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  1. Only in America

      I would not put "bloody" on the t-shirt.  Some knuckledragger might notice you are not bleeding and will offer to make the wording accurate. 
  2. Census 2022, surveys in person

      At the end of the survey, you have the option of downloading a copy of the completed survey, which I did.  Some of the questions appear to be based on answers from previous questions, so the results of the survey will vary depending on the type of building.  Most of the questions are multiple choice, but there are a few fill-in-the-blank.  In my case, we own a single-family house and here are the questions I answered:   Questions about the Building 1.  Is this the correct address? 2.  Which of the following statements applies to this address: [This question identifies if the respondent is the owner, tenant, etc.] 3.  What kind of building is it? [Such as residential, commercial, etc.] 4.  What is the total number of dwellings in the building? [I suppose the question differentiates between single and multi-family buildings.] 5.  In what year was the building completed? 6.  What type of building is it? [I chose "Detached single-family or multi-family house".] 7.  Who owns the building? 8.  What is the main type of heating in the building? 9.  What is the main energy source used to heat the building?   Questions about the dwelling 10.  As at 15 May 2022, for what purpose is the dwelling being used? 11.  As at 15 May 2022, how many people are living in the dwelling? [We chose 2.] 12.  Occupant 1: Surname 13.  Occupant 1: First name 14.  Occupant 2: Surname 15.  Occupant 2: First name 16.  What is the floor area of the dwelling? 17.  How many rooms are there in the dwelling? [Include only liveable space, not bathrooms, mechanical rooms, closets, etc.]   Other Building 18.  Do you own or manage other buildings with residential space at this address (e.g. rear building) for which you have not received an access code? [The access code is in the letter from the census office.]
  3. Property Tax Reform and New Tax Returns

      Are you sure you didn't complete the 2022 Census instead?  We received a letter that had a QR code and it took about five minutes to complete, but it was for the census.
  4. I received two packages from the UK last month.  One was a router bit (commercial purchase) shipped via Royal Mail and the other was a used hand plane (private purchase) shipped via UPS.  I had to pay the VAT and processing fee on the commercial shipment in cash when the Deutsche Post carrier arrived.  I didn't pay anything for the UPS shipment when the package arrived.  However, about two weeks later, I received a letter from UPS detailing the VAT and fees that had to be paid via Überweisung.
  5. garden lawns are bad

      Not really, it's just a well.  The magic is in the irrigation system consisting of the controller, weather sensor, valves, valve manifold, retracting rotator heads, drip lines, and zone layout.  All the pump does is provide a steady source of water at pressure and on demand to the valve manifold.   You can find less expensive submersible pumps at Bauhaus, Toom, or Hornbach.  However, the devil is in the details and you must compare the specifications on head pressure, maximum depth, flow rate, run time, duty cycle, construction material (how much is plastic?), and manufacturer's warranty.  Some of the less expensive submersible pumps are not as tolerant to cycling on and off frequently as the more expensive models.  They might struggle to supply a large irrigation system that does not use a large pressure tank, as a residential unit for domestic water would use.
  6. garden lawns are bad

      My pump is submersed and it is the Grundfos SQ 3-40.  It can deliver 3 cubic meters (3,000 liters) of water per hour (50 liters per minute) at a pressure of 15 bar continuously up to a depth of 42 meters.  This is why it costs more than the surface garden pump.   The shallowest well on my properties in the States was 145 feet and the deepest was 460 feet.  There is an art to sinking a well in a viable aquifer, and that is why I use the professionals instead of doing it myself.  My well has been going strong for over 11 years, so I'm satisfied the guy who drilled it knew what he was doing.    
  7. garden lawns are bad

      My well is only nine meters below grade, but I would never invest in the equipment to sink one myself.  I don't know what the cost of the well was since it was bundled in the total garden job, but the pump was about €800 and the pump controller was another €110.  The pump controller senses the immediate demand, such as a faucet or a irrigation zone valve opening, and turns on the pump.  When the water flow stops, the pump controller turns off the pump.   Unless you have drilled a well before, it is a job that is best left to the professionals, especially if you don't know where the water table is on your property.  You must have the drilling equipment, casings for the bore, well head, PVC pipe, and electrical connection to power the well.  I've contracted to have five wells drilled for the properties I owned in the States and would never do this on my own.  The kit tends to be a one-trick pony and is a considerable investment.    
  8. garden lawns are bad

    I'm likely an outlier on the lawn preferences as I prefer a well groomed yard.  This is part of my 200 square meter yard and it is a joy for me to maintain.  The Hunter irrigation system fed by a well makes watering easy with no burden on the municipal water system.  I use the scarifier on it twice a year, and mow once a week during the summer months.  Keeping the grass at about three centimeters does a good job of controlling the weeds, but I still pull a few by hand when I see them.  
  9. accident in car wash

    Earlier this year, I took my truck to the same car wash I've been using for two years without any issues.  It is a separate building on the gas station property and does a great job.  On that day, as soon as the large overhead roller dropped below the cab, everything stopped as if someone had turned off the power to the bay.  I went to the counter in the gas station and told the clerk there was a problem with the car wash and my truck was trapped.   He told me there was nothing he could do because the car wash was not part of the gas station business.  He would have to call someone in to look at it, but since it was a Saturday evening, it might be Monday before anyone would arrive.  I told him thanks anyway, but I have tools in the back of my truck, so I'll disassemble the car wash as much as necessary so I can remove my truck.  As I was walking back to the car wash, he ran past me and unlocked the maintenance door.  I didn't watch what he was doing.  I was busy pulling out my tool box so I could disconnect the gantry from the chain track and slide it back so I could open the driver's door.  Before I could start, he came back out of the maintenance room and told me he reset the controller and everything should work, which it did. 
  10. What made you laugh today?

  11. Odd news

      Or it was a really hot lizzard. 
  12. Drivers and hand signals

    Pissed as in pissed off...upset...not pissed as in drunk.
  13. Drivers and hand signals

      Another possibility is he could have been pissed that he stopped, thereby wasting some time and effort, and you didn't appreciate that he stopped and illuminated the crossing for you with his headlights.
  14. Transfering large sum to my future wife

    I think your local Finanzamt would endorse your decision.  I'm all for romantic and noble acts, but needlessly losing money to taxes is just stupid.
  15. Drivers and hand signals

      Having been in the red car's situation many times, I will waive my god-given Rechts-vor-Links entitlement and let the yellow car proceed.  I don't recall ever being in such a hurry that a few seconds of delay to let another driver pass has resulted in horrible outcome.  I've only been driving personal, agricultural, commercial, and military tactical vehicles for over 55 years, so I might not have the extensive wisdom and experience of others.   In few cases, there were several yellow cars that I let pass and have yet to hear the Horn of Arrogance from a driver behind me.  Sometimes, the yellow car will signal the green car to turn, thereby eliminating the potential traffic jam.  At least twice in my sleepy little town, the yellow car has been a Polizei car.  My experience on the urban road is most drivers tend to be adults and make adult decisions with due regard to safety.