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  1. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

  2. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    The person I asked was absolutely someone I would believe on the matter more than anyone else (head of the relevant department). I suspect that what you’re saying is true now but was not the case before 1968, when they did have robes for the students.
  3. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    Ok, in case anyone is curious, and in case someone searches for this information in the future, I’ve found my answer. It turns out that there are no robes. I have learned from a very informed source that this tradition was abandoned in 1968 after the student revolts. So yeah, it’s a bit of a disappointing answer.
  4. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

      Yeah, he didn't go to his ceremony either, because we were already living in another country by then. He just travelled back for his defense.
  5. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    Hi Gen! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check them out.   This is not for me but for my husband, and he doesn’t have a professor, because he is the professor. He did his PhD through the LMU many years ago, and now we’re in Australia. He normally just wears his current university’s robes when his students graduate. This time, however, it’s my PhD graduation! No, I’m not his student or even at the same university, but we’d both like him to wear robes to my graduation. Since he wears them fairly regularly for work anyway, I thought it would be nice to buy him the proper robes from the university where he got his PhD.   p.s. He got the homemade hat as well.
  6. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    I don't know if there's anyone here on this site who would remember me from about a million years ago, when the site was still called Toytown Munich, but if anyone I know is here...hello!   I'm looking for some advice on where to purchase a set of LMU PhD regalia (aka cap and gown). Is it possible to buy this online somewhere? The LMU shop seems to be, like at most universities, a shop for t-shirts, hoodies, and graduation gifts. I'm ideally looking for a place where I can order these online to be sent to Australia, however I do have friends in Munich who may be able to purchase them in person, if that's the only option.   Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.