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  1. German legal term help

    Thanks , this sounds right. It is for a house sale in the UK something to do with the money laundering act
  2. German legal term help

    Excuse my complete ignorance but what is the correct legal in term in German when you get a notar to verify your identification ?     I need my identity confirmed via a public notary by copying my passport and stamping/ signing it. I've contacted several notaries , but they haven't got a clue what i'm talking about.   Any recommendations in the Darmstadt / Frankfurt area ?
  3. Health insurance not paying sickpay benefit

    Thanks for all replies with the exception of TraceKira.   The insurers have everything, all sick notes and the employer wage calculations. I’ve even sent the wage calculations again myself which I got the employer.   Going to call them tomorrow to see if they are still using the same excuse and the complain.   i applied for sickpay on 10/10/19
  4. Health insurance not paying sickpay benefit

    I’m entitled to sickpay I’ve been paying my insurance for 15 years! I fully intend to return to work when there is an improvement in my condition.
  5. I've been off work now for 3 months with a debilitating illness and can barely spend any time upright. I am being jerked around by my Health insurance for sick pay and have not received anything from them yet. I keep being told they'll call me back or that they'll speak to my employer about the wage calculations. I even got the calculations and sent them myself but they still say they don't have them.   This has been going on since mid october and I really have had enough. I have to travel to Munich for specialist treatment as it can't be done locally.   What can I do , can a lawyer help or is there an organization I can contact such as arbeitgericht but for health insurance .?