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  1. Property Tax Reform and New Tax Returns

    I might be mistaken, but I think in the rules for Hessen, the garage was not reportable if it was less than 30 square meters (or something like that).
  2. Schreck Shock Calls

      I suppose one could do nothing and endure the spam calls, but adding the unknown numbers to my blocked list works great.  Before I learned about the feature, I was receiving between five and a dozen calls a day from the same numbers.  I never answered them, but would Google the numbers to determine if they were spam.  Now, when a number shows up on my missed call list, and I don't recognize it, I add it to the blocked call list.  I can't remember the last time I received a spam call.
  3. Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavours

    It's baaaaaaack!   So far, I've only seen Pralines & Cream at my local Kaufland.      
  4. Schreck Shock Calls

    If you are a Telekom customer, you can log into your "Telefonicenter" account and add nuisance phone numbers to the call blocking list.  You can also block anonymous numbers.  Other providers might have similar features.  
  5.   Did you forget that Musk put a Tesla in orbit?  Now you can just drive to the JWST and repair it.  Simples. 
  6. I was stationed in Okinawa in September 1976 when Lt. Viktor Belenko defected from the Soviet Air Force and landed his MIG-25 in Hokkaido, Japan.  Before it was returned to the Soviets, we had time to disassemble the aircraft and study the airframe and electronic systems.  Some of the engineers were amused that the majority of the avionics, specifically the navigation, flight control, and weapon delivery system, used advanced vacuum tubes instead of solid state electronics as the rest of the world was using.  The smugness soon left when Harry Diamond Labs demonstrated how these systems were immune from electromagnetic pulses (EMP) that are generated in a nuclear explosion.  The EMP will damage or destroy unprotected solid state components, but will not have any adverse effect on vacuum tubes.  The technology to harden solid state electronics was still being developed.   Bottom line: the proven vacuum tube technology increased the probability that the aircraft will survive a limited nuclear exchange and be able to deliver its load, even if the pilot doesn't survive.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      That type of information collection is not part of any first responder training that I know about and would only slow down the life-saving tasks.  It's the responsibility of the patient or the immediate family to ensure the emergency personnel have the relevant information they need to modify their response.  The same is true for any allergies or adverse reactions to medication.    The first responders don't have the time or the obligation to interview bystanders when faced with an unconscious and unresponsive patient.  It's easy to dissect an incident second by second after the fact and propose alternate courses of action, and this helps keep some attorneys employed.
  8. Moonshot

    I'm looking forward to the renewed interest in space exploration.  In a way, the upcoming Artemis launch reminds me of the TV series "For All Mankind", which recently ended its third season.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'm sorry for your loss and stress, but I will take what might be the unpopular position and defend the first responders.  Having been an active law enforcement officer and regular first responder to life threatening events in the U.S., I have no doubt that their first reaction was to attempt to resuscitate or stabilize your husband if they did not know about the Patientverfügung.  They are not there to trot out all of their equipment and put on a show or try new techniques.  Without any information contrary to what they received when dispatched, their focus is on saving lives using all available tools, equipment, and training.  In most cases, time is not on the side of the patient, and the immediate appearance of death is not necessarily final, so don't blame the responders for doing their job.  I wasn't there, nor was I a party to the phone conversation, so I don't know what was said to the dispatcher or what was relayed by the dispatcher to the first responders.   I arrived at over a dozen 911 calls before the rescue squad or EMTs arrived, and my first duty is to the unresponsive person.  In only one call was I told about the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order the patient had prior to arriving at the residence, and in two cases I learned about the DNR order after I arrived.  In each of these cases, I saw the DNR bracelet or pendant with the owner's name, so I was able to tell Dispatch to have the other responders slow their response.   The advice from @bramble is good and might help to prevent turning a stressful event into a nightmare.  
  10.   I think enforcement of the requirements varies between the states and the people processing the applications.   I am a U.S. citizen and my wife is German.  I needed the A1 German language certificate as part of my initial three-year Aufenthaltstitel application in 2019.  When received the card, the clerk told me I would need the B1 certificate if I wanted a permanent residency permit; otherwise, I could apply for another three-year permit.  Earlier this year, I received my permanent Aufenthaltstitel without the B1 certificate.
  11. Odd news

    Maybe Domino's will start a coal delivery business in Newcastle next.
  12. Only in America

    No matter how steep, flat, or skewed the bell curve for armed response outcomes is, there will always be outliers at the extremes.  In these situations, decisions are made quickly based on the information available at the time.  Factors that affect the decision include prior experience, training, avenues of retreat (a good option if available), potential threat to others, and so on.  Ultimately, it's up to those engaged in the event at the time it is occurring who decide on the immediate outcome.   Second-guessing and exploring "what if" scenarios after the potential life-threatening event is easy and is how some attorneys earn their money.  Exploring options is more time sensitive when looking down the barrel of a weapon.
  13. Hey Toytown...Please Fix Your Software

      Will it use the XenForo software? 
  14. Hey Toytown...Please Fix Your Software

    I guess not.  However, in some forums I can make single posts as I just did for the Only in America thread.
  15. Hey Toytown...Please Fix Your Software

    I guess not.  However, in some forums I can make single posts as I just did for the Only in America thread.