proceeds go to a recognized charity makes no difference.  This does not fall under the protection of the fair use doctrine.  There could also be issues with a model release if you want to use Merkel's image for your commercial effort without her permission.  She is a public figure, but there is still a line that should be crossed with caution when you move from news reporting to profit making.   I don't think Der Spiegel owns the image, but might have legally used the image under the fair use doctrine.  I recommend making an effort to locate the source of the image, most likely the owner of the video conference from which the image was captured.  I don't think you want to get mired into legal issues with derivative work, as these usually don't end up well for the person who uses the image.   As an alternative, you might consider looking at any of the online sources of free images, such as stocksnap.io and pixabay.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Indeed.    (we might be thinking of different versions of motorboating)  
  9. Last year I ordered a dust collection fitting for my shop from Axminster in the UK.  The part was €10.75 and shipping was €9.50.  I wanted to order a duplicate part this month.  The price was the same, but shipping is now €24.95.  I can live without the part.
  10.     Well, it is West Virginia and the intelligence bar is low.  When I worked in northern Virginia, one of my dimwitted coworkers frequently made weekend trips to his home town in West Virginia to visit his parents.  He raised the IQ of both states when he did this.  
  11.     I'm not an admin or moderator here, but I suspect the thread title issue you describe has less to do with any antivax policy and more to do with your choice of title:  
  12.   I hope this is a "Meaning of Life" reference. :-)
  13.   Correct.  Because I am NPA, the respective parties decide if I can vote in the Presidential Primaries to determine who the state selects.  When there are multiple candidates for a specific party, the party will normally restrict participation only to registered party members to reduce the likelihood that non-party members will conspire to skew the votes away from the popular candidate.
  14.   At the risk of being labeled as pedantic, a Senator cannot impeach, only cast a vote in the trial that follows the impeachment.  However, I will assume you meant you would have voted to convict, as would I.      =====   I am a "small r" republican and am registered in my home state as No Party Affiliation (NPA).  I never identified with either the Republican or Democratic parties, conservative or liberal, or right or left.  I focus on right and wrong, and think each party has its share of idiots and bright members.   My NPA status usually limits my participation in Primary elections, but I vote in all General and local elections.  I was allowed to vote in my state's 2020 Democratic Primary, since the state party officials allowed those registered as NPA to participate.  It was a moot point since Biden and Sanders were the only two presidential candidates on the ballot and Sanders suspended his campaign by the time I received my ballot.   My voting pattern is never party specific, since I base my decision on the candidates' past performance and policy platform.  In the 2020 Presidential election ballot, I also had the opportunity to vote in several other state and county positions and bills.  My votes went nearly equally between Democratic and Republican candidates based on my analysis.   The unintended consequence of the 43 members of the Republican Senate who voted to save their jobs, and then some confirm afterwards he was guilty, has convinced me to vote Democratic on all issues until the cancer that permeates the GOP can be excised.  This might not be fair to the Republicans at lower levels of government, but until the GOP gets its act together and demonstrates to my satisfaction that it can objectively put the needs of the country ahead of personal needs, they are dead to me.    
  15.   Please accept my condolences for your Mother's passing.  Are you sure her ex-husband is still alive?  If you are interested in pursuing this, I would look for death records in the area where he was last known to reside.