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  1. Data protection act and CV

    Based on some of the comments in this thread, it appears contract chasing is different in Germany.  Submitting CVs for key personnel in bid packages, along with letters of intent for those personnel not currently employed by the bidder, is common in the U.S. and almost universally mandatory for contracts with the U.S. Government.   As a voting member on over a dozen contract source selection and evaluation boards, I've reviewed technical proposals from hundreds of companies competing for our contracts.  I can't think of any competitions where I haven't seen the same personnel show up in more than one proposal.  In most cases, I expect to see CVs from a few, if not more, of the staff of the incumbent company, especially when not being selected means mass terminations.   My recommendation is to be a team player for the company paying your salary and allow it to include your CV in its proposal.  Unless your skills are so critical to the success of the bid package, your CV will likely not make a difference in the selection process.  However, there's no point in burning bridges that don't need burning.  The hands you might step on today could be the same hands years from now that extend a job offer.  Or not.
  2. As an update on the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, I had an appointment this morning with the Federal Benefits Unit.  I was in and out in less than 20 minutes and I doubt the process to enter the facility could have been smoother, and my German wife accompanied me as a guest.  She didn't have to show any ID, but I had to produce my passport and a printed copy of the appointment confirmation.   I went to the CAC-1 entrance because I had an appointment, so I can't speak to the experiences at the other entrance.  However, the guards there will store cell phones and other personal electronic devices (PED) in small numbered bins as long as the device can be turned off.  One person brought his Fitbit watch and was refused storage because he couldn't verify it was turned off.   When the guard puts the PED in a bin, he or she gives the visitor a laminated number to retrieve the PED when exiting the facility.  When the bins are full, no more PED storage until someone leaves and frees up a bin.  I think there were 30 bins at the CAC-1 entrance.
  3.   Sure.  I retired as a federal employee with the Department of Defense and continued my existing Federal Employee Health Benefits into retirement.  My FEHB is through American Foreign Service Protective Association.  It is similar to Blue Cross Blue Shield, but has better options that suit me, and the Ausländerbehörde in Gross-Gerau determined I was adequately and privately insured.
  4. There is another question about health insurance.  It reads "Do you have health insurance in Germany?"  Does this mean am I covered by a health insurance policy issued by a German company?  One of the available answers, which applies to me, is "No, I am insured in my country of origin."  When I select this, the next page asks "Why do you (so far) not have health insurance in Germany?"  Well, I do have health insurance in Germany, but not issued by a German company, and accepted by the Ausländerbehörder as valid.  Unfortunately, there is no option to indicate this.  Not making any selection on this page still allows me to go to the next page, so it is not a useful question.   Another page asks "How helpful did you find the following social media platforms/networks for the job search?"  As I am retired, there is no option for "not required", only "not used".  However, "not used" still implies a job search was done, but not using any social media. 
  5. Some of the survey questions are flawed and I can't complete the survey.  For example, in the question about citizenship, there is no USA available in the pull-down menu.  There is a selection for "American", but it's not clear if this is South American, Central American, or North American...even though there is no country called "America".  Sorry for being pedantic, but if someone is going to take the time to produce an accurate survey list, at least do it correctly.   Further in the survey, I am asked if I have already completed a professional retraining or further education in Germany.  I selected "No", and the next page asks why I have not completed any of the training.  Since I am retired and won't be working in Germany, I have no need for any retraining.  Unfortunately, there is no radio button selection for "I don't need retraining".   Unlike other areas in the survey where I can skip a question without answering it, I can't skip this question, so the survey ends.
  6. Bank no longer accepting my iTan numbers

    We've been using the card readers for several years, one for BBBank and the other for Sparkasse.  Each of the card readers will work with only one EC card, and the card had to be assigned to the reader when it was ordered from the bank.  My wife and I have EC cards for each account, but only one will work with the reader from each bank.