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  1. Dental procedures, costs, and insurance

    Ok, so I finally went to the dentist for the first time in 15 years. I went to see Dr. Ulrich Kurze. I'd just like to check with y'all to make sure everything he's asking me to go through is normal procedure stuff, K?   So he said I've got three teeth with cavities, but he also wants to replace my other three old, metal fillings. He rambled something to me about my insurance will cover it all, but they won't cover it all, but they'll make up some difference with dental hygiene appointments, or some other crap I couln't decipher.   Anyhoo, I've got a letter now saying that it's gonna cost almost 4000 big ones for all of this! He had me make three appointments for it all, too - one to come in and make a mold of my mouth and put in temporary fillings (apparently, they have to send the 'real' fillings away to be made or something), another to put the actual fillings in that are made from the mold and then a final one for a checkup.   Does this sound right? It seems a bit pricy and like a lot more effort than I remember getting fillings used to be. He also told me at my appointment (though perhaps I misunderstood his poor English) that I wouldn't need a crown, yet I see one on the breakdown of the cost. I wouldn't be surprised if I do. I was actually expecting to need one.   Has anybody had this much work done? Does it sound right? Does anybody know anything about the breakdown between Allgemeine zahnaerztliche Leistungen, Konservierend-chirurgische Leistungen, Funktionsdiagnostische Leistungen and Prothetikleistungen?   My unofficial English insurance form says it covers outpatient dental procedures, material and labor up to 100%. The coverage for dentures and orthodontics is the same but with a limit of 511 EUR. Does anyone know which category a crown would fall under?