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    Which of these do we think:


    1. Yes this is Germany, the land of the efficient. If they said he will be there, he will be there.


    2. At 4.13pm your chances are looking slim fellah


    3. Are you on drugs Johnnie? Better chance of Father Christmas walking through the office door and shitting a golden egg on the floor

    I'll take option 3.


  2. Hi,


    I went to Thalia this week to ask for a book written by Val McDermid cos I've nearly finished A Place of execution and wanted to buy a new one.


    I'm really excited about the stories of Kate Brennigan and so the lovely shop assistant gave me a website address called


    You can look up the author and have a look at the published books. For Val McDermid you can have a look here:


    I think the site is great for all peeps who search for special information on a book. Have a nice evening


  3. Robbie Williams drives the press nuts. While giving his concert in the Munich Olympiastadion the press were only allowed to take pics of him during a specified period of time and the rights for publishing were given over to Mr. Williams himself.


    SWR3 boycotted RW via printing white spots in their newspaper instead of showing pics of the concert. Nowadays "stars" have contracts for interviews, pictures etc.


    Here's an article on the website of SWR3 regarding the "incident" Williams: SWR3 boykottiert Robbie-Williams-Tournee (in German)


    An article which addresses with the situation of popstars / stars manipulating the press is also to be found on the webiste of "Der Spiegel": Robbie William - Spiegel archive search results


    If you're interested in it you can buy the edition of 24th July 2006 online or at least try to find a pdf file. The one which is offered there only shows the index.


    The reason for my post is to ask what do you think of this behaviour? Some peeps act like if they're so convinced to be someone special to restrict the rights of the media in such a harmful way. "Der Spiegel" says that the tabloids are sending their reader out "armed" with photo mobiles to take pics of the popstars etc. to get a pic for their stories.


    I'm really interested in your opinions about it.


  4. Ja it was. Maschendraht Zaun in the morning, Maschendrahtzaun day and night :lol: It was so weird. Have you ever seen Höllische Nachbarn? This was very funny aswell.


    German telly. I call it "Gehirndünnschiss". Who needs RTL? Thank godness they back off cable tv. RTL is the most useless broadcaster here, besides Sat1, RTL2 etc. Hmm that's another chapter in history of German "Gehirndünnschiss" telly :D


  5. Don't worry I sometimes have bad moods too. I don't know why but everything is pissing me off and I know it'll last at least one day.


    Neway hope your mood will be soon getting better planetmoni :)



    I wouldn't place too much faith in what the Daily Mail says if I were you

    I'll go to England one day to find it out by myself, that's for sure. Yeah the media control us and our behaviour. I guess in Tthe Sun the whole situation is close to armageddon :lol: Fortunately I don't read it.



    No-one should have to accept that. Get another doctor. I'm not saying there are loads of specialists but they do exist.

    Yeah I'm searching for a specialist in Merseyside. Maybe I can come up with a solution and convince her to go to someone who really knows about that stuff.



    This won't be of any comfort to you or to your friend, but in such operations the risk of damaging a nerve exists whatever the country and however competent the surgeon.

    You're right but he said he has never done such a surgery before cos she couldn't find a specialist for back surgeries. That's the problem. He's a normal doc without any experience I think.


    In Germany you'deasily find a specialist. That's why I'm so worried :(


  8. Have you ever heard of the Knallerbsenstrauch? This was the most weird litigation I can remember in the last 4 years I think.


    To be a judge in this country is not really a nice job even you're well paid. All this trivia...


    Germany = Disneyland


    Well usually I say Bayern=Disneyland Deutschlands but this would be not recommendable here :ph34r:


    I've got to go now *woooooooooooosh*


  9. I've read an article in the Daily Mail about this problem and I can understand the Britons.


    My best friend has to be operated on her back and there's no specialist who could reduce the risk of damaging a nerve so she doesn't have to fear to be paralysed.


    That's only one fact. The cost of living seems to be quite expensive regarding to the statements of my friends over there.


    One said: "Our primeminister is a snob". Seems that Tony Blair will be able to drive all Britons away from their home country.


    This article in the Daily Mail a week ago was also uite interesting because I'm still thinking of moving to the UK but I'm not so sure anymore. Well at least I've some months to consider whether I want to do it or not.


    Maybe Germany isn't as bad as I thought...



    Yes but unlike them you can bare to look at yourself in the mirror.

    Yes Eleanor and that's something I'm very proud of.



    well you seem to get a nice little allowance though Chrissy, so not all bad I'd say

    Yes you're right boomtown_rat and I won't moan nemore cos I had to vent my anger that day. I'm an optimist and I look forward to find work as a foreign language assistant. I know how it is to be unemployed and it was horrible but at least I managed to find a school for my new apprenticeship.


    Anyway your postings cheered me up. Thank you guys :)



    @ chrissy

    i never lived in my own place when i was a student. so you can still count yourself lucky.

    Yeah I could and I'm an optimist but it's still unbearable for me that people who obvioulsy don't ewant to work get more money and support than me!


    I work for the money they remit and those lazy peeps get 1000€. Well I'll have to work much more harder than before plus I hope I can learn enough for my school leaving examination.


    That's why I said poor Germany. I know the paxes are paid for peeps like me but I do work for it instead of refusing to work. I can't believe how people can stay at home for more than 2 years without searching a job.


    I'm contemplating of moving abroad. Maybe Spain or England. Have to search for this article about the emigration of Britons. Danmark would be a suitable option aswell.


    Well I've still some months to think about my options.



    @Chrissy: I think I might need a bit longer than 3 days to learn Turkish - I did start learning it for a few weeks once, but dropped it as I had other things to do. I still remember a few words, but I particularly love the Turkish expression "Ich andere Baustelle"!

    Yeah it was only a joke. Can you tell me some words and their meanings please? I'm very interested in languages and I can only speak English and a bit Spanish, French and Danish. Well when I say a bit I mean 2 words :lol: Ok a bit more but French and Danish are almost gone.


    Now I'm learning Spanish and improving English. You can't never be too good for something. I tried to learn Turkish when I was in hospital cos my bed neighbour was Turkish. Unfortunately he couldn't teach me Turkish cos he had a very difficult operation and I didn't see him for 2 weeks when I was allowed to leave it.


  13. Merhaba and Gülle Gülle (have to laugh cos Gülle means shit spread on the acres :lol: )


    Don't know any other turkish words but you could drop by here and you'll learn Turkish in at least 3 days.


    Ey Alta, Du Opfa. I feel like a foreigner in my own town and country! I've to be careful cos the Mafia is involved to. Only the Russian but...


    I wanna get out of here!


  14. My allowance is cut by the BafögAmt cos my father is alleged of earnig too much so it's cut and I can't pay my rent anymore.


    The tricky thing is that I can't take a minijob cos I'm only allowed to earn up to 220€ to my allowance. If I earn more it has to be taxed plus the allowance would be cut by the amount I'd be over the 287€.


    So I've to do 3 minijobs to finance my flat etc. I'm so angry atm but it's better than 2 hours ago when I shouted at the staffers office.


    Shit happens sometimes :(


    P.S.: If I'd be unemployed I'd earn a bit more. When I think of this b**** who's unemployed and has now ambitions to get work... Flat paid, driving license paid, expensive furniture paid. Heard that she gets 1000€ and me?


    Unbelievable. One reason to get out of this country! Poor Germany :(



    My son came home from school the other day and said the other kids told him he says "sorry" too often. Definately a major cultural difference.

    Yes and a polite one. I always excuse myself very often using sorry. It's a matter of how parents rear their children.


    Most young boys and girls are not used to be polite cos their parents leave them alone in front of a tv or so. Sometimes the parents themselves aren't able to parent their children.


    Regarding to the issue punctuality. I personally can't stand people who are late. My father told me: Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit, ist des Maurers Pünktlichkeit so I got used to it. There're loads of different variations for it.


    I'm always on time and usually I've to wait 15 minutes for the peeps to arrive. Punctuality should be seilf-evident today.


    Couldn't believe when our trainee came 2 hours late cos he overslept. He didn't phone us or excused himself.