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  1. Need some new inspiration...

    I would cut it in half, around the circumference, and make two planters.  For outside planters, drill a couple of drain holes in the ends and put some large stones in the bottom before filling with dirt.  For inside planters, find a suitable plastic tub that will fit in the barrel half to hold the dirt.
  2.   When I go to a shoe store or a restaurant, I don't expect all of the customers to be ill or infected with something that will give a swift kick to my lifespan.  When I go to my Doctor's office, I expect everyone in the waiting room to be hosting some vile disease incompatible with my well being.  Visiting an OB/GYN can be an invasive meeting, with more opportunities to transmit a stray virus or bacterium than the local shoe store...unless I shove a boot up someone's ass.  Limiting the number of non-medical personnel in an examining room could be a reasonable step in reducing the likelihood that the next patient will receive the unintentional gift you left behind.
  3. Only in America...

      I read the entire article, as well as others related to it.  Like Keleth, I can't deconflict the two statements unless “as financially strong as we have been in years,” means the NRA has been in financial trouble for years.  Someone saying "I'm as financially solvent now as I was years ago" doesn't reveal anything about the solvency, other than duration.
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    I just heard on CNN that Trump wants a military sendoff when he leaves next week.  Given the number of National Guard that will be in the Capital to provide protection for the inauguration, Trump will no doubt claim that he had the largest military sendoff than any other president. 
  5. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Unfortunately, the President can pardon anyone at any time after a crime against the U.S. has been committed, even if the accused has not been tried in court.  The President cannot pardon anyone for crimes yet to be committed.
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

      I agree.  Attorneys are paid to do their best to defend their clients.  Sometimes the evidence is overwhelming against the defendant, so the legal team has to change tactics.    I watched the Chris Cuomo interview of the two attorneys representing Adam Johnson, the man in the photo carrying the podium.  At 7:20 in the video, it was interesting to hear one of the attorneys say they saw the picture of their client carrying what appears to be a lectern in what appears to be the Capitol.  Magicians practicing redirection.         
  7. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Being arrested and charged with a felony does not affect their ability to possess guns or vote.  They must be convicted of a felony in order to lose these rights.   I hope Trump doesn't try to issue preemptive pardons for these domestic terrorists before he slips out the back door next week.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

      This is not true, but it is a complicated process and requires coordinating the language and authorizations of the Constitution, the United States Code, and other public laws.   The Former Presidents Act of 1958 defines a former president as a person who held the Office of the President of the United States and was not removed from office in accordance with Section 4, Article 2 of the Constitution (conviction following impeachment).  Holding the Office of the President requires the person to be sworn in as the President.   Successful enactment of Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th Amendment make the Vice President the Acting President.  The Acting President is not sworn in as the President, as would be the case under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment.    Section 3056 of Title 18 United States Code (18 USC § 3056) gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to provide Secret Service lifetime protection of former Presidents, their spouses, and children under the age of 16.  There are limits to the protection authorized for the spouses and children when the former president dies.  This section allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to authorize the same level of protection for former Vice Presidents, their spouses, and children under the age of 16 for no more than six months after the former Vice President leaves office.  The Secretary of Homeland Security can authorize temporary protection for the Vice President and family after the six months if warranted.    
  9. Active duty to SOFA status

      You can apply for a GS position at any time, start work while you are on terminal leave, and receive LQA (if it is authorized for the position).  I know people who applied for dozens of GS/GG jobs while still six months away from retirement or ETS in hopes that one of the organizations would make an offer.  I know others who applied for only one job and waited.  Sometimes they received the call with an offer, and sometimes they didn't.    If you do apply for a position six months out and receive an offer two months later, you can always negotiate for a starting time to coincide with the start of your terminal leave.  The hiring organization could always say "no" because they don't want to wait.  However, if you received the call, this means your resume made it to a referral list, made it through the selection process, and they want you.  It might be better for the hiring organization to wait a few months for you rather than to start the hiring process again.
  10. Active duty to SOFA status

      Yes, LQA is Living and Quarters Allowance.  Taking a job with AAFES, MWR, or any other non-GS job will not disqualify you from accepting a GS position, but it will eliminate your eligibility for LQA.
  11. Active duty to SOFA status

      Good luck with your job hunt, and the sources @danielg listed are the best.  However, the Government hiring process is slow, so you might start looking now if you want to receive a job offer near your ETS date.  You can apply for and accept a Government job while in Germany as a local hire with LQA eligibility as long as this is done while you are on Terminal leave, within the 90 days the German Immigration Office gives you as a tourist without status, or within one year if you have a residency permit, but no employment, immediately following your European ETS.   Don't fall into these situations that some European-out military personnel experience when thinking about a GS job:   1.  Do not use your transportation agreement prior to becoming a Government employee.  The transportation agreement is the Government authorization to relocate you to your home of record when you ETS.  As long as you do not use the Government-funded travel to visit family or friends prior to returning to Germany, your transportation agreement will remain intact and you will be eligible for LQA if the position authorizes it.  If you want to visit the States, pay for the ticket yourself.  If you use your transportation agreement prior to applying for, accepting, and becoming a government employee while in Germany, you will not be eligible for LQA.  Contrary to popular belief and tribal knowledge, LQA is an enticement, not an entitlement.   2.  Do not accept an AAFES or MWR job to hold you over for a GS job if you want to qualify for LQA.  If you accept employment from AAFES or MWR, you will not be elligible for LQA.  I know several people who retired in Germany and took a temporary job with AAFES while waiting on a government job, only to discover they lost their LQA eligibility when the Government job offers were made.  One Soldier who took my advice became a tourist while waiting on the GG-13 position to be offered in Wiesbaden.  He waited for 72 days before he received the offer, and became a Government employee about two weeks later, complete with LQA, post allowance, and 360-day limit for use or lose annual leave.
  12. Active duty to SOFA status

    Over two months ago, following your other open request about contract jobs, I sent you a private message offering to help if you provided more information, but you never replied.  Unless you have skills that are in demand, and the education to augment those skills, your chances of securing a contractor position with Technical Expert status and SOFA are slim.  To give you an idea of the minimum requirements for Technical Expert Status Accreditation (TESA) in Germany, you must demonstrate one of the following:   1.  At least a BA/BS degree from an accredited university or college and at least three years of relevant technical experience. 2.  An AA/AS degree from an accredited university or college and at least seven years of relevant technical experience. 3.  A major technical certification from an approved source and at least seven years of relevant technical experience. 4.  A High School Diploma and at least 11 years of relevant technical experience.   The technical experience must be complex and of a military technical nature, and must have been acquired though a process of higher education or specialized training and experience that a German will not be able to duplicate.  For example, a 91D will never qualify as a Technical Expert, but a 35T will.  A security clearance or the requirement to deploy are not considerations for TESA.    I wish you the best once you figure out what you really want to do.
  13.   Yes, but I am not naive enough to think the next distribution years from now won't be taxed if the return is reviewed by a different person in the same FA. 
  14.   If I ever run for public office, I will be happy to share my U.S. and German tax returns.  The entire Roth IRA distribution was provided to the FA and they decided to disregard it.  I did not challenge this decision.  I did not receive any comments from the FA and my tax return was accepted as submitted.
  15.   This was my experience last year.  I took a sizeable distribution from my Roth IRA during my first year as a tax resident of Germany.  I included the 1099-R with the other financial documents I gave my Steuerberater, and expected to have a huge tax bill.  Because the Roth IRA account was established many years ago while I was a legal resident of the U.S., the Finanzamt did not include the distribution in calculating my German tax bill.